48 thoughts on “Test server 8.11

  1. Wow, these tests are coming out really fast lately, WG is speeding up for competition.

    I smell they are getting really nervous about WarThunder.

    I cannot wait for 9.0 it surely will be epic

      • Why not? a better graphics engine, and a good track record of games that have been gaining increased popularity of late. Competition is always a good thing, maybe WG will listen to the Saner fan ideas now. I for one will be playing both :P

        Addendum: I’m don’t care much for graphics as they are often used as “Selling points” in cheaply made pathetic excuses for games, where all the budget went into making the game look better rather than play better.

        • Planes diving from the sky destroying your tank, arty called by the tanks – really I wouldn’t make a judgement now.

        • Better graphics engine is only thing where Warthunder excels. It supports camping more than any other game, it’s quite unpredictable to tell if you are about to kill your opponent, fire 3 more shots without any chance of killing him or die yourself. Good players will absolutely dominate the battlefield, thanks to fast respawn rate and non-stop supply of fresh meat for their guns. Bad players will either camp or rush through out the map, dying like imbeciles. It’s like Battlefield’s Tank Superiority mode but much worse. I lost all my hopes after seeing the beta…

  2. So NERF Foch, lost top engine with 1200 hp (have 1000 hp) 750 dmg without compensation RoF, Obj nerf heats to 398, lost dpm too. NEW RANDOM MODE: nation vs nation (lol at tier 6 KV1S vs Helcats and afcourse 15 drum tanks France vs any nation, epic will be).Forgot only this mode will be for German, USA, Soviets, France tanks, China and Japan dont have full trees.

    • Except that 15 AMX-12ts with absolutely horrendous gun elevation and depression, accuracy on the move, hitpoints, versus 15 KV-1S is a guaranteed massacre. As well as against 15 M6 or hell, Easy 8s (which fire basically as fast, but without needing to reload).

      Yeah, not as OP as it seems. I would be more worried about magical KV armor against every other nation.

      • 12t is a scout, i dont think it would be top tier in these battles.

        but i dont like that mode, nation tanks are focused to one purpose, half wts as snipers and half maus/e100 as spotters/damage soakers,half team of world destroyers(fv183) or a team of 15 french autoloaders can be a pain in the ass for some balanced nations like the american and russian.

        • Just image Brits, FV mediums are very rare, so they lost mediums, basicaly it will be FV TDs parties? Heavy tanks rare too, so most it will be tier 8-10 range battles with Tds as tops one tanks lol

  3. Nerf, after nerf in each patch. How things are going, next are mediums.

    I wonder where does this way of developing leads…

    • Whine, after whine in each patch. How things are going, next whines are mediums.

      I wonder where does this way of developing leads…

      • Hmm, you trying to be sarcastic or what?
        Or you are one of those infamous “socks”?

          • E.T. – go home.

            So TDs weren’t OP back when arty ruled? THEN they didn’t need nerf?!
            But ever since arty got nerfed whiners stopped crying about arty and immediately started crying about TDs. How interesting…
            This was foreseen by SerB and it was even written on multiple occasions on FTR about that; it was even speculated that next type of tanks that would people cry about are – mediums.

            I am not complaining, I go with the flow… I played mediums, heavies and TDs – in that order – now I will kick out TDs as it seems, the same way I kicked arty…
            I can’t wait to see what future brings us.

  4. lights will be considered OP, will.get 40kph topspeed, then all heavies get nerfed except kv1s, it will get a 305mm mortar gun with 450 penetration cause its underpowered right now

    • Well since in some cases the nerfs arnt as much due to the tanks beeing overpowered, as due to whine on the forums, I can understand it.
      I have for example never had any problems with fighting against an object 268, and I just think that this makes that tank unattractive. The high alpha and penetration was its niche, and now that is lowered.

      • LoL
        Obj 268 can shot at tanks with 300 m, behind bush (15 m rule) unspoted, 13.7 sec reload for 850 dmg with 0,33 accuracy ? :D, Foch has mobility of medium tank with insane front armour and drum who kills 1 tier X tank in 10 sec.

        • Play it 1000 games like me and see the disadvantages.
          Mhh, worst about this tank is, that every tomatoe and Greenhead shots Gold if they see you.
          Foch kill Tier X in 3 shots?
          Do you heared anything about teamplay?
          Then do a platoon and fight against foch!
          My thought: Poor Foch

          • Lol i have obj and i know, so what for TD is not enought to pen easy any heavy with 300-400 pennetration? OR when i bounced 2 shots from WTE and 2 shots from Foch? Its have better arrmour then heavy tanks. I dont talk that this Td is realy invisible, sometimes i use mediums positions and shoting at enemy and they still can detect me, meanwhile medium tank spoted and killed near me LOL. Afcourse when you disaper at 87 m. behind double bush its epic moment to enemy. This TD is most versality, im dont talking about RoF its just insane 13.7 sec with 850 dmg and awesome accuracy, i dont see any big disatnavatge.
            Foch 155 yes 850×3 is enought to kill most of tier X tanks.

