Exn0m: what the hell?

Hello everyone,

I rarely write about certain clans – there’s usually no need to. Some clans have idiots in them, but usually it’s not an issue of the entire clan.

But EXN0M from EU is a very special case. It seems to me they are chock full of the worst kind of retards. Not only they have the worst kind of ragers (cancer wishers, anti-semites):


(“Cancer Jew” and “I hope you die on tumor”)

and they also had their own issue of Hall of Shame, but what NabukadnezarII sent me today oversteps all bounds.

Meet Martiener1 – EXN0M member. This vile piece of disgusting shit is a statpadder, that plays like a pussy. When hit, he moans like a little bitch (very entertaining replay) :) But that’s not all. He’s also an anti-semite and wishes everyone cancer. Don’t worry though – he’s not alone. His pal HODOR is just as wicked.

Check out this replay. This is hands down one of the most disgusting things I’ve seen on WoT – I mean: everyone rages from time to time, even me. But this disgusting moron takes it to next level – everything’s there: cancer, Jews, insults against Polish, everything. Wargaming should permaban this asshole once for all. Noone will miss him. I certainly won’t.

Update: Based on this incident, EXN0M kicked the asshole out. Wise thing to do, shows there is some decency too.

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  1. And this is exactly why i pretend to be English, despite being a native Dutchie myself. Let’s face it : 80% of Dutch people online are baboons with the intellectual capacity of a coconut. And that’s a very polite way to express it. Even had an offer of joining EXN0M, and every day i am happy that i rejected that offer.

    • I try to pretend I’m not Dutch aswell, they’re much worse than the Polish, but it’s a small community that’s why they’re not in the spotlights.

    • Welcome in the club, I pretend that I’m not Polish. Except for berating stupid poles. Sometimes I just can’t stand them. And of course I have to do it in polish, as most of them don’t understand simple English.

      • Hahaha me too, and I know that many Poles try not to disclose their nationality in battles. But Dutch doing the same. Thats smth new for me :).

        • Lets say this honestly. Quite big group of players red as tomato, with little English skills made all other Polish people ashamed of. And i am sure than something like this happens also in other nations player-base. Arrogant overpowered those aware of their weaknesses. Like in democracy.

          • Yeah i second that. I’m from Croatia and we have our fair share of idiot players (just regular bad players, no morons like those exn0m bitches). But saying something like that in chat in full rage? Nah….nothing like that as i’ve seen.

            Hell I had my share of rage as well, but nothing like this. I did call one moron player a dumb fucking dog because he couldn’t find his asshole in broad daylight with a flashlight, map and video instructions…..but that’s just because of his stupidity, and it wasn’t something severe like these Exn0m cunts are saying.

            A whole new level of shit is incoming and it’s branded Exn0m. Here’s one I got when the 8.9 patch came out http://i.imgur.com/uN1tvxC.jpg

    • lol so we all are in the “Pretending” club huh?
      From what my countrymen has done in Asia server, I am also always communicate in English

      • Those are all kids, im dutch. And i’m in a dutch/belgian clan with older players. Most of us are parents and such language is not done in our clan.

  2. Nazis are tolerated, [BALLS] is an offensive clan name and logo. Makes sense…

    Sometimes when I meet scum like these I lose my self-control and I wish them penis cancer in a not serious way, but I am ashamed of it and would like to be able to control my rage better. Just dont know how…

  3. Not surprised at all, Frank. That’s “unicum” clans for you – full of idiots who think being “skilled” in a game makes them ubermensch. The only clans that are at least partially different are KAZNA, TESLA & PTS.

    • It’s not about unicum clan, it’s about bunch of same minded people grouped and merged and molded and put back in action after getting their share, after a while you won’t notice difference in them.

      The ones you gather around you are the ones you will look like.

      • Certainly true, but I never even implied the opposite. I merely stated that, at the current time, EU uni clans are filled with idiots. I never said ONLY uni clans of WoT change people into degenerates.

      • “Unicum gentlemen of IDEAL are some of the nicest players you’ll ever meet.”

        Commander: Xensation

        Your joke is hilarious, good sir.

