FTR QA 3 – questions now open!

Hello everyone,

I am now opening the possibility for you to ask the 20 questions, that will be sent to the developers on Thursday. The reason it is open earlier is that as time progresses, good questions (that weren’t repeated) will be harder to come by – and I also want to give everyone a chance to ask. I will be reading the questions whenever I have time and will try to answer and comment on stuff you post. The comments will be closed on Wednesday evening.

Previously, I was annoyed by the fact there is a discussion going on in the posts and it makes it harder for me to read it all (last question session tool 4 hours to sort out). But then I realized that such a thing is inevitable and natural. Therefore, I won’t post any limits, but guys:

Please, before you ask, make absolutely sure what you ask wasn’t answered recently.

Otherwise – feel free to discuss. However, please note that if you post a question in 10th reply of an offtopic discussion, there is a very high chance I will miss it, so please, if you ask, ask with an independent comment, not as a comment reply to someone elses comment. Thank you.

PS: Just to be clear: I will deliberately ignore any questions asked via e-mail, FTR Facebook page or any other media (you can imagine how annoying it is to log into WoT have have immediately 5 chatwindows open). This is what this thread is for. If you have questions, post them here. Please understand that last time there were over 500 posts here, this time, I expect it to be double or triple as much. It’s about my time too.

Update: I forgot about this from last time – please, do NOT “spam” questions (like, posting 5 in one comment, even if they are all good-ish, I will ignore most because everyone needs a fair chance to ask), pick one or two you find most interesting.

Update 2: Česky – na foru mám už zase čtrnáctidenní banán za ten “supertesterovský” tank, co jsem včera postnul. Otázky v tom vlákně ale vidím, ptejte se jako obvykle. Je to na forum bude muset hodit někdo jiný, pošlu někomu PM s překlady.

437 thoughts on “FTR QA 3 – questions now open!

  1. /off topic

    What are the best sources to find what could potentially be a previously answered question please?

  2. I have a couple I thought of over the week for you to look through. Feel free to reword them if you want, and apologies if they have been answered recently.

    Upgradable Hulls: Are these likely to be straight upgrades to a tanks hull, or is there going to be a balance between (for example) Armour and Agility? (Any word on when they may be coming?)

    With the higher tier light tanks acting as scouts for the higher tier games (such as 59 16s, AMX 12s) is there any chance of the lower tier lights that are “scouts” such as the A-20 being re-purposed?

    More curiousity, how are the tech trees decided? Is it historical, or just with an eye on game balance? Is there a different design with more links possible to reflect historical development paths?

    They’re the main ones I can think of now.

    • “Upgradable Hulls: Are these likely to be straight upgrades to a tanks hull, or is there going to be a balance between (for example) Armour and Agility? (Any word on when they may be coming?)”

      —> There is going to be tradeoffs for having more armor in the hull (IE: The devs have already mentioned that the T-54 is going to have two more historically accurate hulls – one with the current top speed but lower armor or the current armor layout but lower speed

      “More curiousity, how are the tech trees decided? Is it historical, or just with an eye on game balance? Is there a different design with more links possible to reflect historical development paths?”

      —>They take both into account. They also want to implement, as much as possible, a straight continuing line (AKA: a pure medium tree or a heavy tree. They want to avoid situations where you’d have a few mid-tier tanks of the same class but no high-tier tank of the same class in the end)

  3. Is there a chance of you implementing a deploy system (maybe as a tie-in with mutli gun/multi-turret systems) where you could “deploy” certain tanks (G.W. Panther, Pz.Sfl. IVc) to give them full 360° turret traverse, perhaps at the cost of reduced mobility or some other penalty?

    • If I remember from a QA a while ago, the devs said they wouldn’t have a multi-mode tank because it creates confusion for players and complicates the game. I believe this was pre 8.8 when people were wondering if the flak bus would be able to be deployed.

      • it’s absurd, really. Players would be able to handle it. It’s really not THAT complicated.

    • I could see it working. Just hit X to deploy the sides of the Flak Bus. Maybe a timer of 2-3 s to deploy the sides. It could work. Then hit X to do the reverse except take longer (your lifting the sides up). I could see it working.

  4. Will there be such physics in the future, so that the tank will rock back if hit by a shell, especially if it’s a lighter tank and the shell has a large effective mass? (shell weight plus speed calculated together) I just remember seeing many tanks irl shaking back and forth when firing, that power hasn’t lost much energy when hitting so I think it would be cool if the receiving tank should show signs of the physics.
    Maybe even effective armour would differ if you hit near the beak of the tank since it would push down the front and make the armour less sloped on impact.

    • The more realistic you make the game, the more complex it has to be. That’s why the penetration system is relatively simple, I think.

  5. Hi
    Was wondering if other option than pure damage was considered as an alternative to artillery damage.

    1. Less damage larger area.
    2. Less damage but greater chance for critical hits on specific equipment ( viewport, tracks, fuel ie. external items)
    3. Much less damge, but the crew has a chance of being knocked out temporarily ( just like tracks being shot of, turret stuck etc. )
    4. concussion damage from artillery, ie. a fixed temporary decrease in skill level of crew.

    Reason i ask is Artillery could give a great strategic advance but the people playing then would know they will not rank in the top but give the team an advantage for some of us that would be worth the hit in xp etc…

    • No, sorry, won’t ask that. Such a proposal appears on forums regularily, it’s always shot down based on the fact that such a mechanism would cripple the tanks via module and crewdamage, which would be very frustrating.

  6. A question regarding premium vehicles.

    When balancing a new premium vehicle is there any “Golden Rule” to be taken into consideration ?

    We all know that a premium vehicle should be better than a stock vehicle of the same tier, but worse than an elited one from the main tree. This is however hard to achieve for all prems and some of them are visibly more powerful than some of their elited counterparts but without being OP (SU-122-44 for example).

    Is there any simple check-list the devs follow when balancing a new premium tank, or is it just gut feeling ?

    I ask this because, unlike some vehicles in the normal tree where the motivation to go on comes only from progressing up the tree (M3 Lee, AMX-40), a premium tank should be above all else fun, so that people would pay money for it. I think this is very hard to do and I am curious about how the devs go about achieving this.

    Sorry for the convoluted explanation, but I hope you can get a clear question from it, SS.

    • Dont forget the type59 is also much better then the elite t34-2,
      but we all know why that is

      • damned site keeps rejecting my comments.

        Yes, the “Better than stock, worse than elite” rule doesn’t stand for many other prems. That’s why I wanted to know if there are any other aspects to consider. As long as a prem is not the best but not the worst in any given category, it should be fine. At the same time it needs something to stand out in order for people to buy it. T-34 has tier X pen, Lowe has laser accuracy, Manther has that funny skin, SU-122 has a high alpha machinegun … etc.

  7. When I have tracked an enemy and his crew is working on repairing the track how much damage do I need to inflict to his track to reset the repair counter?

  8. From the preliminary information, it seems that ASIA will not be part of the roaming system, is there a reason why we can’t play in ASIA server?

    I read the article from SS about roam and I understand your view on the issue. But I am a player from Hong Kong but chose to stay in the NA cluster due to better pub games quality and also the likelihood that ASIA will be receiving the WoWS later than the NA. Roaming to ASIA would allow me and my friends in NA to participate in more local activities in ASIA server.

  9. Question1: Does MM enforce equal split of games for each particular player and tank in which the player is Top-Tier / Middle-Tier / Low-Tier? Example: I play tier 6 tank, will I get the same amount of tier 6 / 7 and 8 games as a result of RNG or is there some logic which will “correct” the RNG if it deviates from the equal split too much? For example, there are times in which wait queue is much higher for one particular tier, still, if I want to play a tank of that particular tier, I usually wait in the queue for around 1 minute before entering a battle. I would expect that if MM has so many tanks to choose from of one tier, there would be much higher probability that I will be a top tier in that particular game. However, that does not seem to be the case. Please explain.

    Question2: What is the most common reason for long waiting times in a queue before battle starts? Server load? Not enough of players of some particular tier?

    Question3: Could you please implement a warning message if players attempt to platoon tanks which have different possible battler tiers? Example: Pz. 38 nA (scout MM) platooning with Hetzer. Result: Hetzer may end in a tier 8 battle. Probably not something beginners would expect.

  10. Regarding bigger maps and 30 vs 30 battles can we expect them in 2014 if yes could you elaborate a bit?

  11. How come when a player is dead and he goes to cycle between allies for spectating the selection between players jumps around seemingly at random? Why is it not left click to cycle directly up the list of players and right click to cycle down rather than the random jumping around. This is a very minor thing but it causes a lot of frustration and seems as though it could be a very easy fix.

