Weekly FTR contributor review

Messages first, so it has the right impact… :)

A message from thepanic:

Ace of Spades is recruiting now!
EU Server
Requirements to join Ace of Spades:
- 18+ years old
- 1600+ WN7
- 4+ Clanwars Tanks
- TeamSpeak3 and Mic
- Good knowledge of English

If you are interested contact me ingame
best regards
thepanic Recruiter [AOS]

Hello everyone,

as promised, here is the overview of this week’s FTR contributors. I value all your help equally, no matter how small, so I just want to thank you all once again.


Godsmacked (Poland) (SS: repeated contribution, much appreciated mate, thank you :))
J.N. (Germany)
Bombuhr (Sweden)
W.P. (Poland) (SS: a lot of thanks for great contribution, much appreciated, mate!)
thepanic (Germany)

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33 thoughts on “Weekly FTR contributor review

  1. SS, I think that pointing out people contribute more than others is wrong as:
    “I value all your help equally, no matter how small”
    U give many thanks to the two Polish guys here, because they helped u more than the others.
    just sayin.

    Honestly, if I were to give you €5 for your work here.. would you be equally thankful to me when compared to someone who contributes with €20 a month?

    • The way I see it, I am grateful for ANY help, no matter how small (there was a guy who donated 10 cents or something and I am grateful even for that – even though it probably cost him more on Paypal fees than those 10 cents). Some people just contributed more, or in some cases extremely lot, like Tugboat1964, that’s why I call them out.

      Honestly, this is not the way I want things to run in the future though. This month, I might be cancelling the donation button altogether and try something a bit different.

      • Thanks for the reply,

        I’ll leave it to what I said b4.

        I am curious what u come up with, because this system does work I think.

      • The best way would be some sort of contributor subscription, but I guess thats hardly managable… Something like twitch has that would recognize contributors by some special border round his name in the comments or icon. Dunno if such thing is possible tho lol. I guess I want to much *shrugs*

  2. Now I know it’s fair to thank any person who contributes to the site (they help all of us get this good info) and it’s ok to post a message from them if they want it but please can you leave the clan recruitment out of FTR? There is enough continuous spam with that on the forums.

    • Well… I will make it more compact next time (if there is next time), but principially, anyone can write anything into their message (unless it’s insults, nazi stuff… you know, the general “no go” things)

      • I think allowing recruiting messages could be a great resource, for both sides, but you should have a minimum donation amount for someone to get theirs on so you don’t get spammed. $100 USD seems pretty reasonable to me, I would pay that to see mine up here ;)

      • Well if anybody sends u some rassistic sentence just note that he did that and let eb. Flame him, if he meets him?

  3. Nice. Thx for posting our recruitment appeal!
    We really are seracing good players! We want to compete in the next CW campaign so we need a strong foundation to built on! I figured people reading FTR are generally players that want to keep up with the game and are hopefully good and passionate WoT players. That is what we are looking for and i hope i will find some nice people for our clan this way!

    P.S: We dont spam forums we have our own recrutment threat on the forum plus to that we never ever spam clan recrutment messages on the ingame chat. Again anyone who is interested contact me ingame!

      • No you are petter that probaply 70% of the players. But tha fact that you only have 1 tier 10 that we hardly use in CW you are not suitable for our needs…

        • After u can only hold yourself with the help of your Alliance, which nearly breaked apart BECAUSE u joined it, u really think u can set the requirements 150 WN7 Points higher than your Average? thats just Ridiculess…
          And u blame your Clan with Actions like that…

          • Well there is a certain way AOS is run. The leadership/head of recrutment told us the requirements and that it is… I am not going to discuss accusations like that in public because i am not a diplomat! If you think that way do i will not hinder you.
            We want to keep the standart high and want to go even higher that why we want better players.

            • U got some Standard? my Informant then just is blind or dont believe it…
              But hey that still stays Ridiculess and the only Thing u sas with the Post, is: Guys PLZ help us, we got giant Problems!

    • I must say the idea was pretty smart! :)

      I might be soon looking for a klen especially for the campaign, but only after I know what is needed to get the reward tank. :)