- it’s “completely possible” that historical battles mode will bring battles that took place between 1945-1960 (with T-54, Patton etc.)
- for now, it’s not planned for small and medium stones to be destuctable
- Storm states that if the gold shells get nerfed (for examply their damage), their price will not be reduced
- there are no plans to remove the “tent” that is located inside the base circle
- there are no plans to introduce special crew bonus (like the one given by improved ventilation) to open-topped vehicles, the fact they are open-topped is already taken into account when they are created (SS: as in, in their basic characteristics)

Overlord on special tanks being CW and mission rewards:

I agree that unique tanks can and should be used as a reward for completing some complex missions. This, however, doesn’t mean that CWs shouldn’t have their own unique content. Global map is quite time- and effort-consuming game mode. Rewards should be respective.

58 thoughts on “13.1.2014

    • Storm or someone from WG said that he kinda regrets to see the M60 being a award for clans.

    • I don’t mind the CW rewards being unique (as in not available to non CW players) but I do mind tanks like the M60 and T95E6 being used for rewards: the M60 because it could have been used in the tech tree if the devs needed it and the T95E6 because its a unique vehicle and could have been the tier10 of the second medium branch instead of yet another L7 armed tank.

  1. - there are no plans to introduce special crew bonus (like the one given by improved ventilation) to open-topped vehicles, the fact they are open-topped is already taken into account when they are created (SS: as in, in their basic characteristics)

    Total crew skill on Closen tanks equipped with Vent and BIA is 121%
    Total Crew skill on Open topped tanks with BIA only 116%

    soo am i missing something?

    • I think the wording means that the bonus isn’t applied to the crew but to the stats of the vehicle itself. So for a two identical vehicles, except one is open-top while the other isn’t, the open top one will perform better.

    • The base stats of the open topped vehicle are higher; i.e. the actual values for reload etc will be balanced considering open topped can’t run vents. That doesn’t mean open topped with BIA = closed with vents and BIA, but just that open topped >closed top with same skill crew and no vents.

      • Open topped vehicles have much better view ranges on average, and tend to have good dpm (more space for crew to shift around furiously loading shells I guess)

          • Its a bigger dmg gun so ofc it must have a longer reload for balance sake. Not to mention its more accurate and has more pen/shell velocity.

            But I agree the Nashorn is sheite if thats what you implied.

            • actually the ROF of russian 122mm guns is grossly overbuffed for balancing reasons while the ROF on Emil is close to what it could have been in real life maybe even slower
              IS-2 was only capable of about 1,5-2RPM at best with a good loader and even then there was problem with venting all the exhaust gasses from the gun
              but playing something with 30s reload time isnt fun is it?

              • IS-2 was only capable of about 1,5-2RPM at best with a good loader…

                No, that myth was debunked already.

        • “more space for crew to shift around furiously loading shells I guess”

          More likely no issues with gun exhaust gas choking everyone in the fighting compartment.

    • Agreed, just look at T28 and T28 proto that is veary similar tanks. T28 has better rof, higher overall crewskill with BiA and vent, only 10 m less of view rang compared to T28 proto and better camofactor. While T28 proto that has a turret and is open-topped, ergo better space is worse on every aspect exept it has a turret.

  2. - there are no plans to remove the “tent” that is located inside the base circle


    You mean player`s IQ test?

    Ive seen so many retards putting sooo much effort in avoiding them, instead of just running them over denying enemy cover in case of cap.Its like all those rtrds are carefully trying to jump in front of the speeding train in hope of getting hit.

    • That tent has more often saved me when defending the cap rather then saving me in cap. So i try to leave it standing. With the latest update i guess it is irrelevant because the shells are propably still going to do dmg to anybody trying to cover behind it.

      • It can work both ways, sure, but much more often it gave me valuable time to cap or reload the gun on the enemy base :)

        Regarding the penetrateable destrucable object – well, yeah, but much more often (more experienced) people will try to decap with HE round and then the tactic is still valid :P

    • Anyone know if that cap circle tent blocks spotting checks? Considering that AP APCR can shoot though the tent now the ability to block spotting checks would be more important.