    • I’ll second this one. Most of the time, the left and right button behaviour works well. But sometime it skips one or two tanks for no apparent reason. Or going back and forth, it simply “refuse” to stop at one particular tank. What is the reason for this?

      • If you want to stop at one particular tank, just Cmd+Left on it in the team listing. Plus, the cycle you click through is not random, it follows the team listing from your tank on – means that you will see all tanks below you first and then the ones above. For the random left out tank I guess it has to do with the server/your PC being too slow to follow your fast clicking, but I’m not sure on that.
        Hope that helped!

    • Its annoying, but there is an easier way, hold CTRL and left click on a player. Its way faster and better :)

      • If you left click, the cam will go to the next tank that is closest to your wreck and so on (that’s how it should work) bit yes seems there are flaws in it

  12. there are some small UI improvements that would make a great impact in the game for the players specially in the contacts and clan section. One big examplie is the contacts and clan members “status”, status being the big word here (online, offline, busy, in a game, …)

    is there any planned development on this??

    thxs for ur effort and help to the community ;)

  13. Not sure if these questions qualify as well, but I will give it a try…

    Q: Is a MacOS client being developed and, if so, can you give us a rough estimate of when is it expected to be available?

  14. Q. will we ever get an israeli tech tree? im british and would like to see some more british tanks in game and this seems like the only way we are ever going to get any…even in israeli clothing!! (sorry if that seems faecetious)

  15. Will HAVOK physics have any function (effect in game balance, add something to the game) apart from flippin sweet in-game graphics?

    Many thanks!

  16. why is not possible to enter a “training room” alone? i know there is some PvE on development, but I find this pretty anoying that I need a friend to be able to make a training roome

    • Simple. To create one training room puts the same amount of load on the server as if you create a battle for 30 people. To use so many resources for just one person is not economical.

      • hmm sorry didnt know this was answered long time ago, maybe im not playing for so long hehe

        but anyway … another games do this, allow you to play alone or against bots. for example “league of legends”

        I dont understand why I cannot check a map alone, or test my new tank without the pressure of a PvP game. I know this consumes resourses, a lot of them, but in my opinion is still needed. as I standed before, I dont know any other game that doesnt allow this

        • Because WoT calculates pretty much all the physics server-side rather than client-side like LoL or FPS games. The local client itself is not programmed to be able to do all the calculations needed for a map. Based on how the engine is implement, they have to load every asset into memory on a map even if you are only going to practice in a single grid square. Not to mention calculations should you ever fire and hit something across the map.

          Could they make these be able to be done on the client computer? Sure. But I don’t think most computers would be able to calculate all the physics involved. Or people trying to start 30 person matches on their Pentium 4 computer and complaining to WG that it can’t handle it.

  17. That is a very good idea. Not just those vehicles that can open up but also those with dozer blades like tier 5+ American arties, Conqueror GC, Obj 261, 263 etc. Maybe when one deploys via dozer blade he would get reduced spread after firing, possibly faster reload but inability to move while deployed. As for opening vehicles I have no idea, those would be constantly open and it’s a bit unrealistic to reduce their mobility. Maybe just extend their colission model so they can’t go into narrow spaces.

    • That was supposed to be a reply to the “Will you implement vehicle deploying” quedtion but mobile FTR messed up.

    • That will likely not happen. M12, M40/43 and M41 could all fire without the use of their rear spade. It was not ideal as it impacted the vehicle and it impacted the accuracy of the gun but it more then easily could be done.

  18. Recently the 7v7 mode was introduced to WoT. Can we expect to see the same ( or similar) modes appear for WoWp and WoWs some time in the future?

  19. Considering the success of the new battle mode, is there any chance to add random battles v2 that will give mm based on skill? I’m NOT asking to replace the random battle that we have right now, but to add another random battle option.

  20. 1. Any news about night battles and (maybe) weather being added?

    1.1. If this would be added to the game, will this affect in battle tank perfomance? ( for example: night, dust reducing view range, rain reducing movement, wind affecting shell flight/velocity, ect.)

    • Actually quite interesting question, I would too like to know answers to them. Adding weather / daytime would be almost like multiplying current map amount, especially if they would alter vehicles performance (terrain resistance etc).

  21. Complicated to explain… Since 8.8, the windows that can be opened in garage (platoon window, clan window) but also the battle result window are always in front. Lets say if the platoon window is open and you like to change the equipment of a tank, the list of equipment is always behind the open “chat” or battle windows. So, before you can change or mount e.g. binocs you have to close “chat” windows. This change came along with 8.8, I believe. For me and other clan members it is very disturbing and we are astonished that no one noticed/complained yet.

    Q: Why was that done?

  22. While in game will there be a damage indicator visable to team mates in real time showing how much damage a vehicle has currently done like there is a real time indication of kills.
    Currently arty gets much abuse for apparently doing nothing when they have many 1000s of damage delt but no kills. Currently damage delt is only availible in post game summary.


    I have just started arty play again and the abuse thrown around is very noticable

  23. Will WoT implement translucency/transparency for tank markers like WoWp does? (there, if a plane is far away, it’s marker is very transparent and you can barely see it). would be nice if in WoT a tank very far away and in a bush would have a transparent marker so it would be harder to notice.

  24. I understand that the overall German dark yellow camouflage, or dunkelgelb, was rejected from being added to the game. Why is that?

    • Every tank in each nation must use the same colour (‘spy tanks’, eg. PzV/M10 excepted), and ‘plain colour’ camo has been rejected, both because ‘they confuse players’ or something.

      Personally, I reckon that base colours should be purchasable in the same way camo is, although cheaper and having no camo effect. There is no gameplay reason for tanks to always have their national base colour. It’s win-win; WG gets more gold spent for permanent colour changes, and players get to customise their tanks. The only problem would be whether many nations actually used a variety of base colours.

        • edit: also, note how many of the camos seem to use dunkelgelb as the base anyways. Some of the summer camos do, and most of the desert ones.

  25. Q:
    Can we expect an update to the overall garage interface, something more intuitive and possibly with new features like being able to read news from the main portal, nicer clan overview, update to the “Channels” system and a long shot – effective armour calculator from your point of view (that’s probably asking a lot)?

      • PS: channels system NEEDS major update, but wait for jabber communicator and then ask again ;) . If they haven’t that already implemented by then

  26. We have the Sexton II as a regular tank but a Sexton I as a premium tank. Are we likely to see this for other tanks like, for example, Sherman VC Firefly as regular and IC Firefly as premium?

  27. Will there be an option (in a garage) to have some customable equipement/consumable/ammo setup “presets” for each tank. I’d like to have i.e. CW “full gold” configuration and “random battle” configuration easy and quickly switchable.

  28. Will premium vehicles ever get the option to research modules for gold? Modules that don’t buff it but allow for the tank to be maybe played a different way?

  29. Question: With the Hull upgrades scheme will you need to research the required second hull option to unlocked the second vehicle turret? so I’m asking is the Tank’s weight limit determined by the hull upgrade the tank uses?

    • It’s been said before that hull upgrades will be tied to suspension. I.E., you upgrade your suspension and your hull model changes to whatever the second hull is. Since suspension determines your weight limit, no your weight limit will not change with the hull, but will continue to work as is.

      Basically when you upgrade your suspension your weight limit will increase as it always has, but you will now have a different hull with the second suspension.

        • Yea, but not for WoT. I mean, there are basically three development branches: WoT BW, WoWp BW and WoWs BW, they are not compatible with one another. What WoT BW will have is HD graphics (better anti-aliasing, more polygons etc.), but it will be an evolution of the same engine, not something drastically different.

  30. Will 2 core CPU be enough to run the new Havok physics ?

    Regular and premium garage overhaul in the near future a possibility ?

    Are developers pleased with the overall audio quality of WoT ?

    Out of all the Nations presented in the game,which one has been the most difficult to work with when trying to get access to archives ?

    Any significant regrets about the development of WoT ?

    • “Out of all the Nations presented in the game,which one has been the most difficult to work with when trying to get access to archives ?”
      My guess is either the Chinese or the German.

      • The German archives is likely the easiest to access. The US alone has several hundred thousand feet of mico film covering everything from blueprints to messages sent between company’s. And then France and GB both got similar copies. Plus a copy in Germany itself.

    • Yes 2 core will be enough because the game already runs on 2 cores but the second is not used alot, this one will be used for the physics

  31. Fact is that there are many mac & linux users that using ports to play World Of Tanks and struggle with client crashes and low graphics performance cause of this. As it has been stated from time to time (by Chris Keeling and Mikhail Zhivets) a Mac os X version of WoT is under consideration. Is it really being implemented, and when can we expect to show off?