    • KAZNA – yes, cool kids
      TESLA – not a problem
      PTS – uhhh? the amount of butthurt they throw away when hit with gold ammo (still remember using 2 mags of gold on t71 to kill their King Tiger from front – guy was in tears for like 3 minutes straight)

      I would also add BABA to “cool kids club” – really chilled players, above average with quality and not pretending to be gods or sth. They do their own shit and do it well. Actually they are the only players i like to support because they do know the word teamplay.

        • What about UNICA? Yes i rage a lot and i mean a lot…and insult people very often(not every proud of that), but this whole cancer, tumor etc is just plain retarded….that didn’t even crossed my mind not even once to say it….and UNICA is like any other clan with good players….they will rage, they will curse, but never something retarded like these morons in this article….

  4. I rarely write about certain clans – there’s usually no need to. Some clans have idiots in them, some clans are even named after Waffen SS (and Wargaming doesn’t give a shit despite several reports), but usually it’s not an issue of the entire clan.

    The chinese server is run by a chinese company(since bloody capitalist cant be active in china without a chinese-partner company)
    So i think wg dont have influence in this case…

      • Well, let me say this.

        Martiener1 was a former clanmate, a good guy. Always was an average player when looking to stats.
        Then he got better stats and started to play better.

        I still play with him, but like most guys that get better, the rage at ”n00bs” will grow too.
        Honestly, When I’m platooning with him, he acctually only uses the word ”n00b”, like everybody sometimes does.

        I have respect for how fast he got better, started to play well and how he is able to save a battle.
        That’s why I don’t understand why the hell he is flaming like this, it’s not how I know him.

        Like you said, I will miss him as a player if he get banned. But of course, without the flaming, raging and insulting part. That’s just wrong, nothing else.

        • I admit. I should not say those things.
          becomming way better in just a couple of weeks changed me, I need to get back to my old self.

          I will talk to my clan commanders and see what I’m going to do.

  5. After the last time, when various Exn0m arsehats defended the last “i wish you cancer” clan moron, and also reported me to the mods on the official forums after I commented there (yes those little girlies could not even fight their own battles), I am not surprised to see the same thing again.

    They certainly have a bunch of whiney wankers in Exn0m, and I hope any remaining decent members still in the clan have a rethink and leave the shit heads to wallow in their filth.

    Its a shame WG don’t give a crap about perma banning for ingame stuff like that.

  6. To start off,

    yes IM a statpadder umad now?

    And do you even know how annoying it is to have bad luck and have retard teams every game?
    Well, when you do, you will rage occasionally.
    Have fun, and hope to see you on the battlefield :D

  7. Shit like this almost makes me glad I’m on the US server. A higher ping is a small price to pay for not having to put up with this

  8. Typical behavior for exn0m members. Last time i met One of those, he offended all, who had worse xvm stats than him. I controlled a Grille and… Guess, he was to be the first to die. I gave him a direct hit into his Flak-Bus. Instant kill, Instant flaming… It’s allways the same… They troll, you check them!

  9. As a member of EXN0M who does not spout these insults in pubs, I feel rather insulted that my whole clan is generalized like this.
    We have a bunch of rotten apples, sure, but that doesn’t mean all of us are people who rage at the tiniest thing and say nazi stuff.

    Please, don’t put my whole clan under one label because a couple of members are big-mouthed morons who get angry at everything.

    • This was Not the First time you guys earned SS attention. Your “behavior” is mentioned more than once in Hall of Shame. If you are professionals, why don’t you get rid of those kiddos?

    • Dude, the point Silent is trying to make is that not just “a few” individuals are like that, but basically every Exn0m player people meet in the game. So if you really think you are better than them, then kick those retards that use these vile insults in every game.

    • Don’t want to be put under the same label these rotten apples are? Remove the morons or if you have no power leave the clan.

    • First of all I am sorry to see that your clan has fallen into such generalization
      but If this was happened to me
      I rather quit and return to solo pubbies or find a new clan

    • If you are the only guy in your clan who isn’t a giant asshole, maybe you should be the one to leave the clan.

  10. do you realise no sane person gives a shit about internet thugs? you sir, you gave way to much shit.

