Another Ranzar Video…

Thanks to Looser78V for posting this, I kinda missed it. At first I thought “that has to be the ugliest animation I’ve ever seen”, but it’s kinda funny. Guess who the bald guy is…


33 thoughts on “Another Ranzar Video…

      • Agreed.
        I liked the japanese samurai toon the best, Ranzar actually made american tanks the “bad guys”.
        Now all he makes is just the russian farmer T-34 being the hero against the germans. Seen it soo many times -.-

      • What is your problem?
        As soon as an artist does something else, you demand him to go back to his original series? I love this! It looks cartoon-esque and fun to watch. This is definitely a step in the right definition. He provides you this for free you know.

        Propaganda videos? Seriously? Bring your autism somewhere else.

  1. The animation is not ugly, it’s just a wilfully exaggerated and grossish design (Like many political cartoons for eg).

  2. Ranzar keeps it up like this, I don’t think it’s worth for you to post anymore of his videos SS.
    The usual videos he makes/made are/were awesome, but this crap now is just horrible -.-

    • we don’t need onehand faggots around no matter what tier they are….fuck arty and everyone who plays it

      • And certainly we dont need your arty hate here, go back to wotlabs to proclaim, curse and hate, nobody gives a royal shitlord here about what you have to say on arty, nor in the official forums

      • I`m sorry, maybe i didn’t manage express my point of out my view with a more clearly sentence on this matter. My point its not that they get an SPG and we get lights, they always get better monthly missions / extra missions ++ the TANK RECOVERY SYSTEM we in EU don’t have. WG make huge difference between US and EU, i feel that they discriminating us, but why is that ?

        monthly US =
        that’s – 200.000/day credits + 1 tier 3 (THREE) tank (at end) + possibility to get 9 days of premium.

        monthly EU =
        that’s – 105.000/day credits + 1 tier 2 (TWO) tank (at end) + possibility of 6 (six) days of premium.

        and now the extra mission for US is a tier 5 premium arty + consumable + equipment, i wont do the math of how much do this worth, do it if you want, you gonna be shocked by the huge difference of value

        For the ppl that don’t have or play arty with a bit of knowledge, its very hard or impossible to do the 25k for 3.500 dmg with a low tier arty. Yes you can do it quite easy at higher tier, but you probably didn’t know the cost of a shell at high tier, and how much ” PROFIT” you get after, same go for the mission with 50k for 10 kills, is quite hard to do this mission more then 2-3 times in a day.