Straight outta Supertest: New tank icons

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Hello everyone,

recently, someone leaked new icons from supertest again :) Some we have seen before, some are new though, so let’s have a look at it. The descriptions are obviously mine.



French light tank, total crap. Might find use in WoT though.



Original Wargaming description (also leaked):

A proposed light tank destroyer weighing about 12 tons. Its most innovative feature was to be the ability to adjust the ground clearance, changing the vehicle’s height from 1760 to 1400 mm. The vehice would be powered by either the Maybach HL 100 or the Argus engine. Development was discontinued in favor of the Hetzer.



One of the earliest German tanks. You can read about it a bit more here. Nice premium variant overall.



The T88 is simply a Hellcat with a 105mm howitzer. Please note that this is not a tank destroyer, but an artillery vehicle.

US Chi-Ri


This is apparently an American captured tank version of the Japanese Chi-Ri. It’s nice to see that the development of captured tank continues.

US M4A2 Sherman


Diesel version of the Sherman, heavily exported to LL countries – Britain and Russia

US Shinhoto Chi-Ha


Again a captured US version of a Japanese tank.

M18 “Super Hellcat”


The Super Hellcat is apparently the prototype vehicle, on which the Americans used the M36 turret with a 90mm gun on the Hellcat chassis. This hybrid would make a nice US TD replacement for the (unhistorical) T25 with turret, or it could be a premium US tank destroyer at long last.



The T3 is the T18 predecessor. I wrote about it recently as a possible replacement for the (somewhat OP) T18.

Soviet GAZ-75


GAZ-75 was a Soviet attempt to create something like the “Hetzer”. By the time it arrived, the concept was already obsolete and there was no need for it, the project was scrapped. You can read more about it here.

Soviet IT-45


IT-45 was, like the GAZ-75, an attempt to create a “Hetzer” – cheap mass-produced tank destroyer. By the time it arrived, it was already obsolete and the project was scrapped. Official WG description (also leaked) is:

A light tank destroyer on the basis of the T-60 and the T-70. The initial plans were drafted in the summer of 1942. In 1943, development was halted due to emerging difficulties in engine production and the realization that the main gun would be inadequate against increasingly heavy opponents.



RBT-5 was a project to mount two massive “land torpedo” rockets on BT-5 chassis. It is unknown, whether this is a serious icon or just a WG joke.



T-46-5 was a T-46 upgrade. I wrote about it here in detail.



ZIS-30 is an improvised tank destroyer, created by mounting a 57mm ZIS-2 gun on the T-20 Komsomolec artillery tractor. It was announced a long time ago, but has not appeared in WoT yet. You can read more about it on wiki or here.

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  1. “The vehice would be powered by either the Maybach HL 100 or the Argus engine. Development was discontinued in favor of the Hetzer.”

    Which Hetzer We are talking about? jagdpanzer 38(t) or E-25?

  2. What is wrong with that captured Chi-Ha? it looks like it has 2 rear ends and a deformed turret.

      • Chi-Ha looks to have the 57mm turret and 47mm turret at the same time, plus the hull is facing backwards.

        The Chi-Ri is just scaled wrong so it’s not as wide as it should be.

  3. The T88 is simply a Hellcat with a 105mm howitzer. Please note that this is not a tank destroyer, but an artillery vehicle.

    Turreted arty FTW! Would be a nice premium arty

  4. Super Hellcat seems to be “our” Hellcat with the Top-Turet. It seems to me that they might scrap the T25/2 and put the superhellcat in – then scrap the second turret from the tier6 hellcat, making it less OP then… What do you think?

    • Like it says up there, Super Hellcat was nothing more than M36 turret and gun mounted on M18 hull, which is exactly what we have ATM. Moving it to tier 7 would mean you would have TD with lower penetration gun than before (160 vs 170). It could work if you give it massive hull and turret traverse speed buffs.

      If you go that way, tier 6 gets the original turret which couldn’t house the 90mm, meaning you’d have to go with 76mm M1A2 gun. Also doable if you give it massive hull and turret traverse speed buffs to compensate.

      Despite weaker guns, this would probably work well for many players, but then the tank(s) become more of a light/medium hybrid, then TDs so I don’t think it’s gonna happen.

    • Remove the 90 mm from Hellcat? Why not, but what gun instead? The 128 pen 76mm gun is too weak for elite T6 TD.

      Maybe give it the same top gun as on T71 minus the autoloader? :)

      • Hellcat in its actual state is OP anyway. So the nerf will be apreciated by most players. Anyway: You shouldnt buff the turret traverse as its a TD. What about giving the small gun a higher ROF?

        • Who says that a TD should have slow turret traverse? Especially since it’s not historically accurate (or so I’ve heard)

            • If you’re having Hellcat with such slow traverse, than it has to have the 90mm. If you go historically accurate 76mm, then you gotta give it much more agility.

