Hall of Shame

Hello everyone,

you know what time it is: yep, time for another Hall of Shame, were worst idiots, assholes and nazis of WoT are put on display. So sit back, relax and enjoy the freakshow :)


Hmmm – too weak? Let’s kick it up a notch then…


Above: very few clans ever manage get more “participants” in one issue, but 9-TD somehow manages to do it. By the way, according to some of the guys on Czech forums, this guy is actually a cop (or a prison guard):

“So this is how you want it, you faggot? Just wait till I find you by your IP, I will grab your neck and kick your ass, I am a cop who executes you, you asshole! Your mother is a whore, who had a gangbang with niggers, yea? Just you wait you asshole, from now on, I am shooting your entire clan in random battles!”

Another 9-TD well-wisher:


Can we make it into the 9-TD hattrick? Yes we can! Must be an awesome clan to be in.


And this FAME guy likes the Polish players:


Another guy who blames Poland for his issues:


And a nice Slovak well-wisher, this one is nearly rabid…


“You fucking cunt fucking cunt die of cancer you son of a bitch you cunt come fight me one on one you fucker and don’t fuck there in the back you noob son of a bitch”

And another well-wisher:

FTR Hall of Shame II

Well, that escalated quickly:


Someone here has friends in Wargaming!


hall of shame winner

Gay Barbies?



And now, a very sophisticated scam attempt. This guy is surely legit!


“Hi would you lend me your account? I would like to try the IS-7 out”

What would a Hall of Shame be without EFE, right?


Looks like we have an… explosive situation here:


And yet another well-wisher…

shit racist

And something from US server:


And back to Europe


Jonas87 is just rolling it…


Nothing like some German Jew hate


And a double combo!



Someone in German community came up with a very “nice” mod


This guy wants to summon his superhero apparently…


Stay classy….


Somehow, I don’t think he means “Silentstalker”…


And another HHR player:


And another classy Slovak player:


“Go fuck yourself you fucking prick, close yourself (???) you fucker, yeah your dad sucks sewage holes you fucker :) Go fuck yourself you prick, retarded Czech homosexual”


Jews, Jews everywhere!


Statspadd Rage

Russia stronk!

insulting player 23.41 1.02.2014


This guy has pretty… strange tastes


And the rest…


167 thoughts on “Hall of Shame

    • Oh, and I saw mainly Hungarians do stupid things… every nations’ big percentage of players are retards. BTW, that Nutzz guy is Polish, I think he has some issues, or trolls only :)

    • I believe its general not only for PL. It just looks like polish players talk more and show more that they are from PL so you notice them more. At least thats how I see it, most people in wot are bad regardless if they are from pl anyway.

        • Not really. Some of the most horrible stuff is typed by so called “unicums” who think because they spam gold ammo and play only in platoons with overpowered tanks they are somehow better.

          What the game does need are mods/staff at WG who actually do something about such comments and ban these people.

          • I quess you are one of the tomatoes who are target of comments above.

            1) Unicum doesnt need to shoot gold ammo, because he knows where to shoot. Actually a lot of gold rounds (HEAT) are worse than regular ammo in most situations.

            2) Play in platoon too. The only difference is that platoon of tomatoes will still suck

            3) There I actually agree. A lof of unicums have their stats grinded on Hellcat/T49 etc. or play only TD´s on T10. But you can easily read this out of their stats and good clans recognize effi hunters with no problem.

            And yes, unicums will type “terrible” stuff, because they know how to win and are fed up with tomatoes ruining their effort by suiciding/camping/not helping/blocking etc.

            • 1) Indeed. Unicums don’t need gold. But a unknown number of them are using gold anyway. I guess thats the reason they became unis in the first place.

              2) agreed. platoons can carry games easier and make everything more fun.

              3) agreed

              - “And yes, unicums will type “terrible” stuff, because they know how to win and are fed up with tomatoes ruining their effort by suiciding/camping/not helping/blocking etc.”
              No…. Alot of them are just gigantic arrogant assholes who, because a program tells them they are good player, think that they are always right.

