Russian event missions – whoa…

Hello everyone,

in bad need of credits? You probably wish now you were playing on RU server. Russian server just announced the Siege of Leningrad event with the following bonus:

On three Sundays (19.1., 26.1. and 2.2.), if you end up in top 10 of your battle in XP, you will earn 30 percent more credits. BUT if you end up in top 3, you will earn 40 percent more credits. What? Not enough? Okay, listen well. These bonuses add up. Since ending up in top 3 obviously means you ended in top 4, the bonuses add up and you will get 70 percent more credits. (yes, this is specifically stated in the mission description)


And this applies for ALL the vehicles (even premium ones!) and you don’t even have to win the battle. All you need to do is end up in top 10 (or top 3) of your team. Oh yea and there is also double XP for all the battles.

But we’re not on Russian server, so… no extra credits for you, capitalists!

65 thoughts on “Russian event missions – whoa…

    • I play on the Russian server. IMO this is another attempt to try to break 1 million players online. They got something like 926k during the holiday event and they already get 750k every weeknight (ex. they have 785k online right now).

        • If we’re going to get technical, there isn’t any real communist country in the world, and probably there never was. Furthermore, a “communist state” is a laughable term because in communism there is no state.

          • b-but there never was communism! This time we’ll make it work! I wonder how many more millions need to die before this joke is put to rest.

            • A truly communist Cuba would not survive, as it relies on an influx of capital produced in a capitalist manner and provided by capitalists.

            • Cuba is socialist.

              The only communist examples I know of in modern times are (arguably) the Paris Commune 1871 and possibly parts of Soviet Russia during the civil war.

              No state has ever claimed to be communist. There has been a lot of states with various form of socialism (mostly economical, but without worker control over planning), most have failed for various reasons.

  1. Still at 6M after that T6 grind. It’s not as good as 20M last August, but still decent, I’d say, considering IS-6 will be my first T8 prem. Really, why do some people have silver issues anyway, just buy everything in discounts, saves huge amounts of silver.

  2. Im actually a kommunist spy in Europe .

    Veri important job, lots of information to kollekt.

    Death to capitalism!

    No kredits mission for me – STAVKA order.

  3. When server roaming comes, will we get missions from that server where we are playing? It would fix all the unfair EU attitude from WG… ^^

  4. Oh it doesnt matter, the poor poor people of russia need the exra credits ;) I just get along with the real money.

  5. I bet no a single player on RU_servers are thanking the Germans. After all, it was the Germans that made this special possible in the first place.
    Ungrateful Russian communists.

    Come to think of it, if not for the Germans, this game would not exist at all. Thanks to you guys.

    • Not 100% true, the true reason this game exists at ALL has to do with the French at the end of WW1. Sure the British helped and in return got chunks of Arabia, and sadly, American’s went along with the plan in-order to get the what would be the “failed League of Nations”… But a good 80% of the blame all belongs to France. NOT the Germans.

      It should be Thank you France.

      • Reminds me of the Simpsons Episode, where Homer works for this World Domination Guy.

        “Hey Homer, which Country should we blow first? France or Italy”
        “Hahahahaha, NO ONE SAYS ITALY!”

  6. as RU claster player, I’d gladly switch to EU
    or even wtb a server without missions where headless idiots dont die at 1st minute of battle to get x5 xp or something

      • …where headless idiots dont die at 1st minute of battle to get x5 xp or something…
        Oh you are wrong my RU friend. It’s the same shit here. Sometimes even worse.

  7. От каждого по его способности, каждому — по его труду!!!
    We are no longer capitalists! We love Soviet Russia! Long live Stalin and Lenin! We will cooperate!
    Now give us the bonus pls! :)

  8. Fcuk, such event would be highly appreciated in EU. So many tanks to buy, so little money in bank :)
    And specifically in the last time – there are no $$ missions in EU :(

  9. ****(yes, this is specifically stated in the mission description)

    yes.. like they never specifically stated one thing and change it after..

    i don’t trust WG anymore..
    if i see the money comming is ok but until then.. (i know is not for EU)

  10. What the heck, I am loyal member of CPSU why I no get this?
    WG, you secretly Lukashenkonists! Only Slavs gets treated like elite, EU treated worse than the Third World.

  11. Good for them. I am sure we will get some nice missions too, and while I am still enjoying the premium time from the IS6 mission, there really is no reason to complain about anything. :-)