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Hello everyone,

World of Warships is not exactly within the portfolio of this blog and I must admit I don’t follow its development, but several leaks appeared on Russian forums from the alpha testing.

Map – Solomon Islands



Map – Bees to Honey



Zuikaku and New Orleans ships



Other maps (external link)
Other ships (external link)

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    • Agreed, it looks amazing and there really hasn’t been any good naval games released in ages.

      • If WT includes submarines when they add ships, I’ll definitely be more in favor of WT than WoWs, which doesn’t seem to be including them at all.

  1. If you can just imagine Homer Simpson drooling over doughnuts, yeah that’s what I look like right now….

    For crying out loud WG, there’s enough polish on it to release more things to the public, STOP TEASING US!!!!!

        • Ships were expensive and often made in batches, which means the development and evolution of design often took a while, expecially when you take the Washington and London Naval Treaties into account.

          As an example the Dreadnought mounted 10 12″/45 Mk X guns in 5 twin turrets.
          These guns had a maximum range of 17,236 m (18,850 yards).

          Yamato mounted 9 18.1″/45 Type 94 guns in 3 triple turrets. These guns had a maximum range of 42,030 m (45,960 yards).

    • It does, why do you think it’s called leaks?

      Also, NDA is technically you working on an honor rule to not break the agreement. Wargaming can take action on you but otherwise, they can’t stop you from breaking the rule.

    • There can be loopholes in an NDA, since apparently it’s not legal (iirc) to simply say “don’t talk about it at all”. They have to specify all content that isn’t allowed to be disclosed, and if they forget something, then it might as well be free to discuss.

  2. I’m so hyped about WoWS, i really hope they’ll start open alpha soon, especially if they want to release the game until the end of the year…

  3. Well WoWs developers not like it’s with WoT and WoWp show to be quite informative so far (I’m not sure but isn’t WoWs made by some fatmerican developer studio bought by WG ?), so maybe you won’t have to SS.

  4. WoWp was… well i play it a little , and when i won 1 vs 3 battle with smoking half wreck of ishak 16 i felt really good. But i think only reason i play is for premium acc i have from WoT. Free exp helps too.
    But WoWs should work just fine. Slow and steady gameplay will be ok for bigworld engine.
    Most of screen will be water so high fp even for weak pc ;)
    Good commander will be nessesary in this battles. No rock to hide behind, or bush. And low speeds means once you take a course its already decided if you die or survive :) I hope i will get to alfa or beta.

    • From what they’ve said many times, that’s the intent, yes. WoWs is their testbed for the multigun mechanism they’re working on, which will allow for multiple things from my understanding:

      Existing tanks with more than one gun of higher caliber than a machine gun (i.e. B1, M3 Lee, Churchill I, KV-4, Maus etc.) will be able to use all of their weapons of at least 20 mm diameter, examples of this being that the B1 will get to use its 75 mm howitzer mounted in the hull and the M3 Lee its turret-mounted 37 mm gun. They have their disadvantages compared to the others, but they’ll have their uses. For instance, most people overlook the M3 Lee’s INSANE DPM for tier 4 (2200 – you don’t get that kind of DPM on a medium tank again until tier 7), which is currently limited by an inaccurate gun that makes hitting moving targets a swing and miss affair; that’s where the 37 mm gun comes into play, to shoot off the tracks off of a moving target and render them helpless for the 75 mm gun to finish them off.

      This will also allow for multiturreted vehicles, some of which were confirmed to be added years ago, to be added to the game. Examples include the T-35, FCM F1, and Char 2C (not multiturreted, but multigunned). I have a feeling that of those vehicles the T-35 will come first, as SerB himself has stated multiple times that he’s looking forward to putting it into the game, but that it can’t even be considered until the multiturret/gun mechanism is finalized. The T-35 iirc is supposed to be premium, as are the FCM F1 and Char 2C from what I remember (although imho it might be possible to put them on their own minibranch of “superheavy” tanks, especially if they include the multiple variants of both designs that supposedly existed at least on the drawing board).

    • You mean COD wannabe with tanks?

      No thanks.

      I rather not give my money to a company thats even worse than WG.

      Or to activision in that matter

    • It has been said in the Q&A that the player will control the main batteries directly in surface engagements. All AA is AI controlled, but this and surface secondaries can have priority targets set.

  5. C’mon man… tanks can fight on the solomons.. they’re big enough while shells and planes fly overhead. ;)

    • That or H-44 (basically just an upsized version of the H-41, which is supposed to be the German tier 10 Battleship), or this so-called H-45 that was rumored to be planned (it only appeared in a book as far as I know, but it was described as being 2.5 times the length of a modern Nimitz-class aircraft carrier and being armed with four 80 cm “Schwerer Gustav” guns in single-mount turrets; I’m absolutely certain it’s a hoax, but still, the thought of such a monster is terrifying)

  6. Wow, i just post this on the NA server and it got erased, without warning, just vanish… WTH? lool

    I post it offtopic and was up for less than 5min