              • You dont become unicum using gold ammo. You still need to know where to aim, only the spots are different. Of course it helps sometimes. But shooting only gold is even contraproductive and wont make you unicum. Suprisingly more of tomatoes spam only gold ammo. On the other hand I am not stupid not to load gold ammo, when I need to penetrate and cant hit the weakspot/decide the game.

                Well, of course they are arrogant. They are right most of the time what needs to be done and when I see a bad player I dont need XVM to tell he sucks. Stats reflect how you play, if you are unicum you know more than tomato, or you wouldnt be unicum. Simple as that.

    • You are wrong, because % of retarded players from each country are same :P. Your brain is not so stronk :)

    • Its on purpose, stronk, tonk=tank, noice=nice, snoip=snipe, etc. I like broken english…
      But, 90% of all the accusations are directed against PL players… It cant be just coincidence, and its not WoT only problem… its the same in other online games. PL players, in general, just suck hairy balls.

      • Well, it’s already mutating. The broken english is living it’s own meme life. Now we’ve got “strongu klanu” (strong clan) and “stronk pleyerer”.

        Siemakurwas FTW

    • There are a lot of retards in WoT. And since it’s most played byl Polish, Czech, Hungarian and Slovak players (on EU server), the largerst share of idiots is logically from these countries. It’s a matter of scale.

      If 1% of Americans and 1% of Czechs were idots, the absolute numbers would make huge difference – 2,5 milions vs. 100k people. Who, do you guess, would you meet in battles more often? Definitely Americans. But what does it say about American players? Basically nothing. Players from Fidji aren’t probably anyhow better but noone cares because they are not seen.

      BTW in my 16k battles I saw Germans, British, Dutch, Danish, Spanish, Portugese, Italian, French, Austrian, Argentinian players doing stupid things. Are all players from these countries retards? Are actually all players retards? Or how big the percentage? I guess that there are hundreds of thousands Polish players. How many of them you evaluated for being retards. One thousand? I doubt but even if so, it still constitutes a minute percentage of Polish playerbase.

      Once I was in Britain. The custom officer was arrogant, all-knowing idiot with obvious complex from not ever leaving Britain to see more than fish-and-chips. Shall I compare all British to him? He was the first Englishman I met. No, I met many nice people during my stay. The problem was that that particular person was idiot. Nothing to do with being British, or custom offcer, or male in his fifties… no, simply an idiot.

      • Yay! 5k undoubled XP, a Mastery Badge and 10x Automatic Extinguishers for that but unfortunately no-one cares because 8 out of 10 people are complete idiots regardless of their nation and when emotions triumph over reason (as during battles) that number goes very close to 10 out of 10.

      • yep, i think polish player base is biggest one @ eu server, why last 2 tournaments were hosted in poland? and btw, in those tournaments polish squads been on top places most of the time, so thats not about % of idiots but % of eu wot players being from poland. it was easy to notice when looking for tank company, 1/2 of those used to have PL in description not sure how does it look like now.

    • Stop justifying them…..no matter how stupid and retarded a player might be, writing shit like that is simply unacceptable and should be punished. My grandfather was a RAF pilot during WWII and died fighting to protect the United Kingdom from the Nazis. And now a fucking retarded UK kid writed “poles should be gased”, I really hope he will learn his mistakes the hard way in life….

      HoS 9 and first time i got hyped….in a negative way.

        • He died so disrespectful lowlifes like you can write stupid shit like this on the internet apparently.

          • LuL, it sounds like he died so that you had a reason to stand on your soapbox :)

      • Guess what; my grandfather never enlisted in the army because he realized he’d be more useful to the country alive than death.

  1. I rage in random battles, but I can see I am nothing but a newbie at it compared to these people.

    • I was thinking the same thing. Sometimes I simply run out of patience and blow a fuse, but my comments are downright kind compared to this filth.