  32. This came up yesterday in my the clan: Is it possible to implement a “message of the day” the commander and deputys can write, wich is displayed to every clanmember after logging in?

      • Wich only shows the last 5(?) messages. That’s a problem when you have more than 60 members, and displaying a message on the right like the PW nagging would be far more effective than writing the same message all 10 minutes, interrupting any kind of chat that’s going on at that moment.

  33. why doesn’t WG support XVM, and take it into it’s game files.
    Will WG support/intergrate top mods, like they did with the reload timer?

    the reload timer was implemented in 8.8 but by mods already availible a long time ago

    • “why doesn’t WG support XVM, and take it into it’s game files.”
      SerB said he doesn’t want his (and by extension most of the player base) to look like an excel spreadsheet.

      Stats don’t mean anything to people that don’t understand how the can be manipulated and used. Those people are the ones that install XVM anyways. The only people this would change are the people who have no idea what a WN7/8 is and it would just lead to people following certain people around like puppies. It’s better to keep the masses from knowing things that would just confuse them.

      “Will WG support/intergrate top mods, like they did with the reload timer?

      the reload timer was implemented in 8.8 but by mods already availible a long time ago”

      They specifically talked about how the reload timer mods were all bugged (when you lost a crew member during a reload it would freeze the timer). This is ok with mods when the player knows these glitches going in but need to be 100% or close to it when WG implements them.

      SerB doesn’t like mods so I am pretty sure we’re never going to get that many mods integrated into the game.

      • I guess xvm will get on top of “approved” list as soon as they make such list (which is planned already) so it will get semi-implemented ;) .

    • instead of taking things over and messing them up, I’d rather they just maintain good mod support, maybe release some modding tools, have an in-game mod activator/launcher, etc.

      Let the community deal with mods.

  34. Does WG plan to improve translations quality (both in game client and on web portal) – there are a lot of language errors, inconsistency with English version and some misleading informations. (I refer to Polish version, but, as I read, the problem is similar with other languages as well)

  35. 1. Can we expect updated hit decals on tanks? Currently, hesh and he have “hole” decals, while in gamefiles there are several more that are not used.
    2. Will tiers 7 and 9 ever be considered for things like team battles and /or team companies? Both tiers have a lot of interesting tanks but no “end game” for them like for tiers 8 and 10.


  36. Is Wargamig thinking of integrating all 3 games in clan wars? For example; achieving air superiority (WoWp) or securing the beached (WoWs) to gain an advantage in a tank battle?

    • They said nope.

      What is a tank going to do to a battleship? Or a plane for that matter (I doubt they’ll add AA tanks).
      It would largely be one sided and no one will want to play a tank especially heavies or TDs if they’re just going to get dive bombed all day.

      • That’s why I’m asking for clan wars. The idea is not to have tanks, planes and ships in one battle but to have separate battles in each game as stages. For example; the first stage of a landing gets played in WoWp to achieve air superiority and that gives a bonus to the wining team for the tank battle. Off course that would mean that there would be a need for some kind of clan partnership between the two games since WoWp clans are supposedly going to be separate.

      • You did not get his questions. Its not about fighting on same map like planes vs tanjs and so on, but for like the clanwar workd map. Example you wannt to invade an island. So you fist have to defeat the endmy clans fleet in WoWs, then clear the sky over that island in WoWp before a WoT battle for that area can start. Something like this. Bringing the games together on a larger strategy like layer then in a pure fps layer

      • Now why would a tank have to engage a battleship? Isnt it obvious that tanks, planes and ships would have different objectives? I can think countless of ways to make this.
        Though the question was about having three battles for one territory, one for each game, not about getting all in one match.

        My question: Do the devs ever fantasy about tanks, planes and ships being in one game?

  37. Hmmm, so soon we’ll get the roaming thing. Is it possible to give more severe punishments to those players who roam just to insult/team kill and so on?
    Ex: If you team kill several times on your own server you’ll get eventually banned for few days.
    If a roaming player who team kills 2-3 players should get ~15-30 days ban for example.

  38. Regarding RU-251: Devs said, they have problems finding adequate documentation / existing prototypes. How about a reward (say some gold) to players who find these things? There are plenty of WoT players in Germany. A reward would motivate them to help in the search.

  39. Last time, you said that all is fine with the swedes, hinting that you have a semi-finished swedish branch. Can you give any hints as to what vehicles will inhabit this branch and if this branch will be among the first to be released with the EU-tree?

    Also, is it fair to expect that the EU-tree will be released in roughly one year (aka december 2014)?

  40. Prior to 8.4, IIRC, dev Q&A mentioned a fire extinguisher rework; normal extinguishers would become automatic too, but they would merely speed up the process (affected by the FF skill) instead of having an instant effect. Is this just delayed, or was the idea scrapped completely?

    • Yes they do, but MM weight values are irrelevant here, as they are automatically balanced by the matchmaker.

      Battle tier difference of artillery, which is what mattered when platooning in pre 8.6 is no longer there, so an artillery piece has the same matchmaking spread of +/- 2 tiers as Heavies, Mediums and Tank Destroyers, but still retain the +20% matchmaking weight as heavy tanks, tier 9/10 Mediums, tier 8/9/10 TD’s and tier 7/8 lights.

      There are a number of tanks, like the Type-59 and Comet which receive heavy matchmaking weight for balance reasons.

  41. i would imagine that when you hit a tanks cupola in reality the cupola would be broken and unusable but the tank was far from out of order, so my question is:

    you can shoot a tank´s suspension or gun a million times without killing him which is abolutely understandable but why isnt that true for cupolas too?

    • because the tracks and gun are not integral parts of the tank’s fighting compartment. The cupola is simply a bump on top of the turret. It is part of the turret. Shooting the cupola is like shooting anywhere else on the turret. It’s not going to simply “break” the cupola. It’s going to cause an explosion of heat, spalling, shock wave, etc. inside the turret of the tank.

      Also, balance. What, do you want the KV-5 or E-75 to be invincible?

      • it was said somewhere somewhen that tracks get repaired because it would be dull to be immobilized the whole match although this is far from the reality.
        well this is just my opinion but i think that aiming for cupolas is as cheesy and unintuitive as killing through detracking would be.
        tanks would have to be balanced in another way then.

  42. Q: can we expect more in-battle UI customization? For example cross-hairs color and thickness, same for vehicle markers/health bars.

  43. Question:-

    Re the Call for Vengeance perk. Does a tank with this perk earn the assisted damage experience from damage done during the period this perk is active (i.e. after they have died)?

  44. Possibly a cheeky question, but..

    - What is on the “to-do list” for 2014, besides engine/graphic improvements and EU tree?

  45. I have heard rumors that people with a high (recent) winrate will get matched up at the bottom tier more often. Is this true? Is there also an opposite rule for people with a low (recent) winrate? How does this rule interact with the new-tank-matchmaking that tries to put you at the top for the first few battles?

    • WG deny that such a system is in use, players have been speculating on such a system since open beta.

    • they patented an algorithm for doing that. However, they say they are not currently using it, and there is no empirical evidence proving that they are using it.

      “the patent” is commonly referenced by stat deniers who feel that they are really good players, and WG is just rigging the game against them.

  46. First most important question:
    Recently it has been stated that they’ll implement, along with graphic improvement (HD client), indipendent suspensions: will this modify how a tank behave (torsion bar suspensions should grant a smoother ride than those of -let’s say- a Sherman) or it will be only an aesthetic change?

    Second question less important question:
    There will ever be an Italian branch?

  47. Will the Oculus Rift support be a spartan gimmick as it is in War Thunder, or do you plan for Rift-specific UX changes to make playing with it a competetive option? Any chance of Rift-walking around hangar(s) with my machines on display like you can in Star Citizen?

    What are your planned anti-troll measures regarding the roaming feature?

  48. Are there new game modes planned for random battles besides historical and garage battles?
    Any chance we could se FV4005 make it into the game, possibly as a second Brit tier 10 TD?
    Are there still plans to implement weather effects, smokescreens and mechanics dependent on the effects?

  49. Any reason the reticle bloom happens after you push “c” to reload an autoloader.

    Form what i gather its because the bloom is tied to the gun when it needs to reload a new shell and not because a shell is fired.

  50. Are new 30k models gonna have blured in motion tracks/wheels models? Like cars in racing games? If not, did you thought about something like it?

      • Whaa? After watching their CGI trailers it’s something I still miss in game and such simple thing would make tanks look more realistic. Or maybe I just play too much racing games, but watch those sweet wheels in trailers, blured and spinning. Plus, remodeling would be great time to add it.

