A tip came from one player, who didn’t write his nickname unfortunately. Are you using Xfire client? Apparently, since 9.0, it started causing FPS drops for the game, which it didn’t before. You might want to consider disabling it when you play. Another Russian player reports significant FPS increase with “flash interface disable” – no idea what that is.

- the bug where the game tells you “not enough memory” – Storm: “Reduce the texture quality”
- icons on minimap move with delay? Storm: “Earlier it was the same, only with sharp twitches”
- Steppes have higher FPS than other maps – Storm states: “There’s nothing there, the map is bare – one landscape and only a few objects. Of course it will work faster than other maps.”
- it’s possible there will be one more hotfix micropatch

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  1. idk about others, but Xfire always cause fps drops for me, even long before 9.0

  2. I’m comfortably playing on old render, no bugs, no lags, no stuttering and no crashes.

    Old render is best render

    • Agree: i tried improved render with almost minimum settings, yet on some maps i barely got more than 20 FPS. With the old render the game looks ugly, but at least i have decent FPS.

  3. wargaming is just retarded and not being able to do anything right, govna kapitalisticka…

  4. - the bug where the game tells you “not enough memory” – Storm: “Reduce the texture quality”

    For the fuck sake I already play in minimal textures and get this after 3 battles. That’s no excuse

      • Are you running windows 8? I’ve noticed a bug with 8 where if you run a fullscreen game with the resolution set to not the same as your display native res, it’ll memory leak until at some point it’ll shut the game down.
        Though if it’s in game that it’s warning you, then that’s probably not it

    • You know WOT isn’t really designed to work on systems with 512 ram…. And i’m not trolling, after one guy stated he tries to play it with crappy mobo integrated graphics card at 8 fps(not one of the new ones built into processor) i’m willing to believe people try to play it with machines that are way below min requirements only to moan and bitch like there’s no tomorrow because it’s not working…
      Come on, i’ve got a 4year old rig that can be considered an office machine by now, yet i can run WOT on all mid settings with high textures and 1440×900 res. Yes i also get memory message, but it’s bearable(once an hour or so).

      • Yo dude that guy was me and you hurt my feelings! I have a fairly old rig yet it can run Prototype, Overlord and Dragon age decently!
        So quit insulting the poor ones!
        BTW i have no message like this. (maybe because i play it on absolute minimal now)

        • You might not believe it but i’m not rich either, i bought my current pc by WORKING and using my brain when buying hardware so, i wouldn’t burn cash unnecessarily or get stuck with parts with no upgrade possibility, hell i even bought used possessor just to save a lot. So please, enough with “i don’t have money for new pc so WG MUST work their asses of to optimize their game”, if it’s under their stated min setup, they don’t have to give a rats ass about how game works for you. it’s brutal, but that’s the way it works.
          Prototype, yea right, that game has as high requirements as wot and it doesn’t have the option “old render”, unless you give me some prof, it’s unlikely i’ll belive it.

          And BTW did saying that i would rather cut my wrists or something like that than play this game at 8fps really hurt you? It wasn’t an insult, it was a statement every other guy would give you. I get nervous twitches whenever fps drops below 20fps… a game should be something you enjoy, not a chore.

          • Please describe the “enjoy playing with a game” to me because i like a game if i can understand it’s mechanics and have control over it’s actions no matter how crappy it looks like or how “slideshowy’ it looks like. I don’t need 200 FPS to enjoy playing chess.

            And about “WG doesn’t have to make sure their game is O.K. with your shitty rig” is like saying “They can make a game that only works on the latest NASA computers. Deal with it.” thus if your 1 year old superüberPC can’t handle it than buy a new superüberPC. Would you play a game like that? Would MOST of the people play it? I don’t think so.

            • Wot doesn’t have cosmic min requirements, actually it’s quite below average compared to most games now.
              About that “control”, i can’t aim properly due to slight slide-show at 20fps, so at 8fps i would simply “screw it, it’s not worth the frustration”. So don’t even try to tell me you can aim at weak spots, cause that’s bullcrap. What you described is not enjoyment, but determination to play the game against all odds. Also comparing WOT to chess is kinda pointless- see difference of game dynamics(turn based vs arcade)
              To enjoy the game i want it to run smooth and look good enough that i won’t want to uninstal it after 15 min first.
              System requirements are there for a reason. If you want all games to run great, get a console, there’s no other way besides buying new hardware.

              • So many things wrong in this response that i can’t even think where should i start it.

                “Wot doesn’t have cosmic min requirements” Yet you suggest it it has.
                “i can’t aim properly due to slight slide-show” This tells something about you and the working of your brain.
                “So don’t even try to tell me you can aim at weak spots” you get used to the slideshow and in fact after 1-2 months you start to develop a precognition about tank movements.
                “What you described is not enjoyment, but determination to play the game against all odds” <— This is what people call "difficulty of the game". This is what makes it "fun".
                "comparing WOT to chess is kinda pointless- see difference of game dynamics(turn based vs arcade)"… i said "I don’t need 200 FPS to enjoy playing chess." PLEASE TRY TO READ!! … but if you want to i can compare them :D
                "If you want all games to run great, get a console" This statement was true before 2006.

