Storm on Supertest icon leaks


Hello everyone,

about the leaks posted earlier, Storm reacted in Livejournal blog comments and I have some bad news for those, who liked them:


“They pulled out some sort of old garbage, that was made and was forgotten or was never implemented in branches for various reasons”

I guess we won’t see these vehicles anytime soon. Pity. And what else Storm says?


- the icon above belongs to the Agrimotor, Storm states it was a test vehicle, it’s already 4 years old
- E-10 will not be implemented with variable clearance
- the variable clearance mechanism was not tested on E-25 either

26 thoughts on “Storm on Supertest icon leaks

  1. there you have the so much desired fixed gun in a chassis and the wheel driven object.

    now take each of it and make a “stridsvagn 103″ and “Puma wheeled tank” (SD Kfz 234?)

  2. Gimme gimme gimme thatr agrimotor. I dont care if it does not shoot. I want a real LOL-Tractor.

  3. I wonder how did americans manage to capture the unfinished chi-ri prototype from the Japanese mainland, paint a white star on it and pull it into battle. I seriously doubt this is the right way to make the jap tanks more popular…

    • Murican Ninja sneaked and stole prototype. He safely ran away with it, inb4 US proposed invasion of Japanese motherislands.

      Then , in “Return of Murican Ninja” , he used Chi Ri against Japanese forces.


      • Don’t give Hollywood any ideas. This is just the kind of batshit insane thing that Michael Bay or M Night Shyamalin would consider for a movie.

    • Nothing fancy, gun was exactly the same as for Hetzer, armor probably too but I doubt they ever projected a thickness for it IRL. Meh, Hetzer clone, E-25 has a niche but this ? Nah, I’m not waiting for it , I want MUH FRENCHIES ;__;

    • For 1 guy ? One lucky shot and you’re out anyway. If there’s no one alive in the tank, you won’t heal anyone. As long as there’s one guy alive , you can heal but if all’s dead you’re out even if you have 100% hp

  4. Hmm I was thinking… The Japanese tree was researched and implemented recently… and we have here a captured Chi-Ri! The icon looks awfully similar if not copy-pasta from in-game one. I think he’s just bluffing with that old stuff thing. I think they want to avoid the situation from last icon scandal from 2 years ago :3

    omg dem frenchies , me wants! ;__;

  5. I`d say Agriculturetractor would simply plow thru lower tiers.

    10/10 , would pay with IRL moneyz/gold to get one.

    • In other news , Kolkhoz peasants have decided to rise against the tyrrany of Imperial regime. Now they have perfect weapon.
      Much disguise. 2nd exhaust pipe , if asked by SovietTroopers: “Wat is that long pipe in front of ur vehicle, peasant?”

    • One can hope. But for all we know, the leaks might further delay or discourage the developers from including any of them into WoT.