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Hello everyone,

it’s been a while since the last part, but I hope you haven’t forgotten – it’s time for one of the most interesting parts of the EU tree concept: Sweden.

Hearing about Sweden in connection with computer games always makes me smile – the reason for that is my experience with Warcraft, specifically Frostwhisper server, which was predominantly Scandinavian and “SWE???” equalled to World of Tanks “Siemka kto PL” – it practically became a meme of the server at one point. Make no mistake though – there is nothing funny about Swedish tanks – in fact, using currently known rules for tree creation (“all classes have to end either with a merge, or a tier 10″), Sweden is the only nation in the prospective EU tree, that could actually build a tree of its own, having enough vehicles for each class.

I will be drawing heavily from the work of Renhaxue and sp15 – the first being well-known for digging through Swedish archives on his blog, the latter being the author of the Swedish series on this blog (in case you are interested, click the “History” button, scroll to the bottom of the page, find “Sweden”, the links are all there).

I was a bit reluctant to post about Sweden earlier for four reasons:

- I know only little about tanks
- sp15 is already doing it
- not to steal anyone’s research
- there is SO much stuff and the proposal is quite complex

So, I am going to give you an overview of what the proposed Swedish branch (or more like a tree) is about and will either link you to details, or sp15 will just get to them eventually in the Swedish series on FTR.

This is the draft of the Swedish tree, as proposed by sp15.


Yea, there’s a lot of stuff. Columns from left to right: heavies, meds, lights/meds, tank destroyers, tank destroyers, artillery. Let’s start with the easy stuff.


Swedish heavy tank development has already been described on FTR in one detailed post, so I will be brief. Swedish heavy tanks as you can see would branch off the medium and start at tier 8. All three (EMIL 1951, EMIL 1952 and Kranvagn) are the various stages of the Swedish heavy tank program. The vehicles are mostly project/mockup stage only, with the tier 10 hull being actually built.

EMIL 1951 was a “heavy” tank project from 1951 (as the name suggests) and generally, it comes close to the French heavy tank concept – the tank was actually quite light (28 tons) and mobile (550hp engine, 48 km/h), but was to be equipped with an oscillating turret with a 120mm autoloaded cannon. Make no mistake though – the front of the vehicle was heavily armored (140mm and 120mm of sloped armor) for its weight.


EMIL 1952 was basically an upgrade of this design (bigger 15cm gun, stronger 668hp or so engine, heavier – 38 tons, 170mm frontal armor). The ultimate evolution was supposed to be the Kranvagn from 1958, present at tier 8. 15cm L/40 gun (or 105mm L/67), 45 tons, 723 hp engine and quite a thick armor (170/70/30mm turret, 145/40/18mm hull). It generally resembles the French tank layout, with the sides being extremely vulnerable, but the frontal armor was designed to withstand IS-3 fire at any distance.


The hull of the Kranvagn still exists and is on display:



Medium tanks are a mess. There are enough lowtier candidates, which are generally unremarkable, apart from some having very comfortable depression. Neither the armor nor the guns are outstanding, mobility is generally mediocre. We covered the lowtier candidates in the FTR series already, with tier 1 being the Strv m/21-29, Strv m/38 is the Landsverk L-60 variant, tier 5 is covered by the Strv m/42:


The “Lago” on tier 4 is its predecessor. Notice that there are two medium branches, with the second having L-100 and L-120 at tier 2 and 3. L-120:


Well, so much for what was already described on FTR. Just so you get an idea, the tier 5 tank of the first branch weighs 22 tons, potentially can has a 380hp engine (45 km/h), has 55/25/20 hull armor and 55/30/20 turret armor and potentially a 75mm L/50 or L/60 gun. Certainly on the lighter side then, with some decent firepower.

Okay, going up the branch.

Tier 6 – Strv 74: a light/medium design, made to compete with the AMX-13 from 1956.


Quite a light medium tank – 26 tons, 42 km/h with potentially a 430 hp engine, 75mm L/56,5 gun, very nice depression (-15/+25). Again, on the lighter side. The upgraded turret would strongly resemble the AMX-13 turret, as this was actually proposed. With an autoloader that is. The armor is quite weak though (55/30/20 hull, 30/20/20 turret), the mobility would have to compensate.