    I mean, so what if he wishes any “how terrible” thing to you? Now i wish every single male but me to die on this planet so i can has all the gurls…

  11. That was just random offensive words not even properly lined to form something logical due to frustration. This kind of topic gets more dry and pointless every time, what is the “fucking point”? you know or should, SS, how utterly retarded 50%+ of the players are and I mean retarded, not bad, those are the other ~40%+, what exactly is “rage from time to time” and when are you able to allow those random ranges? since you seem to make yourself the judge of these situations, when do you decide when and what something is enough? maybe we’ll get more material for you if we understand your mood and judgement on these things.

    You know what wall kind of wall of shame would be more interesting? one with replays of retards (or extremely bad players, w/e you want to call them) doing something extremely stupid, you will never run out of “epic” material and it wouldn’t look as pathetic as “oh look, that guy had enough of all these retards, look, he mad now, he swears and stuff oh the horror, who would do such a thing”.

    Those extremely bad players wouldn’t give two shits about them destroying your fun, free time and entertainment, yet everyone gives a lot of shits about them being abused for destroying that fun of others…

    (rage matches of people swearing randomly because they got shot due to their stupidity or simply shot and penned are so outrageously irrelevant and everyone cares so little I have no idea why they make it into your news)

    • ^this
      But seems SS gives more fuck about “oh nazis, oh jew haters, oh polish haters, oh ragers, oh the horror” oh it feels so bad inside. my heart hurts now, i feel lonely, oh need viagra, oh there are childers starving in afrika, oh gay marriage is forbidden in russia, oh north korea has nukes, oh global warning. oh we all gonna die”

  12. What gives you the right to use words like: “idiots”, “shit”, “worst kind of retards”, “piece of disgusting shit”, “like a pussy”, “little bitch”, “disgusting moron”, “asshole” and still act like you have more common sense than exnom players? You took it “to the next level” as well if you ask me. All i want to say is: Welcome to your own Hall of Shame.

    • Owning this blog does. Those are just normal insults. Wishing someone cancer or using the word “Jew” as an insult? Not so much. Well, at least not here.

      • please point me to the experiment that points out that cancer wishes over the internet actually caused the target person to die by cancer

        • Following your point when we need to prove something to not use it. Then we can not call you an asshole because you just proved you are one?

        • Anon, you are a moron… Some people think its funny to wish cancer or death to a random internet person… Its because nothing like that has happened to that person. Imagine if you had cancer death close to you in your family, i bet you would despise it if somebody told u to die of cancer…

        • Such a insult is meant to mean “I wish for you to slowly die of an incurable illness”. Which, by the definitions of ways to die, slow and un-treatable is probably up there among the top of “Wouldn’t even wish upon my enemy” things.

          Remember, it’s human interaction, here. How would you feel, really, if you played a sport against a team, and they’re people you’ve never met, and members of that team insulted you and made the “equivalent of a death-threat”?

            • Not giving a fuck is not good enough, such insults and death wishes need to be punished. Like EmperorSafirius said this can have nothing to do with you but 1 at those 100 times you can meet someone with real cancer and what then? Some people should learn that beeing anonymous is not equal to giving you right for such behaviour

        • So, you abuse your power, act like a judge instead of being impartial, insult a lot of people just because they are members of a certain clan and you still have the nerve to hold your head up after embarrassing yourself by looking as a hypocrite.

  13. again no one cares. jews and semites arent a race its religion and people who speak the semite language, so i cant see racism either, besides he hasnt even taken the piss. this is normal ragin on wot, happens every second match, put your morale aside and grow up, as if the czechs dont wish polish to get cancer or hungarians want romanians to get gased, ive read it all, so this antisemite bs is going nowhere with pretty much every nation on wot going this way in the chat

  14. Just why do i feel like ive done my work today…

    let this among us…my is4 gameplay really sucked there :P but i have an excuse, i just bought it :)

    • I have to thank your for providing SS with that replay, what you did with Maus was entertaining, rest was of no relevance, glad there was something actually worth the time of clicking on this topic.

  15. I speak as a Deputy of EXN0M( Expect Nothing More ) :

    We are sorry about those heavy insults that were made.We already took action about those players and hopefully we won’t see this again.

  16. If the EXN0M boss is by a tiniest bit ashamed of his clan members then he should really get rid of these scumbags

    • seeing martiener1′s stats i wonder how he got into that clan in the first place

      i actually suspect him using a bot or he bought a really bad account on ebay.

