T95E6 Screenshots

Source: wotleaks.ru

Hello everyone,

supertesters seem to be using the T95E6 tank on live server already – it was spotted even on EU server during roaming testing. So, how does it look?






75 thoughts on “T95E6 Screenshots

  1. I wasn’t going to sleep anyway.
    No, but honestly, I do find it very ugly. Good thing my clan doesn’t get in CW, I guess. :P.

  2. Oh i bet how will this tank will get mocked in the NA forums

    “Everybody has a chance”

    everybody thats in HAVOK, SIMP, NTR, -G-, VILLN, and some other clan.

    • Yes, everyone has a chance.

      Getting good at the game and getting into a good clan isn’t some magical power.

      It’s just learning the game mechanics and making use of them.

      If you want to be a casual player, that’s fine, but if you want to win a contest reward, well then you’re going to have to put in some effort.

      • I agree mini.
        The issue I have with ‘top clans’ is that they only want you if your lifetime stats are unicum.

        I played as a ‘casual player’ until T8, I just died quick if team went 4 or 5 tanks down so I got into another game. Now my historical stats include these games and show against me. The fact that my last 1000 games are strong results doesn’t help, so I’m stuck as a top player in ‘weak’ clans…

        • Most good clans look at your recent stats as far more important.

          Nobody cares if you were a scrub for 10000 battles, as long as you eventually got your shit together.

          Most will want to platoon with potential recruits to see how they play, and how they fit in with their established player base.

          Some require starting in a sub clan and working your way up.

          But either way, your overall stats won’t prevent you from getting in a clan as long as your recent ones are good.

      • You don’t have to be in a good clan to win that tank, if the rules of the last campaign are used, which they will be in the 3rd.

        Look at the EU, most of the players who won that tank are in scrub clans who have a vaguely OK FC. All they did was repeated landing battles against even worse clans and had enough Tier X to make it work in the last stage. Had they had tank locking like normal clan wars, it would have been completely different.

  3. Well, if that tank didnt had a spaceship attached to the turret! It would havd been one hell of a medium tank!

  4. I love the pointless troll turret armour. The flat parts near the gun are a strong point (>300 mm) but commander’s cupola is weak as hell, as usual. I mean, in real life those huge commander’s cupolas were pretty unfortunate: NBC protection? Cupola so easy to poke a hole in. Not to mention poor stealth characteristics.

    • The Murikkans had a fixation with those MG miniturrets at the time. Don’t ask me why, but they insisted on sticking them into rather literally *every* tank they dreamed up.

  5. Instead of making new tanks and features they should F****** get new servers so we actually can play the game for once!!! Typical with these rich companies, they don’t give a F***, also, enough is enough, people playing CW’s get too many free tier X tanks lately, I need to play 6 months before being able to get one, they just receive an extra one on top, not only that, they’re able to use it in public games aswell, keep it for CW only thanks. It’s annoying as F***.

    • I hope you realize these reward tanks are totally useless for CW.

      They just aren’t very good, the only purpose they serve is to show off that you were able to get one.

      • That’s why I hate it, they only show off with it, even in chat they brag about the fact that they receive free tier X while we must grind for a half year. Also knowing that 80% of the people receiving those tanks never even played a CW with their clan makes me sick, they just idle.

        • Very few people got the tank without actually participating.

          And it doesn’t take half a year to get a tier 10. It takes about 1500 battles to get a tier 10 if you’re remotely competent, quite a bit less if you’re actually good, so if you play even 10 battles a day you’ll have it in less time than that.

  6. Just a thought.

    Could WG be planning to swap this for the M60, so that that can be put in the regular tree, being a major production tank?

    • Seems improbable, unless M48 is put down one tier and nerfed, along with other tree changes to accommodate.

      • (From my perspective M48 at tier 9 makes sense, as it was in competition with the T-54; the M60 was in competition with the T-62. L7 at tier 9 is considered acceptable now.)

        • Not to mention that the M46 Patton I was quite literally just an upgraded M26 Pershing – initially created as an interim vehicle to train crews for the tank that was supposed to enter service: the M47 Patton II. I could see some of the M46′s upgrades becoming available for the Pershing later on, a nerfed M48 at tier 9, and the M60 at tier 10.

      • Ie. another Fulda Gap hull-down lineholder, like pretty much every heavy tank the NATO members devised postwar. Colour me surprised – the obvious similarities to the M103 and T110E5 kinda hinted of such already.

  7. I don’t know why you think this is ugly… I think it looks kinda normal.

    But I want it naaaaoooo! .__.

  8. I found the Model in the WoT models folder. Same for the Grosstraktor. You can view them in your garage by making a model swap. As for the T95E6, what about a model swap with the T-62A, just to view it close in a battle. Even though the stats don’t match.

  9. Seem like a OP fucking tank to me in terms of turret and hull armor. Another modern powercreep tank from WG; well done fuckwits.

    • Because something like Fifties is so bleeding-edge ultramodern, it even wears trenchcoats and mirrorshades indoors amirite?

      And has neon lights even in its underwear.

        • looking at it in the tank inspector, the armor is shit, turret armor is completely pointless due to the tumor on the top which is only 64mm thick and nearly completely flat. the hull is only 95mm thick and even with that slope its effective armor is only 160-200.

    • *shrug* Look at *any* tank they drew up, prototyped and/or built around that time. MG mini-turret for the commander seems to simply have been de rigeur and presumably an official design requirement.

      And yes, after the Israelis actually used those in combat they quickly replaced them with rather simpler and less conspicious traditional cupolas.

  10. Like a logical tanker I like all that abuses slope, compared to early british and german….hmm put a slope on a pnz4 instead of stairs formed armor? Nevaaaaah, make a churchill sloped in the front and therefore getting uber armor instead of flat sucky? Nevaaaah

  11. Could this be a possible “US Technical Engineer” reward unlock?
    That whole clan reward system is getting a bit old mainly because of the ease of exploiting the bonuses.

  12. All I see up there is people debating how beautiful or ugly that thing is. Quite frankly, my dear(s), I don’t give half a fuck. Oh, you think the T29 is ugly? Is that because you can’t pen through it’s turret?
    Sarcasm aside, I judge whether I want a tank based on how it performs in battle. If that thing has the maneuverability of an M48 or M60 Patton and the main gun of the T110E5 (maybe with even more pen… :P), why should I care how it looks? If it can kick ass, it’s good in my books.
    Also, does it have the maneuverability of a Patton? I haven’t really heard much about it’s performance.

    • Pro:
      stronk turret front and mantlet
      good top speed(56)
      120mm gun has higher alpha dmg(400)
      great gun elevation(-9~+20)

      terrible P/W ratio(13.69)
      ground resistence is worse than M48/60
      very weak and giant tumor(64mm)
      average hull front(95mm)

      It’s the same pen as T110E5, you can see those data by Tank Inspector.

  13. hmm, it has a huge turret.. shape frontally seems ok, might be bouncy.. M103′ish – but same huge cupola like M48 and M60.. gundepression maybe us-standard -9° or something

    camofactor might be bad considering the size – i expect similar mobility to M48 maybe at worse turnrate