Again, very little info today. Truth to be told, I don’t expect anything groundbreaking until patch 9.0 hits the test server. Apparently, developers are very busy.

- the “Wotcoin” cryptocurrency has nothing to do with Wargaming

13 thoughts on “18.3.2014

  1. SS, remember the post about “why multi-core suport wont help you” that you post it about 10 days ago? why did you delete it? :D

  2. Can somebody… one of you experienced members or maby SS… tell me an expected date of 9.0 test coming in EU
    since the ”silence before the storm” came or however you called that

      • You’re paying a “third party” to gold you but you dont know that guy, what you’ve never heard of credit card scams? it will lock your acc if you got conned