37 thoughts on “Since, it’s still not on the Portal…

  1. Nooo, not MORE TDs, and the WTFfer at that … I guess the campingstyle of a 10 TD a side game is easier on the servers or something…

  2. Well WG did say they wanted HE to be more viable, guess having more WTF E-100′s running around will accomplish that. GG Wargaming. :)

  3. And I’m sitting on fucking 7 tier of this td line and can’t make myself playing it.
    Big , no armor, almost 0 gun traverse and slow aiming time. “But it have gun depression.”
    Yeah but I’m getting maps where i can’t use this one and only advantage -.-
    This 2 exp event my make me play it. Cheap rhm would be nice…

    • Going mad by driving PzSflV isnt worth it. If you allready had the Borsig or WT-PzIV okay…

      • On tier eight starts the real Rock’n’Roll.
        - invisible Rhm. Borsig with powerful guns
        - invisible PzIV WT with powerful guns
        - OP WT E-100 with autoloader

      • haha so true. I’ve given up on the line for now, the Nashorn and Sturer Emil were just too much fail. Spotted from half a map away, dead in 2 hits. Enter next game and repeat.

  4. Is it just me or dosent EU get any of the missions & discounts (except tier 8,9 &10) like the USA-people?

  5. Oh come on, every idiot already spams these tanks cuz they’re so OP and now we get a fucking discount on them? U cannot be serious