Tier 7 – Strv “Leo”: no, that’s not a Leopard. No relation. It’s a mid-40′s advanced 30 ton medium tank design, to be equipped with a high-power 105mm gun.


25-30 tons (30 with additional armor), 450hp engine, 55 km/h, 70/35/20 armor, 105mm high power gun. Quite a balanced, nice design, without any obvious flaws (apart from the armor). Decent depression too (-10/+15). Most likely quite mobile.

Tier 8 LS-50 is a very paper-ish tank concept, based on the hull, that would later become the EMIL 1951 heavy tank and the 20 ton “Lansen” light tank. Basically, the Swedes created a 20 ton “light” tank in 1949 or so, then went like “okay, that’s too light” and proposed to upgrade it. It could either use a Leo turret, or the Lansen light tank turret (below, no actual drawing was discovered, this projection was made by sp15 – the grey-ish outlines refer to the Leo turret):


Weight would be cca 30 tons, armor – 70/20/20 hull, 100/30/20 turret, 550hp engine, 55 km/h, 105mm high power gun.

Tier 9 – Strv K – a hybrid vehicle. In 1958, it was considered to use the Kranvagn (tier 10 heavy) hull and mate it with a Centurion turret to create a medium tank design, but in the end, Sweden simply bought Centurion Mk.X tanks.


Weight was estimated at 40 tons, armor would be 95/40/18 on hull (145mm LFP!), turret armor would be 152/89/89. Maximum speed would be 60 km/h (723hp engine) with the 105mm L7 as its main armament. Quite a fast little devil!

And finally, we come to the “crown jewel” – tier 10 medium tank project, the Strv A. Basically, it was an early proposal of a tank, that would actually resemble the Chieftain or M48 in its concept – well armored, sufficiently mobile, powerful gun. The project was cancelled quite early, but the experience gained would be eventually used in the Strv 103, AKA S-Tank.


We are looking at 42,5 tons, 105mm L/55 gun (with an autoloader!, -7/+15 depression), 120/50/20 hull and 100/60/40 turret armor, 723hp engine. Not bad!

Light tanks

Alright, that was the medium branch, now let’s have a look at the light/medium branch. The L-100 and L-120 we already mentioned above. The tier 4 Varjän is basically an upgunned Landsverk L-60 with a powerful 57mm gun:


Moving on – tier 4 “Terro” light tank is problematic, it was just a 1942 concept of an uparmored light tank, that lost the competition to the m/42. Very little is known.

Tier 6 – “Pilen”, that’s a proposal for export-oriented post-war light tank, heavily resembling the m/42. 17 tons, 380hp engine, shorter 75mm L/31 gun, relatively okay-ish armor (for a light tank) – 55/30/20 turret, 35/18/18 hull.


Tier 7 – that’s “Lansen” – a post-war attempt by Landsverk to create an export-oriented light tank, which was offered to several countries, including Ireland, Norway and Pakistan. A mockup was made. It would weigh 19,5-20 tons, with very thin armor (30-35mm, at this tier it is already quite irrelevant), a 380 or even 450hp engine and 55 km/h maximum speed. The top gun would be 75mm L/54 Bofors.


Now we are looking at tier 8 LT – Lansen 25t. Basically, it’s a heavier and upgunned version of the Lansen. In 1950, the Swedes realized that 75mm gun is no longer enough and instead, they added a 105mm L/40 gun, capable of fighting modern tanks. The project was cancelled a year later in favour of EMIL 1951 development. In WoT terms however, it looks very, very nice – 25 tons, 450hp or even 640hp engine, modern 105mm gun (think L7 type), 60/25/25 armor. Not sure whether the proposal had an autoloader or not, it’s not clear from sp15′s materials.


Tier 9 is actually a medium tank – if I see correctly, it’s pretty much the same thing as the tier 10 medium tank. No extra picture is available and I am not sure how this would work in a WoT tree, but either way, as you can see, there is enough material for an entire light tank branch.

