Karl-Gerät Stats from Tank Inspector

Hello everyone,

what follows are the “Karl-Gerät” stats from Tank Inspector. As you already probably know, this “vehicle” will be a part of the April 1st “joke” (so much for surprise).

This is how it looks:


And the stats:


Also, one more thing. Hillin (Tank Inspector) developer asks everyone to download the newest Tank Inspector version here, because otherwise, the application will crash.

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      • It will also keep crashing on startup after you first crash trying to load the Karl Gerat since the program tries to load it again after logging in.

        Edit: But it seems you know that.

      • Error (509)
        This account’s public links are generating too much traffic and have been temporarily disabled!

        aww :/

        • If you’re hosed up your Tank Inspector by trying to view the Karl, you can fix it by deleting the contents of the config folder, ex:


          Where “Bob” above is your user name. Note that Windows 7 defaults the AppData folder as hidden so you may not see it under the Users folder, but its there. Just delete the contents of the Smellyriver folder as noted above and it will reset Tank Inspector to its default setup, thus fixing the crashing.

          These instructions are also on the Smellyriver web site, just more cryptic in nature.

          Hope this helps…..


    • Hull+Turret health= Tank Health. Different turrets can have different healths, ergo, upgraded turrets buff t he tank’s health.

      • Yeah but how did they come up with these numbers and of what value are they? I mean we all know KV-1s has 760hp stock and with turret it has 810.So turret + 50 will be enough information. How am I to interpret 608 hull health and 202 turret health? If I receive 202 dmg – my turret will fall of or what? :D

        • There’s a single HP pool damage is subtracted from, it’s just that turrets have a health value to allow for different turrets to affect the HP pool of a tank.

          Don’t think too hard of it.

  1. lmao … 9k dpm on tier I + II … this is going to be absolutely hilarious …

    Thx to google translator I was able to find the download, but it seems nothing is working on that page.

    edit: okay… now the page loaded fine and there was no Yautja language anymore.

    • > 30 shots per minute
      > 2 seconds aim time

      Oh god, I will play the shit out of this thing on April 1st. And I hope all 29 other players in the match will do the same :D

      • > 0.7 accuracy
        > 3.00 accuracy spread after shot

        152mm KV2 is an accurate sniper tank compared to this :D

        > 57+ hp/ton ratio
        > 70 km/h speedlimit
        > 150 shell velocity

        I wonder if the vehicle itself will be actually faster than its shells lol

  2. this “vehicle” will be a part of the April 1st “joke”
    Good – Good, Instead of zombie rubbish like previous year..

  3. I need help…i open my WoT and after loading it crashes…(using gnomefathers btw)
    can someone help me pls

  4. 3 weeks ago i tried to start Tank Inspector and on the log in screen i got error message “Cannot connect to remote server” i tried to enter Tank inspector website but i can’t connect to it i can enter only trough cache mode
    Is it a global problem or just my internet provider problem.

    As for the special tank they should make such things more often,it would be fun!

  5. Are they really adding that into the game?…
    They didn’t done that with the Ratte, but that tank didn’t had it’s model&stats added into the game.

  6. Holy shit this thing is fucking awesome!

    9000 dpm? 400m viewrange? 57 HP/ton? 70 kph? 1500 HP? At tier I?!?

    DO WANT.
    DO WANT.
    DO WANT.

  7. The big question is will we be able to play it, and if so will we be able to fail platoon in it :)

  8. The Creeper of the World of Tanks world.

    That’s a very nice tank you have there. Be a shame if something were to happen to it….