Straight outta Supertest: 9.0 Graphic Settings


Hello everyone,

an interesting feature was leaked today, WoT graphic settings. Overall, looks like everything was pretty much simplified. This is the screen setting:


Obviously, it’s in Russian for the supertest. Here, you can set (from left to right and above to bottom)

- the resolution
- V-Sync
- anti-aliasing (on/off) – this is odd, shouldn’t be there like… more methods?
- tripple buffer
- colorblind mode

- frequency
- screen ratio
- screen selection
- gamma

- color filter (notice the picture demonstrating how the filter looks)
- filter intensity (that’s new)

The bar in upper right corner says “dynamic resolution” – perhaps this is the dynamic quality change current WoT already has?

And now, the “advanced settings”


Again, left column (the frame over the upper set of settings says “these settings significantly influence game performance”)

- graphic render: standard/improved
- texture quality
- lighting quality
- shadow quality
- “grass in sniper mode” ticker
- (below the frame) landscape quality
- water quality

Right column

- additional effect quality
- additional effects in sniper mode
- amount of flora
- post-processing
- “track effects” ticker
- (below the frame) tree details
- render range

51 thoughts on “Straight outta Supertest: 9.0 Graphic Settings

  1. This is going to sound stupid but here goes nothing:
    If I understood correctly, 0.9. will bring us the new physics together with some of the HD models right?

      • There will be some new, serverside physics. I think that with 9.0, your tank will be able to flip over, but I’m not 100% sure.

    • Turret exploding off will be in 9.0
      Track elements moving in a realistic way will also be in 9.0 for the new HD models.

      The other physics aren’t coming yet.

    • It will also bring the Stug 3 and panzer 4 tank split’s (I think).
      Not much I know.

  2. Hope to god that us players with toasters will still be able to play the game….

    • I hear that some toasters have more than one slot for parallel processing.

      • Not all people have the money to upgrade. Also, it’s not PCs fault, it’s the game being not optimized at all. I could run AC4:BF at high settings with constant 60 FPS(Even while fighting during storms), while I have to play WoT with low/medium settings to have 3-50 FPS with micro freezes while zooming in/out and so on.

        • funny you mention it, AC4 is also not very good optimized for PC. Not horribly as WoT, but still.

        • Try upgrading your router if you are on wireless and try getting a lower latency broadband connection… this is a game with server side physics and your god machine has to wait for the poor carrier pigeons to arrive before anything can be rendered for each frame which is why your fully calculated AC4 game will run with higher frame rates… and our lowly human machines will still run a game with such complex dynamic environments.

          • Stop talking bullshit, fps dont have anything to do with fps in this case, but the fact that wot only use 1 core and of course older cpus will make wot perform worse because their architecture is outdated and less efficient as well as….well the game only put all load on one core. No einstein is needed to underatand that a mediocre cpu that is getting stressed on 1 core alone will perform worse than in the work would be divided on the other cores. 4 core cpus has been around like 10 years dude, dual core much longer. No matter how you look upon it, a better optimized game engine will benefit ALL players.

            Also better router and conncetion wont do a shit with your fps, only with your ping. But theres no guarantees since wg servers and isp are fucked and there are people running low latency 100/100 copnnections laging like hell playing on wot serves. Whole system is flawed. Also for minimal packer loss and ping, why even use wireless router?

      • To all the people whining they don’t have money to upgrade (wich is basicly 95% of all WoT’ers), ever thought about the fact that ‘Consoles’ are made for people like you? You know, for kids and poor people.. Instead of whining to downgrade games so you’re able to run the game, or asking to stop patching and adding features… Jesus.. you’re no help towards the PC-community with adults, and no help towards the company itself, in this case WG. Only QQ this QQ that, please think about the poor people. hashtag zzzz PL/UKR/RO/HUN/RU get consoles.

        • I have consoles. I have never complained. I have 38 fps max, on min settings. that is fine for me. I just want it to run the way it has.

        • So what you’re telling me is that I should blow an additional few hundred dollars on a console in addition to buying a computer? On what planet does that make sense? I still need a computer, so now I’d have to buy TWO devices instead of one.

