Regarding Gold Bonus Codes

Hello everyone,

just a quick update, apparently today a new code was supposed to appear and it seems that Wargaming EU messed up the code. Either way, there seems to be some confusion about it, I will be keeping an eye on the situation, so if there is a code (either from EU or from RU sources), it will appear on FTR as quickly as I get to it.

Stay tuned.

47 thoughts on “Regarding Gold Bonus Codes

  1. Maybe it was supposed to be the code that was posted here on saturday? Never seen an official source for that one and it would be obviously useless to publish it now…

  2. This bonuscode “event” is actually pretty nice. I mean, 50 gold isn’t much but just enough for unmounting equipment for example.

  3. Waiting for the day WGLCODEFAILF1NAL works xD

    Last codes appeared all in the WGL-Articles, which were published arround 3 to 4 pm (when small WG-Guy comes ot of school?). So I guess we can be sure, that there is an article with code at that time, or this day isnt provided with one e.g. they messed xD

  4. Can anyone point to where these codes are announced or posted by WG?
    I check this site regularly throughout the day and the codes are always used up by the time they get posted here.
    any help would be greatly appreciated.

  5. I screw over the QR barcode creator WG is using… The algorithm of it is so f*cked up that WG used it for its’ own advantage :D “Stay tuned for more failures!

    Basically… Screw you WarGAYming EU.

  6. need 30 freaking gold to buy a garage slot on 50% off event and WG EU cant post a single working code

  7. It really doesn’t matter for those of us in the western time zones (mtn/pac) who HAVE JOBS. By the time we can even get the code, let alone input it, the damn thing is always all used up. Make it fairer for everybody please.

  8. They cant even make a QR Code correctly :/

    Inverted colors, AND, it’s not clean at all…

    Some QR Readers might read it fine, but that thing falls foul of the standard!

  9. MONOL1THWGLGRANDF1NAL was posted on the forums (No idea how they got it), but it’s giving 50 gold… at just after midnight ;P

    • I cant find the QR code for it..
      There also doesn’t appear to be a web page up for it either (hmmmm) so perhaps we’ll all get banned for using it.

      That one looks to be about 12 hours old, so perhaps people are using generators to try guessing codes.

  10. Thanks :D by the way it was written on the official gold announcement that you get either 50 or 100 gold… is it randomly selected or the last code will give 100? because my brother activated it too and he is now on 250 gold, last day it was 150…
    well, he aint even mad

  11. Funny stuff…I posted a comment last night, saying that MONOL1THWGLGRANDF1NAL might be the code (saw someone post this info on another site), but at that moment it wasn’t working.

    Comment never appeared…

    • It’s simple – you have the word “jew” in your e-mail. That is one of the “trigger” words (in order to stop people from spamming stuff, some words trigger the alarm system and the post gets withheld for moderation or put directly to spam folder), in your case it means that I have to approve practically everything you write manually (I suggest changing e-mail/login for that)