World of Warships Models Leaked – USA


Edit: these pictures are actually not leaked, they come from Russian wikipedia, were reposted on the Korean site as a “leak”

Continuing the previous post, this time with US ships.

Smith class destroyer


Farragut class destroyer


Fletcher class destroyer


Gearing class destroyer


Chester class light cruiser


St.Louis class protected cruiser


Omaha class light cruiser


Cleveland class light cruiser


Pensacola class heavy cruiser


New Orleans class heavy cruiser


Baltimore class heavy cruiser


Des Moines class heavy cruiser


Michigan class battleship


Colorado class battleship


New Mexico class battleship


North Carolina class battleship


Wright class seaplane carrier


USS Independence


USS Essex


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      • Well the Japanese ones at least looks proper as in modern but then again Japan did have a way more modern and better navy than America at the time (early 20th century – 1943)

        • early 20th century is not the pre-dreadnought era except for the first few years that can be counted in one hand.

        • Yes, once you consider how IJN basically got technological transfer on the best possible terms with the Kongo and how IJN repeatedly cheated on the naval treaties while the US kept to the words even after the expiration in 1936.

          You can’t just compare a cheating copycat to a self-improving student.

          • Its not cheating. Its called strategy, you purchase the best from whatever source you can get it from in that case America “cheated” because they used European steam engine designs in the mid 19th century to power their industry before they started moving towards worse steam engines, designed by Americans.

            The Japanese navy had allot of innovation, they successfully used proper communication in the Russo-Japanese war which led to their victory.
            Japan also was the first to build the first purpose built aircraft carrier while they did purchase a great deal of foreign built ships they still built allot themselves.
            I mean, considering how fast Japan had to industrialise itself and compete with Western Imperialism its a sign that their Collective nature proved extremely superior to European individualism.

            The naval treaties where basically designed in the favour of the Imperialists in Europe.

            • Technically the British laid down the first purpose built carrier. (Hermes)
              Hosho was the first commissioned purpose built carrier.

              Also the only Imperialist in Europe that the naval treaties favoured was the Royal Navy, which was the more powerful navy in the world at the time of the first of the treaties.

              Also it is easier to industrialise when other have industrialise, because there is no trial and error, it is know how to make various processes work.

              That takes nothing away from Japan, however, they did very well.

            • “….their Collective nature proved extremely superior to European individualism. ”

              Just a few holes in that argument:
              Apart from losing the land war in Indo-China, not having anything remotely comparable to a Hurricane or Spitfire to cover their glorious Navy and of course the ultimate idiocy of launching an unwinable war in the first place!

            • “…considering how fast Japan had to industrialise itself and compete with Western Imperialism its a sign that their Collective nature proved extremely superior to European individualism.”

              Watch out, we’ve got ourselves a Weeaboo here! XD

              How does that collectivism stand up to a pair of nuclear bombs dropped on two major industrial centers? Not very well, apparently.

            • “– their collective nature proved extremely superior to European individualism”
              What the actual fuck am I reading.
              For one make that “culture”; for another, remind me again how many European states were *actually* industrialised as late as the mid-1800s?
              Not an awful many in fact.
              Yet for example Germany which didn’t even exist as an unified state before 1870 had caught up with the early-starter British by the turn of the century (and this despite being an overwhelmingly agrarian nation as late as WW2), and the French weren’t too far behind despite having been dealt a rather bad hand in terms of relevant raw materials and an economy more oriented for “value added” agricultural products.
              And the Americans were still busy pushing the natives out of the way (and fighting a nasty little domestic spat on the side) around the time the Japanese got started on modernising; it took a few decades more before they actually had the continent to themselves and could get down to *seriously* playing with economies of scale.
              And the Soviet Five-Year Plans, for all their terrible human cost, did quite the job dragging Russia kicking and screaming into the industrial age in barely two decades; should this also be taken as indicative of the Russians’ “superior collective nature” perhaps?

          • The US cheated as well, but not with Battleships. You see, Battleships were limited, but a cauveat in the naval treaties allowed certain types of ships, most notably aircraft carriers, to be built in unlimited numbers as “experimental ships”. Seeing the merit of this, the US began spamming aircraft carriers, and this only accelerated after Pearl Harbor put most of the Pacific Fleet’s battleships out of commission for a few years.

    • Bullshit. Apart from the Smith, St. Louis, Chester, Omaha (which were all very early cruisers), Wright seaplane carrier all had equivalent firepower to any of their peers from the other nations.

