WG EU fail – free 3 days of premium

On the first day of Christmas, Wargaming gave to me… first massive fail :)

Someone recently asked me to make a summary of 2013 Wargaming fails and I replied with “Nah, but don’t worry, I am sure they will have some new ones”. And sure enough…

But this time, for once, this fail is good for players. Basically, when you log on and play one battle, the Japanese part of the IS-6 mission (you, know, the one requiring 100k XP) autocompletes, giving everyone free 3 days of premium. The easiest 100k XP I ever grinded, the IS-6 just became quite cheaper :) Please note that it is possible the status of this mission will reset, but hell, it’s free 3 days of premiums everyone. Thanks, Wargaming :)


PS: Thanks everyone who sent me a link to this, right now I recieved 137 messages (not including the FB ones). No, seriously, you are awesome :)

Important: This bug is fixed, so you won’t get the 3 days anymore. The mission also got resetted. Those, who got the 3 days won’t lose them.

24 thoughts on “WG EU fail – free 3 days of premium

  1. I’d guess at some kind of coding error in the missions system, with no tank to fulfill the mission it defaulted to completed.

  2. Hopefully this is still valid at late evening when I get home! 3 free prem days is a good reward for 1 battle!

  3. The fixed it. The Japanese mission was restored to its incomplete state. They didn’t remove the 3 days of premium though so that’s nice.

  4. … and the mission is already resetted. But I think the 3 days of premium account are still there.

  5. And here I thought someone reasonable @WG decided the JP mission part was too unfair and removed the necessity to complete it… Better luck next time.

  6. If players wouldn’t make milions of posts about WG fails which benefit the players….. that would be great.
    I don’t want to be selfish or something but why not let other players get something for free? It’s not like WG is going to bankrupt because of 3 premium days… This could’ve eased the pain of playing with players that are lost in time and space.

  7. Just sayin` here, It’s not only for WG EU, it’s basically for every WG out there, but hey it’s fixed