- Lowe and T34 don’t need limited MM according to developers
- nothing will happen to tier 6 French and Chinese LT’s (in connection with the introduction of US LT6,7,8)
- according to the developers, Matilda has “regular” MM weight (for its tier). Yurko2F states that you can count tanks with special “higher” MM weight with fingers on one hand (“unless you are bad with a cutter”)
- there is no rule in the MM mechanism, that would prevent teams from having many vehicles of the same type (SS: in relation to the 15xISU-152 “confrontation” teams), additionally, the MM (even in confrontation battle) allows both teams’ MM weight to be different up to 10 percent
- apparently, “confrontation” (national battles) MM setup where both teams have 10 vehicles of the same type is considered normal
- SerB confirms that there is a connection between vehicle HD remodelling and the low amount of new regular branches in 2014, in 2014, the amount of new branches introduced will be sharply reduced
- apparently, HD models will not download on weak computers
- if you spot enemy artillery, then it gets unspotted but stands on the same spot and a minute later he gets killed by your arty, you will not be getting an assist bonus for spotting

One undocumented change in 8.11 is that the display of winrate has changed. Where it was for example 52,7 percent, now it is 52 percent. This is intentional.

Also, new Botdetect mod version (8.11b) is available, you can download it here – the list of bots is longer and automatically updated (separate lists for NA, EU, RU and SEA servers, these will be filled in the upcoming days). Tried it, works, today I met a player called “nicitelzadku” (“ass destroyer” in Czech :D) – he was marked as a bot and yes, it was a bot, you can see the replay here (he was AFK until the moment enemies appeared in his range, he immediately started shooting)

75 thoughts on “18.2.2014

  1. Anyone know how you can get this bot thing going WITHOUT XVM?..
    I have spent little to no time looking at Mods, so perhaps it is not difficult.

    • Get XVM.

      It’s as simple as extracting res_mod folder from the zipped archive into WoT directory.

    • yeah well that’s the problem if i cant use it separately there is no point on installing it, i don’t use xvm either!

    • The bot mod doesn’t depend on XVM, only the part of it which displays the bot/wipe “clan” logo does.
      Without XVM you will still see [BOT!] and [WIPE!] pseudo-clans, just the icon won’t be present.

    • Yep, the T34 definitely doesn’t need it (it used to be a tier 9 Heavy, albeit it was severely nerfed), and while the Lowe doesn’t need it, it would be nice to have on that one.

  2. Looks like today is some kind of newbie educational day, because most of the stuff in Q&A is like questions about basic game mechanics and questions that were answered many times.

      • Or some wallet warrior kids that bought T8 Premium without having at least 1 regular T8 (as seen on Jingles’ “Good, Bad and Ugly Ep 7″ vid).

        BTW, that’s another issue. Couldn’t they restrict ability to buy Tier (X) premium to those who have at least 1 game in regular Tier (X) tank? (with X being number from 2-8). I know prem tanks is all about money for WG but come on – who wants to have a kid in Lowe/T34/JT 88/IS-6 with <1k games and <100 WN8?

          • played with someone today, 147 games, has IS6, T34 and Churchill III, used the IS6 and T34 for 145 of his battles. He was next to useless in the fight.

            • Me too.
              Played with a guy yesterday, 100+ games, has IS-6, Lowe, JT88, T-15 and Type 62. His tier 8 prems typically deal 300+ damage per battle. I recommended the KV-220 to him (ofc I play on CN server).
              According to this guy, the reason he was so eager to play tier 8 prems is that he “wants to earn enough credits to buy equipments for his vehicles ASAP”. But with his skill level he’d be pwned even with 10 equipments on his vehicle. Newbies tend to overestimate the effectiveness of vehicle stats instead of player skill.

  3. Bots, despite being good at shooting tanks, are a hindrance more than a help. They don’t care about the tactical situation and just do their stuff independently.

    Yesterday I had a T54E1 bot in the team and the darned thing just remained in the spawn point shooting at whichever enemy vehicle came within range. So it was of no help since the battle was away from the spawn point.

    • “They don’t care about the tactical situation and just do their stuff independently.”

      You do realize that you just described around 70% of WoT players? ;)

      • Yeah, but those 70% at least got a chance to answer to your wellwishings/point-outs and do something.The bots aren’t listening at all.

  4. One undocumented change in 8.11 is that the display of winrate has changed. Where it was for example 52,7 percent, now it is 52 percent. This is intentional

    How come I still have i.e 54.52%?

