8.10 ETA

Source: http://www.inside-games.jp/article/2013/11/14/71982.html
Translation: Daigensui

Hello everyone,

according to the translation of recent Japanese interview with Viktor Kislyi, the ETA for patch 8.10 (that will bring the Japanese tanks) is mid December. That means the test server will start quite perhaps in a week or so.

More info from the interview:

- going to “invest” a lot in E-Sports due to the competitive nature of the Korean market
- Japanese Teams for WoT competitions are pretty strong, due to (1) competitive (2) military fans (3) G&P
- F2P is the way of the future, V.Kislyi doesn’t want pay to win
- WoT, WoT:B, WoT 360, WoTG, and WoWP will be released to the Japanese market, but not as a separate server, the Japanese will play on current ASIA (former SEA) server

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  1. - Japanese Teams for WoT competitions are pretty strong, due to (1) competitive (2) military fans (3) G&P


    Hide in your bunkers!

      • dont understand why they are strong cause of GaP and cause they are military fans :) thats like saying : they are strong cause they watch how i met your mother :)

            • MinskirtsBestSkirts_NA.
              Also, if you want annoying, see Katyusha…she’s basically the zenith of annoyance in the entire Anime (Haven’t read the Manga, but from what Ive watched, Katyusha is just plain annoying…DAT VOICE!!!).

          • yeah great… only that none of those two mean that you are actually a good player.

            just look at the “pro” gamers, they trian 8-10h a day… no time to watch anything. Its like work..

            • ah reply button does not work, above was directed at “and trust me WoT is like GuP “the game”

        • Wait, it’s chinese and not japanese? By golly what mother tongue have i been speaking all my life if i couldn’t understand what they’re saying? :O

          Talk about the very definition of hate dumb.

        • Wait…what did I just see? CHINESE? Japanese =/= Chinese. Even though the Japanese brought many things from China into their culture, they are two totally different things. Also, since you call Anime a cartoon, why isnt Johnny Bravo a cartoon?

  2. I really want WoT Blitz to come out. I really can’t stand playing on 5 FPS on PC version not being able to afford anything better

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  4. -That means the test server will start quite perhaps in a week or so.

    This patch comes too fast! Do they rush it?

    • I’ve read the article, but the word they used to describe the date was actually vague, it could also mean “sometime during December.”

  5. From the Online Game and Mobile Game Exhibition South Korea Game Show [G-Star]. We have an interview with wargaming.net’s CEO Victor Kislyi, continuing from Tokyo Game Show.

    -Right now, the Xbox 360 version of [World of Tanks] is undergoing Beta Testing

    VK: Currently, a total of 50 000 users have participated in testing. Microsoft’s security team is cooperating with testing. We don’t have a launch date to announce yet, but things are looking good. You can follow the information through the portal website on the forums. The Japnese version is yet to be completed, but we’re planning to announce it within the year.

    -Tell us something about the Japanese tanks that are being added soon

    VK: In the near future, these will be available to players worldwide. First, the Light and Heavy [sic] Tank series will be released. After that, there will be several prototype tanks, which are relatively recent, and their numbers may exceed everyone’s expectations.

    TL Note: The interview states heavy tanks (重戦車). We know that the initial branch will be medium tanks (中戦車). This is presumably an error in translation.

    -When is the expected patch date?

    VK: Internally, we have the date scheduled for sometime in mid-December. First, the Russian and American servers will receive the patch, and around two weeks later, the patch will be deployed in the Japanese region.

    Incidentally, yesterday was the western launch of [World of Warplanes] where Japanese aircrafts are present in the launch version. Japanese fighters feature high maneuverability. Sorry to digress, but I’ve been collecting Zeroes (the plane).

    -That’s great! Speaking of, [World of Warplanes] is planned for release in the Japanese/Asia region, correct?

    VK: Of course. It will likely be around next year, I believe.

    -First will be the Beta?

    VK: We have plans for a short beta. Of course, Japan will be participating. Please participate in both [World of Warplanes] and [World of Tanks] and help each other out as fellow players. I myself play with my siblings frequently. Though we live in different countries, we still find the time to play together. So that [World of Warplanes] may grow to the level of [World of Warplanes] (sic), please invite your friends to play as well.

    TL Note: Yes, it says World of Warplanes twice. Obviously meant Tanks.

    -Regarding the exhibits at G-STAR

    VK: This is our third time at G-STAR. This year, our booth is the best, I feel. Of course, our competition is mainly about Swords and Magic (Fantasy Adventure Games). Our company also holds a South Korean office with a large number of staff. Rather than partners, they are employees of the company, which makes creating a good booth possible. It is like this that we can provide the best service to reach many different users with our title and have them enjoy playing the game.

    -How is the userbase in South Korea?