      • same here, stuff like “for fuc*s sake, move you tw*t” or “don’t f*cking cap against a f*cking scout you E-75 tard”

        but these guys … I wonder how much of a confortable people they are … in real life. Are they just 10 year old kids? are they adults who act likewise in reality? kinda scares me

  2. As previous poaster said, the polish average player a real pest in WOT.
    0 awareness , strong camping , utter blindness on minimap.
    I would restrict them to play TD-s only , strictly on Feb 30.
    Only the turkish worse than the polish average siemka.

    • and what about the stronk moinmoin germans. Nearly half the noobs I see drive german tanks or have german flags on their turret.

    • Well, you might didn’t know, but most problems with Polish WoT playerbase is caused by fact, that most of them are people in theirs’ late forties, or fifties. They saw the game, they recalled all those funny films made under communists regime, and wanted to play relaxing game about tanks. They don’t know English, because in their young age there wasn’t anybody, who could teach them, like young people are taught now. Only one foreign language taught was Russian. I think that roaming to RU servers would help it, because they would be able to communicate with other players.

  3. I’ve played 25k matches and actually never met anyone shouting “jew” :[

    • “Go fuck yourself you fucking prick, close yourself (???) you fucker, yeah your dad sucks sewage holes you fucker :) Go fuck yourself you prick, retarded Czech homosexual”

      Now that was a gem. I don’t get to see these things ever since I disabled the chat. You can’t win them all.

  4. Oh the tears. The tears of all these dead idiots. And the tears of SS who takes what people say on the internet seriously :D

    • One thing is raging, another thing is racism. You think half of the noobs who whine here leave it on the internet? Hell, they get a picture of it, just because some polish players are noobs, they get it in their head that all polish people are idiots and that is how racism grows.
      People saying that what is on the internet isn’t a real thing… noo, of course not.

      • The problem is not racism, but hate at general. It can be directed to race, nationality, sexuality differences and so on. That just shows how much people are filled with hate and are unsatisfied with their life or have grown in pretty fucked up environment (maybe everything together). Well, but that doesn`t justify this anyway. Usually, when people are raging they say what they are really thinking. Considering, that pretty lot people can control themselves to at least such an extent that they wouldn`t rage like this, but the question still remains- how much people have this negative “train of thought” in their heads and how much of them would act, if they could act without discretion?…

        • Ye, you are right. I mean, I don’t know why people keep playing if it makes them wish someone death… I mean, that’s really pushing it O.o
          Isn’t it easier to just turn off the game and get some fresh air? Right?

      Go back to your kindergarten, there no one will take you seriously for sure.

  5. jak ja lubię takich ludzi..
    piękne komentarze !
    oczywiście hejt dla polaków
    ogromny..dobrze że WG troche
    pozbyło się tych napadów na Polske
    przez możliwość wyłączenia tego…czatu..
    wiem jest gorzej gdyż nie ma interakcji z graczami
    ale nie zamierzam czytać takich pierdół…

      • Google translator from siemka to world language:

        as I like these people ..
        lovely comments!
        Of course HiThere for poles
        huge .. well that some WG
        got rid of these attacks on Poland
        the ability to disable this … chat ..
        I is less because there is no interaction with the players
        but I’m not going to read such crap …

        • Dude, even Google Translate cant handle PL, it just doesnt make any sense, I cant understand anything…

          • He just say that he dont like poepole who write such things, and like that he can switch off chat(and not read such bullshit). <-short wersion

      • How i like pepole like that…
        what a lovely/beautiful comments !
        of course hate at poles…
        big/huge (hate)…its good that WG removed some issuses at Poland
        by option of turning of that…chat…
        i know that its worse because there is no interactions with players…
        but iam not gonna read bullshit like that…

        Really Polish is not so hard language as you think!

        • Oh it’s not THAT difficult to learn to read or write it; it’s learning to SPEAK it that’s a nightmare (especially for somebody who speaks one of the Germanic languages like English).

            • They at least have their two “simplified” scripts, it’s the Chinese kock-off kanji that don’t quite even fit the language (or so I’ve been told by someone who studied the language) that are a pain.
              And then you have *Chinese*. >.<

              Thank God for the Phoenicians popularising the highly practical idea of alphabetic writing. Clerks' and merchants' notation beats imperial divination doodles hands down as a basis for a pragmatic no-nonsense writing system.

