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Hello everyone,

so, SerB has a personal blog. It’s not updated regularily and the posts there are generally short and personal, so there was no real reason to translate anything from there, but recently (or rather, today), SerB posted an interesting characteristic of general Russian (not only WoT) audience – as a sort-of advice for those, who want to work with the Russian market. Thanks to Brenwen from LJ community for re-posting the link.

What he wrote (I will try to translate it as correctly as I can):

Russian mass audience – mass as in both the main audience group and the fact there are many of them – is very patriotic. Anti-patriotic groups (in our case, “Germanlovers”) are visible and very loud, so a casual observer might get wrong idea about their numbers and financial importance. The main audience group, providing most of the financial income, is patriotic in following sense:

1. Mass audience is not ashamed and does not want to be ashamed of Russian past and present. All the while a large part of this audience takes highly philosophical approach towards Russian failures and dark parts of history: “We got punched in 1941 in the teeth – oh well, happens, we shrugged it off and ended up in Berlin.” Smaller part of the audience directly argues (makes excuses for) even real failures (“Americans were never on the moon”).

1a. In the consciousness of a large portion of Russians – USSR WAS Russia. Here, SerB states that when the WoWs comes out, he will test the theory of historical importance of Imperial Russian in comparison with Soviet Russia as a part of Russian history.
1b. SerB states that the Belarussians, Ukrainians, Kazakhs and Baltic nations also consider USSR to be a part of their history en masse, regardless of the information background – this was proven economically (even though by virtual economy).

2. Mass audience is patriotical in consumer sense also. If they are to choose between an important and homemade product, they will choose the homemade product. This is a lesson for AvtoVAZ (car producer) – if you start producing vehicles comparable to the imports, the market is yours.
2a. However, if the two product are not equal, patriotism is not equal to idiotism (SS: as in, if the imported product is better, the Russian consumer will not be blind to it just because the homemade is Russian)
2b. China, USA and Germany have the same relationship towards “their” products, even if they are only virtual

3. Mass audience is very aware of the principial position of the company, including its position on other markets. This is due to the fact that modern society connection is increasing because of electronic communication. Using the policy of “different attitude on every market” (in Russian market case, for example using the anti-soviet and anti-Russian element on other – even isolated – markets) inevitably leads to financial losses. That’s why if you wish to make money off the large Russian audience – love Russia/USSR or find yourself another market.

Accordingly, people trying to work on Russian market with the “whole world” attitude or to capitalize on anti-Russian or anti-Soviet element are sentenced to take only small shares of the market, bordering on marginality. As a result, they are completely dependent on resources from outside the market itself and in case of their loss, they are no longer viable.

So, this is it, there you have it from SerB himself. It’s obvious that Wargaming will always prefer Russian market, no matter what anyone from WG EU says about equality and all that. It’s logical – that’s where the money is.

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    • Ukraine wants nothing to do with Russia and Serb, they want to join the EU capitalists, how terrible.

      • Only the loud part of Ukraine. In reality, even by Gallup polls, EU-lovers and Russia-lovers are pretty even there.

    • Oh come on, don’t tell such things about SerB. He’s a dumbshit; maybe he might know how to use profession (in his case, advanced computer programming, if I remember correctly) properly, but in terms of “public relations”, well, I think he’s the biggest son of a b***h in WG…

      SS, ban me if I’m saying wrong. But I hate this guy’s (SerB’s) shitty and useless replies against people.

      • Ye, he is trolling, I mean, just look the Q&A SS makes… “When will skill MM come”…. If somebody asked that 20 times a day, every day, I would troll the shit out of him too…Ye, he is bad at public relations, ye, I hate him sometimes when he trolls even if the question is serious and good… But like i said, he isn’t stupid.

          • I just don’t get it why all this criticism. SerB has obviously above avg IQ. And about his attitude – average WoT player faced with idiocy is much less polite than SerB. Sure, I disagree with him on some issues (KV-1S..) but that’s perfectly normal.

              • Yep, SerB would not have gotten his job if he was really that bad. And if entire WG is retarded like retarded whiners say then nobody would be playing WoT.

                Remember that those answers were towards annoying n00bs in Russia…just translated so we can get a laugh at them.

                SerB is fine; problem is with player…(as always)

      • >. He’s a dumbshit; maybe he might know how to use profession (in his case, advanced computer programming, if I remember correctly)

        No, he was a nuclear physicit/engineer by education and profession,

  1. So he is basically explaining that they HAVE to be biased to stay on the russian market, but maybe only acting like it for profit like a prostitute?

    • Its not just them, and you also have to remember, their company isn’t russian, it’s belorussian, which, is different, no matter the similarities. And ye, just saw a documentary on the “buisness” side of Sochi olympics….I can tell you that ye, either be patriotic and biased towards Russia and their market, or you can pack your bags and find somewhere else to sell.

    • He is explaining that you have to like Russia to succeed on a Russian market. Which makes perfect sense and applies almost anywhere, and in any field.

    • No, he’s not stating you have to be biased, he’s stating you have to get the buy in from the more reasonable elements of the Russian patriotic crowd to be successful in Russia. That just means ‘viable’ rather than making bias. They walk a very fine line.

      Its also poor business sense to just to balance always in favour of Soviet designs. People won’t try out – and spend money on grinding non Soviet lines if anything else they try is not viable. Also the game would become very stale, what is the point if the only viable tanks are just Soviet? No one will play the non viable lines or spend money on them and the game won’t be profitable outside Russia and will only have a limited life inside Russia.

      Looking at Wargaming’s published figures, Russia may be the largest market but the others are not small. The EU and US player bases are no where near as large but ultimately have more potential disposable income to tap into.

      Also the Ukrainian comment is funny, every Ukrainian I’ve met – and I work with two Ukrainian companies – hates the Russians.

      • There is a huge difference between Eastern and Western Ukraine.
        Lots of families in the East are mixed, and the official number of Russians are 17%
        I sure, You have met Ukrainian nationalists from the Western Ukraine. And, yes, they are hate Russians. That’s why SS division “Galichina” takes place in history.

    • I think he may be addressing things like the Stalin debate, not Russian bias. I think the Russian bias thing is more perception than reality.

      Why it took him this long to present a rational explanation when emotions were so charged is beyond me.

    • No, he is talking all about money and money talks.

      900k daily users on the Russian servers.
      Maybe half to 2/3 that, at best, combined, everywhere else.

      It does not take a genius to figure out where to focus your efforts to make money.

    • take a look at ALL THE OTHER WAR GAMES, they are all about Amurica pwning Russians, Germans, Japanese, every one out there and tell me who is more bias?

      • maybe because in the last real war, america was on the winning side?

        ..and america makes most of the films and games?

        ..and they have lost every war since… rofl…

        americans think they won the war alone, they forget us brits, the canadians, anzacs, indians, and the many “free europeans” who probably fought harder, man for man.

        oh.. and was it the russians who got to Berlin first?
        The yanks really REALLY f*cking hate that…even if they agreed to it in the first place… they don’t like glory being taken away from them..

        back to “money talks”

  2. So WG is basically treating the EU part as trash and RU part of the players as gods. How the heck is this news NOW? Gotta say, some people are quite slow when it comes to things like this.

