38 thoughts on “Christmas bonus overview

    • Already to much spam of it. Specialy people that have no ideia how gold ammo works and spam HEAT or any other gold ammo in paper tanks, just because spam gold its more fun instead of use it just when u dont have enough penetration.

      • Sometimes you just get high penetration roll, remember that penetration is given in average value, it’s not a static number, just because a gun has 226 penetration doesn’t mean it can’t penetrate 250mm of armor. It’s unlikely but possible, it goes in the opposite way as well. always check penetration on your right side of screen in garage to see max and minimum penetration.

        Just have this in mind instead of blaming everything on gold ammo spam, gold ammo is not that popular contrary to popular belief and even then, HEAT is not OP, some lightly armored tanks are actually more resistant to HEAT shells than to silver AP.

        Please people , read more about game mechanics outside of forums where false beliefs are being spread.

        • When i talk about not enough penetration i talk about tanks like t69, kv5, is6, e50, m46 when u face high armored tanks, not playing batchat or leopard1 and recive 4/5 hits and its all HEAT or apcr from 50b and is7…that is just sick…

          • t69 is a medium with an autoloader, kv5 has limited MM, is6 has limited MM, e50 has 220 pen as a medium combined with the second best acc rating in the whole game and M46 doesnt have that pen either for a higly mobile medium

            • and? try to pen t32, ferdi, is3 with t69, is6 or kv5, or try to pen angle e75 with m46 or e50, not to talk about higher tier. U probably say specialy for meds, u can flank and so on…but i have enough experience to know that random doesnt work much like that.

              • If you’re driving a medium tank right in front of a heavy tank in a place on the map that YOU KNOW there will be a heavy tank… well… I guess we don’t have much to discuss.

              • You are preventing yourself from learning. I played t69 without gold ammo and after I learned how to doi it I did fine. Sorry sir, but you are stupid.

        • And i know how penetration values works and all that stuff of angles, shells velocity, lost of penetration and the shit HEAT and so on, i think i play for enough time to know it, at least i think so.

      • If noobs are using gold shells for silver…. you don’t… and you lose but they win thanks to gold shells which you could use as well…. define the word noob because I think we understand it differently.

  1. Silent stalker i think that this overview has issue -> Tier III New Years Gift Tank log Dec. 25 – Jan. 16

    i thood that we get tier II tank no tier III =/ if i understand!


  2. The XP bonus part does not hold for EU server since the dates for the specific bonuses are somewhat switched on the servers.

  3. With all this new low tier tanks and my garage its a litle confuse, anyone know if its possible to create groups of tanks like “main” or reserve that are WOT default. Any way to do it in files or something?

    • You can right-click a tank in garage and choose something like “make it primary” or similar meaning button.
      Later on you can filter those primary tanks like you do with nations and types.

    • A lot of the XVM packages out there have a garage carousal. It really works well on the package I use, as I can select all countries, then select to show just the tier 6s. It will be very helpful over the next month.

  4. Yep, US server Discounts aren’t working for me either.

    I feel another issue of WG fail coming soon to a blog near you

    • I’m still holding out for when it goes 50% off. It’s not like I’m grinding up the German TD lines with noob crews, so no issue with waiting for a while.

      • you will be waiting a long time for that 30% is best you will get on E-25 unless very special occasion turns up.

  5. Any hint when the patch will hit? I’m kind of hoping the Type 64 will be on sale during the 30% off.