    • What I wrote earlier? See… All PL players think we all can speak polish… but we cant…

      • I’ll try to translate it myself (native siema language speaker ;) )
        “How much I love such people. Beautiful comments. Of course hate for polish players is huge. I’m glad that WG got rid of this attacks at Poland a bit through an ability to turn off this… chat. I know it is worse because there is no interaction between players, but I don’t want to read such crap.”
        I hope it’s understandable. :)

      • Well…the younger ones seem to, if my conversations with players from the EU server are any indicator. The older ones are better about it from what I hear (as they’ve told me, the older ones tend to be VERY good, but the younger ones are almost universally terrible and spend more time with idle chit-chat than actually contributing to the team’s efforts)

  6. Im always hoping to find my clanleader here, he can say things so nicely like most of them above :P

  7. I somehow really miss the point of this whole hall of shame thingie. I see worse things like this every day in the game and after few years I somehow thinks it’s the usual everyday folklore that is common in every MMO game. And as the WG added option to disable the chat in the last patch, I don’t see any reason why not to do it if you are tired reading such crap.
    I find this obsession of yours being somehow waste of your time that could be used on some interesting articles.

    • It’s a way around the no “naming and shaming” rule that WG has, which unfortunately allows this shit to happen by protecting their precious anonymity, and as the GIFT (Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory) states:

      Average Person + Anonymity + Audience = Fuckwad/Douchebag/Asshole/Misanthropic Idiot/Whatever term you prefer to use in reference to these kinds of people

      However, linking an identity (their in-game username) to their actions makes them a target of retribution, discouraging further actions of this sort on their behalf and warning the rest against attempting such asinine douchebaggery themselves.

      • well, either you have a really good memory and will remember that you saw this name on FTR’s HOS, or are you comparing the names just before the battle? :)
        Personally, I don’t care with whom I’m playing with, as there is NO way how to influence it, so I’ll just check those ‘better players’ to know on whom to focus and who is worth taking damage while killing him.
        rest of the tomatos.. I don’t really care, when I die, I will simply leave the game, as I would probably rage too looking at those brainless things doing what they are doing..
        Another thing is that with high probability, most of the people in the HOS don’t even know something like FTR exists (together with like 99,x% of player base), I don’t see how the ‘educational’ part would work.

        Oh, btw, I do rage too from time to time,mainly if its 3 minutes in the game and it’s already 0:5 :)

        • After 16,5k battles + beta and a rather strange habbit of looking for players in after battle report who performed the worrst I can truely tell you that the majority of bad players comes from eastern european countries.
          That may come due to the high percentage of players from those countries but with view to the PL players there must be a reason for all that hate.

          Maybe it would show some intelligence NOT identifying yourself each and every time as siema pilot greeting PL players and asking for anyone else coming from stronk PL…

          • are you sure you wanted to reply to me? As I don’t really care who is from where, all I care is if that person will do he’s part or not.

            And reg. pl players, I would say that they have the biggest player base on EU servers, and if we take that statistically 20% of whole population are .. let’s be polite and let’s say slower in their minds, we can say that 20% of players from every country are like that.
            and if you have 1m of pl players that will lead to 200k special players while we have 100k from (e.g.) UK, we will meet only 20k specials. well.. if we add mentioned anonymity that internet is providing, we can increase those numbers from 20% to 50%. This will lead us that you will meet MOSTLY, not exclusively ‘specials’ from the pl than any other country.

            And although I don’t like the ‘simeka pl’, or anything in that sentence in ANY language (hungarians like to do the same, but the playerbase is obviously smaller, same with italians etc) I don’t care that much. And if you do care too much, there is nothing stopping you from disabling the chat in randoms, you don’t even need any mods for that now.

          • It’s the old stereotype about the Poles being stupid (which ironically was proven untrue when they came in as having the highest IQ scores per capita in all of Europe in a study a couple of years ago XD).