    • All TDs got nerfed hard. Especially the WTE-100. And thats not cause russian bias or whatever. Its cause TDs need a fucking nerf.

        • Likewise WT E-100 gets bursted down with almost everything really.

          Just aim turret, it’s paper thin and if you use HE you can deal full damage and 3-6 critical hits easily.

          Disable gun, turret, few crew members and deal 600-1000 dmg on one HE from almost any T8+ tank in game, not so OP anymore.

          Seriously, if you get fucked up by WT E-100 then you’re doing something wrong, it’s THE easiest TX TD to cripple.

          • If you get fucked up in a WTF E100, you’re the one not playing it right in the first place…

            Stay over 445m away from the closest enemy, wait for a spot, and kill with impunity.
            Or if it’s a city map, wait around a corner, wait in third person view to see some distracted opponents, and burst them down as long as they don’t manage to shoot back.

          • So you somehow has HE loaded(when it’s not viable against most tier X) and somehow hits wtf100 perfectly while on the move as you attempt to get in cover before being erased?


            Everyone knows HE pens turret easily. You just didn’t realize not every tank above tier 8 has 150mm~ guns.

      • It’s just the stereotypical response from fanbois on articles like this. Because if one soviet tonk gets nerfed it basically neglects the fact that there is not bias in the game. Logic you know.

        • There is some sort of russian bias, but not as in soviet vehicles stats being far superior to anything – they’re fairly well balanced for what they’re supposed to do (except the OP-1S) aka brawling.

          The “soviet bias” sits in map design , all maps are small and the game revolves around that fact; lots of chokepoints, lots of cover to move between untill you get close.

          But that isn’t russian bias, it’s brawling bias – people complain about russians because ~all of them are at least decent at brawling, while most are good/great. German heavies for example: E-75 doesn’t follow the sniping lineage and goes for brawling – poof! Instant good tank for everyone.

          Edit: my opinion, obviously, but after seeing some great specimens roaming around here I feel that I need to say this as well

  3. Srsly is that news?
    SerB is just making excuses for why WG is shit towards EU and NA.

    I get it, RU is the main source of income. So, what is wrong with spending some of that income to make EU and NA as good as the RU comminity instead of buying buildings in Dubai and Cyprus banks or whatever? I mean, that”s GOTTA help the income for EU and NA to rise too, right?

    • Did you srsly read all the article?
      He talk about the mass data of Russian and the way of marketing.
      Where did you find the statement about foreign sever?
      Srsly is that a comment?

  4. I fail to see what’s wrong in anything SerB said. Most of WoT players think the exact same way.

    And he doesn’t even say that Soviets need to be overpowered in WoT – he said it’s enough that USSR premium tank is equal to a tank of other nation, and Russians will choose the USSR one.

  5. 1b. SerB states that the Belarussians, Ukrainians, Kazakhs and Baltic nations also consider USSR to be a part of their history en masse, regardless of the information background – this was proven economically (even though by virtual economy).

    Wat? I don’t think any Baltic country would consider themselves a part of USSR, that is why all 3 of us went independent. Is that sentence formulated correctly? I am lost.

    • USSR was a part of their history. That is undeniable and different from “they are still part of the USSR”. Read the sentence again.

      • I got it now, but that just shows how stupid that way of thinking is, of course we are part of their history, they freaking occupied us, but they Russia still considers itself the overlord of Baltic countries, which is retarded.

        • how terrible.

          Russia still big and stronk when compared to your tiny countries that would be be crawling to Russia if anyone invades. Of course it’s still overlord of Baltic countries.

          working as intended.

    • Well, as Serb stated, Germanophiles are minority, but they are much louder.

      Do you know why in Baltic countries that’s not exactly the case? Two resons:
      1) Heavy anti-soviet, pro-fascist propoganda in late 80-s, 90-s and till today. Some political forces (both internal and external) were working on distabilization of USSR. What is the best way to destroy an empire? Start uprisings and opposition in perepherial regions. I’ve witnessed this shit here in Kazakhstan (that’s way from nowhere a group of “kazakh nationalists”, whatever this shit means, has appeared. Although, it’s still an insignificant minority), but in Baltic countries it was much more successful.

      2) Heavy political repression. Stalin is an Angel when it comes to what was happening in Baltic countries in post-soviet times. I know several people from Baltic countries who told me about how they were forced out. Two of them are even ethnic baltic people (Estonian and Latvian), not to mention heavy ethnic repressions – Stalin-style anti-Stalinistic actons. Well played.

      And therefore here you are, typical victim of propoganda, filtered by political and ethnic repressions.

      • In most post-soviet countries, russophiles are a loud minority. Most people in Eastern Europe despise soviet union for utterly destroying economy and culture of their respectable countries. There were even anti-communistic uprisings in Soviet-occupied countries before ’89, which doesn’t fit in your narrative.

        External forces weren’t necessary for dismantling of USSR – it fell because of idiotic soviet policies. Soviets simply weren’t intelligent enough to maintain such a big empire, their economy sucked. Western actions and movements for independence simply made the process faster. Though it is pathetic – all great empires in history fell apart because of wars, USSR is one of the very few that was so weak it didn’t even need help to self-destruct.

        • >In most post-soviet countries, russophiles are a loud minority
          You have no damn idea what the hell you are talking about, right?

          Such stuff is all over the internet. Rusophilia (or even ethnic patriotism) is equal to radicalism. People are screaming about being tolerant. You have no fucking idea what you are talking about.

          >We were even anti-communistic uprisings in Soviet-occupied countries before ’89, which doesn’t fit in your narrative.
          Yes, it does. Or show me if it doesn’t, you demagog.

          >External forces weren’t necessary for dismantling of USSR – it fell because of idiotic soviet policies.
          That’s what I said: both internal and external forces. Why we have so much corruption in post-soviet countries? Because without property corruption (in today Russia’s form) is pretty much impossible. And today political elite in Russia comes from Soviet political elite – you get the point?

          • Is this a link to Encyclopedia Dramatica for poor people? You could just as well link something in swahili. Russian ain’t relevant since 1989.

            >Such stuff is all over the internet. Rusophilia (or even ethnic patriotism) is equal to radicalism. People are screaming about being tolerant. You have no fucking idea what you are talking about.

            You’re not making any sense, comrade. Drink some tea and say that again once you’re calm. Oh, and you do realize that soviets were funding hippy movements through the entire Cold War? Meaning that those wackos screaming about tolerance are your fault – it’s good to see that they’re popping up in Russia as well, have a taste of your own medicine (btw, how are you AIDS rates? still abysmal? lol).

            >Yes, it does. Or show me if it doesn’t, you demagog.