  3. I would personally like to see gold rounds get nerfed. I think that gold rounds should do only limited damage, say like 80% of a regular “well aimed” AP round. The bonus to a gold round is that it is going to pen 95% of the time. AP has more of a chance to bounce, but when you add skill and to take time and aim, they should do more damage than a snap fire gold round guaranteed to pen.

    I think that this would reward those that have some skill in the game, because head to head they could bounce one, maybe two rounds and still kill a gold firing no skill noob.

    • Agree, nerf gold ammo, since now days its overly used by everybody. Gold ammo even it it gives a few extra pen is unfair advantage because you dont need to aim as accurate or learn weakspots. The worst part is nowdays tanks that dont need gold ammo use them and just derp around.

      Bounce is a part of the game, and since 8.6 where majority of guns became more accurate (except german ones), theres no need for gold ammo. Really, some time I feel to smack gold ammo users. All that brawling, angling armor, keeping hull down, using cover etc. becames totally useless when enemy loads gold ammo. And no I dont intend to stay back and snipe (which means camping and letting team mates die while spotting) or play in patoon with OP tenk. Totally bullshit.

      • If there is any limiting factor place on premium rounds, it should be the quantity that can be carried. APDS and Heat are more effective in real life in both penetration and damage due to the speed of the penetrator. And, they are more expensive to produce. Just because you are sad that your invincible tank can be hurt by a lower tier tank or a noob is no excuse to change its true capabilities.

        • Agreed on restricting gold ammo quantities. It makes high tier heavies relevant again… And also nerfs the derp of derps, all gold autoloaders. Not hating on autoloaders or gold users but armor and tactics should mean something in high tier games too. This coming from a glass cannon driver whose purpose on the battlefield is to kill and maim heavies…

  4. Sorry for being completely off topic but:

    Does anybody know if the Maus will take part in historical battles?

        • actually one was…but nobody is really sure if it ever fought or not….the other only had hull and a mock up turret…russians put the turret from one Maus onto the hull of the other and now in kubinka

        • Both Maus were basically completed. However for most of Maus’s life neither tank had their turret mounted. That said there is at least one photo (Taken in January 1945 in Kummersdorf.) showing both tanks in the same shop room with their turrets actually mounted. But for a majority of the time the Maus’s used a cement/concrete turret to simulate the weight of a production turret while they waited for the turrets to be finished. First turret was only mounted in June of 1944. Second turret was finished and mounted sometime later. (There were also 2-5 hulls and turrets, cant recall the exact numbers, under “production” at the Factory.)

          I would however not be surprised if they were pressed into battle. But I do think the odds of this happening are slim as they tended to break down regulatory and their fuel consumption was horrible. On the plus side the cold weather would act in the Maus favor as it would make the ground harder…

          Considering that we know that Foreign(captured) Tank Testing Units were pressed into battle, that ad-hoc units of JTigers and other odd ball tanks pulled from Maintenance Depots were grouped together and pressed into battle, and lastly that Training Units with Tigers and Panthers were pressed directly into battle when the Allies got close make the odds of the Maus going into battle and there being a lack of documentation even after 70 years highly if not extremely unlikely but, admittedly, not impossible… I will admit that much.

          • Is there a link to the picture of the Maus’s in the same room? would love to see that one

  5. Personally, I’d rather just see a limit on the number of gold rounds on vehicles. I know folks that have 30+ million credits in their account, and make exclusive use of gold rounds because, “Why not? What else am I going to do with the credits?”

    I read that in WW2, at least on the allied side, APCR were very limited and almost always relegated to TD use. In Korea, use of APCR was more common. Perhaps limiting them to 10%-20% of your ammo inventory would be good, but I don’t see WG doing it.

    Speaking of Korea … I would love to see Chaffee, Easy 8, Pershing vs. T34-85 and others in a historical matchup. Could be fun.

    • I am getting worried how battles like PzIII against T34, Tiger with short 88 against IS and so on will work. Only Panther against T34-85 should be balanced out quite nicely. I hope I am wrong.