        • You watch to many Hollywood movies, the tracks aren’t blurred in real life so why should they be in the game? Of course when the tank reach a certain speed the tracks does many revolutions and creates a trick on the eye, it looks like the tracks goes backwards because they do so many revolutions per minute.

          This already exists in game, so no they certainly not gonna add stupid Hollywood effects with millions of blurred shit and JJ Abrams lens flares.

  51. In recent q&a ot was said panther chassis could carry only regular 12,8 gun, thats why It was not suitable for x tier. It is commonly known that pz4 would be overloaded with schmalturm. Wouldnt It be overloaded with 12,8 and 15 cm guns? What was was deciding factor when pz4 was chosen over panther for IX tier assault gun?

    • The Panzer IV chassis for the WT is prolonged and strenghtened, it only retains the basic construction. Plus the project was historical. 150mm on Panther existed too, in many proposals (one of them is in the game as GW Panther).

      • Ironically Pasholok said the same guns as WT Panzer IV would overload the WT Panther chassis…
        *rolls eyes*

        That said, the balancing team often wins over the historical one.

        • I know, I was aghast when I heard that. I heavily agree with Zarax here. I just cant see any “overload” happening as in any case the chassis is usually heavily modified from the tank chassis to make it more suitable for an SPG/WT.

          Now to overload a tank see the Bison I on the Panzer I chassis or for some even more overloaded chassis see the Bison II prototype on the Panzer II chassis. All both used the 15 cm sIG 33.

  52. With the increasing popularity of the game on the European servers, together with the lag issues some players report, can he confirm the server capacity of EU1 and 2. Are we approaching the stage that we need an EU 3 server – if so are works in progress, where would this likely be located and what is the approximate timeline for implementation.

  53. Will we see different ammunition options for guns like a couple different AP variants for Soviet 122mm guns?

    • Storm said that they’re going to keep it limited to no more than 3 for now and the foreseeable future.

      • I didn’t mean it… What I mean is seeing different ammunition variants, with some little differencies. In example, I’m using cheap early 40′s 122mm AP ammunition for my IS but your IS, which has the same 122mm gun but with expensive late 40′s APCBC ammunition.

  54. Recently there have been talk about adding PVE to WOT what do you mean by that? Is it gonna be like dungeons or some sort of survival mode?.

  55. On the Chieftain tank. How is it going to be like. Or how is new British heavy lines going to be like. Any info on upcoming british tanks?

    • Chieftain was only said to be a possibility in 2014, right now the Devs are concentrating on the Japanese tanks for patch 9.0 and I don’t think the tank is even modelled right now.

      In terms for how it would perform, the tank is pretty poorly armoured for how the penetration mechanics work in WoT, and it was slow.

      10 Degrees of gun depression and the highly accurate 120mm gun means the tank is primarily going to be efficient at sniping long ranges over hilly terrain.

  56. Regarding roaming: what will happen to players that have accounts in several regions linked to the same email login account?
    I tried to roam EU->NA yesterday but instead of error message, it logged me to my NA account.

    • You will have to contact support to change the e-mail address on all of them so they are different and there are no login conflicts

      It has been this way ever since 7.2 test server, which caused login conflicts with players who had accounts for different regions on the same e-mail account.

  57. Have you considered rebalancing t10 tank destroyers by lowering their overall hitpoint pool? It feels most are on par with heavies and the percentual difference between the classes seems off compared to lower tiers.

    What made you decide to give the new Waffenträgers really good aimtimes? If you think about how they would be handled realistically, they would, on the contrary, have long “aim times,” as in a setup time.

  58. Would you consider simple “customizable” camo patterns? Like, you make camo texture much bigger and player can move&rotate it on purchase, mimicking the way that every vehicle was painted differently IRL. That’s only three parameters (x,y,angle) to be sent per tank every battle so it won’t put much strain.

    I know that this is very suggestion-ish but without my explanation the answer would simply be “no”…

  59. When will it be a button for only premium tanks, For now you can sort all tanks for each country= french, german etc

  60. Q: Regarding the WoTxGirls und Panzer official crew voices: how many voice actresses participate in this project? Is this only for Asian server (like we’ll have to copy files from asia client to get them on others, or will be there option to download it from official wot site)?

    Q: Are the higher ups satisfied with the work of the Paris office? Or have they (higher ups) started a drinking game “have a shot of vodka every time eu office screws something up”?

      • I can answer the first question.

        All the original voice cast did voice also the soundpack. And also adding that already in the first season of the anime there was World of Tanks mentioned. So I already pretty much know that “something” is going on with a colaboration between the anime and WoT and that way before anything official was made public.

        • “And also adding that already in the first season of the anime there was World of Tanks mentioned.”

          It was not actually. If you refer to the part where one of the girls stated they met online, it was mistranslated as “in World of Tanks”, while in Japanese it was only said “in an online tank game”.

          (I know this because there was a discussion about it between the US forums weeaboos)

    • Oh God, the only reason why this anime continues is because fucking WG is pumping money into it. Very few in Japan liked it, it’s mainstream junk. A REAL Tank anime must be gritty and full of action with proper story development.

      • “Very few in Japan liked it,”

        Yeah, that’s why GuP BDs were among top-selling ones… The first volume was IIRC completely wiped out from the stores, there were many sad pandas who had to wait till re-stock. :P

      • “A REAL Tank anime must be gritty and full of action with proper story development.”

        Name a gritty anime that sold well in Japan that wasn’t Evangelion.

  61. Again, because this is very interesting and even SerB in his Q&A sometimes give statistical data. And we talked about that long ago, on old FTR. Remember, Frank :) ?

    Could you give percentage ratio how much premium ammo is bought directly for gold versus credits, normalised to 400cr/1g exchange value (last month/since last patch)?
    The same for premium consumables, please.

    I wonder how important direct purchases with gold are for WoT economy now and if it is still worth to have this option avalible (you can exchange gold for credits anyway).

  62. Have you considered rebalancing the German cannons?


    Make 75 L48/L71, 88 L56, 88 L71 etc (the cannons the vehicles used for real) more powerful so that the vehicles which use them do not have to have “fantasy” top guns

    By “fantasy” I mean 105 on JagdPanther and King Tiger, 88 L71 on Tiger, 128 on Ferdinand etc etc

    • That’s why the historical battles will be implemented. Historical guns for historical battles, fantasy guns for everything else.

    • WG will say guns are balanced according to historical parameters, so no.
      I’m instead trying to lobby for a tree rebalance so that tanks will face more historical counterparts.

      • Good luck to the both of you. I am still fighting for a M41 buff to reload because it needs it. (the rest can stay the same). Historical max rate was 4 rounds a mins. I only want 3″something” per min.

        • You get your M41 historical reload speed when I get my historical SU-152-with-ML20S alpha. In real life the monster could blow the turret off anything it saw with a single shell; there’s a reason it (and the ISU-152) were dubbed “Beast Fighters”.

  63. What’s the armor model for the underside of the tank?
    Is there a visual cue for all tanks where the LFP ends and the underbelly begins?
    Are there plans to rework that side of the tank (and possibly allow them to go upside down)?

      • I am not sure what the armor value of the belly is (it’s not zero iirc) but the bottom is definitely modeled. Even if it is just a flat plate, you need something to shoot at when they try to crest a steep hill.

  64. Q: Will the cosmetic part (exterior) of the game be expanded in the future? (decals, canvas, extra parts, shurzen etc,…)

  65. 4th one from me:

    You already implemented separate stats for “team battle”, would you consider separating other modes stats too? (every company level to have different and CW, also 74/2 separated from this new future “10tier team battle” that is to be implemented).
    My reasoning is that the more stats, the harder for statpadders to whore them all ;) .

  66. First thing first, I’d like to thank you SS for your aid!
    now to the question:

    “Dear devs!

    First of all, I’d like to thank you for creating an awesome game!

    I’ve got a question for you:
    What is the reasoning behind constricting the premium tank reimbursement to one time only, and why do you only offer this to premium tanks?

    In world of warcraft, there was a 3 time chance to get any level 20+ character back, that was created less than 7 months before the request, and that was only in vanilla.
    Later the amount of restorations were increased.
    WoW is a subscription based game, where every minute a player spends in the game means income for Blizzard, and still, they’ve offered this option for players. You are a F2P game (and a very successful one indeed), so I wonder, why are these constrictions are they way they are?

    Thanks in advance!”

  67. As merging of KV-1 and KV-1s into one tank with different hulls was confirmed, are there plans to add third, uparmored hull option, based on KV-1e, leading to T-150 and further “KV line”? Also different hulls are expected to have an impact on visible tank name, like in example above to differentiate KV-1, KV-1e, KV-1s?