  8. Put an end to these insults on the Poles. It is so not funny. Brave nation with shitiest history of all countries in the world.

    And u FTR: stop posting in HOS insults on pl, because you only fuel atmosphere.

    And bieleve me, noobs are in every counrty in the same percentage. But it is easier to recognise Pole.

    • Why? If any of these guys are in clans and their clan’s leaders have any sense of decency (and read this blog, of course), they’ll be punished severely, which will help to decrease the frequency of this shit-flinging in battle chat.

    • Polish players isn’t the target of HoS, it’s players trashtalking other players.

    • Soooo… should i feel bad for fuelling the hate on my country? Because it felt damn rewarding for trolling the shit out of the bastard(yea, one the submissions is mine :P) To be honest i only started regretting putting pl in my nick just a few months ago, back in beta and shortly after release we were all bitching in unison more about bugs then other players so to speak. But the Playerbase grew and so did amount of idiots and following simple maths, polish playerbase is huge, so is the amount of true morons and shit heads among us. This of course isn’t helping none. The most hilarious situation i had was, when i pointed the stupidity of a guy who rolled out his e-75 with a fucking 88l71(!), in a clean English and not using any insults,result? Got flamed to the ground, decided to speak up only when i need to and avoid using polish like a plague. At this point i also must say i understand why players rage when they hear polish language, i’m kinda getting pissed myself every time hear “siema pl”, cause in more than half the cases it either means a moron or another shitstorm on the chat. And whenever i try to convince them to use English, there is a strong possibility i get flamed in my home language as well…

      • That’s a shame. I usually respond in kind…now I know what they’re saying and before I disabled chat totally to ignore the mudslingers who appear to me to mostly be clan players of a nationality I either do not know or do not care enough to drill down to. A douche is a douche no matter what word is used to describe them and so is the same no matter their nationality.

        Baiting though….time honoured tradition. I find the poster “Forgive thy enemies….it really pisses them off” to be very true :D

  9. Huh, so my entry didn’t make the cut, though I suppose to be fair this guy was rather tame, but still, the historical figure that the Black Prince is named after has nothing to do with black people, so he had no reason to choose the language that he did – then again he only used it in that context the FIRST time; after that, he was a bit more obvious in his bigotry…

    Oh well, better(?) luck next time.

  10. Btw, epic coincidence.
    Solitdude who is in this week’s HoS: he is comparing polish players to cockroaches :D
    He made a topic in the forums about WoT copying WT. Got closed fast :D :D
    Haha, just epic :D

  11. The WG staff have many friends (strange isn’t it). I meet one of their “friends” nearly once in ten games and always they are threaten the rest with ban. :D

  12. Stop bashing on Poles. Some of the ex-Yugoslavian people are the worst retards I’ve ever seen. So much hate coming from a small community.

    • Yeah but people from the former Yugoslavia are often too busy fighting amongst themselves to really interact with others, so there isn’t as much presented by them from which to form opinions.

  13. 9-TD is known for that Sabina_Laurinova (its a guy ofc) and his retardness. Also there are more rasist pigs there then those tho.

  14. That guy from DAC…he’s trying to translate romanian insults into english – too bad it doesn’t work that well.

    I’m rather wondering how come we don’t see any more romanian insults as we can be…erhm…quite creative. Might be because most of’em I’ve seen starting to swear, they’d do it in their native tongue and other people don’t understand it :).

    • Donno about you but the romanian dudes I know are writing english pretty well, not perfect(hell, I’m not perfect either), but well.
      Our problem with english comes when we’re speaking it rather than writing it(stronk rushan speaking skillz).

      But on the other hand I also seen enough romanian well-wishing in game…most regarding mother’s dead ancestors and mother’s necks…sometimes even mother’s gods.

  15. Oh my, I literally started lol-ing after this one:

    Reroll tard clubbing tier 1 battles-only rages about another clubber with tier 2 tank.

    Lel, these guys.

    Btw, seems my rage episodes are hugs and kisses compared to the “people” getting into HoF.
    How in the world can you wish someone gets a cancer or dies in concentration camp is beyond me.

