22 thoughts on “New Ranzar Video

  1. That guy used to be funny, but his last cartoons are propaganda shit.

    What is more, not even funny propaganda shit. Bad stupid nazis, good happy commies.

    Biased Stalin/Putin praiser.

          • ;)
            Germans are not winning :P

            Jokes aside, I bet the same ppl now crying and complaining about “russian bias” would cry and complain if he would let evil nazi “mass killers and currupted liars” win :P

      • He is also removing comments that are historically accurate but portrait Soviets in a bad way from his videos. Or comments that tell the truth about Winter War, and not the Soviet propaganda. So I am not that much into liking these Ranzar videos anymore.

    • Because abandoning your post to chase after a barrel of vodka is totally a pro-Russian stereotype…

    • I also stopped watching them. The “propaganda”-fraction have a point, you see that the old WoT-related stories are almost completly gone, instead he uses “reallive-history” stories.
      Reasons: 1. Easier to think about stories (I think he hasn’t got any ideas left, but he needs new videos for money; not a bad thing, these vids are not easy to make)
      2. Target audiance is russian. He doesn’t care if the “capitalists” don’t watch his videos, he makes his work for the russian audiance. There are enough people there which want the USSR back. Trust me, i’m half-russian (my mother tried to teach me the soviet propaganda, I’m not stupid enough.

      tl;dr: Don’t watch them if you can’t see the content from russians for russians, I personally can’t :D

  2. Yep, nothing funny here… Old movies were awsome, but sooner or later good ideas have to end. Since many weeks nothing comparable to the old Ranzar.

  3. I think he should stop with those “multivideo stories” and go back to the old “stories” which lasted only one video and had nothing to do with any real event.

  4. Take skills to make but GOD how can a person have this bad taste of humor, it hurts so bad in my soul.

  5. I still like the viedos,
    Yes, he uses russian tanks as the good guys just like Hollywood uses americans as the good guys and it doesn’t really bother me. You can call it propaganda, you can call it nationalism but I’ll still see it as cute cartoon tanks blowing eachother up.

    If people stopped over-thinking things the world would be a slightly better place.

  6. To be clear, for me same shit USA propaganda than Rusian propanda, diferent colour same smell, shit is shit, sure i see a lot of USA movies but i think that is not the same see a movie with 10 years old that see it now, many movies i like a lot when i was a child are for me now a big bad joke, you know more and believe less what you see on them.

    The point for me is that Ranzar done fun toons about a game and the guys/tanks you can find in the game, well, the last serie for me has nothing about the game and a lot about propaganda about how good is certain nation (if we dont think that the “bid daddy AKA Uncle Joe” was not a lot better than the crazy histeric little ridiculous moustache guy).

    Like something that do a guy doesnt means like ALL the guy do, you know critical spirit like an adult.