18 thoughts on “FTR QA 3 still open

  1. OK, this is some of the questions that I want to know:

    Is the RU251 (I know that is not appear ingame) continues to a new branch of tanks or will continue to the Leopard PT A?
    Is the T-100Z and the Objekt 103 real projects?
    Can you tell me that other proposes to put the derp-gun of the KV-2?
    Will the Israeli branch still appear?
    Will the chinese Chi-Ha still be there when the japanese branch appear or will be replaced?
    (And Last): Former ASAP’s, you said that the British SPG will have autoloaders, why they are none with autoloaders?

  2. You stated in QA2 there were some good questions that did not make it.
    Have you saved these to use in this round?

  3. I’ve got one : Before the 8.5 version, in replay mode, at the end of the replay, there was the “battle result” screen. Is it planned to bring it back ?

  4. Do they have any plans to ensure replays backward compatibility? They are pretty pointless aatm given they break every patch…

    • This is not planned, IIRC. Even with server-based replays (not exactly sure what this entails) replaying games from a previous patch will not be guaranteed, at least in the foreseeable future.

  5. Hey SS, thanks for your help mate!

    My question: why is the sold tank reimbursement/restoration policy limited to one occasion, and premium tanks only?

  6. Sorry for my english but this generate whit google translator

    If the Havok physics comes and the links are stored separately, then it is also the drive and the query on which the underground chains are in, or transferred to the chains he remains in the center point of the tank?

    Sorry für mein englisch, ist aber schon ein wenig her, falls es falsch übersetzt war hier noch mal orginal in deutsch:

    Wenn die Havok Physik kommt und die Kettenglieder einzeln gelagert werden, wird dann auch der antrieb bzw. die abfrage auf welchem untergrund die ketten sich gerade befinden, auf die ketten übertragen oder bleibt er im mittelpunkt des Panzers?

    • Better translation of what I think you wanted to ask.

      After the Havoc implementation, when tracks will be modelled individually, when the game engine decides the type of terrain on which the tank is driving will it
      - take into account the type of terrain on which each track is running or
      - take into account the type of terrain directly under the middle point of the tank, like it is now ?

      On the other hand, the questions need to be submitted to the older post, not here.

  7. 6th Sense Broken?

    Was wondering if anybody else has noticed something different about 6th sense since 8.9. I have been killed atleast 4 times now, and in all 4 instances, the 6th sense never went off.. was in my Hellkitty, hiding in a bush, behind 2 other bushes, and next thing I know, I am getting omgwth! pummeled.. just seems something is a bit off.. I know how it works, and that there is a 3 second delay, but when I’m sitting there, not shooting, just spotting, I’ll all of a sudden see tank(s) turn towards me that are quite a ways out, and i stare at them for atleast 10 seconds (thinking to myself, they can’t see me), then all of a sudden they start shooting at me, I’ll back up, and still no 6th sense going off..


    On the FTR QA 3 question page, i cannot see further (Scroll down) further then the comment by Muerte 92, on November 5, at 11:00 AM. I tried changing browser (from Firefox to googlce chrome), no difference, I have no idea why. Logically I can’t comment there (can’t scroll down enough), but I can’t even reply to other comments (dead link or so). Might be something with my cache/browser/whatever, but so you know. Also, I will post my question here, KNOWING you might not consider it. Just no way to post it down there oO

    It is a know fact that shells travel 10x the caliber inside a vehicle, causing module damage. However, I would like to know what happens when the other side of the vehicle is reached before the distance is reached (Cupolas, small turets, etc.). Does the shell exit, or ricochet back inside the vehicle? If the second is the case, could it damage one same module twice?