    Out of question: It could be compensated with (obviously) even lower mobility and lowered rate of fire (or even removed top gun option, leaving 57mm)

  68. Will you in a furthur time update most of the maps to the 4 sessions of the year(summer,winter) and 3 times of the day( morning equal to afternoon, lunchtime and evebing?

  69. Do you have any plans to balance the “PremiumAmmo”? So that every Tank has the same advantage/disadvantages from it?

      • Sure…. “Historical Correct” should never stand above “Balance”…

        Just an example, what for disadvantages does the Hellcat get from GoldAmmo? and what for disadvantages does the Churchill VII or the T-150 get from GoldAmmo…

  70. You introduced the Chi-Ha as a Chinese tank prior to the arrival of the Japanese branch. Are we likely to see something similar for the Italians? For example, the Carro Armato P 40 as a German premium/regular tank?

  71. HI.
    Are you going to nefr/buff ,increase the amount of shells for the FV215b (183) ?
    Are you going to make an advanced sistem of chat/multiclan EX: 2 clans combined in the same chat and posibility to manage your own private channel ,general channel kick,ban,mute,etc

    &silentstalker sorry if i somehow spammed you , witch i dont think ,but excuses are in advance

    Great Job !
    Good Luck !

    • are you going to add paintjob to the tanks so that every player can choose his own color or skin ? EX: red,blue,cameleon,black,or any allready prepared skin.

  72. Have you ever considered the option of upgrading the existing special equipment, to make it more efficient, with free experience and/or credits? So that you could, for example, upgrade ventilation from 5% effect to 6% or something similar?

  73. Has there been a change in income for premium tanks? Not only if there has been a direct nerf to income but do they earn the same as they did a few patches ago?

      • Good point, it may very well be pointless to ask. But then again, people at WG are not always… how to say it, not at their sharpest. I like to entertain the idea that they would blurt it out accidentally :)

  74. Q: Is there any update on the plans to combine WoT, WoWP and WoBS into on the clan wars map? Background of the question is that for WoWP there is no company mode and also no clans (for now), so from that point of view incorporating it into CW seems to be difficult.

    Q: Are there any plans to change / update the clan system as it is now, not only with more tools like the released recruiting help, but also in terms of multi-clan management, alliances, …

  75. Two questions:
    1: (probably a stupid question): Is it possible that we will see the Churchill AVRE with 165mm demolition gun in the future? (this would probably make a nice KV-2 equivalent in the British tree.Also,there was a Centurion version armed with the same gun)

    2:Is it possible that we will some of the other ELC AMX versions in the future,either as standalone tanks or as upgrades/alternative versions when unlockable hulls are introduced? (particulary thinking about the version with twin 30mm cannons here.This would probably make a nice T4 light tank,actually.)

  76. Will roaming players be able to join clans and participate in clan wars? For example a NA roaming user on the EU server, would they be able to join an EU clan?

  77. Q: “Hints” window from the WoWp, that is displayed during the countdown for the start of the battle.. any chance we could see the same thing in WoT?

    Q: ENB support for WoT?
    Hints window displays hints about the in-game tactics for specific plane.
    i.e. there are different hints for Fighters and Ground Attack Aircraft :)

      • it’s a third-party graphics modifier/updater: google ENBSeries for a bit more infor.

        it runs as a separate application that hooks into your game and can be used to radically improve the graphics of the game without any changes to the game engine. I use it for Skyrim, for example,

        On the other hand – it’s a mod, which WG aren’t keen on supporting, and when I’m running Skyrim it uses *more* RAM than Skyrim *and* slows the framerate: so I’d predict the answer, if it wasn’t ‘what’s ENB’ would be ‘no, don’t be daft’.

        • But, due to the fact that you can even turn off some of the options via ENB.. I think that someone could even improve his performances with enb, no?

          Anyway, ENB would gave us the freedom to mess with game graphics.. that’s the point :P

      • Its mod which alters/improves render functions, which improves lighting, water etc.
        Its eye candy, but can make serious improvements over original (ie GTA SA)

  78. Since serb (or storm, can’t remember) confirmed that the swedish tank tree was fleshed out alrealy, what will make the swedish tree different from the other trees ?

    • Most likely, since M47 is basically not very much different than M46 since the M46 already is using the M47 turret.

      The only difference in the M47 is better angled armor and options for bigger engines in the engine compartment.

  79. Wouldnt it make more sense to place KV-1s as it is right now as KV-122 tier 7 premium just like it was done with Panzer IV in the past?

    • Why is Churchill Gun Carrier is a tier 6? When compared Pz.Sfl. IVc a tier 5 it is by far worse in all respects except gun depression wich he cant even make proper use of because the gun is placed far too low in the chassis, sure it has better armour but its armour its only useful against tier 3 or some tier 4 tanks.

      • I think (emphasis on the think) that in a Q&A wg stated the Chruchill GC could be moved down to tier 5.

        • That was from a few months ago (I too have forgotten the exact day…), but SerB *has* floated the idea of moving it down a tier.

  80. according to the statistics.. what tanks are shown currently to be overperforming/underperforming?

  81. Creature comfort question – will WoT ever have an in game MP3 player? Not a huge deal but just makes ambience easier to manage (rather than having to click on a new window mid battle, being able to control the MP3 player off the keyboard in game would definitely be a nice convenience….)

  82. Will the Girls und Panzer crossover promo also be available in non-Japanese regions? (That is, will Wargaming continue the promotion between the two franchises in the American and European regions?)

    And to head off anyone who wants to chew me out for liking it: Well, I don’t chew you out for liking that thing that you like, I feel it is a legitimate question since it might also further spread World of Tanks within the anime fan crowd.

  83. Currently the top xp gained stats include the bonus from premium account, which makes the stat effectively useless. Will the pure top base xp stat be added next to this one? I understand you probably don’t have older data from older matches, so it can’t be just easily replaced alltogether, but are you at least collecting top base xp data now to introduce the stat at some point in the future?

  84. Is a Wot benchmark planned in the future? Something to have a base line for performance among different hardware.

  85. This question was already touched by another poster but not specifically so I’ll still ask.
    Q : Do you plan on introducing a more effective (quicker) way of demounting movable equipment (binocs, camo, toolbox) ? Having to switch between tanks and click so much is a pain, especially when you can’t just click equipment slot and press space to demount since a few patches. A “dismount all” button would be one hell of an addition.
    Thanks SS, and good luck selecting those 20 questions. :)

  86. Is there any plan to implement a South America server? (The ping is relatively high for South American players – the average is 230 ms).

  87. My question is: I understand that you might not want for players to know how PvE might look because it is only in idea stage or early development. But would it be possible to disclose what kind of ideas you had when you were thinking about adding this type of gameplay? So we at least know in which direction it might go in the future.

  88. If Chieftain get’s introduced, will there be a shortcut from the FV4202? I know you said no tier 10 shortcuts, but since the FV4202 was a testbed for the Chieftain it would be illogical.

    A while ago it was announced, that we can expect a distinct HESH-mechanism (different from normal HE), but it had low priority. Any updates on that?

    • If the FV4202 was moved down to tier 8 (where it should be historically) a chieftain connection might not be so outlandish.

  89. Is it possible that we can get the hydropneumatic suspension feature on the STB-1 later?
    Since it practically exists on the S Tank and the E-10, they all feature suspension that can be lowered and manipulated to increase gun depression and elevation and the fact that you in WG are already working on the E-10 suspension system, it wouldn’t be to hard to transfer this very system to the STB-1 and potentially S Tank?

  90. Earlier this year, SerB stated that he’d like to implement smoke screens for tanks once all the systems are in place. Will there be plans for Artillery to be able to lay down smoke on range once this is implemented?

  91. Even-tier tanks have their use in tank companies. Can we expect some team-oriented game modes that would encourage players to use odd-tier tanks and keep them instead of being grindthrough only? While some are fun to play, they are useful only in randoms.

    I’m not asking about companies specifically because it was already answered “no”. Just anything that would put them to use.

  92. Any plans for additional gaming modes
    like – Destroy a convoy
    Escort a VIP to square X

    • haven’t they explicitly refused escort game modes, on the basis that the playing population is barely able to manage Encounter, and frequently can’t comprehend Assault – so anything more complex than those two is automatically excluded?

      • I disabled encounter and assault as soon as that option was available. Pubbies struggle with standard battles, they can’t handle the cap mechanics and tactics of encounter and assault. idk how many times I lost encounter battles because some pubtard yelled “take the flag” at the start of the battle, and all the sheep followed, only to see the 3 minute cap timer keep getting reset as the noobs all sit in the open in the cap circle.