            You’re the one talking about pro-fascist propaganda without showing any proof, demagogue. Do you believe that Prague Spring was also done by fascists and that Soviets did the right thing by crushing it? I really hope you don’t believe that.

            >That’s what I said: both internal and external forces.

            Are you saying that soviet officials wanted USSR to fall? Well, perhaps internal power struggles did play a role, but I don’t think they would let that happen if they could stop it. After all, all they crave is power, and they lost quite a bit of that.

            You said “Stalin is an Angel when it comes to what was happening in Baltic countries in post-soviet times” – only a brainwashed idiot could say such a thing. If you disagree, then please tell me about genocides that happened in Baltic countries after USSR fell. Oh right, you probably believe that Katyn is a lie, even though even modern Russia admits they did it, lel.

            • >Russian ain’t relevant since 1989.

              How do you know about “rusophils in post-USSR countries” if you don’t speak russian? Did you hear it on TV? That’s what I’am talking about – you have no idea what you are talking about.

              >Are you saying that soviet officials wanted USSR to fall?
              Yes. KGB failed to recognize and cease opposition-groups inside and outside (creative intelligentzia mostly) of The Party. That’s one of the major reasons for the fall of USSR – enemies from the inside.

              >you probably believe that Katyn is a lie
              Nope. Katyn is OK. It’s all matter of perspective. There is a lot of episodes in “western civilized countiries” histories that can be called genocide and war crimes. In fact that’s just right and wrong historical decisions. Killing is ok. It’s part of life and historical process.

      • People of Baltic states will hate you as well as polish and czech people until you don’t get what horrible crimes you did to them.
        For me there is no difference between russian communists and german fascist, Both regimes have the same ideology with just differnt symbols. Both killed millions of people and both treat humans like ants.

        • Well, they can hate as much as they like. After all, it’s their psychological problems, not mine or anyone else’s.
          Some people just can’t accept the fact that no small, weak states (with some exceptions) can be truly independent. Are Baltic and Eastern-Europe countries are independent now, or just part on another Empire, huh?

          Regarding communism and fascism you can just google, to prove yourself wrong. The fundamental difference is that communism is radically-revolutionary ideology, while fascism (as in german fascism/nazism) is radically-conservate ideology. Communism is left ideology (nationalization of all industry, no private enterprises allowed), fascism is right ideology (union of corporations and state). Communism (Soviet) is progressive ideology (world revolution, end of class-struggle, money-less state), german fascism is regressive, stagnative ideology (millenium Reich, social relations are feudal by nature).

          But of course, your propoganda you keep hearing from the moment you was born tells you that your country in independent and communist and fascism are the same.

          • Dude, you make some valid points here but relax with shouting “PROPAGANDA !!!” all the time. The same is true for the other side. It’s not about propaganda pro or anti anything, it’s about ignorance. There are sources for information on both sides of the Volga and only ignorance and stupidity will make people settle on a simple yet loud point. Be it redneck american, revisionist european, violently nostalgic russian etc, it’s all about people finding a simple catchy phrase they liked and sticking with it out of pure stubbornness and stupidity not ill will or because “someone else made them do it”.

          • 1) How is the union between corporations, trade unions and state a right wing idea? Just a different approach to socialism. Or a third way if you like this term.
            2) What made you think that Third reich was feudal by nature? Because of the word Reich, incorectly translated as Empire? A bit superficial.
            3) How is the persecution of christians in Nazi Germany, establishment of state-party (it was meant to replace the church) and cult of personality a “radically-conservative ideology”? Nazis for example promoted historical monarchs like Heinrich der Vogler (vanquisher of the pommeranian Slavs, used against Poles), Friedrich Barbarossa (hero of the german king of the mountain legend) and Karl der Grösse (founder of the HRE) for purely propaganda reasons, just like the Soviets used Alexander Nevsky when they were attacked by their germany ally.
            4) You really cant say that fascism as a whole is a conservative idea. First you have Spain and Portugal, which really were a conservative regimes. But then you have italian fascism, which, apart from some Roman empire symbolism, was very future-oriented – architecture, art, literature (futurism, Marinetti)
            5) Baltic states, together with most of Eastern Europe, are now independent, or at least free from that barbaric eastern horde.

            • 1) Corporations is not right for you? What is right for you than, Sir Humphrey?
              2) First – CLOSED elite (in USSR elite was open – there’s a lot of examples of high-level officials who started as simpel workers/peasants and steadily went up to elite). Second – feudal ideas regarding aliens – all other nations-countries are inferiour and wild, other races/ethnicities are untermensh and barbarian. So, closed inside, closed outside – here is your feudal state with electricity and steam engines – or German model of fascism, as it’s called.
              3) Do you know what conservative is, Sir Humphrey? The genesis of German fascism is conservative, reactionary. It’s a reaction to defeat of German in WWI and serious problems in economy, while in political area conter-conservative forces arised – communists and socialists (lol, you don’t think german fascism=socialism, because their party was called social-nationalist, do you?). So, as reaction to this processes, a reactionary, conservative fascist movement started – “let’s get back to feudalism in new form, show them m-fuckers that our past glory is not past and than establish millenium reich to stand for thousand years, as it is”.
              4) GERMAN fascism is conservative. There is no precise definition for “fascism” – it was different in different countries, in diffrent movements/parties.
              5) Of course they are, Sir Humphrey :) Of course they are totally independent. You know, Soviet Socialist Reapublics of Ukraine, Belorussia, Kazakhstan also were totally inderependent, Sir Humprhrey.

              • 1) The fact that they werent straightforwardly nationalised means nazi economy was freemarket or right wing in the economical sense of the word? Ever heard of Görings Four year plan? Schacht’s Mefo bills? Shitloads of welfare benefits? Strasserism was rejected by nazis, sure, but it doesnt mean the nazis always acted contrary to it.
                2) haha, total bullshit. Nazi leadership wasnt only those “Alte Kämpfer” from the 20′. Or perhaps your comparsion is based on the fact, that overwhelming majority of old communists were dead by 1938.
                3) moraly conservative probably yes, but they didnt respect old conservative institutions like clergy, kaiser, army, nobility etc. they werent hostile to most of them, but certainly not supportive. Your simple logic that for example being a Freikorps member fighting against Spartakists in the 1919 makes you moraly conservative.. i am just laughing.
                4) it merely uses shadows of former conservative institutions and ideas to support the ruling, powerhungry party – the new elite. Again, all those old things were undesirable competetion to the new national socialist regime. For example their relationship with exiled Wilhelm II.
                5) i am not naive and neither do i make silly comparsions
                6) why are you so obsessed with my avatar?

          • Fascism conservative? Haha. Stop reading communist babling. Both fascism and comunism are left.

            The word fascism comes from the italian word for workers union. The Hitler was father of modern welfare state – paid holiday, unions, birth money etc. Actually fathers of fascism were social democrats. Ask some serious philosophy student for materials.

            Communism is progressive only in your dreams. In reality its statism in pure form. 100% economy controlled by the state. Thats why it failed. Fascism would failed too if only Hitler did not keep stealing money from other lands. Thats why he had to wage war. His welfare state would colaps as well as current EU welfare state is colapsing.