Strv T:


Tank destroyers

Again, believe it or not, where other nations struggle, Sweden has enough material for TWO tank destroyer branches. Crazy stuff. Let’s have a look at the first one.

Tier 2 – common for both branches. Two options – basically, one could be the L-62 Anti II, strongly resembling the Hungarian Nimród (both share same roots). Equipped with a 40mm Bofors, it had quite a low penetration (50mm in WoT terms or so), but high rate of fire.


Another alternative would be the L-101, of which very little is known – apparently, there was a plan to convert the L-100 light tank to a 20mm-equipped ultra-light tank destroyer (something like the Polish tankettes with 20mm guns), but it is not clear whether that really happened or not.

Tier 3 – the Sav m/43 assault gun on a modified 38t chassis. Light (12 tons) and lightly armored (50/15/13), but equipped either with a low-power 75mm gun, or 105mm L/21 derp. Described in more detail in this FTR article.


Tier 4 – this would be the Sav m/44, or “Trätoffelvagnen”. Again, same chassis, very light armor (50/15/15), same guns as the tier 3 (low power 75mm or 105mm L/21), historically it was an “upgrade” to the Sav m/43. It is described in detail in the Sav m/43 article. It has quite a comfortable traverse (15 degrees to each side), weighs 13 tons, but the engine is underpowered (160hp or so).


Tier 5 – Pvkv m/43. Now we are getting somewhere. A tank destroyer, based on the m/42, mass-produced and used by the Swedish army from 1946 or so to the 70′s. 23 to 25 tons, powerful 75mm L/54 gun (plans to upgrade to L/60 existed), 380hp engine giving it decent mobility (45 km/h) and with decent armor for its tier (70/30/25). Speciality: VERY nice depression (-15/+25). Early models were open-topped, late models had closed compartment.


Tier 6 – Motorlavett m/42 – a paper project from 1944, an attempt by Sweden to create a “heavy” tank destroyer on m/42 chassis, capable of fighting enemy heavy tanks. It would have thin rear-positioned superstructure (55mm front hull, 70mm superstructure), but a powerful 105mm L/50 gun with 15 degrees traverse to each side. 27 tons, 380hp engine, 45 km/h. Never reached prototype stage. Mentioned only in description, a “reconstruction” by sp15:


Tier 7 – TLP-46. Remember the Leo above? Basically, it was based on a platform, on which a tank was created, as well as a tank destroyer proposal. This is the tank destroyer and the research of the platform would eventually lead to the Leo (in 1948). A 30 ton vehicle design from 1946, it was to be heavily armored (130/35/20mm) and it would carry a very powerful 105mm L/50 gun, developed from the ML m/42 model. Nice gun traverse (15 deg to each side) and depression (-10/+20), up to 640hp engine and 55 km/h maximum speed. This would give the Jagdpanther a run for its money!

Estimated look (forgive the… uneven parts):


Tier 8 – S-1959: yep, first S-Tank proposal from (surprise!) 1959. The gun was aimed by the entire hull, making this design difficult to implement in World of Tanks, but iconical nonetheless. Very thin armor (30mm, heavily sloped though), 105mm L7 or a 20pdr (both autoloaded!), cca 30 tons, probably a 540hp engine.


Tier 9 – Strv S1 Prototype – yep, that’s the S-Tank prototype alright. The S-Tank is well described and notoriously known, so in short: 35 tons, 40mm of armor, probably 540hp engine, 105mm L7 or upgraded L74 gun.


Tier 10 – the S-Tank. What more can be said, right? The iconic Swedish vehicle must not be absent from any proposal :)


Of course, that’s not all, there is a second possible TD line as well. That one consists of infantry support vehicles – not very well armored, but with massive guns.

Tier 3 – Tankette fm/49, a 1949 vehicle proposed as a cheap alternative to the Sav m/43. Two prototypes were built tested and the development later led to Ikv 72. Very light (6,5 tons), with a 75mm or 84mm short derpguns, very thin armor (13-19mm), 10 degrees travers and a Volvo 110hp engine. It however had massive depression (-25/+20!!!). Maximum speed was 60 km/h.