  93. When you introduced the “Pz.Kpfw. I Ausf. C”,you reportet that the servers had to deal with higher load because of the huge amount of shells that need to be processed. Now you gave the T7 combat car away for everyone, which produces even more shells. How was the impact on the servers?

    • Acutally the T7 Car fires 5×5 (25) per clip at 450 RPM and the Pz. I C fire 8×5 (40) per clip at 450 RPM.

      • Actually,wrong.The Pz.1C does indeed have a 40 round clip,but the T7 has 50.Firing interval is the same (0.13).

  94. Two simple questions:
    -Will the rangefinder have the option to be turned off, and will it consume a lot of CPU power (noticeable lag from the constant recalculations)?
    -Will the music selection for the game be improved or optimized for mp3 formats (useful for modding)?

    Thanks a lot SS for doing this. These are the best Q&A sessions since the beginning of the game.

  95. Churchill tanks damage model: is taking damage through the mudguards (without taking the front wheels into consideration) a bugged hitbox or a deliberate decision? Will the Churchills’ hillcilmbing ability be ever replicated in-game?

  96. Are there any plans to buff the frontal hull armour of the Lowe? and could you pls comment on what exacly is the policy behind the continuous reduction of credit earnings of the Lowe?As a lowe buyer I would like to know these changes beforehand please.

  97. Don’t think these have been asked before.

    1. With the implementation of multi-gun support, will modules for non-primary guns be researchable?
    Example: Replace co-axial 75 of Maus with 105 howitzer? Or upgrading hull guns for the Churchill Mk.1 or B1?

    2. Assist damage for destroyed engine as well as tracks? The effect of imobilizing the enemy in a bad spot is still the same, even if it doesn’t happen nearly as often.

  98. beforehand… SS, thanks for your time doing all this, please edit my question as you see fit in case its not clear enough :)

    now off with the questions:

    -It was previously mentioned the Churchill Gun Carrier (tier 6 TD) would possibly become a tier 5, is this still in effect?

    if so, what would be the most considerable change to be expected?

    statistically, how is said TD doing at the moment?

  99. Q: What is the base value from which XP gain is calculated from? Enemies’ HP pool or their team weight or a combination of both or something else?

    I am asking because sometimes you can witness players that only moved and died in a battle (no damage dealt, spotting damage, spotted targets, etc), yet they gain a different amount of XP. I have observed this for tanks of the same tier and type. The wiki assumes the tank specific coefficient to be 1 for all tanks, so either the wiki is wrong (afaik it has been confirmed that specific tanks have different coefficients) or you gain XP for distance travelled or time survived in a battle. Or something else, like for shooting in the general direction of enemies or being close to a fight.

    Sorry for me lengthy explanation.
    Thank you for doing this.

  100. How come Chinese tanks have almost no gun depression? I thought the Russian tech was adapted to make it more suitable for fighting in hilly/marshy terrain? Why then overlook the gun depression, as gun depression and hills go hand in hand?

  101. In your YouTube videos This is the (Tank xy) you showed bar graphs classifying tank stats into the stat range of its competitors. Is there a chance to see something similar in the garage to give, especially new players, an idea of the role of the tank they are going to buy/drive?


    (I have the tier 4 scout issue in mind.)


  102. SS I just want to say that im really glad you do this, not many people understand how much work it reall is to sort through so many comments.

    We all really appreciate your work, and everything you do.

  103. When upgradeable hulls are implemented will they effect the tanks HP (ex. upgrading the tanks hull increases the tanks Hp, like how upgrading the tanks turret increases the tanks HP)

  104. What is the criteria used to determine whether a medium of TD gets the mm weight of a heavy tank?

  105. Are there plans to drop/reduce scout mm for any/all current scouts?

    Would it be hard to add support for using a different model with the players tank? (i.e. if I play PzIV amd there is a custom model for i

    • …crap, its pain writing those on cellphone…

      …i.e. if there is a custom tank model in specific mod folder, it would be used for players tank only while other tanks of the same type would use the standard model. – would that be hard to implement?

  106. WG probably has a mountain of research documents and data pertaining to real tank counterparts. For a player to have WG consider a historical change, just how much data from reputable sources would be needed?

  107. Here’s one I’d like to know

    Is there any chance of the 8.8cm L/71 on the VK45.02A getting an ROF buff to match the same gun on the Tiger I/Tiger II? I ask because it would make that gun more of a viable alternative to the 10.5cm L/52, and tanks with more than one viable gun choice are generally more interesting to play because of it (such as the ARL 44, or the Centurion 7/1).

    • Both VKs are likely going to be merged in one tank, none of them has historical armor or guns anyway

  108. Last September, you (devs) mentioned the T23 could return “in an unexpected manner.” You’d also mentioned before that it could return as a hull option. Mind giving us some more details on that?

  109. What hapen with the introduction of the maps “Arizona/Аризона Mexico/Мексика Savanna/Саванна”?
    (This question has been asked, but they didnt answer it)

  110. 1.) Is there a possibility for more than two hulls and/or turrets for tanks like KV-4 or PzKpfw III?

    2.) Will there be longer tank descriptions and maybe?

  111. I believe it was already stated that there would be no Tier X light tanks, but can I ask what the reasoning behind that is? Hypothetically, should Tier X light tanks be found and implemented, would that get rid of the “scout” matchmaking weight?

    • Tier X lights would be very hard to find, RU have issues even with tier 6+ and germans are struggling with their tier VIII.

    • when you really think about it, tanks like the batchat or Leo1 are already basically tier 10 light tanks…..

      I can think of one tank that would fit as a tier 10 light…the Sheridan.

      Yes, it fired AT missiles, but it also fired HEAT, and could probably fire HE. Just ignore the AT missiles, give it HE and HEAT as premium. It would basically be a KV-2 gun with slightly better reload, maybe even better aim time and accuracy and such, on a fairly large but fast light tank. Would be like a tier 10 version of the old VK scout with 105 derp.

  112. After many nice little Russian and US gift tanks how big are the chances of a axis ( German, Japanese, Italian ) gift tank in the near future?

  113. (AFAIK, clans will be unified in all World of … games. Regarding this data)

    Will a clan have the same players (e.g.: player A enters clan X in WoT and will be able to play CW in any of World of … games)?

    Also, will there an opportunity to create Academies, sub-clans that are directly linked to the main-clan?

  114. 1. As we can see French have another SPG projects base on FCM F1.Is there any plan to have another SPGs branch? Could it make to the tier 10? (Heavy SPG branch base on Heavy chassis).
    2. When Havok come in 2014, will it improve “track effect” to make it attrach more to the ground(so we dont see our tank “fly” when passing a tiny rock)? will we expect a tank fall back a bit when fire other than “shaking screen” now?
    3. Any plan to implement some “cosmetic” items for tank hull, such as sandbags or tree branchs?(comestic one so they dont improve any status for that tank)

  115. Will scout matchmaking be changed/standardized?

    For example: +1 minimum and +3 maximum.
    Tier 5 scout: 6-8
    Tier 6 scout: 7-9
    Tier 7 scout: 8-10
    Tier 8 scout: 9-11 or 12

    • AFAIK now it’s +0 to +4 with tier 4 above(very rare but sometimes a scout is on top tier), and don’t thing they will change it in future

  116. Will you implement chat and minimap while loading the battle in WoT, like you have it in WoWp?

  117. both Löwen blueprints was planned with 105mm gun. the light version (VK7201, 76 tons) and the heavy (90 tons).
    how is it justified to become the heavy variant a T8 and the light one with less armor a T10 with 150mm gun?

    • 140 armor front with the same gun as E-100 doesn’t sound like a good tier X to me.
      Lowe was basically Maus Alpha version.

  118. Question 1: Do you think about to switch Pz38H with the H35 tank from the french tech tree? Premium tanks should be weaker than regular tanks and it would be a nice balance for both tanks.

    Question 2: Why does the Löwe engine HL234 has only 800 hp istead of 900 hp ?

    • Q1: That will never happen. The Pz38H will remain superior to the H35 for the forseeable future. But the H38 variant might become an optional hull module. If so, the H35 should have better or equal stats than the Pz38H, thereby ensuring the premium version is the weakest.

    • Q2: 900 hp was the planned development. It was however never obtained as far as I know.

      Also 800hp could be a simply that a rpm speed governor was installed on the engine to preserve it. Or a different engine setup to be better used in the tank that it was going into. Or like Zarax said it was an early version.

