New Ranzar Video


Hmmm… for a clip about an evil invader breaking all international law, there are not enough peninsulas…

(BTW IS tank as Stalin, that I understand, but why is Czech-designed 38t nA depicted as Hitler?)

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  1. Neither Hitler nor the 38(t) are german, both are very important for the german war effort and shaped and defined it to quiet some extend.

    Or it could be cause it’s just such a grumpy looking tank.

    • It was already used as a general in one of his previous videos. He just reused the cartoon character, which is okay, since the tank is kinda recognisable.

  2. Making a hill out of a mole, are we?

    What is it with you people? Everything has to be black and white, evil and good. Is majority of you really that immature and don’t know/understand the world all that well?

    And the comment about peninsulas from SS, that’s just a bit weird. Sure, he has his own prejudices and opinions, who doesn’t, and this is his blog to post them. But it just doesn’t add to the quality of the site about a game to bring political discussion into it.

    What’s next? Shall we talk about Iraq and Afghanistan next, dig out that horse? The international law suits US and EU perfectly well until right until they decide to ignore it. Guess who also followed the law until it became inconvenient? Your own homegrown part of EU now countryman Hitler.

    • – everyone except Syria (abstained, obviously) voted for the resolution, including Russia
      —————————————————- – Russia was against together with Cuba, North Korea, Belarus and Zimbabwe to name a few. 11 nations in total against it, 100 for it, 58 abstained, 24 absent – Russia vetoed the draft, China abstained.

      Poor Russkies, nobody is with you :’(
      But dont be sad, at least you have The Best Korea behind you – that really means something!

      • Ad Security council resolution 1483:
        “…it empowered the US-UK coalition, making it the legitimate and legal governing and peacekeeping authority”

      • It’s always nice when you are the one making laws everyone is suppose to abide by, isn’t it?

        The law preventing you from invading a sovereign country under a fabricated and false premise? Well, just have a vote (excluding the country being invaded, of course, because that would be silly) and adjust the law to allow invasion.

        Wait, someone else doesn’t follow the laws you so generously set up for them for their own good? How dare them, lets condemn them together.

        It’s funny though, how impotent all this fist shaking is. Georgia thought US and EU were really the powers to keep Russia in check, and got rolled over in 6 days. Crimea willingly leaving Ukraine and joining Russia? Why, lets shake fists more and see if it has any effect.

        You, murikans and eurikans, are so silly. Paraphrasing Game of Thrones: “Power is power, not words”. Good luck trying to make Russia dance.

        • Its not laws, its international community and its opinion. Invasion of the dictatorship on the false pretext is one thing.

          Invasion of the de jure and de facto democracy with unmarked soldiers, setting a puppet government from the 1% percent party Russian Bloc, spreading proven lies and holding a referendum resulting in 97,5% approval is another. Also pre-invasion support for reunification with russia was arround 40% and falling in the recent years. Seems legit.

          • Says the person who has never been to Crimea or Ukraine and gets his information from the same US and EU news websites that are so heavily not one-sided? Seems legit.

            Since I actually KNOW people who live there and talked to them throughout the event, on both sides (Ukraine and Crimea), allow me to be suspect of your knowledge of how much support is there for any actions. In fact, random internet dude with no credentials, it’s been nice to know your opinion on something you know nothing about.

            And I do love how Croatia was accepted as an independent state during separation from Serbia because a) so, so many deaths there b) US has key interest in Croatia. By the same logic, I believe Crimea will be ok to separate if they start or be subject of a massacre by Ukranians? What kind of fucked up logic is that?

            Sometimes doing something right is different from doing something legit.

            Oh and this jab is just for the fun of it: George Bush got elected president on “oh so not suspicious” Florida ballot count. Nothing to see here, democracy at work, move along.

            Some people just want to be right, no matter what.

            • And where do you get the information? Are you one of those little green men perhaps? :D

              I have nothing against the basic fact, that Crimea wants to and be part of Russia, if it Crimeans truly wish so. I just dont believe it and if so, i think that its the result of the massive russian propaganda about banderites in Kiev. And 97,5% majority doesnt seem to be a result of the legitimate referendum.

              What i think is that Russia just wanted the bases.

              • So, to sum up your point.

