- the “twitching” (moving by jerks) of minimap tank icons (they don’t move smoothly) is intended in order to save traffic
- apparently the current latest Tiger HD model is correct, when it comes to size
- apparently, Murovanka in 9.0 is still quite dark, because its lighting wan’t fixed yet
- M103 HD roadwheels are still sort of “rectangular” (they have visible edges, they aren’t completely round) because it is a necessery simplification: there are many smaller roadwheels on M103 and making them smoother would require much more resources
- latest test hangar is still not optimized for best FPS
- the HD Centurion side plates are scratched, because in real life they were easy to scratch
- 9.0 autoaim (aiming lower than in 8.11) is intended and will be implemented
- some models have worse visual quality of tracks in hangar than in combat, this will be fixed

20 thoughts on “4.4.2014

  1. anyone seen flying turret on amx 50t ? load it with he only and ammorack it, I want to see how far will turret fly :)

  2. So people didn’t mind the dents in the tiger model but objected to the scratches in the centurion?

    • If one of the most successful tanks of all time was made using car parts they are doing something right I’d say.

  3. This autoaim are ridiculous… Wargame dont does favor those who dedicate themselves to training and improving the skills. Each version they make life easier for lazy people.

    • If you hide your lower plate it’s like 50% that shell will hit ground , and if you angle armor , there iseven better chance to catch hit on tracks , not side armor above them.
      Only live server will tell how this works.
      ps: what about bots? how this change influence on ai performance?

    • Dude, weak up. This is a bonus to all of the skilled players! Now you just hide your lower plate or go full hull-down and suddenly you’re invincible! :D In a worse case – tracks absorb damage. Yea, you can get lower plate hits, and again: Russian (& Chinese) tanks will benefit a lot from it (“pike nose” tanks will be pretty much invincible from up front for auto-aimers) – but it’s double-edged sword.

      • Err no…its not possible to hide lower plate always because that limits you to positions and works against brawling. How ever staying hull down doesnt work because peoople use gold ammo. Good luck getting high average dmg and xp by hiding lower plate at all cost. You have to make damage and take damage to get good performance, now it will be harder because ppl will autopen ur lower glacis without even aiming. Good one fuking flat head russian developers.

  4. The hanger isn’t optimized? WTF did they do to the rest of the game! In the last test I was getting much better FPS then I do even on the live server (which isn’t good because of an aging computer and wireless LAN). I was getting between 10 to 15 more FPS then the live server. Now I’m getting even less then the live server.

  5. Holy fuck, people are still asking about the M103 wheels? Well… I guess it’s better than them asking about the “Alien” everyfuckingtime

    • People were promised round wheels and by golly they. will. have. round. wheels. gosh darn it,