    • Well.. it’s WG… I bet those clowns have just tested it in case of value “52,7%” and none other works :)

      well,at least that’s what developers from my company would do… :P

    • no, this is regarding vehicle stats.
      If you look at your vehicle stats and lets say you got:
      StuG 1000 battles 55%
      KV-1 800 battles 53%

      if you click StuG, it will display all the stats (average exp per battle, etc…) and you can see the WR is 55,66%
      before 8.11 it was rounded up – your 55.66% stug was displayed as 56%. Now its rounded down and it says 55% in the overall list of vehicles.

      It doesnt affect your overall win ratio, only the WR of each vehicle

        • yes, exactly what I said. But on the left it says 54 not 54,44
          in 8.10 it said 55 on the left. (in 8.10 54.44 was rounded to 55 not 54)

          See the difference ? 54.44 (on right) used to be 55%(on left) now it is 54%
          The whole point is they are rounding decimal numbers down instead of up.

  5. - Lowe and T34 don’t need limited MM according to developers

    Oh really? So removing battle-tier 12 and jamming these into even greater populated tier 10 battles is soooo much more sensible eh?

    • yes.
      idk, i dont have much problems in my tiger 2 playing tier X matches….
      just play it as support. it has basically gun and armor of tier X medium. playing as support works.

      + your repair costs are joke. I’d even remove those vehicles from tier 6 matches.

    • First, disapearance of tier XII doesn’t mean that tier VIII will see more tier X battles. It means that tier VIII will wait far less to enter their actual tier X battle, since there will be far less tier X only battles.
      Second, T34 and Lowe have enough penetration to do well in tier X battle.

  6. -nothing will happen to tier 6 French and Chinese LT’s (in connection with the introduction of US LT6,7,8)

    So that does mean an amx 12t still sees tier 10? Why dont they give them normal MM. I dont get it.

    • Only scouts they should remove the scout mm from should be the t4s.
      Every t5+ scout will be ridiculously OP with normal -2/+2 mm.They can remove instead the battle tier 10 from their mm table so they’d have something like -1/+3 mm.

  7. Is WG ever going to address the stuttering issues that have made WoT nearly unplayable since 8.11?

    • Read the previous posts, they are not even sure if the problems are on their side. Networking is a very complex field, and remember that server conditions with 200k players are very difficult to reproduce in testing (unless you own a botnet)

  8. I already have “CameraNode.pyc” and “__init__.pyc” files in my res_mods folder (from Zoom Out Mod). Will the Botdetect mod work if I keep these existing files and copy only the other files?

    • I’m fairly sure those are just generic “enablers”, as most mods seem to use effectively identical ones. Probably won’t make any difference whether you overwrite or not, and you can always just extract whatever works better from the respective archives anyway if it now does.

  9. - Lowe and T34 don’t need limited MM according to developers

    Who the hell could ask for limited MM for these two tanks ? I would rather earn more money for destroying X tiers than get less money for getting lower MM …

  10. Acctually also played against “nicitelzadku” I said he was a BOT, then he said Kamikaza first to the team, then to ALL, in his T95 I think…

      • And the best bots can say stuff and click on the map, what I meant was, he was accused of being a bot and didn’t protest, just said some random things, so that was even more of an evidence of being a bot.

  11. The question that bothers me for ages is – when I am spotting a target, the artillery (or any other tank not seeing the target) fires, and the target goes invisible while the shell is in midair – will I get the assistance dmg anyway?

    Similar – when arty fires at an unspotted target that gets spotted when the shell is already flying, is the assistance dmg given to the spotter?

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  13. I hope you can decied if you wanna HD models or not, because the way then game is optimized why you want even more bullshit. I will not download HD models, not because my pc is weak but because I value higher fps. Other than that, fuck all racists and communists.

  14. The confrontation is totally bullshit because the game is not meant or balanced to be played with the one team only having a certan nation. There are so many things that is bad with that mode, I dont even know where to start. How the fuck one suppose to battle with 15 isu 152?

  15. “- apparently, “confrontation” (national battles) MM setup where both teams have 10 vehicles of the same type is considered normal”

    - apparently, every sane person will disable national battles (or will use them only while driving specific OP tanks)

    I like how they released unwanted, untested and unbalanced mode and now they are overzealously defending it.

    • Meh. At least they made it optional from the start, which is a major improvement over when Assault and Encounter were inctroduced. Full disclosure: I disabled those the second it became an option.