      • Play some historical battles.WG actually makes them and pays gold for playing.
        Also, you learn to find weakspots you would have never suoposed to find, fore example you are more likely to penetrate a KW -1′s machinegun than any of it’s rear and side parts with a pz 3′s not best gun;)

      • From what I understand they’re going to have lopsided battles, so it might be 8 T34/76′s vs 13 PZIII’s and 2 Marders

      • Depends on which Pz III you are going to be using. That is to say which gun.

        It also depends on how wisely the player uses his tank… Remember this… When the KV-1 and Pz III met… The Germans could scream for the Hummel and Grille.

        Ahh good times… good times…

    • Needs Israeli Centurions v. Egyptian IS-3s and SU-100s, Indian Centurions v. Pakistani Pattons, Type 59s v. T-62A, French M8s and M24s v. NVA T-34-85s…

    • I have 45 milion credits and I havent fired a single gold shell. I think gold ammo should be removed period. Nobody gains respect from using gold ammo, specially with the more accurate guns now days since 8.6 patch. Really gold ammo destroys the game balance. Many others are playing with great success with no fuking gold ammo at all, so I guess its perfectly possible. And fuck QB and those posers that thinks its “okay” to use gold ammo to win. No it isnt, if you get in a position where you need to fire gold ammo you have done it fucking wrong.

      • You’re driving your T26E4 and suddenly a wild M103 approaches you from the front. He’s sitting at 179 HP, but he’s otherwise fine – and much faster than you. Do you A) be a fucking scrub, bounce AP off of his front, and die like a bitch, or B) fire a single APCR round into his lower front plate, killing him?

        You suck if you don’t shoot gold.

        • You can aim at lower glacis on m103 or try to flank, or not end up there in the frist palce. Some times u arnt suppose to kill a tier 9 heavy frontally.

            • You can try, but you wont succed always. And thats how it should be due to balance. All tanks cant be all rounders like tier 10 mediums. Since when should a fucking tier 8 medium penentrate a tier 9 heavy frontaly? Since fucking when…

      • new flash gold ammo inst gold only anymore… as nitty said you are a scrub if you refuse gold ammo when its necessary.

        You refuse to actually influence battles where you are bottom tier. Its funny when I see people scream gold noob at me when I kill a T9 tank with a chaffee.

        What they expect me to do, shot them with with AP bullets I know they bounce and give them a free kill? I prefer a kill and even a win for such nonsense things like respect.

        • I honestly find it pathetic that people complain about those that use premium ammunition. It’s there for a bloody reason. Have a few of them loaded just in case you HAVE to get a kill, it’s the sensible thing to do. Most times you won’t end up using them, but when they are needed, you’ll be damn glad that you have them.
          For me it’s almost an honour that an enemy has to resort to premium ammo to kill me; it means they considered me a threat and I had to be eliminated. But of course, there’s gonna be little bitches crying around because they died.

          • It really does kill the balance of the game. No tank is invulnerable to aimed shots. You still can’t pen ? Your doing it wrong … But ofc, every game has to become dumbed down as general population (idiots) rises making the game more noob friendly. It hapens to every popular online game without exceptions …

            Imho premium ammo should be reserved for CW mostly and should be bought only by gold.

      • All tanks IRL in WW2 carried at very very least 1-2 “WoT Gold Rounds”. Because when you really really need to knock something out and things are looking bleak…

        Accept no substitute.

        Load the Tungsten and Smile.

        • heat/apcr/apds was far more comon near the end of the war (especial on soviet side), so not your “1-2″ shots but more in the range of 5-10 especial on TDs.

          and considering we go into the 1960s where getting the recommended load out was no problem at all.
          In the 60s you look at something like 10+ heat shells (eg. 20 for the M47).

          It even more funny that i run my T54 with less heat shells that it had historically (I run 6 it had 8)

          • I never said it was not common at all. I just said at the very least most tanks had 1-2 rounds. Besides production figures of round =/= what might have been in the tank due to availability at the front.

      • “Really gold ammo destroys the game balance.”

        No, it just changes it. If you drive a light tank, or a medium when you’re not in top tier, other people using gold makes very little difference to you.

        The main objections seem to come from those who prefer to use armour rather than manoeuvre, or simply don’t want to change their playstyle as the game changes over time.

