On Invite Codes

Hello everyone,

you might have noticed I stopped posting invite codes. That’s because some (not all, but some definitely) invite codes EXPIRE and I don’t exactly know when (I think it’s simply on 1.1.2014 00:01) – I am grateful to everyone who submitted the invite codes recently, but please do not send the codes to me anymore for now, enjoy the holidays, we will start with codes again next year (with fresh sources).

For those who do want invite codes, they can always use the Alienware offer.

4 thoughts on “On Invite Codes

  1. I’ve been trying for a couple of months to get an EU new player invite code, but the ones posted here have always been used by the time I got to them, and the Alienware site has always told me that there’s “0 codes available.”

    Any chance someone could send an EU invite code to ? I’ll let you know right away if I use it or not.