Tier 4 – Ikv 72 – a production version of the previous vehicle, serving from 1956 to the 70′s. It recieved several upgrades during its service, including a more powerful gun. 8 tons, cca 18mm or frontal armor, 105mm short derp (-20/+20 degrees depression!, 10 degrees traverse to each side), 57 km/h max speed, 150hp engine. Very light, very fast, unarmored but devastating.


Tier 5 – Ikv 103 – further development of the Ikv 72 – 8,8 tons, but 230hp engine (!), various 105mm derp models. Basically, it was Ikv 72 with a new gun and new engine, producing an extremely mobile vehicle, capable of speeds around 55 km/h.


Tier 6 – Landsverk Ikv 65 Alt 1, a proposal for new infantry support tank by Landsverk from 1965, again it is a further development of Ikv 103. Several 90mm guns were proposed, including the one from AMX-13. 10,5 tons, 190hp engine, 10mm armor all around, 60 km/h, 90mm Bofors L/42 or DEFA 90mm gun (depression: -12/+35, traverse 40 degrees!)


Tier 7 – Landsverk Ikv 65 Alt 5 – after the previous vehicle was rejected, Landsverk proposed a turretted alternative. 14 tons, a fully traversing turret, 12/10/8mm of armor (turret 12/12/12), DEFA 90mm or Bofors 90mm L/53 guns (-10/+15 degrees), 270hp engine, 65 km/h. Hellcat on steroids.


Tier 8 – Ikv 91 Prototype – first made in 1968, modified in 1969, produced since 1974 in series. 14,5 tons and 270-330hp engines, max speed 65-70 km/h, only cca 20mm of armor, but equipped with very powerful guns (90mm L/54, DEFA 105mm, later even 105mm L7, -10/+15 depression).


Tier 9 – Hägglunds Ikv Alt 5, one of the Ikv 91 competition proposals with a turret. 12,4 tons, maximum speed 85 km/h (engine unknown), very thin armor (20/4+8 spaced/4+8 spaced hull, 20/15/4+8 spaced turret), but again 105mm DEFA or L7 with autoloaders! Depression -11/+20, mechanical rate of fire 30 RPM.


And finally, tier 10 – Ikv 120 proposal by Hägglunds from 1964 to mount a massive 120mm gun on a very light chassis. The result?




Weight – 12,5 tons, Max speed – 85 km/h forward (!), 35 km/h backward (!!!), armor cca 20/12/12, gun – 120mm L1 equivalent was considered, as well as the DEFA 90mm (autoloaded). Gun traverse – 40 deg, depression: -11,5/+20.

Now that’s insane.

Okay, what’s left… arty.


I will be brief here, because stuff like armor or speed is quite irrelevant for artillery (as both usually get artificially nerfed or don’t play too much a role anyway, unless either is very high).

Tier 2 – Stormpjäs fm/43, 75mm gun, quite mobile (45 km/h), very little armor.


Tier 3 – Ikv 72 SPG project on the Ikv 72 tankette, 105mm gun, 50 degrees traverse


Tier 4 – VAK 40 SPG 1 (105mm gun on Lvkv 42 chassis, 60 degrees traverse to each side)
Tier 5 – VAK 40 SPG 2 (105mm gun on the same chassis, but with a 360 degree turret)
Tier 6 – VH 105×60 Alt II (105mm gun with an rapid fire autoloader in a turret, very light and mobile – 300hp engine for 14,5 tons)


Tier 7 – VH 105×60 Alt I (heavier version with a longer 105mm gun)


Tier 8 – 15cm Kv fm/49 (Akv 1949) (autoloaded 152mm gun project from 1949)


Tier 9 – Akv 151 (Autoloaded 155mm gun on the EMIL prototype chassis, the prototype were made in 1960)


Tier 10 – Bkan 1A (Autoloaded 155mm L/50 on S-Tank chassis, first prototype was ready in 1964, served until 2003)


As you can see, the Swedish arty kinda resembles the French one. Either way, practically all Swedish vehicles are very much on the light side and this is by far not the definitive count of vehicles, that could be WoT-viable.

