Object 430 and 430V2

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Object 430 Variant II

Soviet tier 9 medium tank, leading to the regular Object 430. The branch starts (like now) from T-34 and there is a 90 percent chance there will be no high tier shortucts from this branch to another one (or vice versa)




Object 430

Soviet tier 10 medium tank – details (including armor) can be found here




92 thoughts on “Object 430 and 430V2

    • just waste of development time.
      another clone of t62a
      its useless tank if it gets same gun with obj 140 and t62a lol

      • well it doesnt seem that clone as obj 140 does.
        but it dont fit on new line.
        IMO, bump 416 and 430 v 2 tier up for gigantic buffs (like giving historical full turret traverse for 416 and giving 122mm for 430 v 2) then there is something what would fit to tier 7

      • copypaste tier X, tho I wonder about tier IX. In WOT terms, has rear turret on medium any advantages? I mean its not gonna sidescrape too often, and other than that I see mostly drawbacks. Its not like bullpup weapons, where putting a magazine in the back shortens the weapon, its basicly the same tank only with (prolly) nonexistant gun depression and troubles with peaking over hills or corners.

        • To answer yor question on short NO!In wot terms it has slim to 0 use on a medium tank.In real life it increases crew survivability since the engine is in front of them and improves close quarters combat fighting without sacrificing the lenght of the gun.Since that is pointless in wot…i cant see anything good about it exept fancy new skin model

          • The only pro such a design would have in WoT (apart from the fact it looks awesome),is that you can turn your tank around and peak over corners much easier,like at a choke point,you wait the enemy,you put the first shell in it and retreat before he can shot you back,due to the fact that a very little part of your tank is shown to the enemy and you can back of very fast because you`re accelerating forward,not backwards like you usually do when you get in cover.

        • “Its not like bullpup weapons, where putting a magazine in the back shortens the weapon”

          Actually it’s just that. The tank length with gun forward is drastically reduced leading to much less hassle with transport (just lock the gun in place and that’s it no need to rotate the turret) and it allows the tank to maneuver around in tight places.

          However the gun depression suffers like you said and a significant gain in reducing the gun overhang can be obtained by placing the turret centrally which doesn’t tax the depression as much (or at all in some cases) so most of armies gave up on rear turreted tanks.

      • Object 430 is not a clone, I think it is a very interesting tank, which was way ahead of its time when it was build. Also it was the start of one of the best Soviet mbt’s during the cold war: T-64

    • It DOESN’T look like T62-A clone, more like shorter version of 113. I’m expecting horrible depression, mediocre aimtime, alpha better than T62-A and OBJ 140, lower camo values, probably it will be somewhat faster than other brothers from russian tree, worse (bigger) terrain ressistance, and armor slightly better than T62, preferably comparable to 140.

      • to add copypaste from wikipedia
        Studies for the design of a new battle tank started as early as 1951. The KB-60M team was formed at the Kharkiv design bureau of the Kharkiv transport machine-building factory No. 75 named for Malyshev (Russian: конструкторское бюро Харьковского завода транспортного машиностроения №75 им. Малышева) by engineers coming back from Nizhniy Tagil, with A.A. Morozov at its head. A project named obyekt 430 gave birth to three prototypes which were tested in Kubinka in 1958.[4] Those vehicles showed characteristics which were going to radically change the design of battle tanks on this side of the Iron Curtain. For the first time, an extremely compact opposed-piston engine was used : the 4TD, designed by the plant’s engine design team. The transmission system comprised two lateral gears on each side of the engine. Those two innovations yielded a very short engine compartment with the opening located beneath the turret. The engine compartment volume was almost half that of the T-54. The cooling system was extracting and a new lightweight suspension was fitted, featuring hollow metallic wheels of a small diameter and caterpillar tracks with rubber joints.
        The tank would keep a D-10TS 100 mm gun and frontal armour of 120 mm. As it did not present a clear superiority in terms of combat characteristics when compared to the T-55 which was entering active service, Morozov decided that production was not yet ready given the project’s drawbacks. However, studies conducted on the obyekt 430U, featuring a 122 mm gun and 160 mm of armour, demonstrated that the tank had the potential to fit the firepower and armour of a heavy tank on a medium tank chassis. A new project was consequently started, obyekt 432.

  1. What will distinguish the 430 from the T-62a and the Object 140? Just a bad engine and the looks?

  2. So many RU meds (T10) which play all the same -.-
    The lowtiers 7-9 are actualy quite nice because they are different to everything we already have atm but the rest is just run of the mine.

  3. Hell yes

    1. Object 140 – intended replacement to t-54
    2. T-62A – predecessor to T-62
    3. Object 430 – predecessor to obj. 432 aka T-64
    4. Object 907 – another intended replacement for t-54

    The ru tier 10 meds will be an excellent collection of t-54 evolution designs… im so glad we will have so many of them in the game.