      Also the HL234 planned to use fuel injection to get 900hp and this would have been likely a mechanical fuel injection and it is very complicated system to maintain and build.

  119. Will tanks from the early middle east conflict, such as Israeli Centurions/Merkava prototype or arab T54/55 and IS3s appear ingame at any point? Or will we at least get camouflage from the middle east conflicts?

  120. Are there any plans to add tanks from the middle east conflict into the game?

    @FTR readers: As a own tech tree, part of the mixed tree(aka European tree), camouflage options for existing tanks (Centurion, T54/55, IS3), or hull options for the previously mentioned tanks. Just to give you an idea of the possibilities.

  121. Do you plan to release optional hulls with reworked tank models in one patch at once?

  122. There was a lot of criticism of the Super Pershing’s historical rebalancing with many calling it a dramatic nerf. Is there any way to tell what percentage of active (Say, at least one battle since 8.7 when the tank was removed…) Super Pershing owners sold the tank back between 8.8 and 8.9? Also, is the development team satisfied with the Super Pershing’s rebalancing or can its owners expect further changes to the machine in a future patch?

  123. I think I’ll rephrase a question from qa2 entries, why us it that in the battle the tank render distance is a square, but the tank view range is a circle?

  124. Will the 113 Chinese heavy tank receive a buff anytime soon? The fact the 121 has a better gun is a joke..

      • Very constructive yet when people ask for buffs for other tanks its ok to talk about and they dont get spam like this. Seriously though a tier 10 vehicle should be something special, not a downgrade from the previous tank and worse stats then its medium counterpart. All i have is a simple question; Are the Devs thinking about buffing the 113 Chinese Heavy tank and if so when can we expect changes.

  125. Hey,

    just have one question:

    Will be there an option where u can create groups in contact list? (like instant messengers do)
    For example u invite a group of players with one click without searching hours in endless lists :)
    or u can invite one whole team in ESL or special players for company or teammode.

  126. I would like to apologise if this question has been asked/answered before

    It was mentioned before that the reload timer was made from scratch, how long did it take to make it and if it was before 8.8 did the upgrade from AS2 to AS3 affect it?

  127. > Will it ever be possible to change your E-Mail address, even if i would be for gold?

    > Will there ever be better performance / more servers for EU (the actual servers are not stable, lag spikes in the main peak, no matter where you live or how good your internet is)

    >With the new chat system, will it be possible to clean your ignore list faster / with one click?

    Sorry, 3 questions, but I really want to know this .__.

    • You can already change your email in 3 cases, 1- Changed isp and need to use another email instead of isp domain
      2- work email : you left and want to change
      3 student email

      • I want to change my E-Mail like it’s normal anywhere else in the fucking Internet. My account is registered at a 10 year old E-Mail and I want to delete the account, but the support don’t want to do shit in such a case. Already requested it 3 times and they wont change it. So, where are your arguments now Mr. Super clever? This game just got the worst support of all games / websites I have ever played / been to…What in hells name is so hard about just letting me change my E-Mail address?

  128. The german td line seems more obsolete than ever with the introduction of the new td line. Is there any buff planned?

  129. My question: Why doesn’t WG publish tank statistics for the one they think need to be “rebalanced”, nerfed or buffed?
    This would silence most whiners and allow for a transparent process.

  130. Are there many more viable countries to have their own standalone unique branches and tiers?

    Is there any possiblity of changing the British tree into a Commonwealth tree in wot in order to incorporate more potential designs into the game?

  131. Has it ever been considered, or would it be within reason, to provide an option to select one single map to disable in the rotation on a player by player basis? Similar to how if you don’t like encounter or assault you can turn it off? That way if you don’t like El Halluf, you can make sure you never play it? Even if it was activated using a one time gold purchase I would pay for the option to select a map I never play. Just have a dropdown box to where you can select whatever map you don’t want to play on a given day.

  132. Thanks for leaving this open a little bit longer, SS… I’ve missed the past two chances to ask these questions.

    1) On a crewman’s Service Record, there is a entry for “Modifiers,” which is currently not implemented. Do the developers have any ideas for how this element would function, gameplay-wise? Also, are there any plans to introduce this element in the near future (6-12 months)?

    2) Currently, new players get tier 1 tanks with 100% crews. When the Japanese branch is introduced, will existing players get this same benefit?

  133. Was there any reason why they added the price bar when selling a vehicle? I know it isn’t that much of a hassle, but I don’t see the point in having to type in the selling price for each tank I want to sell.

    • It is used to get tanks out of very muddy trenches etc. The tank tracks can get more grip on the log then on the mud/trench walls. Also logs at one point were used to provide additional armor against anti-tank bullets fired from rifles as the logs/wood deformed the bullet and slowed it down enough to prevent it from penetrating the tanks side armor.

  134. Is the because of the tanks being remade for the upcoming new game engine the reason that we dont get a lot of new camo packs?

  135. Are A20 and M5 stuart following the special rule balancing numbers of scouts in team MM even if they were not mentioned in official info (Are they designated scouts)?

    • There’s no rule limiting the number of scouts a team can have. Every now and then I still get into battles with 8+ lights on each team.

      And yes, the M5 Stuart and A-20 get scout mm. All the tier 4 lights get scout mm, except the slow ones (Covenanter, T-80, and AMX-40 are the only ones I remember off the top of my head).

      • You totally don’t understand my question. I am not an idiot, and know what MM A20 and M5 stuart get.

  136. How effective is spaced armor in game terms? For example, if a shell hits a tank with 15mm thick sideskirts and 60mm thick hull square-on, then (ignoring angling) would it need more than 75mm penetration to deal damage? Less? Or (in this example) exactly 75mm?

  137. If BiA and vents (apart from primary skills) also influence skills such as repairs, camo and firefighting, why it is not shown on crew as it is showed for primary skill?

  138. Will it be possible to explore a map offline (singleplayer) with the wot client, removing load from servers for trainingrooms ?

  139. Any plans for new russian td line? Which type would the line be and with what kind of a top tier?

  140. Will there be an antenna module (or an customisable antenna just for cosmetic purposes), since many tanks had command versions with several types of cool antennas?

  141. What about accounts that weren’t played at all (0 battles and no activity for several years) which are “holding” popular / cool nicknames? Will there be a possibility to initiate deleting those ghost accounts and get wanted nicknames for higher fee maybe (e.g. 5000g)? For now there is no such option… :/

  142. Though many nations have prototypes, or paper guns being able to be equipped on their tanks, the British have very few of these. In fact, all but a handful of the guns were massed produced and used widely among the British and commonwealth forces. Are there any plans to add alternative gun options, or at least some of the paper and prototype weapons for the British? Or is the primary reason because the information of the guns are hard to come by?

  143. As far we could understand we will have at least one Argentinian tank.
    So can we expect to see Brazilian tanks (like the X1A1, X1A2 and MB3 Tamoyo)? and maybe Chilean tanks?

    Also on a note i recommend WG to get on contact with “Universidade Federal de Juiz de Fora”(UFJF) university that i think got the most detailed info(Besides the army) on Brazilian tank development.

  144. i have two good ones? 1.can you please quote your source of information on the waffentrager E100 and 2. will the hellcat get it’s historical top speed?

  145. What are the current plans regarding HESH rounds? The rounds on the medium are considered very weak, while the TD rounds are fairly powerful. How do you plan to rebalance them simultaneously?

  146. Is there a possibility to save replays to different folder than default one? And if not will there ever be?

  147. It was recently stated that WoT is retaining Windows XP support. Does this mean that the new HD graphics will be limited to DirectX9?

  148. Us tanks got good gun depresiion, germans got good acc, what will EU have? or is it to early to tell?

    • Its based off the actual specs, who knows. Russians and Chinese are very similar. Hardly a difference. They will likely share traits. Kinda like how brits got ROF and accuracy. They dont make up tanks and try and base the line off a single trait, its how the country designed the tanks (most of the time, sometimes WG goes crazy)

  149. Since the U.S. may be getting a South American branch will it be possible other nations get smaller nation branches as well?

  150. Regarding about Havok engine that will let you add logs on the tank, will those customization for cosmetic purpose only? Or will affect gameplay like added space armor like when hit, same as sand bags, and will add weight on the tank? And will it also be destroyed when hit just like the planned space armor to be destroyed little by little as damage accumulates? Thanks

    • AFAIK now it’s +0 to +4 with tier 4 above(very rare but sometimes a scout is on top tier), and don’t thing they will change it in future

  151. Thank you for ALL the time and workyou put into this for us!

    my question:

    Will we be getting the ability to arrange our tanks in the garage carousel according to our tastes?