    VK: South Korea has, for a long time, had online games be the mainstream. The hardware and environment for this is extremely good. Because of that, there is a large number of users as well as titles. Because of that, there is intense competition here. e-Sports is like a National Sport, and we believe that it is a necessity to support this scene, which is why we have invested in e-Sports this year.

    -Regarding e-Sports in Japan, what is going on?

    VK: The [World of Tanks] Japan Team is strong. The Japanese Team has been strong since before the release of the Japanese language version. I believe there are three reasions why [World of Tanks] is particularly fun and enjoyable for them. First, people love competition. Second, there are a large number of military fans. Third, the final reason, would be that people love [Girls und Panzer] (lol).

    We plan to continue tie-ups with [Girls und Panzer] with a long-term promotion plan. [World of Tanks] came from abroad to Japan, and [Girls und Panzer] is going from Japan to abroad.

    TL Note: Military Fans would be “military otaku”. The (lol) is in the interview.

    -Do you enjoy anime?

    VK: Of course, I watch it all! I find it very interesting, each series is very interesting. Ghibli Anime in particular, [Girls und Panzer] are very fun. I could go on and on, but I’ll leave it here for now.

    -Alright then, back to the main topic, what do you believe is necessary for a successful game in the South Korean market?

    VK: This isn’t restricted to just South Korea, but what’s necessary is Quality, Quality, Quality. We’re not just talking about beautiful graphics and fun gameplay, but every component that affects the game should be high quality. That is the minimum requirement. Everything, including events, management, community, and the staff.

    I have a small story about money. A while back, the mainstream games requiring monthly charges were on the decline. Nowadays, Free to Play is the norm, with money transactions affording faster progress. There are many games like that with fierce competition. As a result, Free to Play is on the decline with a loss of interest from the userbase. Now, games have evolved to a point where it is not about their content, but their business. Our company wants a direction where money is not a strong factor in the structure. Before, there were things only purchaseable with money (gold), but now they can be bought with in-game money (silver). Related to this is the e-Sports we talked about earlier. If a game is affected by the amount of money you spend, it cannot be an e-Sport. We want every player to be on equal footing and enjoy the game.

    -Can you tell us what Wargaming has panned for the Japanese market?

    VK: First, we will be adding the Japanese branch to [World of Tanks]. After that, the mobile version, [World of Tanks Blitz], 360 Version [World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition], Trading Card Game [World of Tanks Generals], and after being released in America, we plan to localize [World of Warplanes] in Japan. Of course, we plan to push e-Sports forward was well.

    -Do you have anything to say to the Japanese playerbase?

    VK: We are game developers that focus on historically accurate tanks, warplanes and warships who approach it like no other company. We believe our product is particularly compatible with the Japanese audience, and you can connect to many people online. e-Sports is also picking up in strength. When we think of the increase in Japanese users, the e-Sports team should be able to place highly at tournaments. As such, we have high hopes for your efforts.

    This is a bit off topic, but I love the Japanese people and came to Tokyo Game Show with my parents this year. I also love wagyu (Kobe) beef, which the staff persuaded me to go try with them. After trying it two years ago, it’s appeared even in my dreams… Even after ordering the best American Steak, I said “No.. This isn’t wagyu beef” (lol). When I asked at an American restaurant if they had any, they said yes, but it wasn’t as delicious. “Where was it born?” I asked, and they said Argentina. If you want really delicious wagyu beef, it has to be Japan.

    -Japan thanks you.

    • Bloody Bad, what should I do now that my cousins can’t play on the TS on Christmas, let them play on my account? I’d prefer organizing gladiator fights! :D

  6. “That means the test server will start quite perhaps in a week or so.”
    That “quite” sticks out like a sore thumb don’t you think. I think that “That means the test server will start quite possibly in a week or so. ” or “That means the test server will start perhaps in a week or so.” would be much more acceptable grammatically. (just trying to help not be an ass)

    Hail grammar 0/

  7. I am shocked… Daigensui was the one to translate, but nobody even said thank you.. Well, speaking for every person here, Daigensui, DOMO ARIGATO GOZAIMASU :) :) Cant wait for the test server to try out some Japanese steel <3 <3

  8. damn too early if you ask me… i might not be able to get waffle auf e100 and 170k xp on obj 416 by then… fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  9. - F2P is the way of the future, V.Kislyi doesn’t want pay to win
    Good, now nerf SU122-44

  10. - F2P is the way of the future, V.Kislyi doesn’t want pay to win
    And yet the game is P2W. Premshell spam and free xp to skip all (semi)stock tanks makes you a lot stronger in your games (and stats).

  11. this Daigensui’s transration is fail.
    lacks important point.

    Viktor said “I’m addicted to Wagyu beef. other country beef’s suck.”

  12. Interesting… Iam really wondering how the chat is gonna look… Poor Aussies lol! :D

    □□□□□ □□ □□□ □□□ □ :D

  13. - going to “invest” a lot in E-Sports due to the competitive nature of the Korean market

    please tell me that isn’t about WoT’s in general