Apart from the test server graphic feedback post, there was one more post by Storm yesterday, where he was gathering feedback on whether the players like new maps introduced to the Team Battles (7/42) in 8.10: Airfield, Komarin, Live Oaks, Siegfried Line, Sand River, Serene Coast, Swamp and Tundra. Russian player response seems mixed.

Also, don’t miss Chieftain’s T29/30/34 article, quite interesting

- the fact that tier 9 Soviet tank Object 430V2 has its turret rotating only 90 degres to each side is historical, it was caused by the position of the driver in the turret
- driver’s position in the abovementioned turret was not stabilized like in MBT-70 for example

Not much else today, sorry.

14 thoughts on “7.12.2013

  1. Will the Ke-Ho continue to have scout MM? It’s Hellish having to ‘scout’ in such a slow, short-sighted tank

  2. I would love to see a 4 way battle between teams of 7 ala BF:BC2 that stuff was intense and fun.