            And don’t use google if you need some serious info.

            • I think theres no point in arguing with him, he is typical soviet fanboy. I dont really mind the old imperial nationalism or current putinism, spheres of influence and caucasus expansion – its totaly understandable behavior of the big (dying out) nation, but i truly despise communism and USSR and i dont really understand why Russians consider it to be russian. Hell, Russians were only 50% of its population :O.

      • Much BS
        Such fanboy
        But seriously who the fuq have telled u that there are ethnic repressions nowadays in the Baltic states? Or that some one was forced out from these countrys? Oh I know… some butthurt russians or pro communists that cant still belive that USSR dosent exist…
        QQ… How terrible…

        • Technically, “Ужас какой” means “What a terror” or “Such a terror” :P

      • Alexander Abdulov, are you seriously suggesting that something worse happened to Russian miority after 1991, than what happened to Balts in 1940 and 1945?
        I don’t recall anything like mass deportations in cattle wagons, killing of most intelectual, political and military elite, expropriations of property, and forceful colonization by other ethnicity – which were all done by your “Stalin is and Angel”.

  6. He doesn’t mention that he keeps Stalin’s photo under his pillow? Russians, just alike Germans are denying historical truth and crimes commited by their nations.

    • Tomato post.

      Germans denying history? Where? Germans are more anti-nazi than I am. I am able to rationally enlist the positive sides of nazism, while Germans are all anti-nazi in every way, they can’t even make a nazi-related joke.

      Russians are not denying Staling, but the man made their country #1 in the world in some things, and for decades top2. The only people denying something are anti-Stalinists who only focus on bad things.

      • Over 60% of german citizens are denying holocaust and extermination camps. They call it “polish camps”. Yeah everything nazi-related in Germany is banned. That’s called denying. New born generations are not made aware of the crimes commited by their grandparents.

        Yeah Stalin made their country #1 in killing (mainly their own ppl) GJ !

        • There you go, perfect example of denial is right there in your post. “Stalin did nothing good for USSR, he was just killing people.”

        • > Over 60% of german citizens are denying holocaust and extermination camps.
          Surely you can point me to a not-obviously-made-up statistic to prove that.

          > New born generations are not made aware of the crimes commited by their grandparents.
          I guess I imagined those four years of history class exclusively discussing WW2 and the nazi crimes, then.

        • As someone intimately acquainted with the German primary and secondary school education I can safely say that new born generations are made extremely, vividly, graphically, explicitly well aware of the crimes committed with the tacit assent of their grandparents. The book-stores are full of histories of WWII, nazis and the whole ghoulish details associated with them. Documentaries about it are running all the time on TV. You have to be blind, deaf and most of all dumb to be ignorant of nazi crimes in 201xs Germany.

          Those that are deniers are, as everywhere, loud but by far in the minority.

            • Point?
              That was a very realistic documentation. Contrary to popular belief not every soldier or civilian was a Nazi or even agreed with their mindset. Which is exactly what this documentation shows.

                • So something explaining a phenomenon in an objective way is automatically approving it? You fail at comprehension. To be able to avoid mistakes, you must understand them. Coming from a country (Croatia) that never properly did what Germans are doing, I can testify theirs is DEFINITELY the right way to do it.

                • The made-up statistic to prove that come from “Stern”, research made about year ago, due to my far from good german I have trouble finding link to it. Somehow sick desires of this nation to rule to world never fade. Did losing WW1 work? Nope. Losing WW2? Nope. Time will show if EU fail will work.

                • Few more years of propaganda and Germany will ask “evil jews” to pay the contribution for time and effort they had to spend on exterminating them, of course forced by evil Nazis who were not germans at all.

    • Lol. There is no thing like “historical truth” since history as science exist. Each country have their own point of view (with tons of proofs, ofc). Just the strongest one make others to learn his view on history. Just even check this lovely trash – wiki :D

  7. 1. Mass audience is not ashamed and does not want to be ashamed of their past.
    Tell me about a country that is ashamed about its past (except Germany). None! Every country will twist history to its own benefit. Here’s where propaganda becomes a very effective tool. And soviet propaganda was powerful and blatant to a degree of stupid. But stupid masses are easy to control.

    2. Mass audience is patriotical in consumer sense also.
    Again, this is also a proven fact foe every other country. I would also buy a car that’s built in my country if it gets near what the international market is offering. Hell… I already did that.

    3. About this point… This is where SerB shows us that loving Russia/USSR equals hating the western capitalists and ex-soviet states that dared to break from the glorious Soviet Empire! RAWR!

    There you have it. Years and years of soviet bullshit propaganda continued by a so called “democratic regime” lead by tzar Putin and his acolytes made the russians a patriotic bunch that ignore the shit economy their country has and are proud (or afraid) of their leaders. WarGaming just saw the potential profit and took advantage. It’s just about the money after all.

    • Shit Russian economy? Compared to… bankrupt western economies? Do you know what will happen once western Ponzi scheme ends, and others stop lending money?

      You don’t have to be patriotic to like Putin. He did a lot for Russia, and he’s 10x more capable and impressive than leaders of my country.

      To you everything is propaganda.

      • Russia’s still strong due to its natural resources. For a country as big as a continent, their economy basing only on natural resources is shitty in my books. Don’t compare them to the western stupidity but with real economies like Japan, South Korea, USA, Norway, Sweden.

        Japan has almost no resources and yet it’s a world wide economic power. South Korea has advanced so fast in the last two decades that is now above most of the EU countries. USA has a strong economy even if they had their downs recently. USA’s problem is that they’re wasting resources and that’s what’s causing their economy to fluctuate. Norway and Sweden are examples of good economies in a degrading Europe. Even Germany’s economy would be stronger than the russian one if it wasn’t for the russian natural gas resources.

        And I agree that Putin is a very capable dictator… I mean leader.

        • I see. So there’s “economy” and then there’s “economy in your opinion”. Russia doesn’t count because of natural resources, but Norway counts..

          I said “western” and you talk about Asia (although Japan is bankrupt). South Korea actually advanced “so fast” during dictators, and is slowing down last two decades.
          USA has “downs”.. Well it’s actually completely bankrupt and living on a Ponzi scheme and money printing. It’s easy to have strong economy like that, especially when they destroy every country that threatens to undermine the value of a dollar.
          Sweden has debt that amounts to 187% of GDP, in other words – bankrupt. Although it did profit from non-interference in WWII.

          So much about that.

          • “Bankruptcy is a legal status of a person or other entity that cannot repay the debts it owes to creditors.”
            So … a state that has debt N x 100% GDP is not bankrupt unless it can’t burrow money to pay up it’s maturing debt. As long as they can get money to pay debts, they are a functioning economy.
            Romania in 1989 was a state with 0$ external debt. And shit poor. The people were missing basic utilities and trade goods. So, having no debts is irrelevant when it comes to judging the health of an economy and the social well being of a nation.