              • Use your Camo, Speed and view Range and the 90mm gun is not longer needed and it will work fine with the 76mm gun (Like an E-25 @ Tier6)

    • excume but hellcat is the problem???
      Hellcat is OP only in the hands of players that have very good knowleuge of the map and of the spoting and cammo machenics cause 13 mm of armor gonna bounce lots of stuff
      Hellcat is just fiiiine as it iss and say that it is balancing somehow the broken kv 1s
      also the 90 mm gun is a must cause hellcat often meets tier 8 tanks which means with the 76mm it is gonna be just a garbege tank
      note in kv1s even scrubs with 47% win rate can have good games
      in hellcate many get over carried from its speed and they end up dead within minutes of the game
      leave the HellKitty alone plsss :D

      • Re-balance of KV1S (splitting it up) and hellcat will make tier6 more enjoyable, stop trying to keep grossly OP tanks in game. The Hellcat gives up Hull armor for everything else, and even in a hull-down position it can bounce frequently.

        • yes higher RoF on 76mm with 128mm pen is gonna help you against T8 tanks….stop being so fucking butthurt over hellcats….yes they are OP in right hands, but srsly, none of your propositions doesn’t have even a bit of sense…

          • I think the best way to fix the tank is the separation into 2 tiers with minor tweaks to both. Give the 76mm Hellcat T5 MM and give it some of the historical attributes like good turning/acceleration and keep the slightly inferior 76mm at a reasonable tier, then turn the Super hellcat into T6 and nerf the speed a tiny bit more than the current one is based on extra weight of the m36 turret.
            My reasoning for this is kinda simple, The current hellcat is hated by players who don’t have one because it scoots along at a fairly fast pace, can hide if need be, but mostly gets used as an early game interceptor of the opposite team’s scout tanks and fast mediums. If the 90mm version were to be a tad slower but retain good view range and radio, it would function more like other TDs and less like a heat seeking missile :-P

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  6. *T3 HMC*
    EXCELLENT HMmm… The Reign of Sealclubbers will be over soon

    *Looking at RBT-5* This better not be a Suicidal TankBomb *strap with explosives and drive like mad*…
    Thats just O__O;

    • No you don’t. You own the M4A2E4, which is a variant of, but not the same as, the M4A2. In fact, the M4A2E4 is a very special Sherman, because its the only Sherman variant that features the Torsion Bar suspension; in contrast to the rest, who use the Horizontal Volute Spring Suspension.

        • I realized my mistakes. The other Shermans used either the Vertical Volute Spring Suspension or the Horizontal Volute Spring Suspension. The Shermans that feature the Horizontal Volute Spring Suspension, generally (but not always) have wider tracks, and have HVSS appended to their technical name. For example, the M4A3E8 was also indicated as the M4A3(76)W HVSS. The W indicates they also used wider tracks.

          And there are more Shermans than just the Easy 8 that used the HVSS. Namely: M4(105) HVSS, M4A1E8/M4A1(76)W HVSS, M4A2E8/M4A2(76)W HVSS, M4A3E8/M4A3(76)W HVSS and the M4A3E9/M4A3(105) HVSS.

            • That’s not completely true. The experimental model 8 (what E8 means) M4 Shermans do share similarities, however they are based on different adopted variants (A1, A2 and A3). Which makes them different tanks, as their underlying characteristics are very different indeed. If you happen to come across them in a museum, or perhaps photographs on the internet, you will notice the differences. And contrary to popular belief, only the M4A3E8 carries the famous nickname: “the Easy 8.”

      • Thank You for clarification.
        Tbh, I don’t think that difference will anyway translate for in-game properties. WG devs being lazy, as usual.

  7. I wonder how did americans manage to capture the unfinished chi-ri prototype from the Japanese mainland, paint a white star on it and pull it into battle. I seriously doubt this is the right way to make the jap tanks more popular…

  8. Hello everyone,

    recently, someone leaked new icons from supertest again :) Some we have seen before, some are new though, so let’s have a look at it. The descriptions are obviously mine.
    French light tank, total crap. Might find use in WoT though

    This should totally be the in game description XD

  9. Well the frenchie AMR-35 looks like the perfect (in WG eyes) 2014 Christmas gift… right next to the Vickers and the T7, at least u get a free garage slot

    • It’s French. The last French premium of that tier (the Hotchkiss H39) still holds the title of Minimaus for a reason.

      If it’s as well armored as other French tanks of the tier, I suspect it will be very competent at not dying to T18 howitzers.

      • Skimming Wikipedia’s article got me the following:
        13mm of armor, not sloped
        ~12hp/t (a whopping 82hp driving 6.5 tons), ~50kph (64 max, 38 “average”)
        7.5mm, 13.2mm or 25mm gun, depending on the turret

        So it’d be poorly armored, slightly sluggish from a standstill but decently quick, and if the current French 25mm gun is any indication, a fast-firing gun with low alpha but pretty oK penetration. Assuming WG wasn’t infected with another case of Stupiditus and armed it with one of the MGs.