  152. Clan wars currently has battle intervals of 30mins. So to be successful in a landing tournaments with a lot of other teams involves playing a game then a lot of waiting for the team. Have you considered reducing the battle interval to 20 minutes?

  153. I doubt this will even get read, but here it goes.

    Is there any possibility of Wargaming creating a Assault or Encounter based map? As it seems like it is hard for you to balance those game modes at the moment, wouldn’t it make more sense just to create a new map for these modes?

  154. Regarding the rebalance of the penetration of the 7.5cm Pak 40/2 of Marder II/III from 98/126 to 108/154, I am wondering if the new higher penetration is more historically correct or it’s just some kind of balancing. If the new penetration is more historical, why has the very same gun carried by FCM36 Pak40 remained the old lower penetration? Will it be possible for FCM36 Pak40 to receive a penetration buff?

  155. Pingback: FTR QA 3 still open | For The Record

  156. Are there any plans to make Steppes more ballanced? I think the northern side hase advantage, because on the east they have a ridge to move behind, while the south doesnt have one.

  157. When weather will be implemented will it affect tanks (mobility, shells velocity)?

    When havok will be implemented developers consider making new maps more destructionable? Especially in assualt game mode – bunkers where tanks could be hidden, but it could be destroyed by arty fire etc. And maybe stationary guns controlled by bots?

    • The devs have already spoken about the possibility of captured tanks but are currently very low priority.

  158. Related to hull upgrades, what will be the advantage of having E50′s hull over E50M’s one? T-54 will have a trade off between mobility and armor, but what about E50/E50M?

    • That isn’t bad at all. Think about it. At least TD’s need a line of sight to fire which potentially exposes them to enemy fire, whereas SPGs can stay far behind and rely on satellite view.

  159. OK, this is some of the questions that I want to know:

    Is the RU251 (I know that is not appear ingame) continues to a new branch of tanks or will continue to the Leopard PT A?
    Is the T-100Z and the Objekt 103 real projects?
    Can you tell me that other proposes to put the derp-gun of the KV-2?
    Will the Israeli branch still appear?
    Will the chinese Chi-Ha still be there when the japanese branch appear or will be replaced?
    (And Last): Former ASAP’s, you said that the British SPG will have autoloaders, why they are none with autoloaders?

  160. Currently, in battle, one can see their shells, like so…
    (1) (2) (3)

    When you mouse over the shell by holding CTRL, then moving your mouse, you can check the name, average damage and average penetration for this shell. Are there any plans to expand this info with other stats (some of which we can already see in garage) such as, but not limited to: HE shell blast radius, shell price, shell velocity?

  161. The second M103 gun has almost 10cm penetration difference between normal and gold ammo (242 to 340mm). After the T69 gold ammo nerf, this is still an example of pay to win, isnt it?

  162. How about:

    Q: What are unique qualities of Tier X Heavies? (I dont see anymore use of them in that Tier)

  163. 1. How will upgradeable hulls be balanced? will those tanks be switched to a different tier with better hull?
    2. Will the M109 howitzer appear as a high tier us spg? (It being produced from 1963 on)
    3. Will kv1s owners get both future tanks (kv85/kv122) for free?

  164. Any chance to be able to retrain crew members to another specialization? E.G.: There are lot of Radio Operators obsolete on high tier tanks, where the function is handled by Commander or Loader. In real life, also some tan aces began first on various positions before becoming commanders of their own tank.

  165. Any chance of the tier5 flak wagon being made with its, floor down and the gun 360 rotation being enabled ?
    Maybe Premium tier6 tank ?

  166. On which map can we expect an assault mode in future? Do you consider 4 assault mode maps enough?

  167. is it planned toadd controls to change view angle of “bird view” of arty to shoot below bridges?

  168. Is the option to turn Premium on/off being considered? Being able to turn it off when you are away would be great help

  169. With regards to WOT on XBox, are there plans to add WOT to the new XBox ONE and the PS4? And with Steam announcing their Steam Machine/SteamOS will Wargaming consider allowing WOT to run on this machine?

  170. a) We have seen reference to both a new British medium branch and a British Lend Lease branch. Are these both in development or two referances to one thing?
    b) there have been references to mid grid candidates for these branches, Firefly, Sentimals ac1 & ac4 etc bit no high teir candidates. What are these or are you considering truncating this branch or merging it with an existing branch?

  171. seeing that WG have implemented couragous resistance.
    how does WG feel about putting an option at the end of the game where a player can select a player and give him a kind of a “like” which would act in the same manor as CR? for his contribtion which the system cannot compute
    or put an option where the liked player would get some part of the player who liked’s credits and exp

    i know not many people would not do this but im sure there are a lot of people who would be generous enough to to give something.

  172. sorry for making 2 posts.
    - seeing that WG is moving more towards giving tanks multiple usable guns (like WT series) rather than guns which most player would consider poor/bad/unusable. can we expect WG to put all the guns of a tank equally usable. i.e. different gun’s advantage in different area’s of battle

    (i do realize that WG considers stock gun equal to end gun, but with different parameters, but i hope SS and WG would understand the question)

  173. Will the Japanese tanks all be average, like the Chi-Nu-Kai?

    Like, nothing special, everything is OK,

  174. I found that battle statistics for 7/42 are not showing on profile on web page. In game profile they are separated into two sheets – will it be solved the same for www profile?
    For now, it shows less battles in particular tank that you actually played (considering you played 7/42 mode).

    SS: I am very sure there are more important questions than this one, maybe you know something about missing battles?

  175. Will the new hull options be already researched for elited vechicles, or the tanks have to be rebought and replayed to have them fully elited (or freexp ofc))?

  176. A few questions about the Churchill (last question is the most important)
    A long time ago it was said that the Churchill tanks would receive their hill climbing abilities: is this still planned or is the whole idea scrapped?
    Also, the Churchill in real life has the ability to pivot turn as it uses the Merritt-Brown gearbox- will this ability be implemented (especially on the Churchill VII which could really do with it)?
    And finally is it planned to change the track guard damage model of the Churchill VII so that it cannot take HP damage from frontal hits? I ask this because at the moment even tier 4 or 5s with can penetrate the tank in frontal combat which makes having a big slab of 152mm armour pretty pointless.

  177. Our German Community Managers of the WG EU forums said that Multicore Support is not a interesting part, as it’s a kind of luxury problem of German community. So what’s the average computer of a WoT player at the moment, as far as you know?

  178. Hey SS, thanks for your help mate!

    My question: why is the sold tank reimbursement/restoration policy limited to one occasion, and premium tanks only?

  179. Is compensation for team damage capped to damaging players earning in the battle in question, like fines are (wiki states yes, can you confirm/deny)? Is there a particular reason why fines(and possibly compensation) are capped to what one earns in battle?

  180. When balancing a tank we know the hard stats like RoF, accuracy, and armor come into play.

    Do the soft stats such as terrain resistances, speed limit, and power to weight ratio factor into how a tank is balanced properly?

    • Yes. Why wouldn’t it? Wasn’t that the whole deal with the German heavy rebalance?
      Reduced engine power, and reduced terrain resistance to compensate.

  181. Hello,
    Im sure that people are asking this a lot, but I didn’t find an direct answer on this question.

    What is the main reason to to put +/- 2 tier matchmaking on most tanks (except light scouts)? Why it could not to be +/- 1?

    I’m thinking that WG is making this way slower income to EXP and that way increase change of people buy gold to speed progression. Too often you have to try survive +2 tiers tanks low tier matches. In these matches people don’t have a clue what TEAMWORK means… This is not rage post. Just have wondered this too long..

    • There is nothing wrong with this system, we could always go back to the +/- 3 tiers system.
      I lived, breathed and suffered through my M4A3E8 having to fight against tier 9 IS-4′s and E-75′s.

      System as it is works just fine and forces a higher level of difficulty on players, but not one that is completely unbeatable like your tier 4 tank seeing tier 7′s…

  182. Tier 10 TD shell cost too low?
    (Same Calibre guns with improved shell dmg/pen have the same shell cost as those a tier below, See US 155mm and USSR 152mm Guns)

  183. Question derived from what dr_zitterhand asked in the reminder post.

    After the Havoc implementation, when tracks will be modelled individually, when the game engine decides the type of terrain on which the tank is driving will it
    - take into account the type of terrain on which each track is running or
    - take into account the type of terrain directly under the middle point of the tank, like it is now ?

  184. Has the earning model for tier 10 arties been checked after the big arty nerf? Repair costs were upped to 30k _before_ the nerf whereas other tier 10s have stayed at 20-22k range.

    Or is this simply “how terrible, don’t play tier 10 arty”?