39 thoughts on “8.10 test server is updating

      • Generally speaking, differential patches (“deltas”) are a pain in the arse. Plus, what if the test client needs a change? Then you need to account for installations against the 8.9 test client, and against the first iteration of 8.10 test. Not to forget, since you can’t be sure the user had the previous test client installed, against all possible previous versions! Talk about a clusterfuck.
        In terms of optimal use of limited resources, it most definitely makes sense to force you to reinstall from scratch, so to speak.

  1. Remember folks sometimes the torrent seems to stall – you can switch off the torrent and go for a straight download by clicking on the spanner/wrench icon at the top right of the update window and deselecting torrent.
    I have found this a lot quicker and less flaky than the torrent.

    your mileage may vary – good luck.


  2. omg ! 6+Gb !! with my extremly fabulous internet connection at the amazing speed of 1mb !! going to take 7 to 8 hour of downloading (thanks torrent….)

    I’m thinking of staying away of this one…. :-( or not !!!

    to be continued…..

    • I have a 4Mb internet and I’m sharing it with 2 brothers… I can’t even find time to watch a simple video on YouTube without them getting lags in game..

      • I’d love to have 4mb :-)

        my download speed is 128 kb/s – In France, that the “1 Mb” internet speed…. got 4pc (not always “on” in the same time”, a tablet, … just imagine when I use internet browser or an update of apps ….. got some 500/600 ping IG (argh :-( ) – and i’m alone !!! :-) :-)

        For the fun of it, tell your brothers (if they’re younger than you) of watching youtube in 360dp instead of full HD :-) :-) :-) :-)

        Good Luck and Have fun !

    • use *.exe file SS pointed, when WG luncher starts and initiate torrent session stop it, go to \update catalog, you will see torrent there. you can now use any torrent client you like do download whole patch, most of them are faster that WG client. after just restart WG luncher, it will verify and install the game.

  3. Regular download ~5MB/s ??
    Torrent download ~ 100kB/s

    What is the logic ? Did the programmer make a mistake and switched the checkbox values ?

  4. How can I download it while playing regular WoT.
    I mean, coz the it won’t let me have 2 launchers at the same time, and I can’t limit the DL on the test launcher

  5. Please help me, WOT CT 8.10

    Even always fail INCORRECT EMAIL OR PASSWORD IS PROBLEM? My account still since is correct now happened WOT CT 8.10 is reason maybe mistake or not?