        “Adapt or whine,” I suppose you could say.

        • Adapt to what???
          to HEAT spamming T54\s T57 heavys and other lovely tanks by stats whores???
          not all people like to play medi’s cause maybe it deosnt suit there playstyle
          and they prefer heavys like the germans which they are all about the armor angeling and bouncing shots but then it comes a lovely of those heat & apcr spamming tanks and just put all that effort and skill cause the whole whine about the prem spamming shells is that they neglate any kind of skill of the enemy
          and with each shell they fire they just put a Header over there tank saying “Hey fuck you and you angleling and the effort you put i will gonna spamm you to death with APCR/HEAT rounds”
          nice adapt on that i suppose you can find
          but then again these who are against the handicap or either nerf of the gold rounds are those who are find by cause they drive armoless tanks and just spam them all the time at any battle and then think Ha i am such a pro i just smoke them
          nice adapt there…..lovely course of this game nowdays

        • Gold ammo destroys the game balance because it allows tanks to penetrate areas on tanks, that wouldnt be possible with AP ammo. For example, many tanks with AP would never pen a tiger II angled upper glacis and yes many are shooting there because they dont take time to aim, just snap shooting. When they cant do it or penentrate angled tanks in good positions, they load gold, and by doing that they totally ignore one of the most important balancing factors of heavy tanks, which is armor. Im safe to say that mediums were never suppose to penentrate heavy tanks from the front, specially not their upper glacis.

          While armor means little with the overall high AP pen on higher tier mediums and huge amount of TDs, it still means something because they have to aim for weakspots. But with 24k gold….huh totally idiotic.

          This also proves that the game is all about penentration, rof and mobilty. Something that any of the original heavy tanks and some TDs totally lack, for example the german ones. While this worked good before, due to balancing factors like germans had better rof, accuracy and aimtime. This means alot less now due to all guns beeing overall more accurate, abuse of gold ammo and tanks with good mobilty. In other words original tanks with accurate guns as balancing factors are alot weaker now compared to others, also those tanks that did rely on armor some how are even weaker due to the high amount of gold ammo and or overall more accurate guns. This combined with fairly good mobilty of many newer medium and heavy tanks, make the old ones lack like hell.

          These days you cant rely on armor thats right, but that doesnt change the fact that some tanks will never be able to compete with newer more mobile ones. Not to mention autloaders that will ruin things even more because they can run after you, even if you take cover and mess you up for 10 seconds while you reloading.

          Theres no fucking possible way to defend yourself against gold ammo except beeing there from the frist place. But if you want to make credits and XP you got to be active in the battle and be closer to enemy. In other words that is3 sitting and sniping/camping might make 3000 damage and 4 kills in some games, but he will have lower average XP and damage as well as and bad eff. And if one heavy tank camps at A1/A0, then imagine what 70% of all other heavys will do…

          • Also we can see a clear pattern here with many newer tanks that is introduced. One is they have generally better mobilty because they have less amor. How ever that armor is much more effectively angled, something that many people dont want to mention. Russian and chinese mediums are really trollish and even heavy tanks bounce their lower glacis while they are angled.

            They also have good rof, accuracy and aimtimes as well as good AP/gold pen, that neither one of the “older” tanks had. How can this be balanced one can ask, well by the fact that they have “thin armor”, but its not about the thickness its about the angling of the armor. Side and rear armor is totally irrelevant specially on mediums and even on heavys. Most AP can go thru angled sides on tanks as it is and imagine with gold ammo.

            Some people say it all started when tier 10, E5 heavy tank got introduced which clearly were superior to all other heavy tanks and from that majority of newer introduced tanks is clearly better. This along with gold ammo for credits, makes the game a noob friendly dumbed down version of bf3. I really dont see what skill it takes to take one hit and then stand still for 10 seconds autoloading gold ammo in the enemy. Or sit in a bush in a t54 or similar penning heavys frontally with gold ammo. Wheres the fucking skill?

            No wonder high tier mediums are performning better than ever, because some TDs and or mediums with excellent view range and camo outspot heavys which benefit them all.

