World of Tanks for Xbox 360 going live


Hello everyone,

yes, this is a bit of late info, but Xbox WoT went live recently – not worldwide yet. Here are the details. Personally, I really am not attracted to this kind of stuff, but if it makes Wargaming profit…

20 thoughts on “World of Tanks for Xbox 360 going live

      • I don’t know, man. Yesterday I accidentally found out that you can move the aim with the arrow keys on the keyboard. And I actually found it… usable. Not as good as using the mouse, but usable.
        I guess it’s more a matter of training and/or accustomization than actual superiority of one input device over another. At least in this case.

  1. Inferior console version made for rich people…
    Why do people waste money on inferior, much more expensive and limited gaming devices with no backwards compatibility rather then on PC which are a requirement in the 21st century anyway is beyond me.

    • Because its easy.. and lazy… and cheaper…

      yes cheaper… that xbox/ps/whatever has a life cycle of 5 or 6 years.. (more in reality if you look at peak sales numbers of each gen.. thats nearer 9 years…) How many PC parts have you replaced in that time?

      My 360 cost me about £260 with Kinect and 5 major titles…

      My GFX card cost about £20 less than that.. nvm the SSD/HDD/mobo/CPU/case/psu/dvd/keyboard/mouse/controllers/monitor/speakers/windows/etc/etc and no games…

      Most people are lazy, they want instant gratification, and the console provides it, very easily, quickly and cheaply.. plus since the arrival of the PS3/360 gens, they are damned good media players, and now streaming netflix/youtube/etc….

      and patching… for a million combinations of equipment.. or 1..??

      I prefer PC gaming by miles.. but I will hammer GTA V for hours on end.. I never thought the PC versions worked as well for some reason… ports never do…

      PS.. you can sell your console games a lot easier and for more money than second hand PC games…

      • No… it is not cheaper.

        Here is why:
        1) You will get a PC anyway. Mo buts and ifs. You will get it.
        2) Why not get a 400 dollar PC instead of a 200 dollar console and a 200 dollar trash PC. Or a 600 dollar PC instead of a 400 dollar console and a trash PC…
        3) PC games are cheaper, almost always. Sales are better.
        4) There are free games on PC. And not only MMOs….
        5) Mods. Thats a real fucking big point. Google : Counter Strike, Killing Floor, Portal, Research And Development, Lost Alpha… need I go on?
        6) Emulators, backwards compatibility.

        I get the lazy and instant gratification part. But do NEVER use it as a serious point. Besides, id rather wait 1-2 minutes till I start playing as long as I have small load times, full control over it and more content.

        • 1) Really?? in this world of Tablets and smartphones? No..
          2) Good look playing in 1920×1080 with a $400 PC at 30+ fps
          3) Hardly..

          4) ..and there are free/cheap games on consoles now
          5) Majority do not play modded games….
          6) Most consoles are backwards compatible, some more than others, but after 7 years life cycle, who cares? Not many

          • 1) Yes, really. Said a person with a tablet and a smarphone too…
            2) Well, you can. However that ain’t an arguement. 400 dollars will get you a PC that is between the PS3 and PS4 in power, though closer to the PS4. 600 dollar PC… now that anihilates the PS4 and Xbone.

            And yes, 400 dollars will get 1080 30 + fps on pretty much all games, as long as you can deal playing on low settings (PS3/ Xbox 360 settings)

            3) Dont get it.
            4) Not as many, some need you pay Live shit
            5) Majority is stupid as fuck.
            Also: These mods are equal to bought AAA games… and usually come nearly standalone or ARE AAA games that came from mods… Jeez…
            6) No. They are not. I care. As long as people dont care, their games wont have as much value as they could have….

          • 1.) huh

            2.) Xbox 1 runs at 720p@60fps while PS4 runs at 1080p@30fps


            4.)Horrible, Old Games

            5.) Many people play modded games eg. Skyrim, Minecraft, FTL, Kerbal Space Program, DayZ

            6.) Not really, people who bought old games care. Imagine buying a $60 game and you cant play it on next gen. Consoles are also unupgradable unlike PCs

            • You’re still missing the entire point, consoles, for Joe Bloggs-Average, are cheaper, and easier, to use.

              1 machine, will play all games for the next 7 years, in whichever version of HD you want, every new game, with every new gimmick/render/lighting effect which comes out.

              Your, and my, PC will not, you have to play on basic crappy settings which would look like a PS2 game, in 2014..

              Look at how many people are whining about fps and graphics in WoT and this game is DESIGNED FOR crappy PC specs..

              Joe Bloggs-Average is not interested in cutting edge, eye bleeding technology and graphics, he wants something that looks good, plays instantly, and doesnt need a degree to put together (no.. I know PCs are a piece of piss to build, but Joe is “scared” of opening that Pandoras Box).
              ..and now he can browse the internet with it, watch films, TV… socialise with videocam…

              “In 2012, there were 32 million units of software sold globally for PC, ………..
              The combined PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii software sales topped 331 million. Xbox 360 alone made up nearly 133 million of that total,
              Grand Theft Auto V sold over 25 million copies, counting on consoles alone.”

              1 console game nearly matches the entire year of PC sales…

              and FFS… listen….

              I PREFER PC GAMING!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I don’t thinks WoT going to console is a good idea.
    - The 360 is now can be consider older console generation since the XBone is out now
    - KB and mouse is still better control for aiming (of course people also doing great with joypad but I am not one of them)
    - buying gold for 360 ver probably have to be done via MS and WG might have to pay some fee to MS (not sure may be not, who know)
    -new engine may be? *cough* multi-core support for pc *cough cough*
    - the PC is more widely available than XB 360

    • I watched a video
      that said that the Xbox 360 version has its own newly built engine.

  3. there’s one huge improvement in the XBox version compared to the PC’s: independent suspension for every roadwheel! That looks quite nice.
    and if you mute those 4 year old British and German kids, you can enjoy such wonderful features as:

    - a US premium MT T23 or a Pz V/IV for early supporters

    - the lack of a report/complaint system, but you can actually prefer and avoid other players on XBox live (maybe WG’s programmers haven’t found a way to bypass that feature yet; it’s actually nice to “avoid” people online and never be thrown into a gaming lobby with them ever again, wish we had that in PC-WoT).

    - AFK-Cr/XP-farming has become much easier, since you can just change the channel and watch TV after you hit the BATTLE-button. awesome ….. not. Yes, XBox has AFK people too (on day 1!), what a surprise.

    but all in all the WoTXB lacks the precision of the PC version and the fact that you can’t change your controller configuration just makes the game feel slightly uncomfortable (I want my tanks to be controlled more Battlefield-ish). curious, how WoTBlitz is going to fail …erm .. perform.

      • 1. maybe YOU can do this. but on my PC when switching from WoT to chrome, my browser’s connection suffers severely.
        2. being AFK on a couch in front of your TV set is so much more comfortable compared to office-chair AFKness ;)