            Also, Mao was talking about the way the Russian economy is structured so that their exports are mostly raw materials and not manufactured goods. That implies that they are very dependent on the fluctuation of external markets for raw materials. That implies that it’s not such a good country to invest in because a relatively small tremor in the price of oil for example can send it’s coin into a spin and all of your investments will go to waste. That is why they can’t achieve a high quality in their manufactured goods, because nobody invests in new factories. And on and on and on … As long as they only trade in gas and metals you can’t say that the Russian economy is healthy or stable.

          • Until the Americans helped South Korea industrialize after the military dictatorships, South Korea was literally worse than living in North Korea in terms of living standards while not having much more freedom than North Korea. North Korea just never changed since the mid 1980s, after the Soviets ran into a financial crisis and is no longer helping them modernize.

      • Standard of living in “bankrupt” Western countries is almost mythological compared to squalor of “rich” Russia. Such a shithole.

        • My lovely France is economically stronK? I don’t think so, since there is almost no production, only marketing and other shit like that. Just need to wait till EU countries will fall in economical collapse and China or Russia can easily help EU to go down.

          • Never said France is economically strong, just commenting about standard of living – which, I assure you, is higher in France than in Russia. If you want to improve your economy, just remove kebab and socialism, problem will solve itself. If EU collapses economically, Russia will suffer too since EU is their main market.

        • Haha please… I live in US and travel all over the world including Europe and couple of times to Russia. It is the same everywhere. Some areas are nice the other are pure shit. In-fact I would say inside cities Russia fared much better since I never “detected” any ghettos or areas where I would feel unsafe walking down the street because I looked different from an ethnicity habitating there and “running” things.

          On economy:
          If every country’s economy was based on manufacturing then where would they be getting the materials? That is unsustainable fantasy.
          Besides all this touting for EU is funny .. the only countries that win with this union are bigger and economically developed ones. Every other country that joined and had little infrastructure or had to undergo massive and expensive retooling to meet EU’s standards is doing absolutely poorly. In addition after spending all that money and still having no recognition for their brand of product in EU market and thus no one buying it (which ultimately led to many businesses going bankruptcy). Inflation is larger than GDP growth and PPP growth for many of these left-behind countries. So it is not all cream-and-peaches like many like to claim.

          Besides I would love to see how EU would handle things if we would stop pouring hundreds of millions to NATO and overall military help. To be frank I am getting tired of paying for safety of non-tax payers. We already ran USA’s spending over the top and need to deal with our own problems along with our hidden ~20% unemployment rate.

          While SerB can be a total dick I tend to agree with what he is saying here. You cannot enter a market and hate on their local history or pride. That is like WG coming here and claiming that our country’s armed forces are baby killers and that we are a country of bigots that love slavery and we should burn our flags in protest.

      • Well the fact that EU welfare state is bankrupt doesn’t tell us the russian economy is in a good state.

  8. Reading comprehension really does matter. Patriotism does not equal bias, it equals preference if, and only if, there are no better alternatives. Russians are nothing if not pragmatic. What Serb is saying that Russian producers will always be one step ahead of foreigners, unless foreigners manage to deliver much better quality. What he is not saying, like so many seem to think, is that Russian tanks need to better in game. Of course, anybody remotely familiar with Russia(ns) and their economy knows this already. And one should definitely add that if you dare to produce better quality locally, you had better be prepared to pay massive bribes.

    • ” Patriotism does not equal bias, it equals preference if, and only if, there are no better alternatives”

      Glad I’m not the only one that also understood it like this.

  9. Why didn’t you include the song that SerB put in his post? That’s the most important part! :D

  10. It’s not Russian patriotism braking the game.

    It’s bad decision making regarding the map balance, vehicle-type balance and game mechanics.
    The only reason the game is so profitable is the fact there is no direct competitor of the tank-shooter genre.

  11. So we should expect more Russian tier 10 tanks. Copy/paste sells more than French/Chinese/Japanese I guess…
    Wasn’t there a hard limit on tier 10 tanks a nation can have? I remember something about 10 machines, but I am not really sure.

      • We already have 4 T-62′s and 4 T-54′s (chinese included).
        Plus there will be another T-54, this time russian premium. Really, do we need more of the same?
        Panzer IV’s have much more differences compared to the 95% equal T-54, Type 59, WZ-120 and T-34-2.

          • How did you guess?

            The damn design is the same, of course different guns with different soft stats on the same platform mean different performance ingame, but IT IS THE SAME DESIGN, same profile, same appearance.

            Other trees have it as well, but 4 times, really?

    • Oh, about the song at the end.

      A Russian television called Дождь – Rain (the song is called “After the rain”) was effectively closed after they put a question about Leningrad siege. They aired a program, which asked the viewers “Shouldn’t Leningrad be handed to the Germans instead of fighting and losing 1 million people in it?”
      The inevitable storm from veterans/patriots followed and all satellite operators terminated contracts with them. Officially for other reasons, but it’s clear that politics is involved.

      Obviously the post is related to this event, some of the comments hint the same.

        • His reaction just proves what his intellectual level is. Unlike Burkatovskiy, who I really respect.

          It’s a legitimate question, “what if”. Sure, any blind nationalist will just unleash the shitstorm without even trying to think about it first…

          • Nationalist shitstorm aside, there were some pragmatic military reasons for not giving away Leningrad even against the huge cost in human lives and suffering.

            • I can think only of the Baltic fleet and arms industry in the city, besides Hitler’s “It’s their capital of revolution and I want it burned to the ground”.

              Can you share more information? It would be good to read some more on the topic.

              • Will add link later.
                Mainly it was the overall strategic stance for the USSR. What they had plenty off was manpower and sadly cannon fodder, what they didn’t have in abundant supply were symbolic landmarks which they needed to use in their drive to mobilise the entire nation behind their leaders into the war effort. The siege of Leningrad motif was perfect for this. Beyond that, it kept important enemy forces pinned down and ensured that the front line was stretched across the widest possible area to further hamper German logistics.

  12. Honestly what if this was made in America or Britain. Would there not be American bias or British bias? We are so quick to judge ie) call of duty (Ameria is the best army in the world and one man can take down an entire terrorist cell) come on people its soooo obvious

    • Well, depends. CoD is already well known for really dumbing down war. Some American games are very patriotic (because ‘murica!), and I know as an American that many Americans are very patriotic if they are not well informed of history (or are like me and just really find the lesser known history of America very exciting).

      But not all American games are patriotic. Red Orchestra 2 is one of the most neutral WWII games I have ever seen. How you feel when playing it, anybody can be the good guys, even the Japanese. If you want to look at raw nationalism, look at the Civilization series. It is a game dedicated to being whatever nation in history you want to be. Now, what is sad is that the most won civilization in Civ V is America, but it is a game that revolves around global culture.