                • Oh look you, replied, good i needed some laughs. You seem to be running out of arguments when you start calling me a liar and cognitively challenged. Sorry boy i’ve been playing CS, team fortress and day of defeat long before steam even came to be and you have a bit less time to aim there :P

                  Here’s wot’s min requirements, straight from system requirement labs:
                  CPU Speed: 2.2 GHz
                  RAM: 1.5 GB for Windows 2000/XP, 2 GB for Windows Vista / 7
                  OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
                  Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 6800 GT with 256 MB of RAM / ATI Radeon X800 with 256 MB RAM
                  Sound Card: Yes

                  Cosmic, aren’t they: XD So i suggest you save up some cash and remove that weak spot you call your gaming pc. FFS, this config is like, sooo 2005…

                  Again, not believing you can enjoy the game like that. Furthermore, implying you can predict a movement of a tank driven by a completely random person, nice joke. hear me laughing? NO, it’s pure masochism and you won’t convince me otherwise.

                  So why the feek you even brought a turn based game to a discussion about an arcade one?!

                  Now if you excuse me, my next paycheck is on the way and i’m gonna be buying new psu as a start of upgrading my pc.
                  Don’t bother replying .

                  P.S. it’s you own dam fault for whining in the first place earlier on.

  5. I play on old render too, because there are no lags and fps drop at all. Can’t wait till another hotfix a.k.a. “let’s screw it up more” micropatch will come…

  6. After the “hotfix” I get even more often stuck when returning to garage … gg

    • Judging on the possible variations of translation, I assume player was talking about any UI modification that works via flash (which is basically all crosshairs, huds, etc).

      • It is NOT a modification. Current WoT interface is written, and works, in Flash. As flash has almost no resource usaga optimisation, it uses a lot. So by turning GUI off you can raise your FPS…

        • Exactly. If you turn off GUI by pressing “V” fps is increased by at least 10. This is first thing that should be transferred to another core.

  7. Umm, I don’t know for sure if this was caused by turning off Xfire (I tried so many “solutions” to fps decrease that I stopped counting) but after this my fps increased and it’s even more stable than in 8.11. If you use Xfire, you might try this, really.

  8. Well earlier on this day I played a few rounds without Xfire, last night I got Xfire open and the game performance was pretty bad…, will test it out later on without Xfire again to see if it’s true, it makes sense tho.

  9. ‘icons on minimap move with delay? Storm: “Earlier it was the same, only with sharp twitches”’

    really annoying bug and only with 9.0. Hope they fix it.;

    • Wouldn’t really call it a bug. Previously for tanks out of visual range the map icon would jump / teleport around as they moved. Now it just rapidly shifts to the new location instead of jumping.

      Neither is ideal, but apparently they need to save bandwidth.

  10. Oh dear,
    Low end machinge (4850hd & X4 B55) and without xfire 18% better average frame rate. Something I have never tried, as xfire is just, well, xfire.

  11. Looks like more and more people are reversing to standard(old) render :D Soon WoT will go back to old school days of old render. I liked the game back then much more. :)

  12. When 9.0 came out , I had a bit less FPS, but massive FPs drops when someone died in my viewrange (15-20 FPS minus) , now after the fixing patch I have much less FPS again but the FPS dropp still not fixed and game is now totally unplayable, the ping lamp flashing like hell and lot of packet loss, WG do awsome work with every patch.

  13. Disabling Flash interface makes my wot crash to desktop after the intro video at start up. Resembling it does nothing -> definitely breaks something within win 8. Try it out with extreme caution.

  14. played normal graphics (not improved) before the ‘fix’… 50fps, no lags, bugs or,crash… Tried to improve it, 1 min load time into battle, 20fps, teleporting tanks, lag and texture crashes…
    wargaming should really just stay with the 8.11 improved graphics system, tanks with better textures, but not hd models…. And improve gameplay instead

  15. I didn’t play between 9.0 and 9.0.1 so I don’t know what happend before hotfix. But yesterday I never experienced any crash, lag and FPS drop. I’m playing on very low, 100%texture.50-70fps. i5cpu, HD6490M vga, 8GB ram, win7 64bit.

  16. After 9.0.1, I’ve gone from having all the problems we’ve heard about to having none. Played 42 games with no issues and graphics on max settings. The only other thing I did was install Razer Game Booster.

  17. How long are they going to blatantly deny there is a memory leak in their software? You simply cannot play with map textures below medium settings because you won’t fucking know if there’s a rock in front of you or if it’s clear open ground. The problem is not my settings. It’s their fucking memory leak that they keep denying exists.

    • I like your memory leak theory. Please tell me why dont I suffer from memory leaks when I’m playing WoT for hours at a time? Its not like my 8GB DDR and 2GB videocard memory are actually remarkable these days.

      More likely your system gives you the “out of memory” error because either WoT files arent optimized and require unproportinal memory usage, which is pretty likely considering WG’s background. But in the odd chance that WG actually got that right, I might see a memory upgrade in your near future.

      Keep in mind that as WoT develops over the years, the developers will make an effort to keep the players with their current minimum settings in the game. But even then, its logical to assume system requirement will tend to get more demanding to the point where you actually need some proper gear.