AMX Chasseur de Chars

Hello everyone,

Giganaut, a well-known community modeller (you might remember his TVP render), posted something interesting on his Deviantart page: a view of AMX Chasseur de Chars vehicle (“tank hunter”).


This picture is interesting for two reasons. First, obviously, it looks cool. Second is however the fact that Yuri Pasholok caught it as well and stated the project is completely real and might appear in World of Tanks in the future. Interesting!

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    • That tree is even more insane than my German proposals!
      Heavy and super-heavy at tier II? ROFLMAO

        • FCM 1A will be in paper and very slow, so it will be a easy target very hard to hide, so it’s good for Tier II, and the Tier II B1 is not the actual B1 which is a mix between B1bis and B1ter.
          Tier II B1 will be like T18, but a lot slower, with a turret but with an horrible gun, so it’s armor will be his only advantage. So I think it’s balanced.

            • Yes, this is a fan-made, It’s me who created it.
              But all tanks in this tree realy existed, have a prototype or were in paper, but behind this tree there are 8 month of resaerch and works.

              • I respect the research but I’m afraid you need to re-evaluate game balance…

                • like the GrossTraktor in tiers III with 8mm frontal armor ? Yeah… big gun, big HP, but high, slow, inarmored. Better in Tiers II where it can be a nice “heavy-support”.

                  For super-heavy, just make a MM +3/-0 and *poup* it’s balance.
                  {T-II} FCM 1A can’t one shoot tiers II
                  {T-III} FCM 2C can, but 0.55m at 100m it’s pretty big. In tiers III against Matilda it can be good and usefull against KV-1 at long range.
                  {T-IV} Proto d’arrêt had a 75mm, not a “mega”-howitzer
                  {T-V} Idem as Proto, the Char D’arrêt, with a new MM-+2/-1 can be good
                  {T-VI} Tracteur C, say “Hello little Beast” with it’s 90mm

                • Please Zarax feel free to join us on the thread linked to these tanks (i gave the link few messages down) and give your opinion on how to game balance these tanks :-)

          • The FCM 1A of 1916 was actually built both as a wooden mock-up and as a steel prototype. It is anything but paper plans.

            Not to mention it actually has 35mm to 20mm of armor depending upon the location. It is very well armored for 1916.

  1. Tier 7 of the second medium branch (with AMX 30) in previously published version of the full French tree.
    34 t weight, Maybach HL 295 engine, armour – 20-30 mm, 90 mm Schneider gun, crew of 4. There also was developed a version with an autoloader.

  2. I again remind the efforts constituting an historical and nearly complete French tree in WoT:

    With especially this recently updated tree made by Alexandre76100 :

    Following the comments and new informations obtained, the Fantasque Timeline branch is scrapped, as it is just fan-made, and nothing historical.

    Please free to join and discuss about it (in French or English ;-) )

  3. i would play this tank so hard and similar playstyle to the T49. thin armor, super fast 1200hp engine, autoloading 4 round 90-100mm gun

  4. I want the Somua SM please, God damnit I have been waiting for that tank for so long now its so sexy, looks like a modern Panther with those evil tracks. Oh God WG give me Somua!

  5. This tank has 1200hp engine at 34 tons. Am I reading this right? And autoloaded 90mm? Wuuuuuut

    • Say hi to good old Maybach HL 295 which promised much and delivered barely 2/3 of that IRL, which was one of the things that sunk the AMX 50 program. But yeah, that’d certainly be a pretty fast AFV.

      Guessing some engineer liked the basic concept of the Hellcat and decided to try and dial it UP TO ELEVEN.

      • Really want it now. It’ll probably be balanced by either poor turning speed, or bad armour, or bad aiming time.

        Don’t forget it could have hellcat pen at tier 7-8. really balanced then :P low pen, decent armour really fast and boom. tier 8 autoloading French premium TD. XD

        • Bad armour is kind of a given, the in places extreme sloping aside, if you look at the specs.

          Also this isn’t the ‘Cat’s Murican M3 gun; I’m guessing something more to the tune of the DCA 45 with its 212 av pen, which is what Frenchies mostly use around those tiers anyway.

  6. Please please introduce an premium tier 7 TD Cannon d’Assault Lorraine or something allready. The existed french TD gives to little XP (and of course money credit) for my crew and is dull to play several times each day. This one Chasseur de Chars could be an tier 8 or something.
    American premium TD is in the plans for 2014. But if the TD is tier 6-8 then the french TD gets the short end of the stick.
    The real problem is the french is not that popular I guess. But if that is true I dont get why the french dont have a premium med for training lorr./bat-chat crew.

    • Why?
      There are a lot of historical french tanks who aren’t in game; like S-35 Somua, AMX-30…
      I think it’s more interessant than Object 140 and 430 which are just copies of T-62A.

  7. How many years do we have to wait for this one? I mean, France’s last update was some horrible artillery…

  8. This tank’s fully loaded weight is 34 metric tonnes, and it has a 1200 horsepower engine.


    The tank with one of the best power to weight ratios is the BT-2, at 38hp/t .

    Imagine a tank as big as the ARL 44 or the AMX M4 1945 running around as fast as a tier 2 LT.

    Imagine a tank as big as the KT able to out-accelerate tanks like AMX 13 90s, Hellcats, Batchats, WZ-132s…

    I’ll let that sink in for a moment…

    • Note that those 1200 horses are assuming, rather optimistically as it turned out IRL, the Maybach HL 295 actually worked as advertised. Which it didn’t.

      ATM in-game only the 50 B gets those specs (“HL 295 F”), the other Frenchies using the thing (as “HL 295″) have to make do with rather more historical 850 horsepowers. (For whatever reason in the German tree the 1200-hp version is nowadays “Maybach Neues Projekt”.) Not that 25 hp/ton would be anything to sneer at either.

      • That turret looks bouncy as hell, and it also seems ot have a nice gun derpression :3