          • A few hundreds can get you good used computer stuff. You dont need to be rich to make decent PC upgrades these days. Problem is most people lack the knowledge to what to buy and where. Hussle if you must….

    • the game will support multi core processors with HAVOK so in the near future low power PCs will have possibly better performance

      • No it won’t read up. This game will still run on 1 core and HAVOK will use another core. That is not multicore/multithreading support. Not to mention there are more than 2 core CPUs, maybe 3rd world country Russia doesn’t know that?

        • True, even with havoc the game will be run on 1 core, havoc on the other. And its safe to say performance will decrease as a whole due to “HD graphics”. But if im not wrong HD graphics are optional as well as havoc. So theres no need to upgrade if you play on standard settings.

          True all people dont have money to upgrade, but that is a problem regardles of game you are playing. Whats even worse is that those who upgrade dont benefit that much playing wot due to the poor optimization.

          • Havok should actually use as many cores as there are available after the game thread has picked a core. Also, the game is not poorly optimised, just reliant on low latency connections due to all the server side calculation results that need to be received to calculate each frame.

            • Are u joking, the game is a joke in terms of optimization there are no multicore supprot, says it al…

            • If the game is relying on low latency connection then why the fuck are WGs servers so weak and why do they crash and lag out during peak times? That alone is a big flaw in the design all togeather pal.

      • Unless they are multicore cpus, they will benefit little, if we assume wg will make the game true multicore.

  3. maybe i’m the dumb but i didn’t see any new in the 9.0, some hd tanks meh, no havoc, no new tanks, no buff for the 113 or e100, then whats the “big” patch?

    • yep, when they said no havoc in 9.0 I was like wtf then what makes 9.0, 9.0 worthy? The HD models?

      • I don’t really know, ‘big’ version numbers should be reserved for big changes, like the physics in 0.8.0.
        Havok would count but…

        They seem to be putting the pach release schedule ahead of the content.

        I guess it’s the publisher side to blame here though, not the devs.

        • It may also signify that they’re starting the switcheroo to the whole new graphics thingamajig. Laying the groundwork as it were.

      • the server side physics improvements have required a big upgrade to the core game engine so these changes can be implemented later, that is why it’s 0.9.0.

        • The core game engine? Too fucking bad they didnt made the “core game engine” use more cores on the cpu then. They should do thet first, then implement havoce and high polygon models.

  4. “anti-aliasing (on/off) – this is odd, shouldn’t be there like… more methods?”
    Hey SS, doesn’t the fact that this control is drop-down list and not check-box triggers some thought? no? ;)
    (for the reference look how this particular setting implemented currently in game)

    P.S. Except little glitches here and there FTR is best WoT news blog including russian resources. Thank you for your work!

    • Currently with advanced render (at least on my machine) it is fxAA and off, so some simplification.

      I guess if standard render is used, then it will show the different (MSAA xN) options

      If anyone wants, I could go into a bit more detail on the subject

  5. Not so much differance from the current settings. I will say though that 9.0 dont bring anything more than HD textures, which are in fact objects with more polygons. HD seems funny to use in this context I admit. Also AA on and off, what a joke, we want more settings so we can tweak.

  6. For those who dont know what 0.9.0 brings:

    Version 9.0 will include these exciting new features:

    Historical battles – a new game mode featuring battles that will only involve the historical vehicles and according module settings from the particular battle. There will be three historical battles in the release: the Battle of Kursk, the Lake Balaton Offensive (also known as Operation Spring Awakening) and the Battle of the Bulge.

    New PBS (Physically based shading) – this feature offers a more realistic and detailed display of various surfaces, including metal, wood, paint, rock, etc.

    The following reworked tank models:
    USSR: Т-34-85, IS and Т-54.
    Germany: Panther, Tiger I and Maus.
    U.S.A.: M4 Sherman, M18 Hellcat and M103.
    U.K.: Churchill I, Centurion Mk. 7/1 and Tortoise.

    The blowing off of a tank’s turret when its ammo rack detonates.

    The animation of a tank’s suspension as it is affected by different terrain.

    Balancing corrections for the following maps: Serene Coast, Pearl River, Malinovka, Severogorsk.

    A new window created for graphical settings.

    Remastered soundtracks.

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