87 thoughts on “New Bonus Code

    • It still works as I just redeemed the code.

      Can’t be bothered to play WoT though as I’m taking a break from the frustration that is pub games (even with a platoon mate or two).

  1. thanks you again for the gold code is realy apreaciate good job for the site to .. XD good day

  2. I guess WG decided to be fair to NA player… by trolling RU player at the same time.

  3. - I wonder who had the brilliant idea of publishing a bonus code at 2AM CET (or 4AM for Russians).

    WGEU’s fails are slowly seeping into WGRU?

  4. 9.39, EU
    wot site says code has worked, but on my account i can’t see traces of a finacial trasaction …

    • might take any thing from a few mins to an Hr or 2 some times for it to process some times.

    • by the way, i don’t remeber how mutch gold i’ve got on my account since few days ago my friends, for my birthday, gifted me a SU100Y with some gold …
      So i can’t tell if i’ve got the gold or not

      Edit: read now shiner, thaks :D

  5. Still on.
    50g to my EU-Account

    But does anyone know, where it was posted in first place? Cant find an EU-Article on that.

  6. I found this code.. sort of.. yesterday..

    I got the webpage, but WG “uber clever sneaky” employees had Enigma’d the address…

    Although the webpage was there, there was no image content, it was a marker…. so I must have found in during publication or something

  7. Saw someone posting this:
    You’ve used an unauthorized code. A ticket has been send to support who will take action. Your ticket can be viewed in the support section from the main page.

    So it maybe over now

  8. I have a question. How those codes works? Can I add it multiple times? Or does it only once per account? I used previous code and now I see information that I reached limit. Is this a code limit or account limit?

    • Its also code and account limit. U can use one code per one account only once, and also one code can be used just limited few times by another users.

      And yes, its not working anymore :/

  9. You have reached the code usage limit.


    Seriously, 2 AM?

    Wtf were they thinking (I know, I know, they werent, its WG).

  10. What I would like is to know where to get the QR to scan it (I guess SS is a person and he sleeps at nights :P) when it appears. By the news on the wot website it seemed they were going to post news about the ESL and that news would include a QR code, but it seems to me that must be working a different way,

    • The previous 3 codes have been delivered exactly the way you mentioned. In the eSport-articles related to the WGL Events till April.

      This very last code – I don’t know, never saw it on forum/portal, just have read it here.

      I am curious too

  11. So retarded publishing it at that time of day; the only reason for it would be to give the Russians the best chance at redeeming it.

  12. I am pissed. Where the hell did they publish that code? Didn’t they say they’ll publish them on ELS news on their portal?? I’ve been checking their portal all the time and no news no barcode. And I missed this.

    • I think this one got leaked here first but since I live on the US east coast I had to sleep and missed it.

  13. Never worked for me. Last night when I tried to redeem it it said ‘Connection timed out’ now it says ‘Incorrect Code’

  14. It says incorrect code. I guess it’s timed out. Really, they should have kept it at least 12 hours, I thought the code would become unavailable when the next related news article was published and I’ve never seen an article with this code on the main portal.

    • Yeah, just got mine on NA. The web servers are getting slammed. I logged out and now I can’t log back in again.

      Also a tip: if you get the message “You cannot redeem bonus code on this account” when you try to redeem the code. Don’t panic. That’s a bug and it will still work.

  15. > I wonder who had the brilliant idea of publishing a bonus code at 2AM CET (or 4AM for Russians).

    As a non-russian, but european, working guy, I could read and redeem the code before going to work. All other codes before were gone hours before I could react to them, so this was the first time I was able to redeem such a code exactly because of the time it was posted – yeah, I really think it a brilliant idea, in a non-sarcastic way.

    Thanks Wargaming! (and thanks FTR for an overwhelmingly interesting site!)

  16. I think they re-activated the code. I tried it 5 hours ago and it didn’t work and then I tried it again now, when they published the news and the QR code and it’s working.

    • Yeah…. would have looked very dumb, if they are posting this eSport-article (around 15 PM), and all codes are used already.
      My guess is too, that they reactivated or prolonged it.

      We all know, what happens if they didnt….. massive carry shitstorm incoming xD

  17. “I wonder who had the brilliant idea of publishing a bonus code at 2AM CET (or 4AM for Russians).”

    You do realize there’s an NA server as well, right? That code was published on the NA forums at about 7 PM EST, or midnight CET. Last code, a lot of the NA server didn’t even get a chance to use it before it was all used up.