  4. I need help here, I’m getting confused! Is this a new line? Or the tier 9 will replace the T-54 two tier 10 path and this new tier 9 will have the two tier 10 path? Or is this a completely new line not affecting the current USSR med line at all?

    TL;DR will the T-62A and Obj. 140 will still be researched from T-54?

      • So basically what you’re saying is that the Soviet line will allow one to get four tier 10 mediums from two tier 9s?

        Well then in that case I demand such a thing be done for the other lines to a degree!

    • It is a new line that finishes the 2nd Soviet medium tank line. Object 416 will lead into the Object 430s.

  5. i have obj 416…and obj 140…but now now… i want 430 :DDDD

    very nice tank :D but the game is 122mm? or 100mm?

  6. Well, I just may try to unlock this! But i wonder, how will the line go? Will the Object 416 lead to this?

  7. Hello SilentStalker,

    From the text I’m getting the impression the Object 416 -> T-54 link will be removed when these tanks come out. Am I correct or will it stay?

    Currently going up that tree so would really like a confirmation. Thanks for your time.

    The new tanks seem great anyway!

  8. Great..another copypaste. Only difference from T-62A and Obj140 is the better frontal armor. If they don’t lower the RoF compared to the other 2 meds it will be OP. And I consider the other 2 meds borderline OP…

    • T-62A and Object 140 OP?
      Sure, they have great soft stats, bouncy turrets, and good guns, but they’re not OP by any means.
      OP tier 10s include the T57, Foch155, etc.

      • T-62A is a piece of shit. Foch 155 is balanced with low vertical and horizontal gun traverse, average accuracy, low aiming time , paper side + hull armor, slow reverse speed and frontal weakspots.

        • When you’re facing gun-to-gun loaded and ready to fire Foch somewhere in the narrow streets of Himmelsdorf, his accuracy and traverse will be the last thing you’ll think about. Just because it’s 3×800 DMG with plasma-like pen, annihilating everything except the fattest T10 HT’s.

  9. So, finally “true” T-54 attempt at tier 10? Though I’m curious what o430 had to give up to maintain 120mm at 60 degrees glacis AND 250mm turret. Accuracy on the move? RoF? Agility?

  10. Eh… another T-62A clone just with more armor and a barbecue grill engine?
    Sounds like fun.

    • How many these copycats are planned to be released? I really don’t see any difference between them except every one of them are bordering OP with ridiculously high dpm and laser accurate guns and imba accuracy on the move(even better than Pattons which are supposed to excel at that)

      • lol even teh prototype obj 140 had two plane stabilization IRL while patton had none, its just that WG is buffing those obese tanks how ever they can so they will compete.

  11. WOT players: “Gib us more tanks WG pl0x!”
    WG: “Okay. Here you go.”
    WOT players: “WG why you gib us clones only, we never asked for this!”

  12. I can not believe that people are complaining about Object 140 (grandfather of T-72) and Object 430 (father of T-64), but everyone was ok with yet another fictional tank based on E 100 hull!

    • You must have been reading some different forums and comments then. I saw plenty of folks complaining about the WT E 100 and how silly it is

    • Tier 8: Obj. 416
      Tier 9: Obj. 430 II (rear-turreted Obj. 430)
      Tier 10: Obj. 430

      Other branch goes as it is now, without the 416 -> T-54 link:
      Tier 8: T-44
      Tier 9: T-54
      Tier 10: T-62A and Obj. 140

  13. i think they nerf mobility and traverse…and serb said we make a big weakspot for engine(i think a44 like) but other tank line have more powerfull cannon…this tier X need a better gun..a 100mm tierX gun on a tier X dont reload in a bad time..

  14. So we get a THIRD Sovied tier X medium with the SAME gun as the other ones?

    WAY too creative, WG!

    • L7 gun (in it’s many variants) is placed on a bunch of British tanks and on a Leo 1. Your argument is invalid.

      • It’s on the Leopard 1, FV4202, M60, M48 Patton, and technically E-50M.
        Soon on the Japanese tier 10 med as well.

  15. It’s exactly the tank I’ve been waiting for. From the looks of it – it won’t be just a clone of the 140/62A – I mean, look at its face armor, it seems like it could potentially be a return to T-54 levels of practical protection, dinging from things that get through a 62A’s hull or the 140′s famous urret top easily. Even the turret hatches aren’t as pronounced.

  16. Rear turret seems to typically allow for mounting more powerful guns; perhaps the 430 var. II will have the tier 10 gun, a la Leopard PTA or Centurion Mk 7 (reduced RoF, etc.). This would keep it inline with the other tanks of this branch, having high powered guns for their tier (aside from A-43).

    Also, it would be a bit odd if they have bad terrain resistance; the hallmark of this line is very low terrain resistance and reticule bloom, and high traverse speed.