Hidden Village video

Source: wot-news.com

Hello everyone,

two cinematic clips of the Hidden Village map (that cam in 8.10) appeared on wot-news. Most players have probably seen the map, but even so, these clips are very well made, so I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.



14 thoughts on “Hidden Village video

  1. Shame the map is not as cool. You’d think it would be another Lakeville or Pearl River, but no. So far I’ve only seen people funnel into the eastern valley and that’s it. Even if your lights/mediums win in the town (because that’s where most of them go, hardly anybody uses middle) they’re usually too late to flank the enemy.

    I do realise this map has great flanking potential, but I don’t see it happen much in the random. Heavies will be heavies and they will push the valley before you can flank.

  2. That second video makes it looks like.. once upon a time all tanks lived happily.. and then, suddenly something got f.up and there was a break into two major groups. The Red ones and Green ones lol

  3. Idont know why so many guys hate hidden Village,i love this Map no stupid camping or sniping,theres always action on this map

    • You play mainly TD’s I bet. I can’t see any other reason for someone to like this map. It’s horrible for high tiers. Fine up to tier 6 perhaps. The map is so small a French arty could cover all accessible areas while remaining within his gun traverse range. Pathetic.

  4. Graphics look like they are from the nintendo era compared to War Thunder. Sadly, World of Tanks is dead :(