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  1. Just a quick correction: The Strv A was supposed to be the Swedish equivalent to the American M48 and British Chieftain, the Strv T was the vehicle that was to be like the AMX 30 and Leopard 1.

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    • Fuck yeah. I also think that these swedish autoloader arties will be more than welcome in CWs , Esports etc

  3. I love ‘em all, a great tech tree and really hope at least some of this gets implemented, but why not even all of it? Those TD’s, those lights, that T10 heavy – all great stuff. Please implement WG!

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    We want Ikea tanks! :3

  5. 1 .Silentstalker:
    My deepest thank you for posting this. Give my regards to the folks who dug up all the info.

    2. Now all I have to do is figure out how much WG is worth, raise that amount of money. Buy it and implement all of that asap.

  6. Nice tanks in there, but I dislike the thought of having even more autoloaders.

    Whenever new ones were introduced they required nerfing afterwards and franlkly they are dragging the skill level down.

    3k danage with a wt are only hard to do if you run into the open against multiple enemies. We also already have the french.

    If this tree was released like this I would stock up on HE ;).

  7. Wow, I must say I am amazed….it’s as if swedish tanks took all the good traits from all other nations and put them in one hell of a tank tree.

    With that depression and guns(and with some even having armor!), they ‘ll a must-have

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  9. They need to add Sweden as an independent nation not part of the EU tree. Far to many interesting tanks not to get their own tree.

    • Agreed, Sweden has a long history of making their own very unique weapons and vehicles, like the Czech.
      Too many fun tanks to squeeze Sweden into an EU tree.

    • Well… let’s be pragmatic. If Sweden is an independent national tree, do you really want to wait two three more years, before it is implemented, or do you want at least some of them implemented in the first EU wave, as it is clearly one of the most important parts?

      • Is the wait for the EU tree going to be much different they keep pushing it back. It is a more complete tree than the Chinese or Japanese trees.

        Perhaps it may be an idea to start it in the EU tree and move it to its own when they expand the tree.

        You also stated in a post that whether a nation gets its own tree depends on if it can for fill all tiers for all types.

  10. They can put in this nation and call it China and people will still complain about “copied” tanks.

  11. So many interesting and unique tanks. They should definitely get their own tree.

  12. There are a few things id like to adress

    1: the Ikv 120 is based on a proposal to mount a 120mm gun on the new Ikv, but the Hägglunds ikv 6 with the statistics mentioned was meant to carry a 90-105mm gun. (thought that was worth mentioning)

    2: the Akv 151 gun is Swedish, not French

    3: you missed adding the pictures for the 25t Lansen ( ) and the Strv T ( )

    4: Like Slakrrrr said the Strv A was supposed to be the Swedish equivalent to the American M48 and British Chieftain, it was the Strv T that was the answer to the AMX 30 and Leopard 1

      • The Strv T is also considered to be a medium tank. Your most recent edit when this comment has been posted has it at the end of the light tank list.

        • it is a medium but it is at the end of my proposed light tank branch. think batchat or lorrain 40t

      • SS, just one thing about CZ tanks. For a tree to be implemented, like you said earlier, all branches was to have until tier 10 or merge into one, right? And like I saw earlier, except Heavy tanks (since they have none, unless if they add the Tiger 75), CZ was a full tech tree, and where I is my point…
        Does is need a nation to get all classes? I want both CZ and Swedish tanks :3

  13. Impressive, but I fear it will take years and years before any of this gets implemented.

  14. You know, whenever a new tree pops up I usually take a good, proper look at it and eventually settle for grinding a line, possibly two at best.

    This tree however? I’d grind every single branch. Want them all.

  15. Oh man, these beauties should have come instead of Chinese copypastas! Stridsvagn m/42 is damn modern for its time.

  16. Beautiful tier 10.
    Much more interesting tree than the Japanese to be honest. Let’s hope it gets second project slot after the long waiting eastern European tree sorted for customer base they have to serve first really.
    (unless eastern Europe and Russia become inter-changeable terms again lol )

    PS: definitely moist for the S-tank ;)

  17. I think that you missed one thing in this article. Something that would have been really nice to attach. If I remember correctly, WG said that they will implement every faction as separate tree if they have all necessary branches. Well, looks like Sweden does have. So why would Sweden be part of EU tree instead of being separate tree?

