- apparently, the historical ranks of tank commanders in WoT are done correctly
- SerB thinks that the Chinese military ranks in the game are most likely 1955 PLA ranks – the info was provided by Chinese partners
- SerB states that the British did some tests on the E-100 hull they captured, the vehicle proved to be quite bad

Oh yes, and one more thing: in his post, Yuri Pasholok wanted this specifically translated and posted on FTR, because he feels I am apparently skipping some of his comments in his posts, when translating them to you (see the discussion of the post, but I won’t translate all of that). And yes, I obviously skip some of the things he writes, those I feel are not necessery. What he wrote (in full):

“For little people, who come here and then post it elsewhere with comments such as ‘regardless of what we think about him’ (SS: he means me), translating only the facts he needs. My family is directly related to winged hussars and had a good laugh about my alleged anti-Polish sentiments. And yes, Doyle did read the comments about me supposedly wanting to replace him, I sent him the link. And yes, I generally very much don’t give a damn, what people think about me. I had quite a bit of fun at some of the outbursts (SS: in FTR comments), so I only profited from the hater sentiments :)”

Well… there you have it, translated as accurately as I could (if there is a problem with the translation, let me know) :)

71 thoughts on “17.2.2014

    • Shhh, be careful, comparing Winged Hussars to Donkey Riders will cause Polish shitstorm, butthurt and anal tremors.

      You’ve been warned ;__;

      • Since polish winged hussars where on one the best cavalry in the history and earned Poland many victories, its indeed smart not to make idiotical jokes about it.

        • Would it be rude to point out they picked the whole wing schtick from the Crimean Tatars?

          Also the last I checked they never managed to top the French Gendarmes, who on at least two separate occasions breached Swiss pike squares.

          • Actually wings were used because of Tatars. To prevent them from pulling Hussar down from his horse with lasso.

            And Kellomies, do you even Kircholm?
            Winged Hussars were experts in breaking pike formations up to XVIII c.

            That beside Winged Hussars and Gendarmes being a bit from different periods.

            • Because the Tatars didn’t fight each other and other nomads or anything, right? IIRC what I’ve read on the topic the practice originated with the nomads’ heavy cavalry and, being both snazzy and useful, was cheerfully picked up by the Poles.

              As for Kircholm, bithcplease.jpg – a bunch of scared, ill-trained and by that point isolated and surrounded Swedes isn’t exactly on par with the Swiss at their prime, all the more so as in both instances the latters’ side was still doing pretty well in the battle (the Gendarmes’ attacks on the blocks were explicitly desperate spoiling measures to pin them down and keep them from joining the main infantry clashes). Not sure how one battle is indicative of “expertise” anyway…

              And by what token are the 16th and early 17th centuries “different periods”?

              • I should be more specific probably.
                First, I’ve read only about wings idea originating from the fights with nomads. I don’t recall Tatars specifically using “wings” – diverse means of scaring enemy’s mounts were employed by nomads and Ottomans, and they indeed probably inpired Hussar, but the wings themselves were something original.

                About Kircholm – I don’t know from where did you got that info about Swedes being scared and ill-trained, not to mention being isolated and surrounded. It was main Swedish army of that time, led King himself and his best generals, with numerical superiority on their side.
                And if you don’t think Kircholm (for some reason) is good example, there are numerous other examples of successful charges against pike&gun formations, especially during the Deluge, when their main opponents were swedish and german troops. There was some battle against mercenary italian tercios in Moldavia also, if I remember correctly.
                Winged Hussars employed special tactics and equipment against pike formations. Lances longer than pikes (they were hollowed to be lighter. Hussars usually had supply of spare ones in tabor, so they could do multiple charges), horses trained to carry on with charge despite being wounded, carefully measured charge distance and loose formation tightened in the last moment during the attack. And so on, and so on.

                About Gendarmes – yes, those several dozen of years make difference, it’s mainly about the doctrine. And Winged Hussars were employed up to the early XVIII c. Not without reason their most world-wide known charge was made in 1683, right?
                But beside that, you are trying to compare cavalry that relied on thicker and thicker armour for protection, that still tried to fight like the knights from the old times, with the one whose main advantages were rapid maneuvers, flexibility and hard hitting.
                It’s like comparing Maus with T-62A in WoT.