    And the hate for Jews….just what the fucking fuck.
    Seriously, Europe, this is pathetic.

  16. Lol nice mod, I must remember to make one too (but did that guy just sent the screenshot here himself??). Anyway it seems all the insults on the US server are directed at Chinese and black people while on EU they’re directed at polish and jews.
    That big and long rant was really funny, especially when one of the guys said he’s gonna put the other guy on the Hall of Shame, when he himself was insulting as much as him.
    Hall of Shame is good but you should use it to post such funny rants or guys who PM you after battle to keep insulting or other creative insults. The average one-line “die PL”, “die jew”, “get cancer” are not really interesting, we see them quite often.

    • I’m Dutch, and I tended to blame my fellow country men… no: infants, as well. But apparently it’s not only the Dutch who do it. Not that that makes me any happier. I don’t like people doing that, as half my family died of cancer. :S

  17. These comments always put me down, I don’t know why I’m reading them here.

  18. And thats why i preffer WT,smaller community, almost no insulting,minimum of idiots in battles (depends on battle mod),however after 29k battles in WoT i have no need to play WoT so much like year ago:)

  19. This Hall Of Shane should have part 2, 3… but if you ever see my nickname included in fight I will probably take side against nerds who live for trolling and there can be fighting entire battle, hard language included.

  20. Ah, english is so baaaaad when it comes to translating czech/slovak swearing…..it missing its original creativity :P

  21. Thnx SS this made my day :D

    Still waiting to see my own rage in here :P

    what is striking is that US servers blame black ppl and EU server all blame jews and polish ppl :P

  22. I’m jewish. And on every tank that I’m not planning to sell, I proudly put an israel flag. I have been called ‘this’ and ‘that’ more times than I can count. Don’t care really. Too bad that there are people like that though…

    • Good call, might do that myself, while not being Jewish, just to piss them off :P

      But generally speaking, hate on EU server is off the charts.

      I use the word “retard” in randoms more than I would like to admit, but this sort of inbred (khmretardkhm) BS people are showing in the screenshots, is just….wow.

    • Believe me m8, dude, friend…
      just waiting to the moment that all the freaky Nazi fly and tear to pieces hell from everywhere.
      so bad and ugly persons playing this game, hope Worst things forever to them, WG even do something about this? think no, damnit!

      all those who Mentioned auswitch and holocaust… why they not feel it in they OWN Meat and flesh got damn assholes!!!
      Inglourious Basterds needed to find those ugly dogs before they even close for this, damn SHAME!!!
      ty silentstalker for this, and really hate when people make cutname as “SS” bullsh1t gery fs name and meaning for old long time ago.

      • Do you know that nazi didnt invented hate for jews? Jews were hated almost from begining of the time. Especially from the time they crucifided guy who was called Jesus

        • wait, yea man, but lisen. good point.
          nazi where the sh1t who make the area name: auswitch and more worse places in europe.
          the holucaust, believe me, if GERY’s were feel that, no1 was mentioned about Jews.
          or the bigest idiot and pig name ad0lf (big fs loser) sh1ter not was kill Jew cuz they “better”, yea no1 is perfect but why kill? blame is other thing of hate.

          back to point with Juses, because he was as Jew, and as all says “Jews killed Juses…”
          by the way, Juses make people feel in another Religion of life like Christianity…
          noting same for be a Jew inside it. not all Jews are Christianity…
          just sad what those personals says, hope worse to them.

          • Your english is so good that i understood you like 1/3 of what you wrote :)

            • Thanks you ^^ if you understand something and didnt kept about Jews, I did my part xD hope you got my point btw, nice :)

        • Jews were originally unpopular simply because their monotheism implicitly denied everyone else’s gods you know – polytheists rarely if ever had issues with other folks’ divinities (on the contrary, a degree of syncretism was pretty common) but they tolerated sacrilege no better than anyone else.

          Also technically speaking it was the Romans who actually did the crucifying. As far as they were concerned the whole debacle was merely yet another Jewish sectarian squabble.