      Don’t get me started on Company of Heroes 2. For one thing, it’s Canadian, not American. As much as I like the multiplayer in that game, it really did shove a thumb up the Russians’ arses by portraying them as the true bad guys. Sure, they committed war crimes, but they also defeated the Nazis. That game was exemplified to being for the Western audience. Hell, the game is not sold anymore in Eastern Europe, and the Russian market was the third largest Company of Heroes market.

      As for British games, I haven’t played many, or known of many. They do like portraying themselves in media, not in a specific way though. I get the impression that a Brit needs to be featured in a British game, movie, or book , but he does not need to be a good guy or a bad guy. There just needs to be a Brit. There is one upcoming game though I am excited for called Festung Europa, and it will be a heavily realistic FPS about Britain’s involvement in Operation Overlord, maps going from Juno Beach to Cannes. Of course, they are featuring British soldiers, Polish volunteers, and German soldiers first, so maybe there is some patriotism, but they did mention that they would add the Americans later on, and I would not put it past game companies these days making WWII games to make some version or another about the Eastern Front, and I am curious about the British perspective on Soviet involvement during WWII.

      • They were happy the soviets took them Tetrarchs off their hands and Churchill hated / feared / never trusted Stalin but did sell off Eastern Europe to him. Also he always expected the next war to be against the bolsheviks.

        Is there more to it lads ?

      • Indeed CoH2 did a mistake. By portraying the truth about the soviets in WW2 they lost an important market and quite some financial revenue. They should have just skipped it. Nobody expects a game to show history exactly as it was, the game itself should be good (and from this point of view, I prefer the original CoH).

        • Except they portrayed the Soviets as villains compared to the Nazis. It was full of mind baffling things that never had a possibility of existing IRL. For example, burning your own civilians in houses during an evacuation? Officer shooting soldier for an incredibly act of bravery and soldiers getting gunned down by the NKVD squads like Enemy at the Gates is portraying history? You must remember that the soldiers are infact Soviet citizens and are armed and will rebel and commit mutiny if something like that happened. In the original CoH and CoH2, German stuff is hilariously powerful compared to IRL. They are called Reich Entertainment by some for good reason.

      • Exactly i think it is funny though by you can tell who America is nervous about by the bad guys in their media, grand theift auto- gangs, red dawn- soviets, red dawn- Koreans, call of duty mw series terrorists etc…

        • I’m not going to lie my favourite cod is world at war, when you could be the red army.

        • I was getting bored about seeing the soviets as antagonists in every post-WW2 CoD until Black Ops 2. And I don’t need to see in video games a country’s real enemies. I’d rather have a fictive but interesting conflict even if the 2 parts don’t seem to be enemies in real life. At least in Ghosts the antagonists being South Americans made a different story.

  13. imo every tech tree has one “crown jewel” or two. it doesn’t have to be OP, maybe just iconic or effective or fun!
    I don’t believe in bias crap, but I believe in inbalance, most of it because the devs just doesn’t know how to fix it!

  14. It’s pretty clear that the game is Russian-biased, that was clear from day one, some time ago, when I joined the game. The patriotism ruins everything, in every country, the thing is, that the Russians didn’t level up their debts to the world, whilst Germany paid even more than it should, the Germans are extremely fair and honest, and won’t seek to screw you over, at a nation-wide level, they are practically the most serious men around; and if they want , they can be number one in a bevy of fields. One more thing that bothers me, is that displaying a swastika is pretty much a game over situation, while the same cannot be said about the hammer and sickle, equal treatment should be applied, the least said. And while Germany is quiet and mind its own business,( and are practically the driving locomotive in the EU economy, if everyone would do their job as well as Germany, then, the EU would be the finest and most well oiled union of states the world has seen), while Russia threatens others with nukes and with armed force, and they say they’ll quash any opposition, but one nation’s leaders can assent various things, God forbid a world-wide war… Russia has no chance. Well, until then, treatment based on merits, world peace and prosperity! Stay safe and relish life!

    • Well said, mate. That’s the thing I hate most about modern day politics. Nazi are banned everywhere while commies don’t have any interdiction. Like they are any better. But they won the war so history is written how they want it…Germany is still above Russia anyway even if they lost the war. Mainly because of the seriousness and discipline of the people, as you perfectly put it.

    • Germany paid by far less then it should have, in strictly monetary terms. How do you quantify 20 million lives in monetary terms ? But even beyond that, for example during the war, the economies of lesser Axis members, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Czechoslovacia etc were absolutely robbed. The nazis took resources and finished products and paid for them with government bonds without any real value. After the war off course they wouldn’t pay because those other guys were also on the losing side, so no war reparations for them. Also, as opposed to all them eastern countries swallowed behind the Curtain, West Germany got help through the Marshall plan which made a world of difference.

      A slight difference between the swastika and the sickle and hammer is that one ideology promoted killing other people for being different, the other one let it happen simply because power came to a gang of paranoid megalomaniac devious politicians. People weren’t sent to gulags in the name of Socialsm, but because comrade Stalin feared \ distrusted \ didn’t like them. Same as in every other communist dictatorship.

      • Like USSR behaved nice with its so-called “allies”? May I remind you of Warsaw 1944? Anyway, why should Germany be the only one to pay for the lives lost in the war? I hope you don’t believe the BS that they and only they started the war. USSR were lucky Germany attacked first, as they wanted to start the war nevertheless and they would have done it without a second thought. They wanted the whole of Europe under the Curtain. How lucky they were they could pose as the victims…And the fact that communism didn’t kill people just because they’re of a certain race, but because they were against the regime doesn’t make the act forgivable. I won’t even get into the fact that 11 million jews died compared to 60 million russians/ukrainians/polish/people from the Baltic countries. Both regimes committed genocide and both should be banned and none praised in any way.

        • “I hope you don’t believe the BS that they and only they started the war.”
          Nope, far from it. I also don’t think that “they also did it” is not an argument outside of a Kindergarten class. We can discuss why Germany didn’t pay all its debts or why the USSR didn’t, but you can’t use one to answer the other.

          “communism didn’t kill people just because they’re of a certain race, but because they were against the regime doesn’t make the act forgivable”

          It doesn’t make it forgiveable, the point is just that the not so subtle difference between the two ideologies is that one promotes racism as a state policy which should be a dead giveway about its nature while the other lets bad people get to power because of poor design. The effects are arguably similar, but the road is different, hence you can’t put = sign between them.

  15. There is 1m players on RU servers and 200k on EU servers. USSR was an empire and failed. Nothing surprising.

  16. ” All the while a large part of this audience takes highly philosophical approach towards Russian failures and dark parts of history”

    I don’t think SerB knows what “philosophical” means. Better words would be “dogmatic” or “revisionist”. We can’t really blame him, since philosophical education in Belarus and Russia is pathetic, those countries haven’t contributed anything to philosophy in decades.

    Also, it’s hilarious how SerB claims Russian patriots think good of USSR, while in reality Russian patriots are rabidly anti-soviet, since they are heirs of Whites. Soviet Union destroyed Russian culture and lives of millions of Russian people, only an utter idiot could say that such desolation is “patriotic”.