                • The Tatars AFAIK used a single “wing”, if that matters, and apparently never bothered adding the nifty “crook” to the top like the Poles did.
                  But as far as Kircholm goes, the Swedish army of the time was basically kind of sub-par by period standards; Gustavus II’s reforms were in no small part inspired *specifically* by its repeated failures under his father. As for the battle itself, AFAIK the Commonwealth army went the obvious route and first gave short shrift to the enemy cavalry at the flanks, then turned to mount a converging assault on the now isolated and rather shaken infantry at the center of the line.

                  As for the Deluge, bitchplese.jpg. Don’t recall reading of any notable case of the Polish cavalry managing to even attack formed Swedish foot – Hell, most of the time they got roundly trounced in straight fights with the horse to begin with. This was the cutting-edge post-TYW Swedish Empire army remember, not the half-assed mess the northern Vasas had been working with forty years earlier.

                  As for Vienna, please don’t confuse good publicity and romantic fancy with facts. Well over half of the relief force was from diverse German states, and on the day of battle they formed two-thirds of the battle line advancing down from the Kahlenberg; Sobieski’s famous final charge was merely the final nail in the coffin of an Ottoman line already straining under massive pressure at every part of the field.
                  If anything the whole thing is probably so famous – aside from being the second of the exactly only two times the Ottomans actually made it to Vienna in the first place – due to being effectively the “swan song” of the certainly dashing and romantic but increasingly hopelessly outdated Commonwealth military machine, which had already failed spectacularly during the Deluge and would prove quite unable to prevent the functional extinction of the state over the next century.

                  As for the Husaria versus the heavier “Western” lancers, get a clue. Their evolution diverged by the 16th century to deal with very different military requirements, the latter for the fundamentally constrained and linear battlefields of Western Europe and the former the fluid and comparatively open conditions (not to mention highly mobile adversaries) of the East. The Westerners gradually traded their lances for pistols and in time effectively abandoned those in favor of the sword; the Easterners got stuck in a rut and effectively faded away, aside from propularising certain types of light cavalry down the road.

        • I don’t see the harm in making jokes about people bragging about ancient family members, especially when the man talks like an ass (regardless how good his articles are). So I really don’t feel the need to “be careful” what I say.

          • Oi, he was only twenty years old.
            Beside, if that charge of his was successful (and it almost was), today you would be copy&pasting him as exemplary of badass monarch all over internet.

      • Well that was a lot of plain bullshit and Not Doing Your Research for one page. Doubly mystifying given that the author claims to have read eg. the Osprey books that answer several of the detail he’s puzzled by.

          • But honestly, parts of it are hilarious – like the one about full plate and hussars being uber-armored.
            In reality most of western armies employed more heavily armored cavalry, in actuall full plate.
            Main advantage of Winged Hussars was their versatility, not only charge, charge, charge like some people think.

            • Yeah, i know – thats a part of this side – all description of the ‘badass’es of the week’ are hilarious, but yet provide some historical informations. Description is just there to intrigue someone to check in some proper source. And if one is too stupid to check other sources… well at least he has general info and most famous achievements of this week subjects….

            • The actually *versatile* parts of the Commonwealth cavalry were the Cossacks, Dragoons and what have you lighter element; the Husaria were elite dedicated shock troops. Where they diverged from their Western lancer colleagues, whose armament and tactics evolved for maximum shock force and survivability in essentially “linear” battlefields, was in heavier emphasis on strategic and tactical mobility to deal with the vast distances, open terrain and nimble adversaries typical of Central and Eastern European theaters.

    • inb4 “dumb poles rushing german tanks on their donkeys” & “poland can’t into space”.


  1. So basically Pasholok is besides a historian, an attention seeking troll? Hmm, never thought about it that way :P

    Yuri, if you read this: Drugs are bad, m’kay? And so is attention whoring :D :D

      • He’s a historian, though, not a pop star. I also doubt many Russians consider him an asshole, and given that he lives and works there, he probably doesn’t care about what people in other countries think. In fact, the Russian community is probably more likely to back him, hence the whole comment about him profiting from this.

        • He lacks the objectivity to be a historian – he is just a jumped up gate keeper of a section of the archive that no one else can get access to. That is the only thing that in any way make him important and he knows it.

  2. > I generally very much don’t give a damn
    >I only profited from the hater sentiments
    Choose one Yuri.

  3. Horray for something not about Yuri’s revenge

    - SerB states that the British did some tests on the E-100 hull they captured, the vehicle proved to be quite bad

    Anyone got the hot sauce for this? I’d like to see what testing was done on the hull.

    • I too am interested in the “Hot Sauce” about the real E-100 hull and what sort of info they could gather off of testing it. I wonder if they just shot at it with 17 pounders and called it scientific research hehe.

