Regarding various FPS/bug fixed. Patch 9.0 added new sub-folder into the “world_of_tanks/res” folder, it’s called “awesomium”. No, this is not a joke, it really is there – no idea what it does, it’s some middleware. Now, here’s a thing. Some players reported that deleting this folder (or moving it somewhere else) from the client reported the game to load faster and run on more FPS. I tried it, it had no effect on me, but the game is still running – so, use it at your own peril.

- apparently there is a bug, where damage, prevented by the mantlet does not count towards “damage, blocked by armor” – this is a bug
- related to the above: Storm confirms that damage blocked by spaced armor doesn’t get taken in account, it will be fixed

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  1. I think tracks doesn’t count into dmg blocked. I think it should, when Maus is sidescrapping and gets his tracks shot he will not be rewarded as he should be.

  2. awesomium is a web browser (probably a “pun” on chome’s chromium engine) api so that a piece of software ( in this case the WoT client) may display webpages inside of it.
    it usually means nothing but trouble…

    • Whats next, a screen inside your garage whenever theres a wargaming livestream going on…

      • Worse: Live stream from WGLNA in a game. And then Wargamin showing off how they made a new record of views. LOL.

    • I tested renaming the folder. Disabling it disables the additional information for Historical battles. That seems to be the only thing it does.

  3. Anyone else notice that the stats no longer include the number of enemy tanks killed (total and by tank) but only the percentage.

  4. It made my loading time faster (20% of bar and i’m on the map). Besides did someone notice that fps counter is broken or something similar? Today it showed mi that i have 30 fps while it was as smooth as 60 fps or even more. Just to point it out. On max settings

    • Yes i noticed that too. FPS sometimes goes down to 30 but ingame it still feels like 60. I’m on medium settings and the game is running a lot better then in 8.11. I’m quite happy with 9.0 patch.

    • Yeah my loading bar never worked to begin with, and even with Windstorm map, it goes to about 15%, stands there for about a second and BAM I’m in game.

  5. …Oh my god, I can’t believe this patch is 0.9.0

    It’s like 0.4.5… I mean, come on… That game version was BETTER than this piece of s**t.

  6. Folder awesomium….

    Wot stopped being awesome long time ago.

    Now its a placeholder for something better.

  7. I am not sure, but I think I saw a process showing up called awesomium_XXXX (forgot what what in XXXX place). When I wanted to click on it, it dissapeared. I thought I caught a virus or something…

  8. >Some players reported that deleting this folder from the client reported the game to load faster and run on more FPS

    Retarded people will say a lot of things, but without proof in the form of a FRAPS log it ends up being either lies or placebo. People that blindly follow such “advice” end up causing harm instead of good.

    In any case, awesomium is used to render HTML content embedded in other programs. It’s probably used for the Historical Battle detailed information.

    • That’s exactly what it’s used for, displaying info for the historical battles. “Awesomium makes it easy to use HTML UI in your C++ or .NET app.” There are tons of games that use Awesomium to display ingame info, encyclopedias and so on. Example of these games are Civilization 5, Rome 2 Total War, and hundreds more. But placebo effects works best for some of us.

    • Your idea with FRAPS log is idiotic to say at least. Every 15 years old kid can fabricate it to show whatever he wants to. And please, do show me how it came out to be “lies” or “placebo”. Proof or GTFO.

      • Awesomium is for applications & games the same thing as Chrome is for Windows or Android. If I’m not mistaken, awesomium was called before Chromium, as it’s based on the same framework. (Even the icons are the same, awesomium one only bluerish). It’s only use ingame is to display serverside information in HTML format, in WoT case it displays (for the moment) only historical battles information (info kept serverside which can be altered without the need of updating game files or the likes of it). Now, by saying that awesomium is altering game performance is like saying your car’s speedometer (and other dials displaying rev or oil or gas info) are negatively affecting your car’s performance. It’s a process independent of the game that only downloads 3-4-5 kbs of data to display info on historical battles (when accesed that info). It’s the same thing as Steam’s inapp and ingame browsing. Does that Steam browser affects your games in that library performance?

  9. Removed this awesomium from day 1. The game was stuttering like crazy and i was looking through the task manager processes and found this awesomium ware was sucking memory.

    Removed it and the game definately works better. WoT works just fine without it btw.

  10. re Awesomium & licensing

    from web site: http://www.awesomium.com/
    Awesomium is free for any team making less than $100K revenue and free to use in any educational or non-commercial apps.

    For all others, it’s just $2900 per application. No royalties, no monthly fees, no hidden costs. You only need to buy a license once you begin distribution

    WG with known history of multiple IP violation, it is safe to “wonder” if they actually pay the 2900$ License, should we contact them and report possible abuse of license?

    • “WG with known history of multiple IP violations”
      Proof. Provide me with LINKS!

    • Well WG bough a shitty 3D scanner for aprox $3000 which takes an hour to scan a tiny tv remote. And they are using it to scan huge tanks!!

      When they could have bought a more expensive (30k) hand operable 3D scanner with on the go scanning capabilities. Scans a car door in minutes.

      Take the conclusions from here.

  11. well I deleted the awesomium folder and haven’t necessarily seen an fps increase but have had more stability in that I don’t get random micro freezes

  12. Ok.. so I looked in this folder.. there is a PAK file.. 10kb… open the file in 7-zip and that reckons there is a webui_assets file that is size….


    packed size 9,661



  13. Removed the whole World of Tanks folder and my computer started to processing the meaning of life, 98% to go.

  14. Uninstalled world of crashes today my computer is much happier.

    No more money for SerbB, how terrible!

  15. Well a friend of mine had crashes every other battle thursday friday, then it stopped. He did nothing. The problem may have to do with certain maps.

    I have not had any crashes after I turned off fxaa and Motion blur. One of my lockups was in the middle of motion blur. Also, I turned back on the tank that killed you option. I have not had a crash in 2 days. But I have not played the maps I had issues with in 2 days.

    Another great wot mystery.

  16. Only pattern I have noticed in the crashes is that so far of the ones I remember they have happened on Ruinberg with battles in tier 6-7.
    I don’t think it’s a great idea to semi-randomly delete game files trying to fix the crashes. Since it’s an intermittent issue odds are you won’t really know if it worked or not. Plus when WG rolls out the next patch there’s a chance it will decide you need to redownload the whole client again.

  17. Through this folder for a few minutes after the game I heard the sounds of the garage and the game in task manager all the time hung. I could not run again because I have written a process running, and now after the removal is as before, ie off right away. Could WOT spy on us? What do these files in this folder? Could penetrate our drives and confidential password?

    • No, this is an issue I had with 8.9 or 8.10 where WoT was not shutting down properly after exit. It is still running in the task manager, so just kill the process.