On Yesterday’s “CW Campaign” Post (Info from Ectar)

Hello everyone,

so, yesterday I posted some info that allegedly came from Ectar – and he was not happy about it apparently, since he got “misquoted”. So, where is the truth?

For starters, this is the original e-mail I got (unchanged, only removed one link ot the Utrecht post):

Dear SS, Today I’ve been to the Xbox360 Community Event in Utrecht. There I was able to speak with Ectar for quite a while. When asked the question about when the Third Campaign starts, he responded accordingly:

Q: So Ectar, tell us: When does the Third Campaign Start?
A: Well, I don’t know. I haven’t been in the office last week so when I get into the office on Tuesday then I will know. However, I did notice that time has been reserved in my work calendar to play with the WG-clan in the last week of April.

So yeah….. Also talked about Tier 8 USA en German Light tanks, about the USA LT he wasn’t allowed to comment, on the German LT they haven’t made a conclusive decision yet. Apparently 2 tanks were considered. Then we aswell talked a bit about World of Warships, the client is now in Closed Alpha. The group of alpha players (RU supertesters) will be expanded during the year. Closed Beta might come in the end of this year or beginning 2015.

They were still thinking about creating an EU supertester group for WoWs. However, he wasn’t very optimistic about the chances of this happening. Minks is apparently still very pissed about EU supertester stuff. Ectar’s favorite tanks are: E50M, Hellcat, Centurion Mk. 7/FV4202. Hope this is some interesting information. Please only publish my nickname ;) With kind regards, Amayii [WHY]

So, that’s that. With the earlier in mind and with Ectar writing he got misquoted, I started looking for the truth on my own, at least on the important matters. Two points I learned:

- the campaign info is probably wrong, because the the info I got is that new campaign is not planned for Spring 2014, but for later. HOWEVER take this “cum grano salis”, because although the source is very legitimate, it’s not the person organizing it himself and there could have been some misunderstanding.

- the German LT info is wrong. Only one German LT8 is considered (RU251). Here, either Ectar or Amayii mixed two things together – US and German LT8′s – there are two candidates for US LT8 (the T92 and the T49) and at one point, they were “competing” for the LT8 slot (with certain people at WG favouring the T92, others the T49). In the end, the T49 “won”, but T92 is still officially considered as a LT8 candidate and it is possible that Americans will (not immediately) get two LT8′s.

And one speculation:

- the WoWs stuff I don’t know about, but considering the fact that the alpha testers from EU are doing just fine, I’d say that the chance of having WoWs EU supertesters is not zero.

19 thoughts on “On Yesterday’s “CW Campaign” Post (Info from Ectar)

  1. Are they seriously still pissed about EU leaks?
    The ones that weren’t half as bad as the RU leaks that still go on?

    If they could just admit they are just too lazy to properly coordinate the supertest both in Russian and English, and would rather just do it in Russian, that would be swell.

    • They got pissed at one twat leaking EVERYTHING in one go…

      …and he got perma-banned…

      However there were a couple of annoying peeps in the test who wouldn’t let stuff lie..
      …and the ST is basically.. “Shut up, wait, do this, don’t ask anything, do that, write report EXACTLY like this, wait again”…
      …….so those who went banging on about stupid stuff annoyed the hell out of the Co-ordinators…

    • I really give a fuck if anyone in Minsk is pissed. It’s a bunch of criminals ripping of their customers with crappy servers and a terrible lying customer support stating things like:
      - No, we do not have latency problems with our EU servers
      - Yes, there might be a problem, please defragment your SSD

  2. Wow. I must say that I am really surprised by this post. The above message I sent in is a short summarize what we have talked about. I am not sure where the mix-up happened as we had a very friendly conversation in the club in Utrecht. Especially the part about the Campaign is a nearly word for word quote.

    If I misquoted Ectar, I’m sorry for that. One of the main reasons I went to Utrecht was to be able to speak to him and ask him a couple of the above questions and talk about WoT. It was never my intention to misquote him. I can only imagine a misunderstanding occurred due to the extremely loud music.

    If any misquotation occurred from my side I must apologize but as far as I know my message is still about what we talked about.


    • I am sure no harm was intended on any side. Keep in mind that Ectar is a WG employee and those make mistakes. He might have told something he was supposed to, it happened to other WG staff before. Don’t beat your head over it.

      • maybe Ectar have told him something he wasn’t supposed to?
        and when he remembered, he told you that he was misquoted so that the stuff he said got a bit degraded?
        just a tought

  3. Yeah, it’s likely he has accidentally let something slip that has to stay under wraps, so the easiest thing to do is to deny it happened (or reveal the information in full, but that only works if all the CW is already set in stone).

  4. Minks is apparently still very pissed about EU supertester stuff.
    So they are pissed about bloody EU scum that leaked stuff, but on the other hand since they have been sacked, leakage has continued and they(Storm, SerB) even had to confirm leaks officially because there was no other option. Why are the pissed about EU again?

    • There were leaks, WG had no viable leads on what cluster of testers was actualy leaking ( or who, exactly. ), apparently they had vague clues that a ”well respected” tester was leaking, but instead of speaking to him, they went ahead and sacked THE ENTIRE EU SUpertester team in one night. Just like that. No explaination, no credit for spend time..booom.

      EU Supertesters were shafted from the start anyway since the übersturmbahnführer @ Misnk HQ favoured the RU Supertesters much more. How predictable, right?