      • I’m pretty sure if they just shot at it with 17pdrs, their opinion would have been less “lol this thing sucks” and more “FUCKING ARMOR HACKS LOAD APCR”.

        At a guess, I would say that they were unimpressed by the mobility and ground pressure, not thinking that the armor was enough to make up for it being fairly slow and prone to wrecking roads and bridges. Just a guess, though.

        • I don’t think the captured E100 hull ever had it’s tracked assembled, unless they were removed in photographs taken. Smeg only knows why that’d be done however.

          I imagine testing would have been done between the 17lb and 32lb guns. Maybe they’d have set Jack Churchill & his claymore against it as well.

          • Seeing Jack Churchill blowing into his pipes then running like a mad man at a large steel box would be an epic experience :-P

        • I rather doubt the formidability of its *armour* was ever in question.
          That had nothing to do with the reasons the Germans axed the superheavies either.

  4. He ought to learn English.
    Not criticizing him on an intellectual level, but he and the rest of WarGaming Minsk really should learn English.

    And yeah, I am from Eastern Europe too. Its strikes me that game devs dont know the language…

  5. “My family is directly related to winged hussars”

    Oh god, they are still angry about 1610, aren’t they.

    • I rather he not. Neither him nor the majority of the commentators here can handle the banters. It will be a giant shit slininging troll fest.

      Beside I think he was asked before and he declined. I could be wrong though.

  6. Not enough drama. Let me add some.
    You translate “малые народы” as “little people”, but I guess you don’t realize what it actually means. “Малые народы” is how russians used to call small “irrelevant” nations, especially those who live in the depths of the tundra in Siberia. So well… Looks like he’s started to troll you from the very beginning.

  7. Oh dear… new layout? i can’t find a shit on new site…. well probably i just have to used to it :)

  8. New look of the FTR looks decent so far, but imo it’s really cluttered and there should be some kind of visual separator between posts because atm it’s really hard to keep a track of what is new post and what are the replies to other posts. Hurts eyes a little bit, but i think we can get used to it pretty fast.

  9. The serious (and good) players of the game don’t give two shits about the historicity of this game. Trying to keep things historical makes the game worse/unbalanced on average.

  10. I just want to say that I lose respect for SS every time he does a “despite what we think of him” post. You are basically insulting him while using his stuff. And while it is great that you are translating and spreading the knowledge…I believe the way you do that in this case is not at all proper.

    I am not defending Yuri though. I believe that he is entitled to his opinions, but that his way of expressing them, and dealing with people who don’t agree with him, is completely unfitting of a prominent person, especially the one that he wishes to become. And I believe until he changes this attitude he will not progress above where he is now. And since people don’t usually change too much, I doubt he ever will.

    SS, show that you are above this. Make the posts of the info he provides and the posts criticizing him separate. Using his work and spitting on him in the same sentence is not classy.

    P.S- Despite what I think of him, I am pretty sure he is not anti-Polish. I am trying to be objective, but who knows.

  11. One extra thing now that I read his post: a mistranslation.

    He said: Несколько удачных набросов очень неплохо подняли мне посещаемость, так что я только с хейтерских настроений профит получил :)

    Your translation:I had quite a bit of fun at some of the outbursts (SS: in FTR comments), so I only profited from the hater sentiments :)”

    That is not what he is saying: The word – “посещаемость”, means visits.

    He is saying that the outbursts increased his page views, thus he profited from the hate.

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  13. It is a nice symbiosis. You both have some issues with each another yet you still respect the work of each another. I doubt Yuri comes to FTR for sole purpose of reading comments about himself and neither do you come to his site for such a reason. Like when two scientist compete in the same field while they both want the results to be objective and true, so they study the opinions of their competitor in case he has something interestning to offer :)

  14. “My family is directly related to winged hussars”
    Some hussar impregnated a russian prostitute, big deal.

    “And yes, I generally very much don’t give a damn, what people think about me.”
    And yet he reacts like a baby every single time somebody says something about him. If he truly didn’t care, he wouldn’t write that message in the first place. What a delusional faggot.

    “I had quite a bit of fun at some of the outbursts, so I only profited from the hater sentiments :)”
    So he actually derives pleasure from getting insulted? That sounds like mental illness. He probably jacks off to these comments even now.

    • I was gonna say the same thing…just in different words…

      Yuri, you don’t care what people think about you…by ignoring people’s feedback you are allowing yourself to be a turd-featured wanker.

      Glad I could contribute to your happiness. f*ckhead.