WG leaks control – correction

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Hello everyone,

just a quick correction: talked to Cannoneer about leaks and it looks like there was a misunderstanding. Zlobny did say WG controls the leaks, just like I wrote, but what he meant were the “controlled” leaks, like when Storm posted the entire 8.9 line early and Quasar re-posted it on EU forums in English. Apart from that however, there are also leaks that are not controlled, such as the one with the Stalin-swastika Type 61, which Wargaming has nothing to do with.

- SS

21 thoughts on “WG leaks control – correction

  1. - which Wargaming has nothing to do with.

    No shit, Even WG would never do that……………………….

    The swastika already made that clear, WG would never put that on a pic and spread it around

    • Off topic:
      Ronin…did you dropped the project with wot forumrites icons?
      2 weeks passed since you didn’t posted/answered anything :)

      On topic: Frank…the Type 61 photo was posted by the same idiot that posted the first STB-1 pic?(the one you strugled to remove)

  2. Btw, SS, you might want to be more careful with these accusations. I know that one of the points of these articles is to point out mistakes, but sometimes you are too quick to jump the gun, so to say. It certainly doesn’t spread good relationships between WG and players and that could go bad quite fast.

    • Well, he has the right to do mistakes…he’s a human, not a robot.
      And I admire the fact that he at least apologizes when he does something wrong…something you can’t say WG, for example, does(most of the times they’re trying to find ways to avoid being blamed).

      And I can count with my fingers the amount of mistakes Frank did since he started the blog till now….can’t say the same about WG and other he is pointing at.

      • Not saying he doesn’t make mistakes. We all do. But the lesson I think he should learn from them is to wait a bit before jumping the gun.
        That is what I tried to say, and I think it’s also Nya-chan’s point.

  3. That’s the japanese teir 8 tank (Type 61), right? because if it is then it looks beautiful (without all the random things posted on it).