      The DDs (Fletcher) all have 5″ guns, CLs (Cleveland) all have 6″ guns, CAs (Baltimore) have 8″, BBs have 12″ (Michigan) to 14″ (New Mexico which has 12 of them) to 16″ guns (Colorado and North Carolina)

    • North Carolina Class Battleship had :-
      9 × 16 in (406 mm)/45 caliber Mark 6 guns
      20 × 5 in (127 mm)/38 caliber Mark 12 guns

      Yamato Class Battleship had :-
      9 x 46.0 cm (18.1 in) guns (3×3).
      12 × 15.5 cm (6.1 in) guns (4×3).
      12 × 12.7 cm (5 in) guns (6×2).

      These are directly comparable in both range and firepower, The difference is negligible, And if you’re making this comment through some stupid form of Japanese loyalty or Japanophilia then just remember America kicked the Japanese Navy’s ass.

  1. Theres like…
    2 Merchant Ships in the US Tech Tree lol.
    The St.Louis class protected cruiser
    And that thing that is totally not an aircraft carrier.

    • *some sort of light aircraft carrier*

      Nope, merchant ( transport/cargo ship) definately. It has a a big ole hatch at the back with cranes surrounding it. It has no deck for aircraft to land on.

        • Probably the Convoys we need to protect in that Convoy Escort Mission the Devs were talking about.
          Would made sense. Nobody in their right mind would play those ships.

          • I was under the impression seaplanes were nigh exclusively reconnaissance assets (which is why actual combat ships tended to have a few too). You’re not exactly going to be sinking many a cruiser with that lot.

            • Well from what I can gather she was actually built as a tender for the US Navy’s airships, then started carrying seaplanes of her own. The planes she could carry were actually pretty big; the Curtiss NC broke two records- one for carrying the most people on an aeroplane (51) then being the first plane to ever fly transatlantic.
              I would imagine you could feasably arm them with a load of bombs (although operated mainly in peacetime I don’t think they were ever significantly armed) which could well make a mess of low tier ships since they simply had virtually no AA weaponry.

              The first example of an air launched torpedo was on 12th of august 1915, from a Short seaplane carried by HMS Ben-My-Chree (the British tier one ship) at a German cruiser, with the first confirmed sinking on the 17th (the first target had already been fatally crippled by a submarine) so by the time this american ship is around they could be quite dangerous indeed.

  2. Oh man, some of these look just tragic!

    “Can I be warshipz?” No, you are a merchant ship. Do not ask again.
    “Can I be aircraft carrierz?” No, you are…what the hell are you anyways?

    The Michigan even looks like a midget battleship xD

    • Michigan would look like a midget battleship, because it is a battleship, and it was the first American Dreadnought, so all the ones afterwards are bigger, hence why it looks like a midget

  3. “Some sort of light aircraft carrier”

    It is a seaplane tender. Germany should have a bunch of them if most of the research into a German carrier line that me and others did works out… We also scrounged every known plane planned or used for a carrier in Germany.

    I don’t recall the name of the US seaplane tender off the top of my head..

    And then I switched to WoT because I was burned out…

  4. Cool! Protected Cruisers! Hopefully every nation get’s them! I want to see a historical Battle of Jutland!

      • the last pre-Dreadnought battleships may be tier 2 premiums.
        Armoured cruisers are a tough one, because they are better than any cruiser, but worse than the battleships.
        Protected cruisers are easier.

  5. I wonder if we’re gonna see any Iowa class ships out there, because personally i want to own myself a big, bad USS New Jersey!

    • Please look at the tech trees in the link above… sigh…

      Although to answer your question the answer is yes. Although the Montana Class has more armor… And the Alaska Class has better rate of fire due to those mighty 12 inch guns… he he he.

      • That far back as in that far back into the orgin of the design. Sure the IJN might have retained a few until WWII, but the idea of a protected cruiser and the original design from that idea was way back in the 1870s wasn’t it?

        • *shrug* The Japanese built their last batch shortly before the Great War. Not really seeing how the age of the *concept* is terribly important anyway – compare torpedo boats and destroyers, or, Hell, cruisers in general. Or frigates.

          Seems to me like it’s the age of the specific hardware that matters.

    • They haven’t been modelled yet, but they will come.
      Where they will be in the tech tree is not yet known, however.

    • There will be, they just haven’t been modelled yet.

      They are said to be tier 8 Heavy Cruisers

    • Iowa class is tier 9. Top dog is an improved version that was looked into for the next class of battleships, before it was decided to order the Montana class.

      North Carolina is tier 8.

    • Each ship takes around 3 months to render fully.

      Therefore not every ship is rendered at this point.

      But Wyoming will come, and is said to be tier 4

  6. I’m just going to say it, because I don’t know if anyone’s thought it yet or not..

    But those look a LOT like NF2′s dock renders.

    Are we sure these are from WoWS?

    • Compare the render of North Carolina to the official WoWS screenshots. They’re identical. These are most definitely the legit WoWS ships.