    • Mister Berdyaev and Mister Vernadsky disagree with you. The fact someone doesn’t like some ideas doesn’t make them inferiour. If you want philosophers in last “decades”, get Dugin.

      And what are the Western philosophers who “contributed” in last decades? Francis Fukuyama? Yep, very western, lol.

      • Berdyaev is “last decades” to you? Hahahahahahhahahahaha. Oh wow, so you admit that there were no Russian philosophers of note in the past 70 years :^) Vernadsky – same deal. Neither of them is relevant in modern philosophy.
        Fukuyama was born in the USA, so was his father. Very western indeed. And you’re saying that you don’t know any other Western philosophers? See, that’s what I said, your education is terrible. You never heard about Popper? One of the most important philosophers of XX century, you must be retarded if you don’t know who he is. What about Deleuze? Lacan? Foucalt? Derrida? Tarski (that feeling when Poland is more important in the field of philosophy than Russia)? Chomsky? Zizek? Penrose? Dennet? You don’t know ANY of the? Hahaha. Look at any list of modern philosophers and try looking for Russian surnames – prepare for a cold shock :D

        • Well, I wasn’t refering to Fukuyama ethnicity, but to the fact he claimed MODERN (as in western, european) world to be dead.
          Most of the names you’ve enumerated were working in roughly the same period of time as russian cosmists. And they were not quite western – counter-western, I would say. Modern(-istic) europe has nothing to do with rhizome, sorry. On the other hand, metaphysic of russian cosmists was coherent and relevant to general line of KPSS party, so to speak (to some point in time at least).

          As to Dugin – he is at least not post-modernist. That’s a good start for becoming a good significant philosopher (speaking of your list).

      • And Dugin? Your example of modern Russian “philosopher” is a butthurt nationalist? All his ideas are political in nature, and inane to say the least. If he’s the smartest you have then there’s no hope for Russia’s future.

  17. There is a saying: May the God help those who are in need of Russian help. When the glorious Red Army “liberated” Serbia in 1944 there were no sheep spared (raped, not eaten).

    • Dear God, but why ? I know this isn’t a joking matter, but I am pretty sure that Serbian women are quite beautiful.

    • Fucking russian barbarians. They’ve left nothing but museums, universities, hospitals, roads, whereever they went. At least, Caucasus, Central Asia, Far East. Barbarians. Destroyed beautiful traditional cultures and brought their stupid education, medicine and law enforcment. Pathetic.

      • Completely agree about Central Asia and the Far East, but in Europe … entire factories were carried away on trains. Just two Romanian jokes from the ’50s that ilustrate how people saw the soviet liberators.
        First is about the economic “partnerships” that were run between the USSR and the satellite states like Romania untill the late 50′s.
        “The 1952 reciprocal trade deal between the Romanian People’s Republic and the USSR ensures the further cementing of the friendship between our peoples. We give them our grain and in exchange they take our oil.”

        And …
        A teacher asks Little Johnny what does he think about the friendship between the USSR and the RPR.
        ” Johnny, what would you say ? Are the soviets our friends or our brothers ?”
        Little Johnny thinks a bit and then answers “Our brothers !”
        “Oh, that is nice. Why do you think that ?”
        “Well Miss, you can chose your friends …”

        • We have similar in Poland, but with pork and coal.
          The second joke is about converstion between Polish seamen, that ends abruptly when one sailing to Vladivostok explains politely, he’s usually returning by train.

      • They’ve left nothing but museums which served only propaganda purposes, universities teaching only marxism and lysenkoism, mass graves filled with innocent people, millions of raped women… Oh, and hospitals and roads, gotta give them that! ;)

        • I see that some people in these comments have a thing about raping – I’m not a psychiatrist, but I see some stigmatization of rape. Tell me about your childhood, Schlomo. What was your realtionships with your dad, if you had one?

          • Well it was common the russian soldiers raped any women they could find. My friends relatives remebered that when SS came to village the women were save. When russians came they f… everything which had a hole.

            And they stolen my grandfathers watches…

            • German had a policy that supported murder and looting as long as they are not super Aryan races. Looting and rape were punishable by death in the Red Army.

  18. These are IMO the most annoying people that frequent WoT:
    1- German fanboys: “Fucking russian bias, WTE 100 is so underpowered AND these pricks nerf it… IRL it could one shot IS-3s at 20km away and it was so superior to every tank in the world even if it didn’t exist”
    2- Xenophobic russians: “Ally ________IVANSTRONK___________RU destroyed randomplayer_US, randomplayer_EU and randomplayer_SG”
    3- US chat spammers: “Hello I’m 58 years old, I was trained in Fort Buttsecksonly , I served in the 300th squad, I was the top sniper with over 300 confirmed kills and I’m trained in gorilla warfare. I announced to everyone that my 7 years old daughter wanted to play the game but everybody started harassing her sexually in the chat and I got so mad that I shat my diaper”

    • Many people say that WG makes every new branch OP and than nerfs it because they are greedy. Must be a conspiracy.

    • 1. Personally I find WT E-100 the crappiest tier 10 TD. And I think you’re exaggerating. I don’t think german fanboys keep saying that all russian tanks are OP (except for KV-1S, which totally is) and claim such historical things. I’ve never seen anyone asking for Tiger and Tiger II to be able to one-shot IS from a few km. I honestly didn’t notice such fanboys.
      2. IVANSTRONK_RU :))))) nice one
      3. Are there really such guys on the US server?

      • lol, considering the way you judged these jokes, denying all but the second one you must be:
        1. german yourself
        2. russophobe
        3. american lover

        Bias is stronk with you! :D

        • 1.I’m not german, not even from a germanophile country.
          2. I don’t hate the russian people, just the country (mostly for its past).
          3. I didn’t deny the third affirmation, just was curious if its true as I don’t play on NA.
          So you got it mostly wrong.

          • Liar! Not only your facebook says otherwise (even as a joke and you are actually Romanian), your attitude either. Not to mention it’s full of Nazi symbols, Hitler pictures etc. Also your country is germanophile, russophobic and during WWII became part of the Axis. You hate the country because of it’s past? How about common decency? One more step and before you know it, you are standing in Auschwitz, exterminating people. But according to your Facebook, you would be happy to!

            • So how I am a liar?You said it yourself I’m not german, even if I like the country. While I’m not against Hitler, this has nothing to do with a game. Take the WT E-100. I’m not going to grind that line so I’m mostly gonna meet it in battle. Why would I want it to be OP? To have more problems with it? I’m quite impartial when it comes to that because I don’t keep tanks after getting them elite but continuously meet them in battle, so there’s no reason for me to want an OP tank to remain that way.

  19. This blog doesn’t surprise me at all , Europeans will always be 2nd class customers whether it’s American or Russian or Asian developers. They will always target they own demographic first which is exactly why there is no EU QA – because they don’t care what you think.

  20. SS, does it mean You are going to lose Russian readers because You are one stubborn bolshevik-hater?

  21. Despite the seemingly trollish nature of SerBs post, he *IS*right

    money comes first, and if you have to be patriotic to get it, so be it.

