44 thoughts on “Free 50 gold code

  1. The bonus code has been successfully redeemed on your account.

    Thx for the code.

  2. I just used it and it worked on my main account, 10 seconds later used it on my alt and it didnt work…

    Not sure if it recognizes IP or in the 10 seconds 100k had filled up.
    Eh actually you probably need some amount of battles to be able to use it.

    • Main and alt accounts are now linked by WG.

      I got bonus code to work on main account, then tried it on alt account from a separate IP address, but it would not work.

  3. I got a mesaage that i can’t use promo code on my account… it’s my main account and I did’t use this code on any other account :/

    Message in polish:
    “Nie możesz użyć kodu promocyjnego za pośrednictwem tego konta.”

  4. I received a message saying my “Code usage limit was reached”… and was my only atempt!

  5. Damn looks like I missed it.. now I have this overwhelming urge to buy £50 worth of gold to compensate :/

  6. Makes no sense, no where does it says its limited…hosed again by lack of information.