                You were given information on event by a sources that are known to be biased, then you decided to disbelieve SOME of the information you had because it seems unreasonable to such an intellectual that you are while believe OTHER parts of it because they seemed ok, without any research into the other side’s claims or points and then decided to state your opinion on the internet.

                How do you like them apples?

                But you last point is valid, despite being a bit simplistic.

                Here is a bit of rundown for you on what is really going on. Russia absolutely wants presence in the Black sea, and will go to war to defend it. It’s an equivalent of letting your hated neighbor drill a hole in shared wall into your bathroom and mount a camera there along with a mechanical arm that has a reach into your bedroom. Any reasonable man would have a strong reaction to that and likely barricade that hole if not something stronger.

                From the other side US (and to lesser extent EU) wants to extend a dominance in the region, to include military bases and whatnot as close to their major rival as they can. Reverse Cuban Crisis if you will. The more control they have over the region, the more pressure they can apply to everyone involved. Why? Because that’s what US does. There is no reason for them to be involved, and yet here they are. Involved in yet another country they have nothing to do with, economically or terrestrially.
                US is a proverbial neighbour from across the street that is suspecting that someone is not a nice person and may perhaps have a lot of illicit good sex or perhaps hard candy in their bathroom. They WANT to know for sure. There is no way to know it but luckily there is a cooperative neighbor who is willing to drill a hole and stick his head in as long as someone keeps their rent from bouncing.

                There is no right or wrong in politics. There is what each side wants and there is what they are willing to do to get it. US supported an illegal government (de facto coup) gambling that they will increase their influence in the region which is all they want. There is some information freely available that suggests snipers firing on the crowds were paid by coup leaders.

                Russia doesn’t want to lose the influence they have, so as a punishment for US involvement they absorbed Crimea. They were fine with Crimea belonging to Ukraine forever, even signed the agreement to that effect, right until the time US interfered. There will be a war before a single US military base is established in Ukraine. Read up on what happened when US wanted to put anti-nuke missiles in Poland.

                No right or wrong,no black and white, just politics. Everyone is a piece of shit in politics.

                • Its not biased information if theres photo evidence of unmarked russian soldiers arround ukrainian bases, official results of the referendum, proven lies in russian propaganda (polish border checkpoint), election results of the Russian block are also official and confirmed as well as that independence survey.

                  Its information war. Its dirty on both sides. And more on the russian one.

                  I dont believe in the serious US involvement, they dont have interests in Ukraine and i dont think that EU has any interests in Ukraine either, except if it wants to save another failed economy.

                  What you have presented here is possible, but unlikely.

            • Croatia was a republic of the Yugoslav federation you fuckin retard. Do you know what federation means? They just left the federation. Oh, its same as with Chechnya tried to leave the Russian federation. And it was denied.

              As i said, i dont deny the self-determination right to the Crimeans. But referendums are held without soldiers in the streets and with some sort of independent supervision, intra or international.

              • And Crimea was a meaningless symbolic gift to Republic of USSR, Ukraine less than 40 years ago. Ukraine has less right on it than you have on a shit I took a week ago.

                Your opinions are proven to be baseless random shit that is so common on internet.

                I had a great pleasure decimating your biased and thoughtless whining.

      • Oh and I do love how use of specific word makes suddenly everything good.

        Annexation. As long as we are not annexing, it’s all good then? Should Crimea be declared an independent republic that is somehow has all Russian military bases on it’s territory and firmly in sphere of influence of Russia, with all legal binding documents and all fancy words that signify nothing more than “puppet regime”, it’s ok then?

        Because we all know that Iraq sure as hell has a lot of independence right now right? Wasn’t annexed or anything, but boy, do they really pull much weight with their independent voting that differs from interests of US?

        Man, if I sarcasm any more, I think I will break my sarcasm button.

          • Prove to me that Crimea DOESN’T want to join Russia, let’s start there.

            This man is a genius, let’s give him an award, ladies and gentlemen. He thinks that us, random internet denizens, can easily prove anything we set our minds on about political, financial and international setting of any country in the world. I don’t believe it could be easier than that.

            Sadly, nobody asked some random guy on the web to prove there were WMDs in Iraq. That whole affair could have been sorted out so easily, eh? All it would take.

            • And about Crimea – in pre-invasion opinion polls, joining the RF was supported by 40% of Crimeans. In february – under Yanukovich regime, so its not some banderite falsification. Such “swings” in opinion never happen! never!