    • Azerion stepped out of exnom himself, because he was tired off world of tanks, and he now plays fulltime bf4.

    • pussies …
      back in [322] noone was kicked for insulting
      on the other hand those two were no 322 material

  17. > I rarely write about certain clans – there’s usually no need to. Some clans have idiots in them, some clans > are even named after Waffen SS (and Wargaming doesn’t give a shit despite several reports), but usually > it’s not an issue of the entire clan.

    I fail to see the relation to the Waffen-SS there.

    The german armed forces are called “Bundeswehr”, while Austria calls it armed forces “Bundesheer”.

  18. I do not second the motion to have WG perma-or-however-ban these people. I prefer the scourge in the open, where it can be seen. It tends to rot and breed in the shadows.

    I welcome public shamings such as this as I hope it will lead to generally more civilised rants. That is to say: there’s nothing wrong with rants, but remember that on teh Interwebs, you are what you write and buy a decency cloak.

    • Oh Arrrbol =3

      Since when have Leon Trotsky and Vladimir Lenin been known as bad people? I respect them entirely, as does QuakeRiley.

      • BURN ALL COMMIES! BURN LEON TROTSKY!!! BURN LENIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



        HAIL SUN.

  19. Well, it is an open secret that their clan name stands for “EXpect N0 Manners”.
    Since it is part of your manners not to harass others with your (mental) vomit.

  20. There’s nothing Waffen_SS about Österreich Bundeswehr, it’s just wrong.

    their clan leader is called Hans von Heydrich, which is a fictional name, and the German wikipedia lists five men named Heydrich, only one of those was a Nazi.

  21. Flaming is boring, nothing special there, I guess you see that stuff all the time
    highlight of the replay for me was Maus pushing IS-4 up the wall to shoot through the top of the turret twice and still not really doing any critical internal damage to the IS-4, only gunner hurt.

    German tank in that situation would have gun damaged, ammo rack damaged, turret damaged loader commander and gunner dead.

  22. good lord noone give a shit to “jews” insult no one give a shit to death wishes no one give to shit to anything its just game full of frustration with playing with retararded idiots – and better you are or more playes yo played and you are growing with your skill more frustrated you are

    i highly doubt he would wish anyone such a think outstide this game and i give a shit to “jew” insult – who the fuck care about that “jew” is no insult at all

    its elitist clan – thats true – they do a strong elitist and OP platoons – that true – i m sometimes really angry i see them i such platoon – but only because i know we can loose -> but i understand the behaviour – no one want to play with retards once you get to level where the most of them are

    in real life in sport you dont need to deal with retards if you are good enough in it – in this game you have to

    so really i give a shit to this – i rage like a hell in this game like many many other people especially once they archive some amount of battles and experience

    • Dealing with retards is what life itself is all about. Doesn’t give you carte blanche to run around screaming at people at the top of your lungs, or distribute death wishes. The fact that I have to explain that is also many flavours of ironic.

      • And the fact that so many endure this (new people to the game+ragers) to play WOT I Conclude that players of WOT are MASOCHISTS.

  23. After reading 90+ comments here, all i have to say, this topping isnt quite as expected of the quality of an FTR blog post.

    too much butthurt, too many insults, i think, and i sincerely do, that comments should have been disabled for this, and that SS could have used another set of words to refer to such disgusting filth, also a generalization of a clan to be bad is not something really good, im well sure the clan leaders didnt think thoughly this when they started to recruit idiots in their ranks

    however, i think this topic has degraded to the point where anything said or done could be interpreted better as a bunch of monkeys wielding sticks. specially to you Anon.

    Anyways, i think its best to have this lousy discussion forgotten already, as there was an actual response of the Clan involved and actions taken..

    time will say.

  24. this post is entirely what I think about eXn0m too. Guys I know playing this game, have the same thoughts and experiences with their players as well. This is not a coicidence as I see. Players with similar attitude to other communities than theirs can also be found in WRATH. Clans should do better, when recruiting such worthless thrash into their ranks.