            • Yep, 1Tier X dead
              reload ~46 secs and you are dead.

              if they would just learn teamplay..

              • Tell me one think, like other TDs lovers always saying the same shit TD, you know that there is rest 14 enemy tanks? They allow to you to FLANK, GO KILL FOch 155 when it reloading? Afcourse if you have bot 46% who rush first into enemy at begining, but dont count them, we talking about normal players, if you only focus on foch 155 rest enemy tanks cant simple whipe you, dont forget about armour and mobility.

        • Listen tomato, get optics and get your crew to 100% instead whining here with your 50% crew.

          • Listen retard dont cry about balancing if you have problems with TDs most easiest class to play, then stfu tomato, form 8.11 at least you need to use more brains whic is dificult for you.

            • Retards are your parents who made you so weak and stupid.
              But don’t worry, it’s not your fault – it was also predetermined…

              • cry me a river dumb eu td player, your days cooming to end, learn to play with other harder class HT and MT.

    • It’s not but thurt, but all I see is non-sense where this game is going.
      When have you seen an entire class get a buff? WHEN? For example heavies, that actually deserved it?!

      First people cried about arty – it got nerf. Arty should have never received that, just cap limit to 3 would be fine. Same with TDs, kmeee, kmeee, but all it really needs is hard-cap (3-4?).

      But noooooo, you little tomatoes cry every time, and we who have several 10k battles have to adapt our play each and every time because you stupid fools were never able to do that in first place…

      • Lately? Tiger I ROF and HP? Tiger II machine gun port weakspot? Which other HT deserve a buff? This game should be about tanks, therefore TD hardcapped at 3 with decreased alpha and same DPM, arties at 2 (in their pre-nerf state).

        A lot of top tier TDs have better armor, gun and mobility then their heavy counterparts. More agile ones (foch 155) couldnt even be succesfuly circled by some mediums. Sometimes their only real drawback is the absence of turret /narrow gun arc, thats hardly fair. And Foch 155 is an exceptional case, i can handle the 268 or FV215b(183), but i have killed my first foch (and subsequently got my mastery badge) only after 500 battles in tier 8-9 tanks.

        • How terrible…
          So you are trying to prove a point that a certain TD tier X is OP just because YOU can’t handle it when YOU are in tier 8-9? You really have a very high opinion of yourself…

          • Yeah, because i can rape anything now and then with for example cent 7/1 as its sort of tier 9,5 gunwise and i have killed most of tier 10 (excluding some very rare tanks like obj.263, t110E3 also eludes me) at least once already on tier 8.

          • LoL another idiot td driver who spend all game at base near bush, and lets why a lot of games ednind in draw 10 tds vs 10 tds, nobody want to move epic 8-10 mins of doing nothink.

            • @ Audrutis
              So please tell us how a TD should be played ??
              Because most of them can easily defend against T10 meds when on the move.

          • Surely my opinion of what is OP is subjective, but i dare to say that my opinions regarding the Foch 155 are shared by majority of players and are supported by statistics, which are accesible to everyone. I have also tried Foch on test server, loaded standard rounds and it was insane. There are two reasons while i havent even started the french TD line – midtier td seems to be below average and Fochs are fugly. :D

            • Why nerf anything to shit??
              How about to buff entire classes?
              This is a prime example of a powercreep noob. And this comes from a TD player. High tier TDs are OP. Period.

              • i feel the need to point out something to you

                what does TD mean…..TANK DESTROYER it should do lots of damage its what its designed to do. They dont need nerfing should be left as they are or taken out of the game completely. And yes this is from a td driver and a heavy/med/light and arty and i cant say i have trouble against any tank.

    • Considering how long it takes to grind the T10 TD’s that are getting nerfed. Why shouldn’t they feel buthurt ?

  5. Ouch from Serb:
    WTE 100 NERF
    - traverse speed
    - turret rotation speed
    Increas gun dispersion on turning turret

    • Long needed. The waffle e-100 has too much power with that 6 shot clip of 128s; in a good ambush or sniping position that is essentially a dead enemy waiting to happen each time. Any other nerfs coming? Clip size, speed, accuracy?
      Recall: all I drive are TDs and I think the waffle just has too much juice.

  6. Basicaly from ru stream before new year, Zhyvec sed that in 2014 will be mass rebalance tier X tanks. He sed that they thinkig of nerfing tds view range, mobility, traverse speed, and guns (aim time, dispersion). So this is only begining of tier X rebalance and this is good, maybe tier X will be more fun to play again.

  7. So Foch 155 mobility should be roughly the same as the tier IX Foch and a little bit lower alpha. People will still complain.

    Will Obj 268 get ROF buff/compensation? If yes it could be even more deadly. And there is really no reason to use HEAT shells on it.

    • However thought 450mm pen on HEAT will be fine and “balanced” is a fucking moron and should be fired from WG immediately.