    And how do we know his marketing strategy works?


    • Even car company’s use the patriotic spin to sell cars here in the US. Anybody would be stupid not to use any and all means to sell a product.

  22. “If they are to choose between an –>important<– and homemade product, they will choose the homemade product."
    i think u wanted to write "imported", right? ;)

  23. “So, this is it, there you have it from SerB himself. It’s obvious that Wargaming will always prefer Russian market, no matter what anyone from WG EU says about equality and all that. It’s logical – that’s where the money is.”

    RU where’s the money is?? That’s a laugh.

    I here that the EU and NA players have more premium accounts than the RU players. In fact from what I hear (NA Forums) that the RU players are on the cheap in WoT. They are more F2P accounts than premi’s.

    So who is supporting WG more? Now how true is this fact IDK. However, until proven otherwise that’s my perspective.

    • With that perspective, the Westerners and Orientals provide the money, and the Russians provide the advertising.

      That actually makes a lot of sense now.

  24. “Mass audience is not ashamed and does not want to be ashamed of Russian past and present….”

    They should be VERY ashamed, since their country was and still is one of the most suppressive regimes in the civilised world, which tramples elementary human rights underfoot. Obviously, they ignore the hideous truth about their history.

    At least there is some poetic justice: Every nation has the government it deserves. :)

    • Why would someone be ashamed of his country being top2 world power and technological leader for decades? Achieving things 50 years ago that 98% other countries didn’t achieve even by this day.

      Does Russia spy on my Google and Yahoo accounts? No, the only one who violates my rights is USA.

      Also, “human rights” are an invention, it’s what you make of it. Westerners woke up one day and decided “it should be like this now”. You should be ashamed if you think that’s some kind of global ideal. It’s not, and should not be.

  25. Pretty honest admission of a standard position from pretty much every game maker, film maker and tv series creator (hell even author) who wants to make money – don’t piss off your target market. It is foolish to read this as an admission of Russian bias however, quite the opposite. By wargamings business model and the above theory all the soviet tanks should be slightly underpowered, since the patriotic Russians et all will buy them anyway so long as they don’t suck too much and will thus be more likely to “need” premium acc/premium ammo etc. Making tanks that people will buy anyway i win buttons makes no sense at all.

  26. The whole :” we going to keep glorifying Stalin and atrocities of communist regime because it’s patriotic “is absurd. You can’t just pretend these things didn’t happen and people who fail to learn from mistakes of the past are bound to repeat them. He makes it sound like all Russian people are stupid . He clearly confuses blind nationalism with patriotism .

    • He didn’t say any of that. SerB is intelligent and dumb people criticize him by putting words in his mouth he never said.

    • Well, you have an interesting point. So, Soviet Union/Stalin made some mistakes/wrong decisions or just some things that some people consider evil. What now? Should we go in circles on Red Square and pray all-mighty God of Western Civilization to forgive our sins against him?

      In order to create USA there was a genocide of native people and then they were repressed and put into reservation. That’s pretty much the same as Hitler crimes against jews. Not to mention other repression/genocides by US. Not to mention negro-stuff. And it was not so long ago. Please show me some US officials who are banging their head against the wall, accepting their crimes and taking responsibility for it. Why should Russia do it? Can you tell, Oh The Most Objective poster!

      Do you know why they don’t do it? Because US has pride and might. Well get that – today’s Russia still has pride and might, wheather you like it or not. Less than USSR, but still – that’s why Russia is not on it’s knees about Katyn and other stuff. Great Nation is never on it’s knees – US is not on knees because of indian/black stuff.

      • Actually, government officials do bang their heads over racial mistreatment in American history. That’s why we have the almost counter-racist affirmative action act, which gives minority groups unfair advantages in education over the white population (I’m an Asian American by the way).

        You should see our history text books. Our efforts in WWII and the benefits of Manifest Destiny are slightly mentioned, but the genocide against the Native Americans and the Civil Rights movement is just constantly drilled into us weeks upon weeks. Not saying it is bad. This is stuff we need to know to avoid putting the KKK in charge of America. But there is a heavy emphasis on what bad America has done than what good America has done. When we talk about immigration, we don’t talk about how the immigrants came and got better lives than they did in Europe. Do you know why? Because they didn’t, and our education system teaches that immigrants from Southern Europe lived in an utter hell hole in America. US History class, in a way, unnecessarily degrades our own country if we are supporting the Russian standard of being proud of your country in spite of the crimes it committed.

        In a way, America is destroying itself because of shame. And not everyone is on the same page. We have the war-hawks that want America bombing every bricked structure it can identify. We have the utterly useless politicians that really only care about money and votes, both Democrat and Republican. The Democrats are hellbent on getting the votes of the racial minorities when they should be supporting the social minorities: the poor. The Republicans are too hellbent on opposing everything the Democrats say that they don’t think of anything useful in the long run. It’s just loads of empty “sorries” and consolation prizes for people OF oppressed races who have never seen oppression in their lives, unlike their grandparents who were the true victims. And the worst part of it is, guess who the fall back group is? That’s right, the white supremacists who by their name do no good for society.

        However, if you have not realized yet, all these problems are economical, not social. These racial and sexist issues always involve money in some way, but look at American society now. Socially, we have progressed where we have failed economically. The races of America hold hands now. Forget the supremacists; they are the true minorities. The kids (many of whom are actually adults) who mock other cultures, also the minorities. It has almost reached a level where all humans are treated as humans. Sure, there are exceptions, but for the most part, no matter who you are, there is at least one shrivel of hope to surviving in America, and dying a happy man or woman. I don’t see that same hope for homosexuals in Russia. The moment you become ashamed of something is the moment you decide to fix a problem, for the best interest of the dignity of all humans. Even the greatest power needs to bend to its knees to wash its feet, for the coming day of tomorrow.

  27. Ok we get it, Russia big, Russia proud no matter how dumb!

    But keep Russia in Russia!
    EU players don’t want russian propaganda, if the russians love it so much then keep it on the russian server!
    They talk about their history, well our history with soviet/russia ain’t very pleasant, so they should not expect us to accept their propaganda, they are just sticking it down our throats!

    Americans run their server in an American way!
    China runs their server in their way!
    Russians well you already covered that!
    As for EU Server is running like one big pile of S*hit!
    Like we are Russia’s lap dog! The problem is their anti german and anti EU propaganda!
    that’s why we don’t like “soviet” EU server!

    • Actually, the American server is no different from the EU server. It’s just that we really do not care.

      If the rest of the world is going to view us as dumb, well, there are some advantages to being dumb, now aren’t there?

      And this is just the United States. Latin America really has not had much of a history with the Soviets. They have more of a right to complain of being oppressed by the Americans.

  28. @SerB and with all due respect: “Si tacuisses, philosophus mansisses.”

    (“If you’d kept your mouth shut, we might have thought you were clever.” Sir Humphrey Appleby, 1988)