33 thoughts on “Next tier 10 with discount

  1. Well, great. So now I just need 3,5kk for WZ-111 1-4 and lets get 113 when it is for 70% price :)

  2. I am so glad to hear this. I have the tier 9 with 100k sitting on it. It will come at a perfect time. It also will be the sale that induces me to purchase the tier 10 that I almost never see.

  3. O rly? Well looks like it’s time to keep that IS-2 from collecting dust. Onward to the 110!

  4. What I find strange is I hear noone whining about the fact that 113 needs a buff..
    I just bought this tank 2 days ago and it is pretty decent, however it must be a bad joke that its counterpart the 121 has a better gun (more pen and faster rof). Also hilarious is the fact the 113 loses its great alpha damage gun of the wz111. Please wargaming buff this tank… even e50m has more frontal hull armour..

    • IS-2 isn’t bad at all really if you compare it to the IS. Gold shells make up for the lesser gun depression between the two.

      The 110 vs the IS-3 I still feel the 110 has no chance really. The only positive it has is that less people know where to pen it’s armor compared t o the IS-3 which you see every tier 8 battle filled with basically.

      • so better viewrange, better auto angleing (of frontal armour), less ammo-rack prone-ness and higher dpm and better top speed are not enough to make 110 better ?

        • No not really. Do you see full tank companies with 110′s? IS-3 is still the favorite for tier 8 heavy because obviously the 110 has flaws where the IS-3 is simply better.

          And seeing the 110 is a clone of the IS-3 I really see it not being less prone to ammoracking or catching on fire.

          All the Chinese tanks I come across so far light up like a matchstick with the slightest of damage done to them.

  5. Even if the 113 itself was 50% off, I still wouldn’t buy it. I’ve had 56 games with that turkey, and I want all the time I spent on those 56 games back, I deeply regret ever purchasing 6.1 million credits for it in the first place and re-training my 110 crew to use it. What a disappointing Tier 10 Heavy. I was really hoping for the 121 since I am working on getting it, though it would be odd for the 121 since WG would have to decide if they want to include the Chinese Light Tank line, or the Medium Tank line, or maybe both for the 121.