WG EU: Competition Coincidence

Hello everyone,

here’s a thought. I don’t follow competitions and contests on EU server much – the reason is obvious: even if I was (for example) the best graphic designer in the world, I won’t win anything, because Silentstalker. Therefore, I came to notice this a bit late, but still.

So, there is this competition called In The Headlines, where you were supposed to create front pages of a fictional magazine. You’ve probably noticed it earlier if you are on EU forums, because a mutation of this competition appeared in every language section.

Now, we know that Wargaming will be starting a magazine of its own on RU and EU server. We also know that since Issue 2, there will be a copy available in Czech language too (so it’s logical to assume all the other official languages will get their version – I expect some stronk translatink). And we also know that Wargaming likes to “borrow” other people’s stuff on more than one occasion.

Hmmm, might there be a connection? Maybe someone clueless (in best WG EU competence traditions) is looking for “inspiration”? Maybe it’s like the American Green Card program – for a price of awarding a few green cards via a lottery you get a nice long list of all the potential illegal immigrants, who happily submit their personal data for that small chance?

Meh. Maybe I am just paranoid. It’s a thought though. What do you think?

21 thoughts on “WG EU: Competition Coincidence

  1. “i think he realy get crazy” how it said skkiper from penguins from madagaskar (not shure if it’s correct translation), I think you get a little bit paranoid ;)

  2. Why not…

    When we applied for ST in the EU we had to submit suggestions for map changes..

    edited cos I cant find my entry to show it… :(

  3. I don’t believe in coincidences. And I know WG for too long.
    I’ve seen a lot of those “competitions” where a company would search for suckers to invent something for them, so they could give out some pathetic prices and make hundreds of thousands from the idea themselves.

      • Well I LOLd…
        If you don´t wanna get stupid points for another stupid competition, then don´t send them nothing. By the way, some people are kind of active, or maybe less lazy and paranoid than yourself and they gladly design a front page of WOT magazine, just because they get few stupid points, because they could also do it for nothing and keep it in their drawer….

        • Time is money, therefor if I do this job and get nothing I wasted both time and money. Beside that, I have a feeling this is not worth the trouble. Specially because of WG copyright issue’s.

          • 1) u get something
            2) some of us aren´t the type of person attracted only by profit
            3) u dont have to

        • One has to really value low his free time. And I’m sure that there are dozens of players making WoT-related magazine covers and hiding them in their drawers. Totally.

    • same here, I’m going for “every valid entry gets points” and “get more than 200 points -> 1k gold
      the pictures arer bad and unoriginal enough for wg to not use them, but they are good enough with 90% of people sending paint-5yearold-crayon-paintings

  4. maby there will be some kind of quiston and anschwer (aka. Q&A) pages where specific people will reply to questions… i mean quistons with ”maby” or ”deal with it” or ”no comment”

  5. And if you read the “Rules & Conditions” (how unexpected!) for both “Video Masters” and “Artist’s Room” they clearly tell you so.

    > Agree that your submission can be published and used by Wargaming.net.

    The only thing you could potentially complain about is that they didn’t post the rules again in this specific post, but since it’s directly linked from the “main article”.