  25. Out of all this, the only responsible moves were from the guys who reported these and the leaders who kicked them.

    SS what the fuck is wrong with you and why do you make a big fucking fuzz about it, was one member of you family a jew or died of cancer lately ? i see no other reason to be that offended over something someone said on the internet, and you are better placed than anyone else to know that anything that is said on the internet must be taken with a pinch of salt.

    Im sure Mr.Fuckface1 is still reading this, in which case bragging here was the least smart choice you could do, there is nothing else to say about that.

    As for the rest : there is nothing to say, nothing, the sheer amount of stupid some of you can bear just confirm one thing : on the official forum or here, you will always talk about stuff that does no positive contribution as well as the usual “meme” spouting a LOT of you afford themself to do.

    I repeat myself : Out of all this shit, only the guys that reported it and the EXN0M leaders acted like self-conscious adults

    • Wait, so just because ‘it’s teh internets’, everything magicaly becomes socially acceptable and nobody is allowed to feel even a little bit offended by anything anymore? Face it, internet anonymity has done at least as much harm as it did good, and the only way to counteract that is public shaming, even just to let people behaving decently feel better about their choices in life.

      Also, I bet EXN0M’d have done squat about the issue if SS didn’t start rocking the boat here.

      • Because it’s “teh internet” as you like to call it, everything and anything can be said, without serious intend behinds such as this situation, while the wording is extremely offensive, it was not meant as a serious insult and is most likely just the result of frustration.

        On the internet, everything must be taken with a pinch of salt, as you can meet a wise person as well as you can meet someone who can’t take a light-hearted joke.

        • I’m not buying that. Just because the medium is different doesn’t mean social rules don’t apply anymore. It’s often overlooked, because thanks to the anonymous nature of the internet, you can’t enforce them effectively, but in a normal situation, a person would be at least ostracized for this kind of ‘light hearted joke’ as long as it was broadcasted this way. SS is doing just that – bringing behaviour he deems unacceptable to public, so that the perpetrator may be shunned by his peers. And obviously it worked, since the powers that be in exn0m decided to try and clear their name by punishing the player.

          • Social rules still apply, but the social rules you think off are not the one people use and are accustomed to as they base themself on anonymosity thus “freedom” of speech without retaliation, which is the reason you believe they are overlooked.

            Of course if someone said these “light hearted jokes” in public they would get shunned, but that’s in public, you are obviously aware that saying the exact same things on a much more public chat like the general or companie one ingame would result in a ban, while again, this behaviour is most likely the result of frustration, which is not a rare case.

            I also do not agree on the effect of SS’s post, the only reasons these two needed to get kicked were their bad stats and general tendency to be extremely antisocial, and most logically the will of the leaders to kill the shitstorm before its release, and the kicks were done only after someone other than SS contacted the actual leaders about it.

            If SS didn’t do anything this would have not taken any bigger turn as everyone else would have not bothered with this after the match anyway, as everyone knew this would likely be the result of frustration

  26. So 2 random guys from a random Top-20 EU-Clan (k not first time EXN0M is inflicted) used the In-Game-Chat to write some stuff you shouldn´t write, and that´s obviously true no doubt. That´s the Information of this single post


    Based on this post, 90% of all readers think that all Top-20 Clans are full of *beep*, and every single member moans/rages about everything in the game.

    I mean I don´t get it. Is it because you can´t join em by yourself or what is the reason for this pointless conclusion?

    Most blueberries, purples etc. I met were nice and friendly and I haven´t got any problem with these guys..

    Most of the times the tomatoes/oranges rage like little kids because they once again thought that rushing enemy base and try to cap is the best tactic but ended up being the first tank down..

    • Problem is, that’s not the first issue of this kind with this particular clan, and since people like to latch onto patterns… Well, here we are.

  27. One of the reasons i started hating WOT is because: It makes me so mad to see so many stupid people congregating in a single game and being virtually impotent to changing the situation which led to me to take long breaks from the game often months at a time. Becoming good at something opens your eyes to how bad people are and how bad you were. And seeing this replay made me secretly desire to hunt those vile creatures and wipe their kind off the face of the Earth. But seeing as we live in a mostly liberal world which allows and encourages such creatures to reproduce makes me DOUBT THAT HUMANITY WILL ENDURE…
    Sorry for long rant had to get this off my chest.