  23. Breaking news! The average WoT player is hateful, angry, and illiterate! Despite this being a reported fact for quite some time now, one popular blogger had this to remark; “I’m so surprised I should post a weekly article about it!”

  24. Believe me, I’m not ashamed of rushing into a dogfight with that bastard. He made my day after all… ;D

    • You’re not supposed to send in hall of shame material you’ve written yourself in chat…

      • There’s no rule for preventing me and the others from posting stuff like that. Besides, that “jebany debile skurwiel” deserved being disclosed like this.

        Nahhh, I was just in a bad mood, the guy pissed me off in battle, so I rushed into word-fight bandwagon with him.

  25. finally a guy from unica, but it’s not me :(….raping small pussies is so hardcore :D that’s nothing compared to when i’m pissed off after cocksucker in arty 1shots me :D

    • hehe

      Bino was itching for getting into the HoS, he goes full trollmode and berserk all the time.

      But he told me he would get kicked if he managed to get there.

      @Bino: Come over for a beer later if you’re reading this xD

        • lol, he said he’s getting cheered for his “mighthy deed” making it into the HoS :D

          Maybe some turds flame and rage on purpose for getting some “fame” here :P

  26. Is there anyone who could make Hall of Shame database, and incorporate it to XVM, like the Bot Detector is done? :D It could be quite funny… :D

  27. I really don’t know why I didn’t switched the battle chat off yet. Still hope it can help sometimes…. silly me.

  28. Damn, I hoped I see those two I’ve send to you, SS. Some wankers in Chi-Nu and his plat buddy in SU-85, raging cause I one shoted Jap guy with my M4.

  29. I reported that sabina_laurinova person yesterday for the same kind of insults. I understand people raging once in a while, but wishing people to die of cancer is totally uncalled for.

  30. Ahaha so funny, nice to see that they cant spell for shit. Also “chinese jew” just because person was playing a 110 lol ahahahah…………………

  31. Sabinka to sem konečne dotiahla??? No prišiel na psa mráz… …za jeho správanie v hre je aj ban málo.

  32. I’ll quote Henry Walton Jones, Jr when I say “Nazis, I hate these guys”.

  33. I really do not understand why all the hate against jews…

    I do not sympathetize with their culture, but I do not know about anything wrong they did…

  34. After returning to SEA server, and seeing the HUUUUGE pile of tomato farms and fodders, I wouldn’t be suprised if I spout out as much variety of cussing cuss words as there are insults in this edition of Hall of Shame. SEA gaming quality is disturbingly crashing.

  35. “Someone in German community came up with a very “nice” mod”

    Wehrmachtsbericht – SS Divisionsbericht.

    Obviously some stupid child at work here. That doesn’t even make any sense.

  36. Jesus, the EU server makes NA look tame. I’m “lucky” to see overt racism more than once every hundred games or so.

  37. Ye, all those flames bout the Poles right? Bein’ sincere right here, I have also started flamin’ on players from my country, when they do prove when they are dumb idiots, or arrogant dumbfucks. Mostly I do pretend I am not from Poland, and my absolutely perfect English shows flaws only when I’m fasttypin’. The percentage of Polish players in EU, as it was said in prev comms 2, is pretty big (if not the biggest) part of it, what statistically give us most newbies, so commonly called n00bs. Few check then if I am a disguised Pole. Smart polish players just pretend to not be ones. So before u start flamin’ any Polish player u meet out there, think if there might be any disguised ones, who are there just to carry the whole team and u don’t even notice them ;) Best Regards, Pozdrawiam.

  38. I have known xD I’m tired of SIEMKA and Kto pl,Go to facebook and hang out there if you do get-togethers! As for this…
    I was provoked
    when someone says “Siemka” or “Kto Pl”,and die in the first minute,hell, go to social networks and socialize! Here you drive the damn tank!!! PS. And other insulting,but I’m not weepy child and cry baby to complain :/

  39. The only stupid part of this blog is this “hall of shame”. Who gives a f about someones internet rage.