  18. We do sure need some paper project autoloaders with insane specifications that will make the only actually mass produced ones even more useless.

    Yeah, I am once again complaining about the crappyness of french heavies (50 100 excepted), compared to their american counterparts. And these Sweden ones are pretty much the same. “Let’s take an AMX 50 and add 6 or 10 cm of armor to it, a 150mm gun, while still pretending it is as nimble, despite a less powerful engine”. Crazy specs that could never work IRL > actually produced tanks.

    That being said, that is a cool list of tanks, that I hope will be added to the game at some point. Preferably after they’ve finished the current trees, especially France and UK, as both also have a load of original/insane designs.

  19. So many tanks to be implemented, so many multicores to support, and WG are STILL COMING OUT WITH USELESS UPDATES.

  20. These tanks deserve a tree of their own. They look awesome as hell. WG needs to make this happen, screw the EU tree just replace it for a Swedish tree.

  21. Absolutely amazing post!

    i must say the Kranvagn picture of the hull with the photograph on top made me giggle:

    “head missing, please imagine this is the head” kind fo thing

  22. Well done! A much more complete tree than several of the included nations. Many of these tanks look great, i hope WG takes notice of the leg work done here and devotes a tree to the Swedes. I really like the idea of the mobile Tier 10 heavy with heavy frontal armour and weak side armour.

    • Cause the other trees aren’t finished, or a abandonned by WG? There’s a french tank tree with 3 med branches, 2 heavies, 2 td and 2 arties. And they cut out some relatively unknow paper projects out of it.

  23. “Tier 6 – VH 105×60 Alt II (105mm gun with an rapid fire autoloader in a turret, very light and mobile – 300hp engine for 14,5 tons)”


    This may be the very competitor for the biggest troll arty in the game, next to the FV304…. TAKE MAH MONEY!

  24. Ikv 72 = ultimate pro seal club trollmobile

    Not seeing 105 mm ‘high powered’ gun on tier 7 medium, though, unless RoF and accuracy are bad (consider T-34-1 100 mm).

  25. No. L7 Gun is reserved tier 9 and beyond. If you put that gun on tier 8, the sheer shell performance would make it so overpowered that no nerf can possibly make it balanced while still having it be an L7.

    I repeat, tier 9+. ESPECIALLY not on a tier 8 light tank. Overpowered as hell even if you give it .5 accuracy, 4s aiming time, and 3 Rds/min. The damage of the gun might seem to make it balanced, and the penetration can be altered by using weaker shells as well, but the sheer shell velocity, accuracy, and ability to react to threats make it one of the best guns at tier 9 and 10.

    Another thing to add: many of these tanks will likely end up overpowered. The goal of a hobbyist treemaker for WoT is not to support power creep by adding something that will whop all the others’ asses, but instead something that is as balanced as possible but prone to being outperformed by its already in-game peers. If you do give it a record stat, it needs absolutely shit of everything else to make it underperforming.

    And let’s face it, no tanks will be added unless they earn profit for WG.

  26. *looks at the Ikv 72 pic* ‘dat gun depression’ :P

    Overall, I like what I see. Very promising.

    Only problem: the S-Tank used a smoothbore gun iirc. This would need to be an early version with a rifled gun in order to be usable in WoT by WG’s standards.

    • Regarding the gun you have wrong, the Strv 103 used a modified (longthened) L7 Rifled Gun that Sweden got license to build after they bought the Centurion’s from UK.

      The major problem is the aiming by moving hull that must be implemented for the tank to be able to make it into the game, but it is an iconic tank that deserves a place in this game.

  27. Autoloading 152mm and 155mm…I can hear the tears now…
    and they are a beautiful symphony to my ears :D

    • I think Swedish designers forgot they were in post-war Sweden; their megalomania would make Hitler proud.

      Many of the designs here will have to have abysmally bad soft stats, smaller guns (where a selection existed), or up-tiered from these proposals to be implemented. My guess knowing WG is few paper/non-production Swedish tanks will be implemented at all.

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