Today, again, nothing unfortunately. I even checked the “lesser developers answering” section on RU forums (which is basically equal to EU/US regular questions thread) and the questions from there are so dumb that I just facepalmed and closed it for the sake of my sanity. The only “interesting” piece of info is that no matter how hard you beg (and some begged quite a lot), developers won’t tell you when the 3rd campaign begins.

What you can do is check the newest list of bots, the red ones on it were banned already. The fun part is: you might see the player “gritzy” on the list. He got banned and here, he moans like a bitch on the bot owner’s forums :)

Also, you might remember my post about Centurion AVRE and M728 CEV. Listy had some comments to add and posted a reaction on Overlord’s blog. It’s well worth reading.

29 thoughts on “16.3.2014

  1. Again I can’t see properly the bots because I don’t have the free camera mod for watching the replays :(

  2. hahahaah our friend Vend3tt4 (also the moaning bitch) played one match and actually won :D

  3. I hope more people will start using bot hunter mod.
    It’s an easy way to get rid of botters.
    Big support to StormShadow and others working on that tool. o7

  4. I’ve seen millions and millions of bad players which I had to carry, but havent seen a bot yet, so I have that going for me, which is nice.

        • The bot-detect list is incomplete, as it is updated manually by the maintainers. You may have encountered a bot at some point and just didn’t realize it. Though, I’m still inclined to think the botting problem isn’t as big of an issue as some people like to think.

  5. Can’t believe what I am reading on that Tank Leader forums. There are guys actually harassing people that say you shouldn’t bot as it is morally incorrect. Stopped reading as I otherwise couldn’t play WoT anymore, or at least not without my tin foil hat on.

  6. It looks like botters community doesnt like you: :D

    “FTR blog owner is just angry little kid who is spending 2/3 free time on game preventing something that is happening all over the community”

  7. >You have no valid point to say he is stupid or anything else ,you are not contributing community or even helping in any case you are here just for trolling and nothing else
    nice to show how you are just wasting time here and showing how uncivilized you are
    >botting community


    • reading botters forum is hillarious indeed :D what a bunch of cheater morons and noobs