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      • Not anymore, Hail Tank destroyers! Where you got huge alpha, huge gun, huge penetration and armor comparable to a heavy tank! Oh, and more camo!

        • Have you played Jpz E-100?

          Huge alpha? Check.. if you don’t bounce.
          Huge gun? Check.. E-penis. And enormous reload time.
          Huge penetration? Check.. again, if you don’t bounce. I suspect my 17cm AP’s are mysteriously coated in some kind of baby oil.
          Armor comparable to a heavy tank? Check, and a LFP with the size of a heavy tank.
          More camo? Camo? Wait, what?

              • WT E100 has actually the worst camo in the whole fucking game and also it has only 20mm of turret-armor. F155 has absoluteley no side armor, E4/3′s: i dont have a problem with them, but 268 is redicolousley OP…
                *MY OPINION*

                • @bojan
                  Ob 268 is more OP than Foch. Armor is very bouncy (insane sloping) and gun deals artylike damage with gorgeous penetration. Then there is good speed and camo rating.

                • JPK, armor is only bouncy for utter noobs. It does no more or less damage then other TDs with comparable armament of own tier. All pen pretty much anything with regular ammo, so 10mm pen difference among them is hardly relevant.

                • I wonder if bojan actually play tanks, else how could he say penning a 268 from the front with ~200pen guns is easy.

  1. Heavies are extremely hard to play now, I’d say it’s the class that requires the most skill at the moment., alongside meds. High-Tier TD’s are insanely OP and don’t require much skill.
    P.S. It seems that at least 70% of the WoT playerbase are a combination of the lion and the scarecrow.

    • Read what I wrote down at the bottom. All tanks require as much skill if you wanna perform good and not use gold ammo and camp. I know because I have 3100 games in ferdinand and I never used gold ammo or camped.

  2. This picture made me embarres myself :(
    I was in class (of course I was paying attention… NOT) and looked at that picture. I laughed so hard in the middle of my professors’ talking….. Made my day ;)

  3. All tanks are hard to play if you play them with regular AP ammo and dont camp, still performing good. How ever camping and playing safe relying on enemies misstakes to pop up in front of you takes little skill. Sure it might give you some good games now and then but I think the most active players if they know what they are doing will affect the outcome of the game more and have better stats in the end of the day. This goes for tds, heavys, mediums and even light.

    Dont think that the camping/sniping TD sitting there making 5000 damage has increadable stats, he probably has more games where he does 0-500 damage due to no enemies popping up on his screen. And its all about the fun, how fun is it to camp in the same fucking spot?

    People have missunderstod the roles of the tanks, sure as hell TDs can push and snipe, but from distance and from positions where enmies are exposed. Same with heavys, they can snipe, if sniping is the only option, but if the team alreaddy has TDs in good locations then theres no need for a heavy to camp/snipe as well according to me. On most maps you can move and still have cover handy so nobody has an excuse to really stay in one spot the whole fucking time. Sure you might get blasted by arty or ambushed, but WOT is all about killing and getting killed of course.

    I still think gold ammo should be on the top, because people using that isiotic ammo has no heart, no brain and no courage. Its all about autopen/autoshoot,.

    • Fully agree right up to the point about gold ammo. On my SU-152 (example) I carry 22 AP shells and 4 HEAT shells. This is because the SU-152 does sometimes wind up in battles where AP is straight up useless. The AP shells on the SU-152 WILL NOT penetrate any Tier 9 tanks from the front, and usually bounce off the sides as well. Gold shells have their uses, but spamming nothing but gold shells just proves you’re a noob who likes to waste money.

  4. If this were true then light tanks wouldn’t be the first tanks to die 9 times out of 10, and medium tanks would regularly own the other types of vehicles, which they do…when driven in a platoon, but rarely in solo pubs (unless, of course, it’s a Soviet or Chinese medium, or an M4 Sherman in a tier 5 max game XD).