  6. “- Storm states that if the gold shells get nerfed (for examply their damage), their price will not be reduced”

    And what about arty gold HE shells? Will be buffed? (currently they are just waste of money)

  7. >>- it’s “completely possible” that historical battles mode will bring battles that took place between 1945-1960 (with T-54, Patton etc.)

    I think it will be like this:

    * Battle of Asal-Uttar
    1st side: Centurions, Shermans, AMX13
    2nd side: M47 Patton, M48 Patton, M24 Chaffee

    keep in mind in RL in that battle Pattons got sacked. hence Valley of Pattons.

    * Korean War
    1st side: T-34/76, T-34/85, M4A2E8, M5A1 Stuart, IS-2, Su-76
    2nd side: M4 Sherman, M26 Pershing, M36 gun motor carriage, M46 Patton, M41 Walker Bulldog, Firefly, Mark IV Churchill, Cromwell, Comet, Centurion Mark 3

    But also… We need Walker Bulldog ingame. And PT-76.

    * Vietnam War
    1st side: 6 T-54, 16 PT-76
    2nd side: 17 Walker Bulldogs

    1st side: M48A3 Patton
    2nd side: T-54, Type 59/WZ-120.

  8. > Storm states that if the gold shells get nerfed (for examply their damage)
    I’d prefer it if the amount you’re allowed to carry gets limited instead. The problem is not that it makes heavy tanks useless (they have additional HP to make up for that), the problem is the wallet warriors keep spamming it because gold rounds have close to no drawbacks.
    There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having a few gold rounds on every tank, especially if you really really have to make the kill to win the game and for those matches where you’re against much stronger tanks and your cannon sucks. Which is why reducing the damage is the wrong thing to do.
    Just limit it so those who know how to play can use it to their advantage and the noobs don’t spam it as a skill substitute.
    Also, making premium ammo available for gold only is the wrong way to go. Either have it buyable with credits or remove it altogether. I have no trouble financing my gold rounds usage without premium account and since I am not the best player in the game others shouldn’t have problems with that either.

    Pay ingame currency to make a change > pay 2 win

    > their price will not be reduced

    • The problem is that gold ammo does make all armor of the tanks useless. You dont have to spam gold to take off a healthy amount of HP of a heavy tank. But its not the point, the point is that they can penentrate you in a way that wouldnt be possible with AP ammo, unless they got top pen roll with RNG.

      I have a problem that you dont differ between pros and noobs using gold ammo, the outcome will be the same. To me, why is it even right to win if you cant penentrate the tank with AP? If im on a close win and im perfecly angled, why is it right for a weaker tank to load gold just because he cant pen me, and therfore win? You can look on it the other way around. By that said, it is wrong to have any gold ammo on any tank because that gives you unfair advantage in terms of game balance and this is specially horrific these days, where some tanks and many newer introduced tanks are more MBT than heavy, medium, TD, etc.

      Lower damage is a good trade off for higher penentration, just like the balancing values of all other guns with AP (for example, higher pen guns maybe get lower alpha, and vice versa). With lower alpha on gold ammo, the player is forced to aim carefully to make more damage or not shoot at all, just as it should be. Nobody on the battlefield is entitled to damage everybody with ease, thats important to remember.

      Gold ammo for gold is how it suppose to be, this prevent their excessive usage as it were before, because back then people used gold for more important stuff like prem account and crew transfer/reset.

      I feel the only way to make less people use gold ammo is nerf it badly to the point where “most” people dont really see the need of using it. Thats is by making damage less, increase price and or make it gold currency only.

      Its all about the mentality of the players, using gold ammo or not is a mindset, just as using certan tanks or play in a certan way. The ultimate would be to play the most OP tank with gold ammo (and platoon) and let your team “scout” for you while you snipe. Some peope do that and they make alot of damage, but where is the fun really? I dont want WOT to be turned into a auto penning game while people can run around full speed autoshooting everybody and where skill is determined by reaction time of the player. Battlefield has that kind of BS tank gameplay.

      The day WOT gameplay turn into that, and some times it is even that, its is a sad fucking day for all slow tanks with mediocre armor and mediocre aimtime, accuracy, penentration and damage.