    • Or in tiers that don’t have ridiculous bullshit tanks, like…well only tier7
      So what ever happens, you won’t have to face hordes of FV 183s, WTF E100s, nor will you be crushed by waves upon waves of KV-1Siema.

      • It can end up as statpadding mode.

        Majority of average and better players will disable it seeing how unbalanced and frustrating it is. Only newbs or “for fun” players dont know how to turn it off will remain as a prey for statpadders with four skills T18 / Hellcat / KV1S.

        My guess is that players with national battles enabled with get only national battles, because MM will be trying to keep the server wide ratio of random / national battles in balance:)

  16. So which are the 5 tanks with special mm weight? One is the micromaus (Pz38H 735(f)). Anyone knows which are the other 4?

  17. In my opinion people who think T34 and Löwe belong in T10, just don’t drive these vehicles anymore. Or they drive it with supercrew or in platoon maybe.
    If you click battle with either of them, you’re almost guaranteed to see at least half a team of t10 and t9 tanks. If you’re unlucky, you’ll be one or two of the t8 tanks in a t10 battle.

    Getting in t10 used to be rare and you accepted your fate. But now getting tons more t10 and having these matches filled with at least 5TDs in each team, makes them useless. They don’t have the mobility to play anything but a heavy and they can’t do even that.
    If it’s your lucky day you get to go in a t8 but even there you get chewed up by the huge gold spam that’s going on. People don’t buy new tanks anymore and they spam their credits away with apcr/heat.

    Give Löwe his 1000hp engine. And give T34 400m view instead of the rediculous 360m.
    Right now I feel I’m just there to give someone else exp and at the end I get 20k credits in return.

    I admit I have sucky stats with T34, mostly because I played it with their own (50%) crew and only their own crew. But I know Germans, I have good crew for the Löwe and I still can’t figure out what to do with the thing these days.
    Other tanks are shooting from positions by the time I leave the area of the base.

    • I dont have T34 or Lowe but from my experience fighting them:

      T34 can hold its ground in T10 with hulldown

      Lowe is XP pinata for anyone, wouldnt buy even in selfdefence

      • T34 and Löwe are not bad tanks really. T34 had superior alpha and penentration for its tier as well as decent accuracy and a very good turret. Löwe has good damage, alpha and penentration as well as aimtime and accuracy. It has better armor than the Tiger II which is a regular tier 8 tank. The reason their WR is kinda low is because so many plays them. In a tier 9 and 10 game, the t34 and the Löwer are stronger than T32 and Tiger II for example.

        A löwe can do anything a tiger II can, but even a little bit better due to better turret armor, better side armor and also better pen 230 vs 225. Same as with the T34, it pretty much autopen all tier 8 tanks with 248mm pen. If they should get limited MM they have to be nerfed for sure. Give the löwe less pen and possible less accuracy. The t34 has to be nerfed heavily if it should get better MM, for example less alpha and pen on the gun to beginn with.

        And dont even come with the argument “t34 has bad armor”. It depends on how you look upon it, the armor is as thick as on the tiger II really but t34 has a much better turret. The alpha and pen is great and it has similar rof as the is3 which is a regular tank.

        We all know that decent players with good crews in these machines are equal or even outperform regular tier 8 tanks as it is now. In tier 8 games I would say, played to the max potential the t34 is a little bit OP as well as the löwe despite is bad mobilty. The löwe is 1000 times better going hull down sort of than the Tiger II due to the good turret. Any russian 122mm gun can pen the tiger II turret top and side due to overmatch. The löwe also has 100mm sides now, opposed to 80mm that the tiger II has.

        If you are playing any of the tier 8 tanks, such as the löwe, t34, is6, 112 you have no reason to complain really. How ever if you are a noob with no crew skills, personal skills or equipment then no tank in tier 8 is good for you.

        And speaking about the view range, 360 meters, it doesnt matter because you will spot other tanks with worse camo rating before they spot you. Everything is relative, just like the is3 has bad view range but much better camo rating than for example the germans.

  18. - according to the developers, Matilda has “regular” MM weight (for its tier). Yurko2F states that you can count tanks with special “higher” MM weight with fingers on one hand (“unless you are bad with a cutter”)

    i wish i was anal enough to keep records, but my matilda DEFINITELY has the worst mm of ANY of the tanks on my garage, i very very rarely have top tier games, and i find my self extremely lucky if im in a t5 game!