              • And there we have it. Cool, collected you lost his shit and started the insults? Nicely done, I expected nothing less from a troll.

                You didn’t even know that the reason there is such a high support is because Tatars (12% of the Crimean population) boycotted the referendum. Only Russian population turned out to vote, which explains nearly unanimous decision.

                So, “retard”, do you have more of your armchair general wisdom to share? Maybe more wikipedia links that are known to be the pillar of all solid information in the universe?

                I don’t have to prove anything. I can just quote the Russian minister in your face and walk away:

                ” You should go outside a bit, do yoga, relax. Crimea is a done deal. Don’t stress yourself out over it”.

                • That is the idiocy of democracy. Everyone in Crimea knew their voices would not change the fact Russian speaking citizens are the majority so they didin’t come to the ballots. thus the 97%. But fuck logic, I must have been falsified.

                • You cant convince me, that if just 12% of the population boycott the referendum (if they are unanimously against), the approval rate for joining Russia will skyrocket from 40% to 97,5%. It doesnt make any sense.

                • The problem isn’t really about that russians in Crimea wanted to join Russia or not, nor is it any way similar to Iraq. Firstly, this isn’t how thing are done, you can’t just force an referendum in other countrys, maybe tomorrow Tatarstan wants do join Turkey, or Primorsky Krai wants to be a formal part of China?

                  Main problem is that Russia proved to the world that “the Good old days” (soviet era), where russian word or signature dont mean shit, is back. Taking Crimea, how ever you call it, is a breech of Budapest Memorandum (look it up). Russia didin’t even try honor it . Obviosly Russian credibility will wall, nobody wants to do bussiness with people whose agreements and promises is just a faste of perfectly good oxygen. While Russia is a rich in raw materials,don’t forget that the Soviet Union didin’t survive isolation, nor wil Russia.Economy is more global than ever.

                  In longer run, don’t forget that Russia has a lot of disputed areas. If some day in future, some more powerfull country comes do help their oppressed brother in Russia,do you think the world will interven?No, ukrainians would but on their gasmasks, just do hide their grin.

  3. But Hitler was never been a member of the Totenkopf SS! :S
    BTW MS-1 as a guard? I smell Teambattle…

    PS: Is the russian officer the T-50-2? O.O

    • Its not a Waffen SS-Uniform.
      The skull and bones-logo on the jacket had all soldiers of Wehrmacht Panzer-units.
      SS had skull and bones only on the cap/hat (not sure if thats the case in the video).

    • Yeah, and neither was he a member of the german pre-WW1 cavalry, which also used the Totenkopf, nor was he member of the Panzerwaffe or SS.

      But that Pz38na Hitler probably IS member of Panzerwaffe and the Panzerwaffe Totenkopf is therefore correct.

  4. Because Austria never had tanks (Hitler was Austrian, not German, though he himself preferred to pretend he was German).

  5. Oh my god, all I could hear is “Fegelein…FEGELEIN FEGELEIN FEGELEIN” when pz38-Hitler slams on the desk!

    I’m dying of laughter here X’D

  6. I bet that T-50 will destroy the whole German force on his own knowing how RanZar videos always end…
    Anyway 0:35 Bring me Fegelein! Fegelein! Fegelein! Fegelein!

  7. “…but why is Czech-designed 38t nA depicted as Hitler?”
    Well people think that Molotov cocktails are Russians and that’s like worse since they were our enemies.

  8. Not Nazi, but tanks doing Nazi salute is adorable.

    I wonder, is publicly displaying the Nazi swastika illegal in Russia?

    • >I wonder, is publicly displaying the Nazi swastika illegal in Russia?

      That depends on the mood of the police force. Swastika (and Nazi salute) can be seen as an extremist symbol, so you may end up in jail. Still, in some city districts you can see a shitload of swastika graffities on the walls, a whole damn lot of juvenile boneheads strutting on the streets and occasionally beating the crap outta people they didn’t like for some reason, and nobody gives a damn about that.
      Depicting Nazi symbolics for art/historical/reconstruction/entertainment purposes is legal, AFAIK, though it must not be used as propaganda.

  9. Oh ye, Hitler designed as a 38na, but Stalin as a KV-3. Too bad, Stalin was even shorter than Hitler in real life. These whole series are made by a russian, so obvious.