Weekly FTR contributor review

Hello everyone,

today’s review will be a bit special, since it’s the first time (first month) the Patreon system was in use. I am actually quite surprised it worked exactly as well as was advertised – there is usually some sort of catch involved, but not this time.

To sum it up:


This is the Patreon account of For the Record. In case you read this for the first time and feel like contributing, here is an explanation what it is, how it works and how to contribute. You can find a list of all those, who pledged and help to keep FTR running here.

On April 1st, Patreon billed those, who pledged. Out of 566 USD pledged, 526 USD went through successfully (the rest either didn’t allow the payment, cancelled it or encountered some other issue). Out of those 526 USD, 46,03 USD went to credit card fees, 26,34 USD went to Patreon as a fee for running the service, leaving 453,63 USD for FTR – thank you all, who managed to make this possible!

Of course, some people contributed via Paypal “Donate” button as well, these are:

the_viking (Germany)
T-28 (Austria)
MKW (Hong Kong)
Tom K. (Germany)
maho325 (Czech Republic)
Dan S.H. (Romania)
Aurelien M. (France)

Thanks to all of you guys :) Very much appreciated.

Special thanks to Cyrkon for saving me a Chi-Nu Kai code from WGL Finals!

24 thoughts on “Weekly FTR contributor review

    • yep, they were giving out gift bundles – t-shirt, some stickers, bonus code and invite code

  1. ‘Out of those 526 USD, 46,03 USD went to credit card fees, 26,34 USD went to Patreon as a fee for running the service, leaving 453,63 USD’

    IMHO, that sucks

  2. O.o

    I guess it’s a nice amount for only 6 days of working.

    450×5=2250USD…that would be a nice amount per month, I guess.

      • But from April 1st till today aren’t only 6 days?

        Sorry if I sound dumb.

        Edit:Or maybe I didn’t understood how Patreon works yet.

        • Yes. There is one fixed date – once per month – when Patreon collects the money from those, who pledged to support FTR (the list is available above) and it so happened that it was 2 days after the Patreon account went active. Next time, it will be on 1st May or so.

          • Yeah, I got it, so it basically “collects” the money given by those who pledged for that month, not every week as I thought.

            But doesn’t that mean, that till May, more will “pledge”, thus, the overall gain will be higher?

            (Just doing a logical guess)

            • Its a subscription. Some may add up and some may cancel the subscription. It has never a fixed amount.

    • Instead of provocative questions, how about supporting SS’s work, if you enjoy it?

  3. As I was afraid, the balance showed to the public will raise voices of doubt. Now it is only 400 but ppl will be more abusive when it reaches 1k or 2k – and it will in time. Soon some will demand full audit and tax payed. Ppl just can’t simply show appreciation for good work or stfu.

    • This. Silentstalker let us read such pieces of information that are 1) extremely reliable 2) can only be found in hard-to-acquire and expensive books 3) plus keeps us updated about a game we all like. And it’s FREE. Noone has to pay anything. Now he asked for support, and people can VOLUNTARILY donate if they want. It’s not pay to read or something.

      I just donated, not much, 5 euros. And I donated this money to him because as a sign of respect for his work. It’s none of anyone’s business what he does with this money.

      Some people should really just shut the fuck up.

  4. i donated 3 times or more
    but you know what ? i will still donate, but i will not ever sub ;) – thank you for keeping the “donate” button mate
    i am not sure, but maybe Paypal has lower fees than the “Patreon” version ?