It pays well to be a friend to WG EU

I will just leave this here. It pays well to be a friend to the WG EU employees. However, there are things and people you can’t buy…

By the way, I thought that KV-220 Beta is a RU exclusive. Odd.

Edit: to clear things up, this is not from my account, I didn’t get anything, only people loyal to WG EU (eg. community contributors) recieve free stuff. This info was just passed to me by one of them. Personally, I think some of them deserve it, they’ve been doing an awesome job.



77 thoughts on “It pays well to be a friend to WG EU

      • blah, and i’ve been wanting that 220 not beta for my kv collection! but the bundle was too expensive! and already bought other stuff when holiday second bundle was in gift shop!

        So reason i didn’t buy it, offer was not when i had the money!

      • OH… Than why do streamers get stuff, and you don’t? I never rly understood streams, and I only watched them when I couldn’t play the game yet I was interested (Like console games…)

      • I think he understands SS, but he’s right. You are doing such an incredible job with this blog that you really should be paid for it. In fact, I wonder what stops WG from hiring you, you are the most effective WOT-info source for EU community.

        • What’s stopping WG from hiring SS?

          Paris office ofc. These guys hate competent people that can get a job done. Remember what happened to ftr q&a? WG EU offce got butthurt, so it was scrapped.

          I really hope that SerB, or even mr Kislyi himself will get pissed off and send these tards to Siberia!

          And here’s a question for you SS: if such a purge happened, would you apply for a job in WG EU? Or if you were asked by Minsk “to join the dark side” (again – after purge of Paris office) – would you join?

        • dude im pretty sure that his posts are read by atleast 5k .asia server players aswell..
          considering or peak is at 22k and half of which dont understand English, thats a massive number

      • I posted this post a few seconds after the first one, my bad bro. Didn´t mean to heart your feelings. It´s monday for me too….

      • No need to call me a tomato, i´m trying to get better. Why hurt somebody´s feelings? Like your are the best, come on bro, you got 21K more then me. Let’s talk when we got a even battle rate.

  1. It’s nice that they reward community contributors this way. But since it’s WGEU you’ll never get anything, SS :P

  2. I’m thinking about to buy SS a gift.

    I’m just a student without money, but I will do what I can.

    You deserve it!

  3. Is that an official message there?
    “…you’re accounts have recieved…”
    Stronk english…

    • He has the attention and the knowledge about that he is better than WG EU and that a lot of people need him!

  4. “awesome forum posters”???? WUT? What should I post? I want Gold coins and KV-220!! :D:D
    One month of premium account: 8.30 £
    7500 gold….. : 22.45 £
    IS-6: 30.89 £
    Frindship with WG: Priceless…

    For everything else, there is the MusterCard.

  5. I think SS dont need something like that, dont forget that he got much more than 2500 Euros for this, the Contributors get a KV 220. So i think they should cry that they just got a KV instead of 2500 Euros ;)

    • The money was not from Wargaming and it was for further FTR development. It’s not like I bought a ton of gold with it or anything.

      Edit: but you’re right, I am not complaining though :)

      • You earned i SS! I just want to say, that the Contributors dont have something like ftr with such a great Community and do lot of work. So i think they earn a really little present of WG.

    • Wow, still holding a grudge, are you? You need to let that go Mr false money grab accusation guy aka Ramrod.

  6. I bet they used codes designanted for contests and special events for that, like they did with Pz B2…. so WG EU fail again!

  7. The EU moderators are a mob of hypocrytical, inconsistant, borish twats with Queen of the Twats being iScending. Why is he always trying to troll like serb? What a try-hard wannabe.

    Maybe nothing is done about the drooling mess calloused-palm oxygen thieves that we get for moderators because nobody has told home office what a pack of turds they have employed? Maybe a petition would be useful.

    And then we hold elections.

    VOTE 1 SS!

  8. now…..
    i just want to say this:
    I am official community contributor on one forum site where ia m a mod and i have got nothing for a gift.
    I’m not complaining i just wanted to say that not all official community contributors has received a gift.

    i wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014 all the best to you and your family

    Sincerely yours official community contributor UFBRE on gameogre.

  9. sry Frank, but you are not politically suitable for WG so you get nothing, although you deserve much more because you’re doing their job. Happy new year everyone, and especially to you

  10. Yes, Unabis has received one and there is the possibility Jingles, Quickybaby and Highflyer have aswell.

  11. I wonder if us ex-EU supertesters will get anything??

    Oh no.. I forgot.. we are evil corrupt western capitalists who leak all the important information…

    …not like Good Communist Supertesters….


    PS… another nice screenie for the ‘tards page on its way…..

  12. Hello everyone,
    I am one of the CC which got the KV-220 T…. however dont worry, even we have a problem… WG made a “mistake”, so our super unique KV-220 T changed into a normal lame KV….

    btw: I dont know why do you flame so much… We do our job just for fun and people. Noone told us about rewards by time, which we gave to comunity.

    PS: Sorry for my english, I am not the best one… you know… Czech Republic. :)

    • Pretty sure the super unique KV-220T is identical to the normal lame KV-220, except for the T designator.

      I don’t think people are flaming the Community Contributors here. They are certainly complimenting SS. They are certainly making fun of WG EU staff. I don’t see any animosity toward anyone volunteering to help make the system better.

      • Tank is not the main problem, it is about principe. They gave a present, PRESENT, that is important… and after first day, they just change mind and our tank too… You just cannot give something to someone and after it say: “Sorry, we made a mistake, so your present is not yours anymore… “

  13. …and some of you are just awesome forum posters….
    Yea i did that(my pos rep can prove it), i helped more people than all useless moderators will ever help with their problems and issues and i got a reward too….i got permanently banned :D

  14. Correction, SS. The SEA Open Beta guys (including me) gets it. The russian Betas only got the normal KV-220 as far as I’m concerned. Practically same thing except for the fancy-super-rare (T) emblem instead of the usual Red Star.

  15. WGNA Supertesters, Veteran Testers, and Community Contributors, as well as Sheriff volunteers got…. that’s right… nada.

    Well.. that’s not entirely accurate – Veteran Testers were left high and dry with nothing to do after the first couple of tests back in 7.x, their Skype community was dismantled and removed, many Community Contributors lost their forum tags, and Sheriff’s (good honest ones, and bad trolling ones) got a flood of craptacular hate threads in the forums which led to ONLY Tournament team players doing the job and barely ever seen lately.

    So I guess we did get something…. the shaft.