        Not exactly a stereotypical French low-tier tank, and definitely T18 food if care isn’t taken. Seems like it would make an alright tier 2 (with normal MM) or 3 ( very limited MM) premium or gift.

  10. Wow SS, it surprises me that you have absolutely no idea about the in-game Hellcat. Because the currently in-game Hellcat that everyone has been complaining about IS the Super Hellcat with the 90mm. Hahahaha.

    • Most of the times, the gun (or even the turret) was changed to use your own ammunition.

    • In some cases they’re the only options for certain niche roles.

      For instance, Germany doesn’t appear to have any suitable candidates for a cheap, mid-tier premium Heavy in the same vein as the Churchill III, T14 and Excelsior, largely because any tanks that might have fit that role are already in the game as regular vehicles. The most obvious candidate, in this instance, if one is willing to consider captured vehicles, would be the Panzerkampfwagen 735 (r). In a nutshell, it’s a captured KV-1, but with a few key differences, namely that instead of the 76 mm F-34 it has the 75 mm KwK 40 L/43 -a gun available on the Panzer III/IV, Panzer IV, VK 30.01H and available in more or less modified form on the Hetzer and Marder 38t – a gun that is good at its tier but not the best gun available for the regular tier 5 German tanks (unless you’re driving a Marder 38t, in which case I feel your pain), and it has a larger commander’s cupola of the type seen on the Panzer III (making an obvious weakspot that the regular KV-1 doesn’t have).

      Overall it’d a balanced vehicle at tier 5 – good, but not TOO good, having a more accurate 75 mm gun than the stock 76 mm gun on the original KV-1, but in exchange for having an obvious and fairly large weakspot on top of the turret in the form of the commander’s cupola, all in all allowing it to perform like a semi-upgraded KV-1, or like a VK.3001 H that actually has decent armor but a worse gun. However, for some reason WG decided to say they would add no more captured vehicles after the French tree was added…and then it’s revealed that they intend to give a shit-ton of captured vehicles to the SOVIET tree (a captured Panzer IV, Panther, two TDs built on the Panzer III chassis to name a few)…

  11. The AMR 35 certainly wasn’t crap, simply unreliable.

    In terms of WoT, French lowtier mobile light line, AMR 35 was quite mobile.

  12. AMR-35 – We’re still missing a premium French LT so I really don’t mind this.

    US M4A2 Sherman – Guess there could be no Okinawan Sherman now that the M4A2 is coming. =(

    M18 “Super Hellcat” – Was hoping they were nerfing the M18 by removing the 90 mm gun and turning it into a premium. Yes, I believe the M18 is OP.

    T3 HMC – Bye bye T18 sealclubbers =D

    Overall, still no 17-pdr Achilles. Sigh…

    • For some reason I can see the Achilles being a premium on the British tree, or on the Lend-Lease tree as an alternative to the Firefly, or hell, what if they added a second TD line to that tree starting from tier 5 off of the Alecto like the existing one?

      • Or better still, why didn’t they add the Achilles in the first Brit TD line? Instead we get paper AT tanks and have to bloody wait longer for the likes of the Achilles and Firefly.

  13. Why is the IT-45 picture without the shadow? It redminds me of the old version picture, some years ago (where a lot of super tester tanks were leaked). Why was this posted here? On the super tester client must be a much better picture

    Compare these pictures:
    OLD (like the one posted here):
    NEW (like the one i have in my wiki):

    So, some of these pictured are VERY old, but some are definately NEW, very confusing

  14. Remove the 90mm from the tier 6 Hellcat making the 76mm M1A2 be it’s top gun and put the Super Hellcat at tier 7. There, fix’d.

    Seriously, how is the Hellcat at tier 6 having the same gun as the Jackson balanced? It makes the Jackson totally useless since the Hellcat is a 1000 times better.

  15. The T3 HMC frankly is the one vehicle that I personally look forward to the most of the vehicles listed.

    If it replaces the T18, then maybe at long last the weapon of choice of seal clubbers will disappear, and allow it to more or less be a regular game down low so that the noobs at least have somewhat of a fighting chance, rather than players being separated into two distinct categories: winners (read: T18 Drivers) and everybody else.

    On the other hand I myself use a T18, but I don’t drive it anywhere near as often as I used to, primarily because I find it boring. That being said, replacing the T18 would defeat the purpose of me having my Cruiser III at all (the sole reason I got one was to counter T18s, which it does very well with the 2-pounder Mk.X, so long as it doesn’t get shot at)

  16. ZiS-30…

    Take a UE 57, make it taller and slower, and give it bigger teeth?

    Dunno if the 57mm and presumably wide gun traverse would fit in at tier 3, maybe tier 4.