Object 430 size to change

Hello everyone,

about an hour ago, in the QA from 14.12.2013, I posted:

- the size of Object 140 and 430 is correct according to Storm

However, that is not the case. The post above was translated from Storm’s answer, that was obsolete – I was corrected by Russian player (“suck_my_nya” or “lusty_argonian_maid”, whichever you prefer), who linked me this post (thanks, mate :)). Storm is saying the following:

“We doublechecked. We found production drawings with dimensions in them and checked according to them. There is a discrepancy in height (cca 14cm – all the known height numbers were referring to the height of the turret and not the height with commander’s copula and optics) and in width (the tank turned up to be 8cm wider than necessery, the known numbers about the width are a bit wrong, according to the production drawing, the width is 3120mm).

We will fix it in the next patch or the patch after that (right now the schedule is full).

But when we change it, there is no need for tears like now in the Ferdinand thread.”

So, there you have it. It will be 8cm narrower and 14cm taller. Not much of a difference, but still. There are other vehicles with incorrect dimensions in the game, let’s hope they will also be fixed in time.

19 thoughts on “Object 430 size to change

  1. Didn’t they make the same mistake with the Type 59 and T-54.

    Tradesmen have a saying, “measure twice, cut once”. Maybe WG could take this on board.

  2. They are arguing to take 0.0000014cm of Russian tank height but the Lorraine 40t has been rolling around since the year dot at 150% historical size.

    Yes, welcome to World of Tanks.

  3. So FV-4202 has been wrong for months and is wrong, whilst this has been around for like 2 minutes.

    No love for you English Capitalists