As you can imagine, very little serious info came up today.

- apparently, if you can’t enter team battles properly (you see bugged windows etc.), it’s old version of XVM’s fault

Let’s just survive the rest of the day and get serious tomorrow :)

18 thoughts on “1.4.2014

  1. I basically kept playing Karl more often than other tanks.
    Was just more fun, and it would be great if it stayed since it would really make a great stress reliever :)

  2. Hi guys.

    I’ve read, that if you’ll sell karl-the-tank, you’ll get 2000 gold. Is it true, or just another 1-st April joke?

  3. If you cant enter team battles due to XVM, just delete the following file:
    \World of Tanks\res_mods.8.11\gui\flash\Application.swf

  4. Is the Zis-24 on the KV-4 a real gun? I can’t find anything about it.

    • It is. EnsignExpendable wrote about experimental Russian guns and there was a table with penetration parameters of different guns. In the table, there were ZiS-6 (prototype tank gun) and another 107 mm gun which was marked as ’107 mm prototype high power gun’ that had 188 mm of penetration at 1000 m. It is most likely that WG used this gun for KV-4 (107 mm guns were designed for KV-3/4/5) and gave it a name of ZiS-24.

  5. if the event is gone, will be there a free garage slot after the tonk, or it will just disappear with the slot and the ‘crew’?